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  3. But that's not how we see them doing it up to this point. At this point, all we've seen are them taking dead people's faces. You mention Melisandre, but her glamors don't really resemble how we've seen the FM operate with their faces, so I'm not sure why she's relevant to the argument. Based on what we've actually seen the Faceless Men actually do, for Arya to actually use Sansa's face, Sansa would have to be dead. And I don't see that happening. And LOL at Sansa being a "fan favorite." I love her, yes, and she has her fans, but a huge number of people even on here give her a huge amount of (undeserved) scorn.
  4. I don't agree with it at all but at least it's different. ETA: Isn't the inventory of faces you can take limited to dead people? So if Arya is impersonating Sansa by taking on her appearance, that means Sansa will be dead. Like Jaqen killed Pate and then took his face, and all the faces of dead people that Arya sees in the House of Black and White. Are you willing to go that far with this theory? ETA2: I think the "twist" with this prophecy has already occurred, with people thinking that Sansa ripping the head off the doll fulfilled the prophecy when, I'd strongly argue, it didn't. Which sets up a surprise later on when Sansa actually fulfills it.
  5. I think it's Gerion who's the favorite candidate for that one, for some reason.
  6. I'm just saying that he could if he wanted to. It's his choice whether to give something to Myrcella.
  7. But again, that's why grabbing him when they did was a smart move. At the time, no one really cared or tried too hard to find him. But you let the inter-family conflict play itself out and meddle where you can (i.e. Varys and Littlefinger, in various combinations, effectively remove Tywin, Tyrion, Joffrey and Kevan), and bide your time, and eventually he's much closer to the front of the line. If Tyrek had been toward the front of the line at the time he'd vanished, he'd have been a much higher-value target, meaning the family would have worked harder to find him, which diminishes the intelligence of stealing him in the first place. It's because at the time he seems so unimportant that the kidnapping works. And I don't think Tyrek is in on it, no. I think he's probably a prisoner being set up as a puppet governor.
  8. And it's not the list as it is now. So claiming that Tyrek becoming lord of Casterly Rock is "preposterous" based on the old list is ridiculous. Obviously the list has been manipulated and whittled since he disappeared, that's the point. No one gave a shit when the twelfth Lannister in line disappeared, which was why taking that particular Lannister was so clever. Still nope. Cersei would the lady of Casterly Rock in her own right no matter how old Tommen is. Tywin is dead, Jaime disinherited and Tyrion wanted for murder and treason. She's next in line. There's no "for all intents and purposes." She is the lady of Casterly Rock, period. Tommen doesn't inherit it until she dies or she abdicates it to him, no matter how old he is. I believe it's an optional thing. Like in theory Robert could have held onto Storm's End but instead gave it to Renly. And Tommen could in theory hold both the throne and Casterly Rock, but he might pass it to Myrcella.
  9. Nope. She's the Lady of Casterly Rock in her own right.
  10. Preposterous? Hardly. Of course the list looks long when you include people who shouldn't even be on it anymore. 1. Jaime (disinherited because of the Kingsguard) 2. Tyrion (disinherited for treason/regicide/patricide) 3. Cersei (Lady of the Rock now but on trial for her life) 4. Joffrey 5. Tommen (king now but in a very precarious position) 6. Myrcella (still in Dorne; some people even believe she's already dead) 7. Kevan 8. Lancel (has forsaken inheritances to follow the Faith and isn't fathering any kids) 9. Willem 10. Martyn 11. Janei 12. Tyrek So the list is actually more like: 1. Cersei 2. Tommen 3. Myrcella 4. Martyn 5. Janei 6. Tyrek The top three are in what could reasonably be called very dangerous situations, plus considering the crowd who thinks Myrcella was already killed in Dorne (not saying I believe she was, but it's a sizable following). Martyn is a squire and Janei is a barely more than a toddler; neither of them is in a position to have children to put any padding between themselves and Tyrek. And neither of them would be a major obstacle to overcome if Varys decides he wants them out of the way. I've actually read the theory that the riot was always a distraction drummed up to get Tyrek.
  11. Thanks, I've been trying to find it. (Broadly speaking, if you're quoting from the books, it's super helpful to cite it so other people can corroborate it easily without going on a fishing expedition.)
  12. Well there you go. ETA: I gotta say the drunk/madman and laughing thing, if it is deliberate, is clever as hell. When it's spelled out and put side by side like that, it's also compelling to the point where you'd have to be in deep damn denial not to admit it.
  13. :drool: ETA: To put the Jon quote in context, it occurs in SoS during the fight on the Wall and he's trying to rally the men and give them instructions. "Jon laughed, laughed like a drunk or a madman, and his men laughed with him. " So Jon is laughing, during one of his first real trials as a leader, hedged in language that has applied to two different kings, and his men are following him and rolling with it. Interesting. The "... and his men laughed with him" line is what makes it stick out to me, after the parallel with Barristan's thought.