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  1. Netflix is killing it on so many levels. Their Comedy specials have been better than anything Comedy Central, HBO or Showime have had on offer for the last year or so. Their original programming is aces and their movie selection is pretty damn amazing. If it weren't for Sports Programming, I don't know that I'd even bother with Cable at this point.
  2. He shouldn't throw his QB and Head Coach under the bus like this to the press, that's for sure. That said, he has a point. The Seachickens were in position to win that Supeb Owl vs the Pats. That playcall was really bad.
  3. Lulz. This administration is a comedy of errors. Alpha Male Strongman can't even manage to get out of bed in the morning. Has there ever been a less effective White House when the same party has controlled both Houses?
  4. Yeah, I can see that as being a salient point. He was very apologetic towards Murray in general, and that was essentially his default position. That this man had been wronged by the scientific community. I often have the same criticism of Dave Rubin, who has really centered his show on the whole Regressive Left, anti-Free Speech movement, often to a fault. His excuse is that he wants to have pleasant, non-contentious conversations with Right Wing figures, but he does this to a fault oftentimes. There's no push back to points of view that you know he disagrees with, and the whole exercise becomes rather frustrating. I don't think Harris is guilty of this level of passivity though. Again, I'm a fan of his podcast and his work in general, so I'll be the first to admit that I'm biased in this regard.
  5. That's not at all the crux of the podcast. He opens with the event in question, wherein students were combing various classrooms trying to find out where they had moved the discussion/broadcast and pulling fire alarms while listening to the broadcast in order to help determine where Murray and the interviewing professor were. This after injuring the interviewing professor to the degree that they had to go to the ER afterwards. The vast majority of the podcast centers on the contents of The Bell Curve, not on regressive anti-Free Speech campus movements. To the rest, I'm not going to bother arguing with you if you're going to dismiss half of the source material we are discussing. If it doesn't interest you enough to listen to, I get that, but I don't see any point in hashing it out minus that. /And hell, I haven't read The Bell Curve, so it's not like I can defend it. I can only speak to the points that both Harris and Murray made in the podcast.
  6. Very well put, and this is more or less how Harris frames his defense of Murray. He admits that he himself had avoided reading the book due to this controversy, and had avoided attending panel discussions that Murray was involved in due to this controversy.
  7. Harris doesn't push back on Murray's data, he does indeed agree with it. What he does push back on is the usefulness of this data. Harris is a magnet for criticism, absolutely. His stance on Islamic Terrorism and its' roots are extremely controversial. He is hated in many circles, no doubt. To the last point, I agree strongly. I'm not claiming that Harris is right, and the authors of this piece are wrong. That said, the same logic applies to the authors here. There's no simple explanation in either direction and the truth likely lies somewhere in between. I would simple suggest listening to this podcast if you find the subject to be interesting. I'd love to hear your take on it. /Quick addition: I'd push back on your claim that the main thrust of the article isn't a criticism of Harris's podcast. It's in the subtitle, and after a quick intro/bio of Charles Murray, it jumps right into the podcast.
  8. And Sam Harris has a PHD in neuroscience. Perhaps you might want to get his point of view before deciding whether or not he effectively contradicted the points of the article? The same way I might want to click on the article before questioning the OP's initial post.
  9. Yeah, I jumped the gun and apologized. Sweet Limping Christ on a Crutch, like you've never done the same? Get off of your fucking cross for a minute, would ya? I got excited when I saw the post, as I had just heard the podcast maybe a couple of weeks ago. Once again, apologies to Old Gimlet Eye for not clicking the post first.
  10. You should check out the podcast. Harris and Murray address the overall IQ rise in what I think is probably a more comprehensive manner than the Vox writer does in this article. Quick disclaimer, I don't have much of a Science background at all, and I'm a Harris fan, so YMMV.
  11. That's part and parcel of the problem surrounding this book. It was one chapter of a much larger story, and it wasn't pushed by the authors. In fact, they made all the appropriate mea culpas in the controversial chapter, and they themselves downplayed the importance of those findings. They kept that chapter intact despite the fact that they knew it was liable to be controversial, but once they had determined that the findings were sound, they opted to keep it in.
  12. Ah, apologies, I didn't click the link before commenting. Well then, it seems Vox has decided to double down on the PC related hate regarding Murray and Herrnstein's findings then. In areas of science, I'm a little more likely to trust Harris's assessment over Vox's.
  13. And as it turns out, the science behind that controversial chapter was really sound. The primary push back that Harris provided regarding that data was whether or not it was really worth pursuing, not that it was inaccurate or vitriolic or racist.
  14. It's relevant in that you don't seem to understand what it centered on. It wasn't about "taking out libertarian garbage" as your initial post suggested.
  15. You really should if you haven't. It really is a very good example of the sort of Campus Political Correctness run amok that Harris, Jonathan Haidt and Dave Rubin and the like have been pushing back against over the past few years.