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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Fire Pro Wrestling World. The graphics are a bit primitive (it's a recycled Japanese game from 2005) but the gameplay is supposed to be amazing. I've been meaning to grab it on Steam.
  2. In that instance? You laugh. And shake your head. Any conversation past that point is a waste of oxygen. /And thank the void that this person is your "ex".
  3. Your own child, yes, but that same dynamic would apply to religious belief as well. Your comparison doesn't work. You were comparing telling a child that Santa doesn't exist to telling an adult that their religion is bullshit. Most parents would be offended if you sprung the Santa is bullshit argument on their child (given that they hadn't already had that discussion with them), just the same as many adults would get offended if you told them their God was bullshit.
  4. RAMEN.
  5. Yeah, that's what I would call a practical example of keeping your non-belief to yourself. I think that's basically what DMC is saying about it being impractical and rude to ridicule someone for their beliefs in a classroom setting. Earlier you wrote that we don't find it to be offensive to tell a child that Santa doesn't exist. I'm just pushing back against the way you worded it, I suppose. I think you'd offend many parents if you went around telling small children that their parents were feeding them a lie.
  6. Yeah, I suppose that follows to some degree, but when you look at the degree of the analysis that occurs around these fictions (just look at the upper boards) it kind of resembles study of the Bible or Koran or whatever ancient religious text you'd care to name. It appears to be more than a bit cultish to an outsider. I agree with you that these texts are bad fiction, but you have to admit that they are easily the most fantastically successful fairy tales ever told.
  7. Why would you participate in the ruse? Wouldn't that make you a sympathizer of a sort? I can understand keeping your non-belief to yourself in some circumstances, but outside of that... And it is at the very least dickish to tell a child that Santa doesn't exist under many circumstances. If the child is not yours, you pretty much have no business butting in.
  8. The thing I find kind of interesting is somewhat specific to this board but also to fans of Fantasy as a whole. I know this is a generalization, but it seems to me that a somewhat overwhelming percentage of us are non-believers, which kind of flies in the face of what one might think.
  9. I love that Val Venis one. I had this old PS2 WWE Game where you could make your own wrestler and edit his or her entrance and add one of the preset music choices. It totally did not fit the pastiche of my character (General Ed) but it made me laugh.
  10. SICK INK!
  11. Prepare to open your big, beautiful, Christmas present, America!
  12. I'm yer huckleberry.
  13. Week 12 is in the bag as possibly the highest scoring week of the season overall. Dragonstone Dragons stay red hot, capturing the top spot with 122 points and a blistering 15-1 total. Virtual tie for 2nd between The Quiet Isle Septons and Sunspear Shariffs with 120 points each and 13-3 records. Top 5 remains fairly tight on the leaderboard, with 6-7 having some breathing room between themselves and the pack. Leaderboard looks a little something like this... 1 Bronze Stones 943 45 114-48 2 Dragonstone Dragons 939 38 109-53 3 Oldtown Oliphants 935 52 112-50 4 Quiet Isle Septons 934 51 109-54 5 Tywin 932 35 107-55 6 White Harbor Bakers 925 47 113-49 7 Joe Pesci 925 49 101-61 8 Lumpy the Greek 901 48 109-53 9 rocksniffer redux 900 0 105-56 10 Ramsay 895 38 99-63 11 dbunting 880 38 105-57 12 Sunspear Shariffs 863 44 95-67 13 Wolfswood Forresters 845 34 98-64 14 Maithanet 828 0 101-59