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  1. Football: gegenposting

      Yes to all of those. The something else is that City is virtually guaranteed at the Champions League last year, unlike United, and he also won't have to deal with the shadow of Fergie there.
  2. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    You do know he has been nominated for an Oscar 3 times in the last 6 years, right?
  3. Elba winning is actually good for Stallone, since neither Bale nor Rylance will get any momentum, nor the chance to get a killer speech (granted, Rylance wasn't there anyway, so the point is moot). I'm actually switching my prediction to him now- I thought Rylance would take this and the BAFTAs (which he almost certainly will anyway) and win the Oscar based on momentum and sheep mentality, but this being all over the place will probably lead to Old Sly winning. Best Picture is still up in the air if The Big Short doesn't take the DGA, which is interesting.      
  4. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Editors at big 2 in general are not in the business of actually reading the comics anymore it seems.
  5. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    And a Serious Man.
  6. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    Another one I forgot: Joan Allen. How come she doesn't have 2-3 Oscars and 5-6 noms is beyond me. Her work between 1995-2005 surpasses any other actress on that period- Nixon, The Crucible, The Ice Storm, The Upside of Anger, etc.
  7. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    I agree. Not only that, but I'd say she's far more consistent than Lawrence, even if haven't achieved the highs J-Law did in her best performances (partially by just not having access to roles as good as she had). Fargo seems to be changing this finally, but I'd say Kirsten Dunst is one of the most underrated actresses in the US as well.          
  8. Yeah, there's plenty of cases of winners that used the Oscar smartly to make great movies, to make big movies that made a lot of money, or both-  Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage (who would only screw up his career much later), Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Kevin Spacey (for the first one, definitively not the second), Geoffrey Rush, just to mention a few.
  9. The King's Speech is also on that list. And Slumdog Millionaire too (I'm not sure THL is the same case as those, as it remains a highly regarded if underseen film, although ended up being overshadowed by ZD30) The problem is getting worse in recent years because the Academy enjoyed too much licking their own balls and rewarding movies about themselves EVERY TIME there's one in the race- Argo, The Artist, Birdman. Hell, even The King's Speech is about an actor too. The Big Short wins the PGA award, which means is the frontrunner to the BP race now.    
  10. Actually, this was something defended by some in the Academy for a long time, and it's not even the first time it happens- in the late 60's, Atticus Finch himself removed the voting rights of a good part of the Academy to make it younger, which explains why the Academy begun to make more unconventional choices on that period- The Godfather, The French Connection, etc. Then of course, the younger members got old...    
  11. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    I'm disappointed with Patty going specially because we all know the only reason is because they'll insist on Barry/Iris non-sense for as long as they can.
  12. Football : The end of the year as we know it

    Chelsea is reportedly close to signing Alexandre Pato, although, speaking as someone that actually watched him play in the last years rather than just seeing the occasional goal, I have no idea why.
  13. The Hateful Eight- Tarantino's New Movie

    If a (white) male prisoner was being beaten in the same way, I doubt you'd see anyone complaining about it... Daisy wasn't being beaten for being a woman, but for being a criminal.
  14. Football : The end of the year as we know it

      The obvious answer is Ronaldo, after scoring a hat-trick against Levante, half-a-dozen against Getafe, four against Betis,five against Las Palmas, and nothing against Barcelona, Atletico, Sevilla, etc.