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  1. The place to discuss performances by GoT actors in other roles. Carry on as before. :)
  2. You have some evidence that Holt was kidnapped just metres offshore by a Chinese submarine?
  3. If you are referring to Holt, are sharks now Chinese submarines?
  4. I listened to Professor Brian Cox talking about the expansion into our solar system a few months back. He said the traditional barrier to the idea was the cost of single use launch vehicles. He went on to say that now that the re-usable status of rockets has been achieved, the cost has come down by about 95%. That makes accessing space based resources economically attractive. And it needs to be economically attractive. Cox went on to say that the most likely scenario for expansion in this century would be opening the mining of the moon, Mars and the asteroid belt. The workforce would live on Earth and be rotated in and out. Purely residential colonies of the moon and Mars were less likely in the short term. he had based his position having spoken personally to the three entrepreneurs that are actively thinking and acting on ideas for expansion: Musk, Bezos and Branson. Cox also said he likes Bezos' idea for Earth to ultimately be zoned "residential, agricultural and light industrial", leaving the rest of the solar system to be zoned for mining and heavy industry.
  5. I doubt the Moon and Mars will see a colony in the sense of a residential, permanent living space. However, I expect both to have mining camps with a rotating workforce within 50 years.
  6. These folks have hit on the secret to world water shortages. I'm sure folks in Africa and Central Australia will love drinking water straight from their water holes. Oh wait...
  7. The Advocate does good work. It is a bit of a comment on things as they stand that the satirists are more accurate than the conventional press.
  8. Bloody hell!!! A Ski the Swift post!!
  9. Meh. When does footy season start again?
  10. Just had another squall go through here. My office is about 2km from the WACA and it would surprise me if we get any play today.
  11. The forecast for Sunday is for football weather. So yeah, a draw is most likely.
  12. Vince keeps getting starts and getting out. Not good enough at test level.
  13. Marsh hasn't had a bowl yet, though. Smith has gone to Lyon first.
  14. Local weather. The combatants will likely have only 3 days to get a result. Sunday and Monday are forecast to be positively English. ETA: Smith said on the radio this morning that the curators have produced a greentop. If that's correct, Mitch Marsh will play for sure.
  15. This comment, seen on the ABC News FB page, wins the internet this afternoon:
  16. The simulation argument has a lot of problems. Like religious belief, it is unfalsifiable. It is unfalsifiable because an simulation would look exactly like the universe we can observe. As with all beliefs, the probability of it being true depends on the assumptions one makes. This goes back to what i said earlier about needing to know why there is a need for creation. If you assume a creator (or a computer simulation) you will be able to reach a conclusion based on thinking alone that will end with at least the possibility of a creator or a computer simulation. But a possibility is not a probability or indeed a factual likelihood. It doesn't even get you over the (civil) standard of proof that I require (a legal concept simply meaning more likely than not). As to your first idea based on this sort of thing, viz " I guess it's because the simulation theory just isn't that interesting. As the RationalWiki authors put it:
  17. Oh. Thought you were talking about people who approached religion with the benefit of expertise in science and philosophy, not approaching any new religious belief. What new religions are you referring to and how they are different to old religions?
  18. Correct. You mean like Krauss, Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, Schafersman, Barker, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pinker, Shermer, Grayling etc etc?
  19. [MOD] Do not post spoilers from TWoW in this forum. Any discussion of spoiler material must remain in the TWoW forum. [/MOD]
  20. A belief is just an idea that is unsupported by evidence. It is therefore impossible to insult a belief. If a person holds to such a belief, and the idea is strongly criticised, it is not the person being attacked, but the idea. That is a distinction that many believers cannot separate in their minds.
  21. [MOD] Cool it with the personal comments, please. [/MOD]
  22. It's amazing what people will believe when you threaten them with all manner of vile punishments.
  23. Not really all that surprising IMO. We learn pretty early on that there is a difference between the real world and our alternate worlds. We are also pretty good at spotting continuity errors, world-building inconsistencies, and plot holes. A simple application of those three criteria to religious texts reveals that they are all pretty much bad fiction.