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  1. The Brazilian league ended today, and one year after the plane accident, Chapecoense managed to not only end in the same position of last year, in 8th place (which was their best ever in the league) by winning it's game against Coritiba by scoring a goal at the 94th minute, but they managed to earn two more points than last year (54 to 52). As if it wasn't enough, that position was enough for the team to qualify to the Copa Libertadores (the South American Champions League equivalent) for the second time in a row (and in history) due to two teams that finished ahead of them already being qualified (one won the Libertadores this year, another the Brazilian cup). This is the first time in history that a team outside Brazil's most traditional clubs manages to qualify two times in a row. Not only that, but they ended up being the best team in the second half of the league, with 32 points in 19 games, also the first time a team that doesn't rank Brazil's biggest clubs manages to do it.
  2. Argentina's group is the only one I can see any of the teams qualifying and any missing out.
  3. Argentina's group was the hardest, Russia shockingly got lucky.
  4. I think Loki might play the role that Mephisto played in the Infinity Gauntlet (seemingly on Thanos side but subtly working to undermine him).
  5. You know, Montella could, in theory, be a good fit for Everton, judging by his work at Fiorentina. But then again, he looked like a good fit for Milan last year.
  6. Sevilla did the same thing they did against Liverpool at Villareal, except that the latter had only scored two goals, so they won the game. Amazing!
  7. Yeah, it was pretty clear the plot was handed to him, with no chance of major deviations, which is straight from the Harras' playbook. All that to make the Inhumans look cool,,,*sigh*
  8. Well, that was inevitable with Marvel bleeding talent, disappointing sales and lackluster books overall.
  9. So, Italy managed to get themselves out of the World Cup. Tragic for Buffon, who would be the first player called up to six World Cups. Amazingly, Ventura managed to not play Insigne in this match for some reason. It's incredible to believe that the country that probably has more top managers than any other had this guy as it's manager.
  10. This was pretty entertaining (even if, as TV riots go, it was no match for The Knick). Very important in moving the plot forward considerably.
  11. Exactly, it ended with as big of a status quo change for Thor, Loki and Asgard as it could get.
  12. Ragnarok was pretty good, easily Thor's best films. It is very funny, even more than most Marvel films, but more importantly this is one the few that appear to have real stakes for the heroes, and do end up having both consequences and character development for the main characters.
  13. Italy x Sweden should be interesting.
  14. One thing I've learned over a couple of decades watching football is that if you try very hard to fail, you usually end up being successful at it. That rule does not apply if you have Lionel Messi in your squad, though.
  15. Brazilian TV is now showing that in the goal of Peru, a free kick, the referee had his arm raised, meaning it was an indirect foul...but Ospina touched the ball and made the goal legal anyway. The reserve keepers of Arsenal and City ended up dooming Chile. Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia qualify in that order, Peru goes to the play-off against New Zealand.