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  1. Well...that's an odd choice. For both the character and Hardy himself.
  2. Mostly pretty good episode, but the sheriff being against Gloria investigating with all she discovered rang false.
  3. Also, once they know Savitar is (sort of) future Barry, all they have to do is have someone take Iris somewhere else and don't let Barry ever know where she is.
  4. It made sense- Ophelia was essentially a child in terms of emotional maturity. Of course she wouldn't have a reasonable reaction to Fitz not choosing her.
  5. I don't know how knowing Gus won't die is that much different from knowing Walter wouldn't die in the end of the season, or that he WOULD die at the end of the show.
  6. But, like I said, Jean was barely in the story at all until DPS.
  7. Nah, I think you're overrating it- Logan was from the start a very rebellious figure (so was Thunderbird, and that's why they killed him off- two Wolverine-like figures would be too much), and, like I said, it's not like he had much contact with Jean anyway,
  8. The killer is finally revealed and...well, it's probably the most expendable character of the ensemble. But makes sense story-wise, I suppose. Also, is 4th cousins having sex really considered "OMG, INCEST! NOEEES!" in the US? Frankly, Clifford seemed more reasonable than the Blossoms there on that issue at least.
  9. I feel more or less like you do. Not as fresh as the first one, but fairly entertaining and often hilarious. It also works very well as an ensemble, which is something some other superhero movies could learn (X-men franchise, I'm looking at YOU!)
  10. I don't think so. I suspect that scene will only fit thematically too, not to the plot directly.
  11. The thematic link was that the entire country at that point was pretty much waiting for Reagan to take over and change the economics, policies and overall perspective.
  12. I don't think that was what happened, but Gus isn't aware of everything- it's just Jimmy was very bad at hiding that he was paying attention to Gus' man.
  13. Man, Nova is just getting the short end of the stick. He was the most popular character in both Guardians of the Galaxy and New Warriors, yet he isn't appearing anywhere, whether it's movies, TV or animation (and until very recently, not even comics)- probably because of Sam Alexander, or more specifically, Jeph Loeb using the character as a self-insert for his late son.
  14. It's Luke's voice definitively.
  15. Nah, Thor was grimier because they needed Freya to die so they can set up Loki-playing-Odin for the third movie, I doubt the director had much imput.