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  1. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic Do you consider these characters villains?   

    Jaime - No. He started out as a pretty straight villain, but his character has been muddied gloriously. Even if you consider the Lannister regime the villainous faction, Jaime has damaged and subverted it more than anyone else I can think of. He's responsible for a lot of good and also a lot of evil; he's torn between a ton of contradictions and obligations; he's in an odd point in the story where he's trying to bloodlessly end a war that he's partially responsible for starting, and defend the children of his enemy. I don't think "hero" or "villain" quite sums his character up.
    Tywin - Yes. His actions are sometimes understandable (his reasoning behind the RW was solid, fight me) and he's a very pragmatic person, but he's never anything but an antagonistic force in the story.
    Tyrion - No. I get that this is a big one for some people but even at his worst I wouldn't call him a villain, even if I've lost a lot of sympathy for the character.
    Cersei - Yes. She's a thoroughly callous and detestable person driven entirely by ambition and envy and a very warped concept of maternal love, but incredibly entertaining to read about. Save for the Walk, I've never once found her the more sympathetic party in a conflict, almost all of which she herself instigated. A lot of the time, it doesn't really feel like there's a method to her cruelty.  
    Littlefinger - Yes. He's... probably the best and most successful villain in the series; he's schemed and murdered his way to greater power and prestige in every novel so far, and the only threat to his power right now is a fourteen-year-old whose family he destroyed (and also wants to fuck).
    Varys - Kinda sorta. Hard to say given we don't know how sincere his agenda is. 
    Theon - No. As with Jaime, he's gone through far too much for me to box him in like that. At the current point in the story, even if one considers him irredeemable, he's absolutely not a villain or a malicious force.
    Victarion - Yes. Sorta. He's ultimately rather directionless and is only really following orders, and his personal ambitions (get revenge on Euron, marry Dany?) aren't exactly evil, but what he does and how he does it put him in pretty firm villain territory for me.
    Aeron - Not really. He's a zealous practitioner of a pretty evil religion, but he's too ineffectual for me to write him off as a villain just yet.
    Bran - Bran being a villain is some sort of ironic meme that's taken off, yes? 
    Arya - No. Her motives have narrowed to vengeance, and she's done a few unsavoury things over in Assassinland, but the subjects of her retribution are all far worse than she is. 
    Stannis - No. People have defended him in far more verbose and knowledgeable ways than I can, but he measures up to my concept of an anti-hero pretty well; that is, an ultimately well-intentioned or righteous character who deviates from the path of heroism in order to reach the end of it. 
    Dany - No. I'd like her to be, but she isn't. 
  2. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic How old are you?   

    25 next week. I think I've got about four more years left to find the same vampire that did Keanu Reeves a favour before I start to worry.
  3. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic How can Jaime justify his kingslaying?   

    I mean, he was 17. He's impulsive and capricious in his thirties so I doubt he was cool-headed enough to rationalize the full political fallout of killing Aerys as a teenager. It's not until 20 years later that we see him think back on this, and he was almost literally caught red-handed anyway.

    I think Jaime seeing red in this instance was pretty justifiable. The guy had ordered Jaime to murder his father and was going to blow the entire city up, that's a lot for one person to take in. For someone who lives and breathes swordplay I don't think "find a pile of rope and tie him to a chair" was pretty high on his list of solutions to flesh-shaped problems.
  4. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic Biggest criticism of the series ?   

    Probably the disconnect between Dany and the rest of the cast. This wasn't an issue in the first couple of books, since her situation was intriguing and her primary motivation was to get back home, but we're five books into a planned 7-book-series and she's made zero progress. She's off doing her own thing, dealing with her own issues, having a practice run at ruling with an assortment of quirky natives (most of whom I don't find particularly compelling), and I can't shake the feeling that most of the intrigue in Essos -- Dany's politicking in her own little private slice of Martinland -- will be ultimately irrelevant. We'll see where it goes I suppose.
  5. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic POLL: Who wrote the 'Pink Letter'?   

    Ramsay. I'm sure he's lying out of his ass on more than one point, but it has to be from Ramsay.
  6. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic Which Show Character do you like better than in the Books?   

    Probably Alliser Thorne, at least until the final episode.
  7. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic Ramey Bolton, Protector of the Realm.   

    Why not, the guy has proven himself to be undefeatable. Make sure he brings his meme squad along (20GM and the puppies) and he's got this in the bag.
  8. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic (Spoilers All) The True King   

  9. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic (Spoilers All) The True King   

    I feel bad for hardcore Stannis fans. I always felt like D&D missed the mark with this character (I think Weiss admitted outright that he never liked the character at all, so eh), which is sad since Dillane is a great actor. For the most part, they forgot to humanize him until five seasons in, a couple episodes before he burns his daughter over bad weather and dies in disgrace. The fine points of his character were never properly emphasized in the show and most of the time he just came off as a supporting villain that few show-only viewers even gave a shit about until it was too late.

    I don't know man, I hope GRRM does his Stannis better justice than D&D did theirs.
  10. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic Finale Predictions (BOOK SPOILERS)   

    I think Myrcella's maiming and either Jaime or Bronn's death is still on the cards, probably at the hands of the perpetually frowning snake and evil!Ellaria. There's nothing else worth revisiting Dorne for.
  11. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic (SPOILERS: SHOW/BOOK) Predictions for Stannis...   

    Mis-posted (that's a term now), sorry. >.<
  12. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic The other controversial scene (spoilers)   

    Not gonna lie, I thought it was pretty funny. It was such a painfully forced way to tack more villain credentials onto this character that I couldn't take it seriously. Maybe they thought people had forgotten who he was.
  13. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?   

    Solid 8/10. Really good episode. The Dany/Tyrion fanfiction was awful but pretty much everything was great, especially Jon's stuff.
  14. Jamie Lannister added a post in a topic Where are these awesome sand snakes in the books?   

    Awesome is a strong word, but they were at least quirky and varied. These three are the same bland character.