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  1. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    Because if it wasn't someone with superspeed, Barry would realistically destroy him pretty easily.
  2. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Yeah, I'm not sold on the roster. I think Old Man Logan is great...on Old Man Logan, him being on he 616 dilutes the appeal, Sabretooth as a poor man's Logan is ridiculous (people are supposed to forget he's a serial killer?), and I don't care for Lady Deathstrike either.
  3. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Yep. Also, rather than doing some change, it's clear the books are just continuations of ANXM and EXM. Uncanny, the most interesting one, is gone, despite the writer being there.
  4. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Yeah, the picture confirms the William is MIB theory. That said, the whole multiple timelines things is awfully confusing. If Dolores is meeting MIB in the present, why she's dressed like she was in the past? Frankly, this is why I didn't want it to happen, it's just a mess. Also, William just killing all those robots all the sudden seems too much. I feel the whole arc is a little forced. Again, Maeve's superpowers are a bit too much. Also, another arc that is a little forced, though I'm enjoying the season overall. I don't know what's the point of Ashley getting kidnapped, but it will probably go somewhere interesting.
  5. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    I don't see how one sees a girl he fell in love with just be erased and then...decides to come back to the place that did the most traumatic thing that ever happened to him for fun and games.
  6. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    So, Death of X. Don't waste your money, just read those two links:
  7. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    While I don't buy that theory either, the MiB being Logan makes much more sense than him being William. That said, Logan has shown to not only want something different from the park, new stories, while MiB has tried to play all of them repeatedly. And MiB says killing the kid was his first true act of cruelty, while Logan has shown a sadistic steak from the start. That doesn't mean anything specifically- if he has been to the park many times, he certainly has seen Dolores many times, and played her storyline(s) many times.
  8. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Yes, that's ridiculous. And "he realizes it's all a sham"? What is "all"? Why come back to Westworld then if it's a sham? Again, there's nothing on the screen so far that indicates that MiB has any special concern, interest or care for Dolores. Nothing.
  9. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Considering he's chasing the maze since the year before, we don't even know for sure if Dolores was the first character he sought. But he likely just thought she would have information, being the eldest host. There's really no indication he cared for her anymore than he did for Teddy or Lawrence.
  10. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Also, for the people saying Felix and Sylvester are hosts- what would be the point? Bernard being a host makes sense for Ford because he gets someone in an essential position that is completely loyal to him, and also can give unique insight into the hosts. What the hell would be the point of having two random employees that do mostly minor work?
  11. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Well, not so much the holes, but the flaws are: 1- 3 freakin' timelines is too much; 2- The MIB WASN'T trying to find the maze until his wife died. Before that, Westworld was just his vacation. He knows everything about the park because he has been everywhere, not just the Dolores related parts. There's no indication he had any sort of special connection to her- see that he went to Lawrence , then Teddy, looking for the maze, nothing related to Dolores necessarily. He also didn't try to kill Dolores or anyone related to her, just a child and Maeve, who are unrelated. Hell, the whole point of him killing the child was to see if he felt something- if he was in love and obsessed with Dolores for 30 years, he wouldn't need that. I believe MIB is exactly who the writers said he is- an obsessive gamer looking for the next level, whatever that is.
  12. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    I noticed that too. And I doubt Ford knows that the Hemsworth brother was aware of the relationship, that might throw a wrench into his plans.
  13. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Yeah, sorry, still not buying the "William is the MIB" non-sense just because MIB recognized the host- why wouldn't MIB recognize pretty much every host, specially a very hot one that introduces the park to everyone (in very intimate ways, more often than not)? Also, Teddy had in this episode EXACTLY the same flashback to MIB that Dolores was having earlier- it's not only absurd Dolores had flashbacks to MIB while with William and Logan, while they're supposed to be the same person, but also Teddy having the same flashbacks means nothing. We also saw Dolores having flashbacks to Ford as an old man with William. We also know saw that old hosts were a lot less complex with Old Bill. And seems pretty clear now that MIB is a bastard that didn't care for much and always saw Westworld as just a game, while William couldn't be further from it. As for Felix, yeah, while I can see him helping Maeve, there's helping and then there's giving her God-like powers and the possibility of killing humans. That's just too much.
  14. It's official. Benedict Cumberbatch is Strange. The Doctor.

    The story is the same of Iron Man or Thor, but it's well done, and, oh my, it's a visual treat like Marvel never did before. It's the one Marvel movie when it's a good idea (and no, I didn't see it in 3d, but I should)
  15. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    Sheriff of Babylon #12- No spoilers, but the lead characters all crossed a line here I didn't see coming (maybe one of them, but certainly not all three). The Walking Dead #160- I increasingly wonder why I'm still reading this, since Kirkman pulls a similar trick he pulled multiple times. Avengers #1- I felt I missed a few issues here, but I didn't, it's just Waid decided to write the new Wasp like she was the original one and has been on the team for decades for some reason. But it's not bad overall, just more of the same Kang, Multiple Versions of Kang, Time Travel, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Champions #2- All right, but still far from a can't miss book. Occupy Avengers #1- Not a great book, but good enough; Walker manages to make lemonade out of the lemons Bendis gave him. Death of X #3- Garbage. Even more evidence that "Cyclops is already dead, comatose or very sick" theory , though. But it also pretty much confirms that all the whining about him in several books (including Champions) is non-sense. Also, I'm convinced that when they begun the "Cyclops is evil" non-sense in the books they had no idea what he actually did and decided to figure out later.