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  1. Football: For Now We Are All Champions!

    West Ham lose 2-1 away to Domzale to jeopardize advancement to the next qualifying round of the EL. Not a surprise to me, really. We looked too casual right from the start, and we were out worked and out played by a smaller but more motivated side. It seems like Bilic's plan is to make Antonio play right back even though he's quite clearly not very good at defending. It's going to be a very long season if we don't buy some actual fullbacks.
  2. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    Can he play as a striker? I know a club who are willing to spend any amount of money on a striker who is willing to play for them.
  3. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    Allardyce's England starting 11: .............Carroll....Defoe ...................Rooney .........Noble..........Cattermole .....................Dier Cresswell.......................Walker .........Smalling.....Shawcross .....................Hart Actually, I was joking when I started this post, but now I could kind of see this working...
  4. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    Retroactive, multi-game suspensions for divers and stompers. Slow-motion, HD replays from every conceivable angle have made this possible and believable. Let the fallibility of officials rule the game, and let the truth of the camera correct the mistakes in the harshest possible way post game.
  5. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    This could happen. Then again, I wouldn't dare to rule out Liverpool, Leicester or a surprise run by any number of mid table clubs. West Ham, so dear to my heart, might end up starting the season with Andy Carroll as their only senior striker, with Valencia and Sakho both wanting out, and with their idiotic public claim that they're going to spend big this window to bring in a "proven 20 goal striker" working very much against them.
  6. Can a woman wear a mens watch?

    If I can wear women's underwear, surely you can wear a man's watch.
  7. What's For Dinner v. 6

    Fresh wild local sockeye. Salt, pepper, oil. Open flame. Whisky as a side.
  8. Should I Tell Vegetarians There's Meat in the Food They Ordered?

    Of course you should. But will you?
  9. Kraken spotted by Google Earth off Antarctica?

    I was going to end with a "yo mama" joke, but whatever.
  10. Match day 8: Italy/Sweden, Czech Republic/Croatia, Spain/Turkey

    That Iniesta fellow looks fairly useful out there.
  11. Which games to watch? (No Spoilers!)

    See if you can find a feed that just follows Iniesta around the pitch all game.
  12. We are well known here on the internets for the quality and sincerity of our advice. No case too small.
  13. Match Day 6: Slovakia/Russia, Romania/Switzerland, France/Albania

    Yeah, I do see how the chance to play out his final seasons at a really top club would be an attractive proposition. But I could also see him wanting to stay at West Ham. He's on £125k/week for another five seasons (despite the fact that he's turning 30 next season), he's idolized by the fans, and he is allowed almost total freedom tactically. And he's got a decent team around him, too, and one that appears to be moving forward. He might be old enough to know that he won't see nearly so much of the ball at some of the bigger clubs. Anyway, as you say, there will definitely be some interest from clubs with bigger reputations and more money, unless France go far into the tournament and he's a total bum from now until then. I wonder if Bilic is texting him to dial it back a little after today?
  14. Match Day 6: Slovakia/Russia, Romania/Switzerland, France/Albania

    Not sure why he'd want to leave, or where he would go, but, if he does leave, I'm sure it will be for a shit-ton of cash, so it would probably be okay for West Ham long term. Personally, I wouldn't sell him. I'd trade him straight-up for Messi, maybe.
  15. I don't get Fox Sports, so I've been watching all the games in Spanish. I usually have a headache by the end of each game, but at least I have no idea how bad the commentary is because I don't speak any Spanish.