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  1. Italy x Sweden should be interesting.
  2. One thing I've learned over a couple of decades watching football is that if you try very hard to fail, you usually end up being successful at it. That rule does not apply if you have Lionel Messi in your squad, though.
  3. Brazilian TV is now showing that in the goal of Peru, a free kick, the referee had his arm raised, meaning it was an indirect foul...but Ospina touched the ball and made the goal legal anyway. The reserve keepers of Arsenal and City ended up dooming Chile. Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia qualify in that order, Peru goes to the play-off against New Zealand.
  4. Bravo went to the attack to try a last minute goal and Jesus scored on the counter attack, after a fantastic pass from Willian. If Colombia doesn't score, Chile are out.
  5. Pretty much all the bigger names of their teams scoring- Messi, Cavani, Suarez, James, Guerrero, Jesus (with an assist that was 3/4 of the goal by Neymar)...only Alexis has been shit.
  6. Wait...USA is losing against Trinidad and Tobago? How's that possible?
  7. Messi is winning the game nearly single-handily. Meanwhile, in a game with two City goalkeepers, Bravo shows why he is the one on the bench and pretty much gives an assist for Paulinho to score..
  8. With one round to go in the South American qualifiers, Argentina is out of the qualifying places and won't even make it if they don't beat Ecuador at 2850 meters of altitude.
  9. Bayern was very lucky to escape with only a 3-0 defeat.
  10. Australia plays in Asia because they wanted to and transferred their membership to the Asian Confederation. And yes, Australia likely would have faced South America's 5th placed team...and almost certainly would lose, like they did multiple times. And of course the 5th placed team could be Ecuador, Peru or Paraguay...but all of those are stronger than Australia or New Zealand anyway.
  11. It was entertaining, even if not without problems, some of them typical of the superhero genre- how come Elektra lasts more than 3 seconds against Cage, for one- some of them of the show itself, specially the villains not feeling particularly threatening, even if they were well acted. There were some improvements from the other shows- at least it looks like Iron Fist can fight, for one (probably because Finn Jones actually had time to train), and with 8 episodes there wasn't really a lot of wasted time like on some shows. The banter between the four of them worked very well too. Also, can we PLEASE end the "introducing the villain as he butchers some animal to make him look threatening" trope? It was great when it started with Tywin, it worked fine for Limehouse, but now it seems it happens in every goddamned show.
  12. FIFA selected 12 coaches to run for the Coach of the Year award: Massimiliano Allegri Carlo Ancelotti Antonio Conte Luis Enrique Pep Guardiola Leonardo Jardim Joachim Low José Mourinho Mauricio Pochettino Diego Simeone Tite Zinedine Zidane Basically, a mix of people that earned the right to be there and people who are there blatantly for name recognition alone. Zidane will win this one even more easily than Ronaldo (and deservingly so), but I'd like to see Jardim and Tite being nominated as well (although they won't).
  13. One of them says Marty's laundering would be noticed way sooner, but .
  14. Finished it. A solid show, but nothing really revolutionary.
  15. I don't know how a show that portrays a murderous drug dealer sending a teenager to be an unwilling suicide bomber that blows up an airplane mid-flight only to murder a presidential candidate (that turns out wasn't even there in the first place) counts a positive portrayal of that murderous drug dealer.