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  1. GoT cast Ian McShane for season 6! Who you got?

    Gerold Hightower in the Tower of Joy flashback.   Neither Euron nor Tarly are small roles (the casting call listings emphasized that both were really good, meaty parts). Those roles also wouldn't justify the secrecy. It looks like a small role but that still has an impact; that makes it seem like almost a cameo sort of thing. It being a ToJ Kingsguard would explain why they're tight-lipped around the role's identity. He's the right age and look for Hightower, too.
  2. Could Bloodraven have killed Robert Baratheon?

    I think Bloodraven is warging the raven and the cat, but I draw the line at the boar. Namely because the "accident" is already adequately explained as is, and also because not everything can be solved or waved off as "Bloodraven did it."
  3. The Back of a Westeros Milk Carton

    Good updated list! ETA: As for Wenda the White Fawn, I've seen a few compelling arguments that she is, in fact, Septa Lemore.
  4. The Back of a Westeros Milk Carton

    He's not one of the ones listed as missing. I'll throw in Kyle Condon and Ronnel Stout. Richard Lonmouth. Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover.
  5. Stop looking at my profile.

    1. Risto


      But it is so precious...

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      Ser Cold Fingers

      Stop lookin' at me, swan!

  6. Waymar Royce v. The Others

    We don't know for sure that dragonsteel is Valyrian steel. That's just Jon and Sam's guess and it hasn't been confirmed (bear in mind that the original Long Night would have occurred thousands of years before Valyrian steel was first developed). I think the Other was actually checking to see if it was obsidian, something that we have actually seen a NW brother use to actually kill an Other.
  7. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    Don't give them any ideas.
  8. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    It really is not. Maegor Targaryen was born in 232 and was still a baby when Aegon V came to the throne in 233. We know from the World book that the Tattered Prince was named the prince of Pentos in 262 and from ADWD that this was when he was 23 years old, putting his birth in 239 or 238, still making him "past 60" in 300 the way he's described in ADWD. So Maegor is too old to be the Tattered Prince and the Tattered Prince is too old to be a direct descendant of Maegor. ... Sorry.
  9. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    I don't think it's out of the ordinary for a highborn person to know "proper" Valyrian. Just like there's a "queen's English" upper-class variation of the English language along with numerous other dialects and accents. Sorry but a guy who's probably of general Valyrian descent looking and talking like someone of general Valyrian descent does not make him a Targaryen.
  10. The Tattered Prince is a Targaryen

    Eight of the nine Free Cities are old Valyrian colonies. A lot of people in those cities, especially the nobility and the upper classes (read: dudes most likely to be voted into leadership), are of Valyrian descent, meaning they could feasibly have Valyrian physical features including hair and eye color. Different dialects of Valyrian are also spoken throughout the Free Cities, so it isn't a big deal that this guy speaks Valyrian. Not everyone is a secret Targaryen.
  11. Northern Conspiracy Jon's Wife?

    Yes, it was.
  12. Northern Conspiracy Jon's Wife?

    Not sure it's quite the same situation. Aegon is actively trying to conquer Westeros militarily, and Jon isn't. He also has something to prove (that he is Aegon), and the Dornish siding with him gives him legitimacy. Jon probably wouldn't even attempt to get the Iron Throne. As for legitimacy, it's a Catch-22. If he can prove he's Rhaegar's son without having to marry her, Dany becomes superfluous. But if he needs to marry Dany to prove he's Rhaegar's son, then there's no benefit to her. Dany and Arianne are not on equal footing here. Dany could become queen without Jon, whereas Arianne would never become queen without Aegon.
  13. Northern Conspiracy Jon's Wife?

    Independence essentially means withdrawing from involvement in outside regions. So why would the northerners entangle themselves in other regions by marrying into the south? Robb made the Frey pact to cross a bridge, and the Freys were a Riverlands house anyway. But I don't see the need to make a southern match if the issue is northern autonomy. As for the invasion thing. It's the middle of winter and nearly every other enemy army is decimated or otherwise engaged. If some idiot southern army decides to invade the North during the winter, more power to them.
  14. Northern Conspiracy Jon's Wife?

    Maybe you missed the point. None of those people made successful marriage pacts to improve loyalty and relations. They fought each other.