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  1. [SPOILER] "Coldhands" Inentions

    I'm guessing Blood Raven foresaw the need for Bran to have a guardian at some point and choosing someone he would instinctively trust rather than Third Nights Watchman from the left would make things easier.
  2. [SPOILER] "Coldhands" Inentions

    There's also a very good chance we don't know the full story about the creation of the Others just yet. We saw a few seconds of it on screen. Presumably, the White Walker super weapon the COTF created was under their control for some time but like the Terminators, they exceeded their programming at some point. Benjen may simply be what the COTF were trying to create in the first place.
  3. Just heard they might make season 8 of Game of Thrones

      ASOS is an action-packed book. It has a lot of set pieces and closes a number of story arcs which makes it relatively easy to adapt into two good seasons. The problem with giving AFFC and ADWD two seasons each (!) is that a good 60% of each of those books is world-building. I love that shit when I can just sit down with a mug of coffee or in the garden on a sunny day. But for television, man, that is dull to the nth degree. How many viewers want to watch Tyrion literally staring into space for 4 minutes, just watching the river roll by?   I kind of agree that decisions were made for season five which meant that too much material was compressed and that created storytelling problems. If it could have been strethced to 12 or 16 episodes and still covered most of Feast/Dance then we would be in a better place by now.   However, I will repeat again what I say all the time on this: we are phenomenally lucky to get anything of the quality of GoT on television. Fantasy and sci-fi TV shows usually get 20% of GoTs budget and look horrendous. GoT isn't giving us everything many fans want, but it's giving us a hell of a TV show that easily goes down as the best fantasy drama ever on TV.       He can do what he likes. ASOIAF is Martin's baby, but don't expect him to change things fundamentally just to make a point. He'll make his decisions based on what works best for the plot. As far as I have read, both Martin and HBO know where the series will end up but the journeys each takes will be quite different from this point.
  4. Just heard they might make season 8 of Game of Thrones

