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  1. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Well, I hope this episode puts the "MiB" is an android to rest after all. Really interested in the Maeve storyline now.
  2. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Actually, seems to me that Cyclops is already dead or at least comatose. The "Cyclops" we're seeing is a projection of Emma like the ones we've seen in Astonishing X-men.
  3. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    Yep. As for the MiB, the show hinted that "something" happened 30 years before the show. Seems that means the events of the original movie. What if MiB is a survivor from the film (which I haven't seen, BTW)? While most survivors would run like hell from Westworld, maybe MiB decided to stay so he could destroy the entire park (as a survivor, one imagines he would get money and a life-time invitation if he wanted) and get revenge?
  4. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    Yeah, it doesn't mean he isn't a psychopath, because someone who isn't wouldn't be able to do all he does, let alone for decades.
  5. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    A theory I read somewhere is that the MiB does this awful gruesome things precisely so the monitors don't pay much attention to him- no one wants to watch him raping Dolores, torturing the hosts, etc, so they stop looking too much, and he goes after what he really wants, whatever that is.
  6. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Yeah, this was lame. Seems to me they realized the Flashpoint thing was a bad idea- or that they were forced to drop it because of the other shows.
  7. HBO's "Westworld" [Spoilers!]

    The real people don't stay there for that long...except for the Man in Black. And variations occur according to the guests' behavior.
  8. Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    This is probably the most important aspect of that scene, hell, maybe even the entire finale, and it isn't really being discussed. I'm thinking the Dark Army itself put this backdoor to recover the data. Their plan if that's correct would be to bankrupt E-corp only to, after it's finished, take it's place.
  9. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    I'm enjoying East of West, even if I often have no idea what's going on. But the last few issues were pretty good. From Marvel, besides Ultimates, I'd also recommend Vision and...that's it, really. Nothing else is a must read, due to many of the best writers leaving and editorial interference killing some books (the X-line, most notoriously).
  10. Netflix's new drama: 'Narcos' (starring Oberyn Martell + Capitão Nascimento)

    Finished it. Pretty good overall, although had some pacing problems- perhaps this season should have opened with La Catedral rather than ending the previous season with it. Looking forward to s03.
  11. Mr. Robot (spoilers).... 'cause I suck at this stuff

    I enjoyed this episode a lot, perhaps more than any other this season- not coincidentally because there's less focus on Elliot's mental issues and whatnot, which I think are overplayed already. Damn, Darlene, she crossed her own Rubicon and there's no turning back now.
  12. Why is the TV landscape so boring?

    There's plenty of great TV nowdays- though of course less so during August. Seems even strange to have these discussion. To be fair, CSI was NOT derivative at all when it was released. It just inspired so many spin-offs and copycats that it seems that way.
  13. RIO 16 - Best bits

    I can't believe I forgot to mention the funniest bit of the Olympics by far: A boxing match between fighters between GB and Kazakhstan wouldn't attract that much attention...except the referee was a Brazilian, named Jones Kennedy Rosário, and the supporters went wild, beginning so sing stuff like "OOOH, Rosário is better than Neymar!", "1,2,3,4,5, Mil, Who Rules This Shit is Rosário of Brazil" and similar stuff. Here's a link, though I couldn't find one with subtitles. Fantastic stuff.
  14. The Night Of (HBO)

    I think we'll never really find out who the real killer is, but Stone will successfully manage to get reasonable doubt by having lots of candidates- the stepfather, mortician, Duane Reade, etc.
  15. RIO 16 - Best bits

    The French runner-up compared himself to Jesse Owens and the crowd to the Nazis, so, yes, he deserves every boo he can get,