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  1. Who can he defend? Other old, slow 3-4's? He's a big defensive liability. He's a guy you have to hide.
  2. I like it! How about Annie Wilkes from Misery torturing a bed bound Mitch McConnell. "I'll take real good care of ya, Mitchy. YOU DIRTY_BIRDY!
  3. Donny Two Scoops did not lie. Everyone will be covered.
  4. Can't agree with that last bit. He's a liability in today's game, at this point in his career.
  5. I agree with that as well, just so long as the obvious positives far outweigh the obvious negatives. Not sure that Newsom qualifies, however.
  6. It gets problematic in that how do you really know anything substantive about these folks at the end of the day. That Newsom story was really big locally, so it obviously caught my attention. That said, i agree in principle. How am I supposed to trust this guy when his own best friend obviously can't?
  8. Yup. Accurate stats = inconvenient facts.
  9. Quick addendum to a little back and forth that occurred here a couple of weeks back regarding a Vox article that OGE posted about Charles Murray, mostly referencing a podcast interview that Sam Harris conducted with Murray. Here's the initial article... Then an addended response article to answer criticisms that toned down the rhetoric somewhat... And the piece by Richard Haier that seemed to prompt the addended response... Thought some of the folks involved in the initial conversation might be interested in an update of sorts.
  10. I think maybe that was the problem with restaurant work, in that they could get away with hiring servers for even less than minimum wage, due to tips and whatnot. I agree with you that this is probably still an overall net positive, at least for those who are employed. I'd rather work less hours for more per hour, as I could make that up as that time is mine. I guess the key point will be how many jobs this costs ultimately.
  11. Yeah, the study is preliminary, and probably somewhat incomplete, but the early returns don't look promising.
  12. Second Minimum Wage Increase in a year Seems to have backfired a bit for Seattle... /Low wage workers receiving less hours and unemployment is up
  13. The enemy of me am enemy is am me enemy.
  14. While negotiating to settle federal and state charges of money laundering about a month before the election, Deutsche Bank pays Kuschner's real estate firm $285 million...
  15. Not screwing over your best friend is probably about the closest thing to a sacred trust that I would cite as such. That and raising your children in a conscientious manner. I know it shouldn't really factor into politics, but those are pretty much instant deal breakers for me.