    Handing a show over to new producers rarely ends well. Whether you like it or not, GoT is D&Ds interpretation or Martin's material. It will lose all coherence if handed over to someone else - look at how WoT turned out post-Jordan. It's so difficult to inhabit another artist's world. But hey, we could get lucky and Brett Ratner would be ready to step in!   I will also hold back judgement on whether 8 seasons is a good or bad thing. If Martin is back on form with his writing and TWOW and ADOS promise great material then 8 seasons would be fine. If he's still on his world-building kick (which I like in the books but it's hardly going to make for golden television) then stretching to 8 seasons could be painful. It could also mean storylines start getting strung out just when they appeared to be moving on which could frustrate viewers - I'm thinking of Dany in particular whose story arc has been just one long pregnant pause.   Let's see though. I'm an unabashed fan of the show despite it's occasionaly missteps (Season 2 and parts of Season 5). Whenever I think about what D&D haven't done so well I just remind myself that sci-fi and fantasy rarely get any airtime, critical acclaim, or serious studio investment for television. It still amazes me that a fantasy drama is a prestige TV show. Enjoy this while you can, it is highly unlikely to happen again any time soon.
  5. It's all kayfabe, anyone who was ever a fan of WWF/WWE will know how this works. In any case, what will be the point of Davos and Melisandre next season if not to be part of Jon's storyline? They have no function of their own, they are characters that exist to further the arc of others. What do their scenes even look like next season if not to play a part in Jon's resurrection? Mel: So... Davos: So? Mel: Looks like Stannis isn't coming. Davos: Aye. We'll probably have to do something else now. Mel: I could burn someone. Davos: Why? Mel: Dunno. Something to do, force of habit and all that. Davos: I could... hmm... make an impassioned case on Stannis' behalf! Oh, right. Mel: We could have sex. Davos: Nah, thanks. It just all gets a bit weird afterwards. Mel: Your loss. Davos: Well then. Mel: Yep, well then. Dorne won't look too bad after a few episodes of the Wall without Jon Snow.
  6. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Maybe D&D just cut out a step. In the books Stannis could still lose but not be routed as he is on the show. He could make it back to Castle Black, woefully depleted in resources and men. This could be the desperate point at which he chooses to sacrifice Shireen. Ooooooorrrrrr... Martin may have changed his mind about the sacrifice of Shireen. You never know. Marting plotted these books in advance but once you start writing you go where the characters seem to be taking you. This is why I don't care if the show "spoils" the books: I love reading around Martin's world and even take a perverse joy in the lists of food. It doesn't matter if I know the major stops on the way to the end of ASOIF, I can enjoy the ride just as much. I mean, I read Lord of the Rings every 2-3 years and love it very time.
  7. [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Jon will be back by episode two. The cast and producers are doubling down to sell the "death" because they need to try and maintain some thread of drama to it. But think about it: in what way does Jon's death at this point make any narrative sense? By the end of the series is Jon Snow's role really going to be limited to that of a POV so we can see what's going on at the Wall and in the lands beyond? He's on a classic hero's journey and right now we're at the end of the Empire Strikes Back. Can the show leave Jon aside for a season? Not in my view. The show has ramped up the threat from the Others and it was taken up a notch this season. We need to see action there in order to see the threat start to knock on the door of Westeros and the only characters at the Wall with any standing are Mel and Davos, secondary characters. Essentially, next season is going to be about Dany resolving the situation in Meereen and then making her way in Westeros, and the realm slowly seeing that there is a threat from Beyond the Wall. For the series to wrap up in season 7 we pretty much need to Others to be ready to marching on the Wall by the end of season 6. Plus, I suspect that season 7 will be primarily about the war against the Others (which I do expect to be a war rather than one epic Helm's Deep style battle, expect defeat, despair, turning the tide, etc) so a lot of dangling plot threads will need to be resolved next season. They could still retain the mystery surrounding Jon if they can keep Castle Black a closed set but I expect to see reports of Harrington spotted on set by the end of this year.
  8. It's pointless to even try and review this episode after that final scene, all I can think of is: Fire and Blood
  9. I'll second this, it really is a wonderful book. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's the greatest modern novel but it is terrific and is McCarthy's best book. A word of caution is needed though, since it is also the most harrowing work of fiction that I have ever read. It's loosely based on the true life recollections of one of the Glanton gang and it provides an account of the 'cowboys and indians' era that you won't find in most popular media.
  10. The problem I have with this and most of the prophecies is that they rely on a tired trope. Is the Song of Ice and Fire really just a re-living of a bunch of other important events in the history of Westeros? If we add it all up we will have the Night's King come again, Azor Ahai come again, Bran the Builder come again, the Last Hero come again... So where is the original story in that? It would be a pretty cheap story if at the end of ASOIF all it added up to was George re-telling these famous tales with a new cast of characters. And if all these things come around again then it diminishes their importance in the first place and therefore degrades the depth of the world and history that GRRM has created. Maybe I'm deluded or misguided in wanting ASOIF to be an original tale with new characters who will take their own place in the history of that world rather than just the second Bran the Builder or whatever.
  11. [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I thought it was a nice touch for Maester Luwin to tell Bran and Rickon to go to Jon. It was just a nice nod from an honest and wise man that Jon was a person who could offer the boys protection. It also demonstrates that decent people like Luwin see a person's true worth and don't just judge them for being a bastard.
  12. [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    The thing is, the dead soldier (it's a king on the book) with a wolf's head has only one interpretation: the Starks are set to lose the war. And the sword in the back is rather famously a symbol of betrayal. It's too heavy handed for the screen. The Rhaegar vision is something I'm uncertain about. I have said elsewhere that I wonder how many people genuinely think that the absence of this is detrimental to the story or did they really, really, really just want to see Rhaegar depicted on screen? I will concede that it would have been nice to have someone telling Dany of the "threes" (3 treasons, dragon has 3 heads, etc).
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    As a standalone episode I thought this was excellent. There are problems of course but that's the same with everything. The big postives for me were finally something satisfying happening in Dany's storyline and the ending at the Fist of the First Men which was just brilliant. Dany's storyline has been poor this season, suffering from the writer's desire to have Emilia Clarke on screen more than she would be if they followed the book. But the House of the Undying worked very well for me. I know fans are disappointed with the lack of "visions" but how many can you put on screen without ruining future seasons? What they did worked well because it alluded to the past and future, of what could be and what might have been, showing Dany glories and tragedies. It served to emphasise the point that the future is uncertain (e.g. showing Drogo with Rhaego which obviously never came to pass). This is a good counterpoint to Melisandre's certainty about her visions which leaves viewers with the question: is the future already written as Mel believes or is it uncertain as suggested by Dany's visions? If I have to nitpick here, I'd say that since they wrote Dany a vision at the Wall then they might as well have had a close up of a Blue Rose, seems like a simple opportunity missed that would have had purists wetting themselves. Shifting 3 Blasts from the ASOS prologue to Season Two was a great cliffhanger and now I can't wait for Season Three - pryaing for Neil Taylor to be given directorial duties on the battle at the Fist. On Jon, I'm on the side that likes how this ended but I would like to have seen some more realisation from Jon that what he was doing was necessary, or at least what Qhorin wanted. I like that it looked like it was done in anger but it's stretching audience credulity a bit to ask to accept that Jon new what Qhorin's plan was, especially when Jon has been depicted as a bit slow on the uptake so far. Also, this would be a big decision for Jon, a huge moral dilemma; it would have been good to see him wrestle with that. The only major criticism I have is the burning of Winterfell. If you don't have a book reader friend to explain it will be hard to know what has happened there - who did it? Why? Why didn't Luwin say anything to Bran or Osha, such as: "be careful of some of the Northmen Bran, they just burned down your home"...? Still, very excited for next series. ACOK always feels like a bit of a transitory volume whenever I read it; it's just there to bridge the gap between AGOT and ASOS but it's not a middle act in a three act play, it's more of a bridge to the middle act. That's hard to adapt and kudos to the show creators for handling it well overall.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    There's some callback to the beheading of Ser Rodrik here. If you recall it weakened Theon's character when he couldn't carry out the execution cleanly - it didn't just speak of his physical strength it also said that he wasn't ready to lead, his position was false. The gruesome scene in Blackwater told you about Stannis, his physical strength, his ability, and it alluded to his strength of character. Also, this was discussed in a scene from Spartacus: Vengeance earlier this year.
  15. [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Definitely, it's an easter egg, nothing more. It's not much of a plot point anyway but those little nods to the book fans are nice. There's no way that any non-book reader would think of Renly at that point.