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  1. Yeah, if PSG doesn't qualify, Emery is toast even if he win every game in the French league by 10-0. Going backwards in Europe from the Blanc era despite spending more money than any club in the world really won't cut it (specially considering they haven't really made progress in Ligue 1 as well).
  2. I'm pretty sure he does. But here's the thing- Wenger tried to prove he could build a winning team without a Vieira or Gilberto type of player in the midfield but lighter, more technically gifted ones instead, and he was criticized for some because of that. It didn't work one year, but he thought it could happen in the next one. And the next one. And then the other. And the other...And during all that the criticism only increased. And here's the problem- Wenger could go ahead and rebuild his team with a less technical, more physical type of central midfielder, coupled with some hardened defenders, and it might even work...but if he does, then he proves that his critics were right all along and that he wasted ten years by being stubborn. So, frankly, even if he found the new Patrick Vieira, I doubt he would want to use him. Remember that it took him nearly 10 years to buy a reliable goalkeeper, and that was an even more obvious problem.
  3. Not necessarily in order: Noah Cross Hannibal Lecter Killgrave Littlefinger Gregor Clegane Amon Goeth Anton Chigurh Marlo Stanfield President Snow Damien Darkh The Trinity Killer Terrence Fletcher That's just from the top of my head.
  4. That's good news...for Mourinho, who will get compensation when he inevitably gets sacked after his relationship with players, board and supporters is inevitably soured by his own fault.
  5. Beat City then lose to Swansea is typical Liverpool, I guess.
  6. Regarding false memories of abuse, it's a very real thing. Some links about the issue: But yeah, that poster is not really interested in debating, only in making himself feel superior. It's a waste of time debating with him.
  7. Soon-yi wasn't underage when she started her relationship with Allen, and the fact you have to resort to ad hominem attacks and trying to say I'm blaming the victim clearly shows you're not mature enough to have a discussion of the subject.
  8. I didn't say the case not holding in court means he didn't do it, But just because he's accused doesn't mean he's guilty And there's good reason to doubt the claims against him: Mind you, again, I don't know if he's guilty or not. But the celebrities now trying to distance themselves from him don't know it either.
  9. I don't think Allen's career is over, nor it should. His case is not comparable to Spacey or Weinstein. Those are clearly sexual predators with dozens of accusations going back decades. Allen's case was investigated, dismissed without ever going to trial, and there's more than enough evidence for at least giving him the benefit of the doubt. The Oscar game existed before Weinstein, he was just better at it than most, and will continue.
  10. Liverpool signed Van Dijk for 75 million. Yes, really.
  11. There's being cold, and then there's being Sevilla, who fired Eduardo Berizzo one week after he had a surgery to treat prostate cancer. Great game by Barça, and fantastic work by Valverde.
  12. FITZ! Very curious to see how he got there.
  13. The X-men movies will certainly reboot. It's pretty simple explain how no one heard of them before in the MCU: just say Xavier and Magneto kept them undetected with their powers. Deadpool won't reboot, but he is very easy to fit in, just breaking the 4th wall.
  14. DDL, Hanks and Streep being out doesn't mean they don't have a chance, it's just that voters didn't see it. Dench seems the obvious choice to miss among actresses and Denzel among the actors.