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  1. Mahrez is an outstanding player, but surely he won't be playing in Coutinho's role?
  2. Finally, Barcelona will start selling shirts in Brazil again! I'm kind of sorry this happened, because a. I like watching Coutinho play, and have been enjoying the dynamic of Liverpool's front four this season, and b. I'm a bit concerned Liverpool will buy Manuel Lanzini, who is quite literally the only player on West Ham who can complete a forward pass this season. ETA: I'm expecting Shrewsbury to win tomorrow against West Ham's reserves. Moyes has no reason to want to win this game.
  3. In one of those funny cosmic coincidences, Canadian international defender Doneil Henry has been released by the Premier League club I support and signed by the MLS club I support. I don't think he's good enough to break into the Whitecaps starting 11, but he's still young. And he's Canadian, which I appreciate.
  4. That makes sense. I watched the game last night, but I didn't recognize the commentators by voice and I couldn't find any info on them. I agree that they weren't very good, though. The game wasn't very good either. Mane is frustratingly inconsistent. Of course, he was that way at Southampton, too, so no surprises there.
  5. I have the (only) Canadian broadcast of this game recorded. I will try to find out who the commentators were. I always thought that our networks just pick up the English broadcasts so I would have figured they would be familiar to fans in the U.K., but perhaps I'm mistaken. Are there local/regional commentators for PL broadcasts?
  6. Well, the Arsenal team may have been poor, but Jack Wilshere had a super game. He was the best player on the pitch for either side by a good measure, I thought.
  7. Couldn't watch the West Ham v Chelsea game this morning due to it being broadcast exclusively on a sports channel not included in the 9-channel sports television package for which I am already paying too bloody much. Horse of Kent: have you considered asking the club to pay for your future tickets?
  8. Typical City?
  9. I'm not okay, but I appreciate your concern, my friend. That game showed what a total sporting failure this ownership group has been since their arrival. They claim to love the club, but they've made a lot of really poor footballing decisions since purchasing it from an extremely motivated (i.e. bankrupt) Icelandic banking consortium all those years ago now. The London Stadium move will have made them a lot of money, but little thought or planning seemed to go into the transition. I'm not going to say that it was a bad move for the club just yet, but I will say that it came with a lot of cheap talk from the owners about being a top six side. This could have been off-set by the owners having an actual fucking plan for the club, but instead they've flip-flopped from one wildly different playing ethos to another, hiring optimistically and then showing their timidity and lack of footballing comprehension by their reluctance to make the tough decisions on behalf of the club at the appropriate time. Basically, they've been consistently reactive instead of proactive and the result is a total mish-mash of playing styles and an incohesive unit as they bounced from Zola to Grant to Allardyce to Bilic to Moyes. I feel bad for Manuel Lanzini. As a West Ham fan I would be crushed to lose him, but as a decent human being I'd like to see him move to a proper club and get the credit he deserves as a player (and not just from Polish Genius, who recognized early on just how good Lanzini is). He faded towards the end of the game tonight, and he was a bit confused by his number eight position at the start, but for the middle half of the game he was pure quality. Honestly, if he played for Barcelona, you'd all agree with me that he's a real peach. Joe Hart was dogshit, and exemplifies why West Ham are useless from the top down. I mean, what did Adrian really do to deserve this? He was brilliant for Allardyce and brilliant for Bilic's first (and by far most successful) season. He got replaced by Darren Randolph during a shaky patch last season and then got properly fucked by the loan arrival of Joe Hart this season and the public dick-slapping of the owners when they announced that Hart was the best player they'd ever signed or some similar nonsense. And this is really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. And it all boils down to a total disregard for the business of football. There is clearly no overall plan. Meanwhile, the club continue to sign an aimless and horribly expensive array of players and then change managers and playing philosophies just to complicate their woes. While Moyes says differently, what the fuck is Javier Hernandez really going to do in a David Moyes managed side? Haven't we seen this play out already once before? It is bad business. It is poor general management. It is failure at the highest level. How could any thinking person believe otherwise? Having said all of this, I still suspect Moyes will keep us up this season. Which is probably a shame for the club in the long run. I don't even think we were as bad today as the scoreline indicated. Penalties that went different ways, et al. I think Moyes has inherited a complete mess and is doing his best to organize it. I've seen worse performances that got better results this season. The sad truth is: I don't see any lasting, long term improvement without a change in ownership. And I don't think a change in ownership will happen anytime soon.
  10. A few observations on the topic of "British" managers in the Premier League, young and old: - 9 (45%) of the 20 clubs in the PL are managed by English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh men. - Of those 9, 7 occupy the lowest league positions. - The average age of foreign managers in the PL is 50.5 years. - The average age of domestic managers in the PL is 51.8 years (although, if Allardyce replaces Unsworth that will change to 53.9 years). - The youngest manager in the PL is Eddie Howe, who is 39 years old, and 3 of the youngest 4 managers in the league are domestic (although this, again, will change if Allardyce replaces Unsworth as expected).
  11. Will Hughes must smell bad or something. He's had no one near him all game.
  12. West Ham looking like 11 players who have recently been told that they've been doing everything wrong. They do actually seem to be running, though. Even Arnautovic's lazy ass is getting around the pitch a bit. We'll see how long that lasts, or if he and/or Carroll pick up second yellows. Highlight-reel saves from Gomes to end the half. I'm feeling optimistic, though. I'm calling 1-1.
  13. The key difference is that Big Sam has a (quite extraordinary) record of keeping struggling teams in the PL. I'd have preferred him by a long shot.
  14. Fortune's always hiding!
  15. Hmmm. Well, Bilic clearly had to go, so at least West Ham got that part of it right (finally). They didn't sack themselves, which would have been ideal, but then Sullivan probably would have promoted his children to the board, so maybe we dodged a bullet there. I'm trying to stay positive about the impending hiring of David Moyes. He certainly wouldn't have been my choice to do the job at this point in his career, but he may have enough to keep us up if the players bother to follow his instructions. He is certainly a manager who has something to prove. Those 11 (mostly good) seasons at Everton are starting to fade in the collective memory and, if he goes down with another Premier League club I'd say his career as a top flight manager is probably done for good. So, all in times ahead for West Ham fans?