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  1. Certainly closer than last seasons 4-1 drubbing though, right?
  2. This should be one hell of an ECF if everyone stays healthy.
  3. I like The Tyrannosaurus Jets but the only way I can seem to work in a Florida/Ohio reference is to have them play at the University of Miami at Ohio.
  4. Looks like the Clowns are not down to battle the Browns..
  5. It's weird that you would bring up that Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, as it was the first image that sprung to mind. I dig the concept, and the logo would be fucking amazing, but the name lacks the simple power of Tyrannosaurs in F-14's, ya know? I like where you're going with this, but I think you'd better sit down with the creative guys and give it some floor time. See if it plays.
  6. Jesus. No one breaks down hypotheticals like Maith. What are we naming this juggernaut? I've been unable to come up with a hybrid name that I've been happy with.
  7. Just thought I'd throw some cheap gas on the fire here... /I can't believe this hacky troll is still even marginally relevant. //And dude, go a touch lighter on the makeup. What is this an episode of the Addam's Family?
  8. For @Channel4s-JonSnow Sam Harris and Douglas Murray did another sit down centered mostly on Charlottesville and Identity Politics, and get back into some of the finer points of his book at the end of the podcast. Interesting stuff.
  9. If he's to believed, Irving was sick of the double standard that LeBron consistently abused. Like the Cavs had a rule of no friends or family on the team plane, yet LeBron would routinely have his entourage with him. Not sure if there's any validity to this or not, but I could see how that could be pretty grating. To the first bit, I think this makes the Celts the better team right now if you put aside possible chemistry issues. I feel like they're kind of dodging a bullet with IT in that I don't think he's going to earn a max deal long term, but you're going to have to pay him max. The pick is a bit puzzling because as others have noted, the Cavs backs were against the wall. I think the Celts probably overpaid given the circumstances, but this does seem like a Win-Win overall, if Kyrie re-signs with the Celts.
  10. Lulz.
  11. The sun has had a well known Japanese bias for at least 1400 years or so. It is known.
  12. I like the Bill Hicks joke that more or less highlights this angle.
  13. The Lakers don't have to stumble, they're terrible and in arguably the best division in the league.. The Celts just have to have a bit of luck as far as the lottery balls go. Ball isn't getting the Lakers out of the bottom five.
  14. That is fucking insane. Jesus Christ.
  15. Seems pretty fair, honestly. I don't see how this makes the Cavs better next season though. I think the Celts likely jump them, or at the very least get a lot closer. Could be a really good ECF matchup.