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  1. poll

    Eh, 5, mostly for the battle at the end. That was actually pretty cool.
  2. I finished around the 100 hour mark and still have a lot to do on NG+. I love it though. Was hyped since 2014 and it didn't let down.
  3. Excited for this. Hopefully it has a lot of Coulter.
  4. I thought Moiraine and Siuan were pretty decent characters... at least until they got paired off with Thom and Gareth. Jordan's romance was poor in general, but it was to the detriment of both characters IMO. Siuan especially suffered from Jordan's insistence that every woman in love act like either a lovesick schoolgirl or a spiteful, braid-yanking goblin. At least, Moiraine in books 1-5 was easily my favourite character in the series.
  5. 6/10. Would be a point or two lower but Walder is amazing.
  6. Why did they do so little with the Children? I was starting to become interested in Leaf (the "main" one was Leaf, yes?) and the others, especially after the reveal, but now they're all dead and Bran has no one in the know to discuss these massive revelations with. I'm actually partial to the WW's origin story, but it was so awfully abrupt and the ones responsible for it all died like ten minutes after it came out.
  7. Lying about the Vale's knights was just dumb and harmful, and not needed for this storyline to work. She should have admitted that aid was offered from LF, but made it clear that she doesn't think it's worth banking on because she considers Baelish an enemy of the family too. This of course raises the question of whether she's against it for the practical reason of not wanting to trust an unreliable ally, or the more personal issue rooted in the rape and battering she suffered at the hands of the husband LF sold her to, but Sansa outright lying about and obfuscating the mere knowledge of a potentially massive boon to the Starks' efforts just runs contrary to their assertion that she's become a "proper player."
  8. He's about as endearing as that guy too. Really not sure what they're going for with this Euron. I honestly can't remember if the show put much emphasis on the kinslaying taboo, but I swear, no one in Westeros seems to give a fuck. Ramsay murders his dad; no one cares, he's applauded for it. Euron murders his brother; no one cares, he's applauded for it. He's made king for it.
  9. Solid 8. Easily the best of the season so far. Could've done with a little less Arya, the first Tyrion scene was flaky, and the Ironborn stuff is really suffering from this dude's oddly uncharismatic (IMO) portrayal of Euron, but I found a lot to like in this ep. Even the Dany stuff was decent.
  10. Does it bother anyone else at how much of a toady Jaime has become? When, and more importantly why, did his story take this turn? They were on the right track until S5 -- driving the wedges between him and his family members, playing up his desire to do the right thing by the Stark girls even to House Lannister's detriment -- but this was all abruptly dropped and now he's just his sister's yes-man again. He's absolutely nowhere near the turning point in his story arc, the string of experiences that lead him to strive for a bit of personal redemption and eventually break away from Cersei. I know they haven't been kind to his character in the show (rape and kinslaying weren't additional sins he needed to bear), and his mangled corpse was one of many victims recovered from the Dorne train wreck, but until now it hasn't felt like they just don't have a plan for him at all.
  11. A generous 4. Awful ending aside, it was just... boring, more of the same conversations spoken with slightly different words. The excellent Pryce doing the same thing he's done every episode thus far, Tyrion taking half an hour to shrug his shoulders and say kinda sorta but not really, etc. We're halfway through the penultimate season (I think) and the amount of time they're devoting to repetition is just baffling to me. I appreciate build-up and foreshadowing, but why are we only getting this now? Why did it take so many lengthy speeches for Elliot Carver to give us his backstory, four episodes of pointless floundering for Cersei to put a plan into motion? Maybe I'm being too harsh and it's just Dany getting to me. I can't stand Emilia's Dany, and an episode of her suspense-free posturing (come on, did you think for a second that that was going to end in anything but total, predictable victory for our "silver"-haired heroine?) was bound to disappoint. Daario and Jorah continue to be the least interesting "duo" the show's ever contrived (seriously, give this trope a rest D&D) and not even Conleth's spectacular Varys can save the funny dwarf man from succumbing to Essos' plague of frustrating irrelevancy. I did like Jon and Sansa's interactions. I thought it was nice how the two Stark kids who never even liked each other can reunite with such warmth after all they've been through. Quaint. The Pyke stuff was alright but I worry no one is going to care; Yara is thoroughly unlikeable, and most show-only viewers I know are already soured on "that evil cringey pirate dude" from the last episode. I'm really surprised at how much people seemed to like this ep here.
  12. That wasn't really what I meant, I was more appalled at her defeating the entire Dothraki horde's leadership by spilling a few braziers with her most awkward speech yet. I would have welcomed another retread of Drogon showing up to kill them and save her.
  13. That final Dany scene might be the stupidest thing I've ever seen on TV. God almighty.
  14. Rickon's a walking corpse. Even if the Umber is lying, there's no way they'll have him come out of this alive after all the time spent building up Sansa as House Stark's new figurehead and rightful inheritor.
  15. Rickon's a walking corpse. Even if the Umber is lying, there's no way they'll have him come out of this alive after all the time spent building up Sansa as House Stark's new figurehead and rightful inheritor.