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  1. Nazis have been coming out of the woodwork
  2. Leaving soiled diapers in parking lots isn't really unusual, I see it often, mostly from black people, black women especially. Yeah not offensive at all.
  3. Speaking of racism...that's very racist
  4. If there are any vintage or used stereo shops around you there are often nice integrated amplifiers from the 70s or 80s with phono inputs with which you could also hook up a digital source through an AUX port. Marantz 1060s are pretty common on the used market for a couple hundred dollars.
  5. I'd recommend a Technics 1200 or Rega RP1 for your turntable. You would probably be best off buying a used turntable and speakers to meet the price you're wanting to spend though. Most of the decent turntables start at over $400 on their own.