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  1. Fantastic finale. I wasn't expecting to see Chuck going so soon, but it was fitting- he really had no reason to live for anymore. Also, unless Chuck had a will (which, granted, is possible) wouldn't Jimmy get his share of HHM? That's a potential story for s04.
  2. Jesus, it has been nearly three years since the 7-1? I AM getting old... Also, Puel was sacked by Southampton. I wonder whom they got in line to replace him.
  3. Also, keep in mind is that Tony is one of the few, if not the only person in the world that we seen can see that can build technology that can match the best Wakanda has to offer- it certainly makes sense Wakandans would try to keep a positive relationship with him.
  4. Nah, she mostly disappeared from the books shortly after that when the team split up. Cyclops was even dating Colleen Wing.
  5. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" Poor Phillip. The entire season was to break him one step at a time. And yeah, Stan's girlfriend is a spy. Has to be.
  6. If Wenger was smart, he would leave now, with a title, and avoiding more controversy. But I doubt he is that smart.
  7. GODDAMN IT, TUAN! YOU SCREWED UP! Also, I don't see why Paige finding a gun would be, well, a smoking gun. She's living in the US after all, and she knows her parents can protect themselves.
  8. Varga's downfall is that he's so obviously sleazy he can't hide it not even when he should. Think of how Malvo would have treated Gloria, for example- she might have been able to see through him, but he surely would have hidden it much better.
  9. Regarding Mike: I think he remembered the "Good Samaritan" that ended up being killed indirectly due to his actions, so he doesn't want that happening again.
  10. Well...that's an odd choice. For both the character and Hardy himself.
  11. Mostly pretty good episode, but the sheriff being against Gloria investigating with all she discovered rang false.
  12. Also, once they know Savitar is (sort of) future Barry, all they have to do is have someone take Iris somewhere else and don't let Barry ever know where she is.
  13. It made sense- Ophelia was essentially a child in terms of emotional maturity. Of course she wouldn't have a reasonable reaction to Fitz not choosing her.
  14. I don't know how knowing Gus won't die is that much different from knowing Walter wouldn't die in the end of the season, or that he WOULD die at the end of the show.
  15. But, like I said, Jean was barely in the story at all until DPS.