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  1. Gamma some more! I think I lost an electron, but I'm not positive.
  2. So perhaps the most brutal week yet, as the vast majority now have Week 6 as our drop week. Quiet Isle Septons take Week 6 honors, despite this being their drop at 53 points and a 7-7 mark. Oldtown Oliphants take 2nd despite the drop with 52 points and a 7-7 total. Ramsay takes 3rd (or really 1st if we factor in the drops, I'm not really sure the fairest way to score this) with 51 points and an 8-6 record. Leaderboard looks a little something like this... 1 Oldtown Oliphants 417 52 49-28 2 Joe Pesci 416 49 42-35 3 Lumpy the Greek 407 48 47-30 4 Dragonstone Dragons 407 38 42-35 5 Quiet Isle Septons 406 53 46-31 6 Maithanet 406 39 49-28 7 White Harbor Bakers 401 47 48-29 8 Bronze Stones 401 45 48-29 9 rocksniffer redux 398 0 46-30 10 Ramsay 397 38 45-32 11 Tywin 397 35 42-35 12 dbunting 395 38 44-33 13 Sunspear Shariffs 391 44 43-34 14 Wolfswood Forresters 384 34 43-34 15 Kessler's Sports Book 216 0 35-42
  3. Everyone lineup for your superpowers... /MANHOLE SMASH!
  4. God forbid you should admit you were wrong about the Bill of Rights being immutable though, right?
  5. I am so embarrassed. I finally caught the pun in the title of the videogame.
  6. Have you seen You've Been Trumped? Really good documentary on the misadventures surrounding that Scottish Golf Resort deal. It was up on You Tube, but it looks like they have it behind a paywall now.
  7. These types of statements just underline for me that the guy just doesn't understand what it means to be an adult human being. Like he gets half of it right when he says "this is one of the hardest things I have to do" when he's talking about making these calls. Yes! I can totally relate to that. It would be a soul-crushing task, and none of us envy you it. Then he goes on to deflect as a teenager would.
  8. Trouble has come to River City, my friends. Everybody is talking about it. All the best people.
  9. Yeah, you're right. It's stupid of me to expect the internet to be rational.
  10. I'd say as far as the interests of his base goes, it should be near the top. This is "wrap myself in the flag guy". How does this jibe with that image?
  11. If you come across this on Twitter, I can't see how you can defend it. Are all these Gold Star parents lying? It's crazy to me to even try to defend this. Almost as crazy as telling the lie in the first place.
  12. Unbelievable that this sort of shit doesn't seem to shake his base at all. You want to bitch about NFL players disrespecting the troops? Go fuck yourself.
  13. Bill Burr goes to a Falcons Game and gets a sad
  14. All that aside, before the night is up, Jon Smith will be tossing a sidewalk pizza.
  15. You damn well know CC Sabathia did. Extra gravy, bitches. Jobu demands it.