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  1. Beards

    To you first point: yes, avoid such people. To your second: good on you! To push ever onward of your own volition against all social pressure to the contrary is a sure sign of a mature spirit. Or a psychopath.
  2. Good news Charlaine Harris fans...

    Post 'em all, and let Mod sort it out.
  3. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    I brined and grilled some chicken thighs on the barbecue with a honey mustard glaze, mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach.
  4. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    We're not really about titles, though. We're about talking big and acting small. Last season's best player is gone, who wants to bet me Michail Antonio isn't on the team next season? Anyone?
  5. I really, really don't like the idea of my wife wearing my socks, so I've solved the problem by not owning any socks. And also by not having a wife.
  6. Whisk(e)y

    I see the true beauty of all the colours of the whisk(e)y rainbow. While I favour the Islay scotches, I thought some of the distilleries in the Nashville area were making some really good stuff (Corsair, Nelson's Green Brier). I imagine Kentucky and the rest of Tennessee would have plenty of others making top distillations.
  7. Beards

    Some of you still don't understand beards, and that makes me sad. Your beard is the outward expression of your soul. If you insist on hiding it from the world, what does that say about you?
  8. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    I feel as though this statement could only be true if spoken by someone who is not a West Ham fan. The only thing cracking during that game for me was my teeth.
  9. Football: fixture congestion

    I feel like if Klopp was really the genius that everyone seems to think he is, he'd have seen that coming. I mean, Michael Owen AND Owen Hargreaves saw the possibility. Also, I'm curious how Hargreaves' accent sounds to people in the U.K. He's lived in Canada, Germany and England for significant periods of his life, and (to me) his accent is totally ineffable.
  10. New Thread Idea - AMWYW

    Oh, I think "wiser" is a real stretch. I've got a question: Whilst in the long and difficult process of transcending the earthly and mundane, is it normal to cultivate a deeply-held belief that Kim Kardashian is actually a Sufi master?
  11. Football: fixture congestion

    Good team performance from West Ham today. They are still desperately in need of a proper right back, though. I love Kouyate and he did well enough there today, but he's not a proper solution to the problem. Snodgrass was full of running. Obiang got a goal and an assist and, more importantly, finally seems to have gotten used to how little time on the ball players have in the PL. Southampton didn't look great, though. They sure miss Van Dyke and Fonte at the back. Romeu is a good player and he played well, but he had too much to do in the game. I don't think that 4-3-3 suits the players they have very well, with the exception of Gabbiadini who already looks like he could be another shrewd buy for Southampton.
  12. Football: fixture congestion

    We've got the Glaswegian Payet!
  13. Football: Reds Rising!!

    I suggest: "Andy Carroll Rising". West Ham actually looked good until Noble and Carroll left the pitch. Pedro Obiang had a spectacular game. Not sure Byram's going to be good enough for the Premier League. His positioning is awful. Traore was terrorizing him in the second half. There was a rumour that West Ham were in for Kieran Trippier, which would be awesome if true. I really don't think Daniel Levy would let him go, not to West Ham, even if the player wanted to leave Spurs which doesn't seem to be the case. But I'm a big fan of him. He had a great season with Burnley last time they were in the Prem.
  14. Football: Reds Rising!!

    Decent second half for West Ham and obviously a couple of really nice goals. Still it's good that they were playing Palace and not a better team, because it wasn't terribly convincing. I thought Antonio would suffer the most from the loss of Payet, but instead he gets 3 assists today! He's been so outstanding over the last calendar year. Really one of the best players in the league in that time.
  15. Football: Reds Rising!!

    We'll all be watching the Chinese league in 5 years.