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  1. Rather amazingly, West Ham are 4 W, 2D and 1L in their last 7 matches v. Liverpool. Still wouldn't bet on them tomorrow, but it does make it interesting, yes...?
  2. St. Arse-ings Day?
  3. That was an exquisite pass from Ander Herrera for Martial's goal. Joey Barton was really badly exposed there, and all game long really.
  4. West Ham are still best set up to defend deep and counter-attack. It's how they had most of their success last season. Reid and Collins always play better in tight, physical games, and they were both good today. Everton were pretty poor going forward, though.
  5. Randolph's looked mediocre. To be fair, that is good enough form to get him Hammer of the Year this season, though.
  6. I've started trying to do sudoku puzzles entirely in my head, just as a tonic for the relentless stupidity of my daily conversations with my co-workers.
  7. Revolving doors are the modern day guillotines for the bourgeoisie!
  8. I quit smoking cigarettes over a year ago now, after 20 years. I've gained 35 lbs since then, and I drink like it's going out of style. I think maybe I just really hate living. I mean, once you get over yourself, how do you honestly convince yourself to give a fuck how the seconds bother to tick by? Once you've been disappointed again and again and again by the idiotic electorate with their small minded racist, sexist, xenophobic pants-shitting, how do you keep going? I'm about to vote against my conscience in a provincial election for the first ever time in my voting life and it is making me increasingly sick inside. I'll vote for the pathetic New Democrat candidate just in case my vote is the one that defeats the "Liberal" incumbent. One cowardly, corrupt piece of shit to replace a slightly smellier human turd... Here's something I've started to think about since I quit smoking: You are a cosmic irregularity. An incalculably unlikely fluke. Don't get all narcissistic about it, for fuck's sake. There's no deeper meaning. Your urge to procreate is a sad irony, not a deep spiritual mission. This makes me wonder...Should I have kids, maybe? Take the focus off myself? Vainly try to make the world a livable place for them? Teach them to be suspicious of the educated? Teach them that they're special snowflakes when I ought to be teaching them that they are part of a very large, very complex, very disadvantaged team that needs to be pulling together to fight the terrible, terrible bullshit all around them? Should I tell them how all of my heroes gave up or failed? Fuck Dr. Suess, kiddo, today we're reading Waiting for Godot. That leaf? It is there to torment you, my child. Without the illusion of hope, there cannot be true despair. Maybe tomorrow we'll read Primo Levi. He lived through one of humanity's greatest crimes, wrote brilliantly about it, and then killed himself 40 years later because he never quite found a proper reason to go on living. I probably shouldn't have kids I guess. Don't know why I quit smoking, though. I could really go for a smoke right now. Mmm, cigarettes.
  9. May is a nice time to visit Toronto and Montreal both, usually. Don't have anything else to add, but enjoy!
  10. On the other hand, he lunges full on, well short of the actual ball, and catches a player's foot. It was a dumb tackle.
  11. My clubs sucks. Jose Fonte looks like one of the worst transfers of all time. Sam Byram is not good enough to play at this level. Kouyate looks like he's completely forgotten how to play football. Hull didn't even play well today.
  12. To you first point: yes, avoid such people. To your second: good on you! To push ever onward of your own volition against all social pressure to the contrary is a sure sign of a mature spirit. Or a psychopath.
  13. Post 'em all, and let Mod sort it out.
  14. I brined and grilled some chicken thighs on the barbecue with a honey mustard glaze, mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach.
  15. We're not really about titles, though. We're about talking big and acting small. Last season's best player is gone, who wants to bet me Michail Antonio isn't on the team next season? Anyone?