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  1. Easily the best MCU movie yet. One of the few movies in the MCU that really takes the advantage of the emotional weight of everything that happened in those previous films and makes things feel like a culmination of all that came before. It's also a very unique blockbuster in terms of both asking some big questions (how much can you trust the government to protect people? can you trust people with God-like powers to do what's right?, etc) and not answering them, choosing to leave the answer to viewers. Both Evans and RDJ are superb here, Tom Holland is also pretty good as Spidey, and pretty much everyone else is fine, although some characters didn't had that much to do (seems obvious Martin Freeman had some scenes cut, for example). My only real complaint is that the scenes between last waaaaay too long for them to work.
  2. Better Call Saul

    Mike was a crooked cop, and later was an accessory after the fact to the murder of a child, among other crimes.
  3. Vikings IX: The Bear Necessities [SPOILERS]

    You continue to mistake Aguirre for Fitzcarraldo.
  4. Vikings IX: The Bear Necessities [SPOILERS]

    Wrong Werner Herzog film.
  5. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    OMG, THEY KILLED NINA! THE BASTARDS! Really great episode. I'm specially curious to see the effect of Nina's death in both Stan and Oleg.
  6. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    Well, so far it is.
  7. The Walking Dead Season 6: "Who's Neegan?" (no comics spoilers)

    The ending was just pathetic.
  8. X-Men: Apocalypse Redux Daze of Future X-Titles

    Fox has denied all the New Mutants casting rumors
  9. Football: 4 is Kompany

    Brazil managed to open 2-0 against Uruguay in the WC qualifiers, and then David Luiz happened...
  10. Daredevil series 2: spoiler thread

    You guys are forgetting DD is fighting ninjas that can literally resurrect. The "can't kill them" thing isn't that hard, since they can be back anyway- in fact, I doubt Matt didn't expect Nobu to do it again.
  11. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    Uh, you do realize she's essentially a prisoner in a Soviet Gulag, right? That's like, the exact opposite of plot armor.
  12. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Hickman going to DC would be a killer move for them, and undoubtedly lead Marvel to kick themselves for not letting him take over the X-books (seemed the natural course after ending the Avengers run, and he did mentioned having some ideas that nobody there liked) because they were too busy trying to use the franchise as a prop for the Inhumans.
  13. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    One- maybe the only- good thing Marvel is doing now is that this crossover is more like Fall of the Mutants in which is a thematic crossover, and they're each dealing with Apocalypse related stuff, but no connection between the storylines.
  14. Daredevil series 2: spoiler thread

    Finished it. It has some problems, specially too many plotlines, but it was still pretty good. I have to agree that having was just stupid, though. There's no reason why JJ and DD couldn't have run simultaneously.
  15. Daredevil series 2: spoiler thread

    I'm in #6 so far and I'm really enjoying it. Incredibly spot-on casting for Elektra, and like others mentioned, her chemistry with Matt far outshines the one he has with Karen.