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  1. Maybe Val will be important in Ghost's arc. It is quite widely believed that Jon will warg in Ghost after he dies, which will preserve his soul and keep him from 'losing' parts of his personality like Cat and Beric. Even though it is a direwolf, the thing is locked up in a room surrounded by people who will most likely want to kill it. Now Jon is no longer there to control Ghost, it's just a wild animal which cannot be trusted. I assume Val will be the one who realises this before anyone else does and gets him out, knowing Jon will be in Ghost. I don't see her doing the resurrection herself, but I think she will be essential for its succes by saving Jon's soul/ guarantee his body gets kept in the ice cells. Also: we were promised we'd go further north as ever. Perhaps Jon's resurrection won't be for immediately and Ghost will roam the North for a while. The body will stay fresh in the ice cells.
  2. I think so too. The thing that keeps me puzzled is why? Simply for the sake of saving someone he grew up with or has he got a role to play?
  3. Damn you're right he did Still, there is the question what new material he might be adding if it was a very old chapter. (And to be honest, it is more fun thinking about Theon than analyzing his writing speed ...)
  4. And then there is: So. He has written a lot and should at least have finished half the book, but he is still writing Theon. The cliffhanger of the published chapter implies that Theon will be executed in front of the hear tree, the fact that Theon is still alive halfway the book could tell us a lot about: -Bran and what he is planning. Is Theon a part of his plans? What role could he have to play? -Stannis, who has probably won the battle of ice if Theon is still alive.
  5. To be honest, he's talking about months, and not years. I see myself reading Winds in 2016, or in the beginning of 2017, so I can't say I am disappointed. I honestly don't care about a couple months more or less if he needs them. I can wait for it. At least now there is some information about where he is instead of guesswork and those months will fly by. It would have been amazing to read the book before the sixth season, but the seventh season would have spoiled the last book anyway. At least there will be some new stuff out there to discuss whether or not it will be in the books, and I look forward to those theories. I am also sure we'll get a new chapter, or even some chapters, at the beginning of the show. He likes to give 'his' version of things which are important to him before the show spoils them. There was Arya's revenge and a 'playing' Sansa instead of a raped one. Maybe there will be a resurrection of Jon ... Ah yes, one more thing. He seems to be quite far in the book (at least over the middle) and yet he is writing a Theon chapter. Apparently someone didn't lose his head in front of that tree after all ...
  6. Or she could fight him and plans to lose in order to save him.