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  1. I think the first quoted sentence is the answer to the issue raised by the second.
  2. The place to discuss performances by GoT actors in other roles. Carry on as before. :)
  3. Great result. In any democratic sense of the word this was a majority. Votes are almost never this emphatic.
  4. The Expanse is based on a series of novels. You should grab them.
  5. I was listening to Brian Cox talk about this on Late Night on the ABC the other night. He was very interested in the concept of using the off-planet resources, which are abundant in our solar system. He pointed that Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson all consider the concept to be economically viable for their respective businesses. The process will go something like this: The moon, Mars, selected other moons and the asteroid belt all have massive amounts of space and mineral activity. Living (in terms of long-term residential colonisation) is not really an option, for various reasons. Establishing heavy industry and mining operations on those place, is economically viable. Earth (the whole planet) becomes zoned residential and light industrial). ALL heavy industry is transported off-Earth to the source points of the resources in the solar system. The first major economic hurdle has been broken, with re-usable vehicles. The analogy he used was this: Imagine how much it would cost if every time you flew from Sydney to Perth the plane was blown up on landing. Up until Musk got the re-usable tech sorted out, this was the way that space exploration has proceeded so far. The cost of getting into space has been reduced by 95% as a result of this achievement. The next major economic hurdle will be a viable fuel for the first stage of solar system travel, and hyper-efficient engines for the vehicles to get to the resources. Cox said that once that hurdle is broken, the process could begin in earnest. He has spoken with all three entrepreneurs and believes that they are all taking it very seriously. Cox believes the first off-Earth mining could commence within 20-30 years. That is how important they all believed the re-usable vehicles were to human growth.
  6. GS has told me his now home and recovering from surgery. It was apparently a complicated procedure, during which he nearly left us. He is resting and slowly feeling a little better.
  7. It may be as simple as having pressed the strikethrough formatting icon by mistake. You will see it on the right of your toolbar. It is represented like this: S. Hopefully that's it.
  8. GS has not yet had his procedure. The doctors postponed it. I will keep you informed as and when I hear more.
  9. I haven't head from GS. Has anyone else?
  10. [MOD] Let's stop with the "Who is the better human - Nazis or the people that punch them?" and the meta debate about who makes the funnier jokes, please. Seriously the Nazi issue has been done to death here in recent months and it is beyond stale. [/MOD]
  11. Aussies, Our friend and knighted colleague gryphon strike (who has not been able to access his account here for a year or two) has asked me to let you all know that he is going for a heart bypass tomorrow. He can read the site of course, so let's get around him hey? Stubs.
  12. So sorry to hear of your family's loss, Dr Pepper.
  13. [MOD] There currently 164 threads discussing this topic in the pinned sections. Another one is unnecessary. [/MOD]
  14. So now St Bernardi is going to send out a blast of 1 million recorded messages via the phone urging the no vote. After the text message reaction (which was in and of itself totally over the top and hilarious) he must have been drinking milk of the fucknut if he thinks this a good idea.
  15. Hang in there mate. It will come
  16. Unless someone is going to gaol for saying something, free speech is not infringed. Disagreement is not an infringement of free speech.
  17. So the poor little snowflake Barnaby has had a whinge about people chanting slogans near him. Reap what you sow, mate.
  18. Got it. I don't agree. But I do say that the modern right doesn't seem to think it has to justify it's opinions. Because the modern right thinks being asked to justify an opinion is bullying and an attempt to shut down free speech. Which is two F grades for the price of one.
  19. So you were using it ironically then. How ironic.
  20. OK then. Why did you call me "comrade"? What did you intend it to mean?
  21. If they are so unsure, then are they not paying attention. Public opinion has been painfully clear. The first phrase of your sentence implies that we don't do evidence. And then, in a breathtaking example of hypocrisy, you imply that I am a communist by calling me "comrade" - without any evidence at all to support your suggestion. Have you some evidence to support the suggestion that I am a communist? Or are you just trotting out the Murdoch Mantra that anyone who is not supportive of the LNP is a communist?
  22. The conservatives call it the "Party Room". Which sounds like a nightclub, but probably is not.
  23. The Flux philosophy would lead to nothing ever being achieved. I agree that the LNP took a plebiscite took to the last election. There are a number of issues with the remainder of your comment: The postal survey is not a plebiscite. The LNP won government by just 1 seat - hardly what I would call a ringing endorsement of their policies. The election also produced the senate, with all of the senators elected to keep their promises as well. The very simplistic idea that the LNP promised it so the rest of Australia should tow the line ignores the role of the Senate. The LNP also promised a bunch of other things, which it has reneged on. This link contains a list both major parties' policies. Are we to have plebiscites on all of these things? Have the LNP made an attempt to make all of these promises law? In short, the argument that the LNP govt is simply doing as it promised is not well thought out. As for this being a "left leaning" board, I say that this is an "evidence leaning" board.
  24. Can't agree with that I'm afraid. By that logic, we need a postal survey on every issue, which would obviate the need for a parliament in the first place.