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  1. I don't think that any musician could say that they've done more with their desire AND their natural talent to communicate themselves to others than did Tom Petty. Was he Mozart? No. But when I listen to Tom Petty's music, it makes me wonder whether Wolfgang was trying hard enough tbh. R.I.P., Tom.
  2. Yeah Carroll was poor today, and he's been generally poor so far this season. But a desperate manager could, and always seems to, reasonably bank on a healthy Carroll to be effective, and his inclusion virtually requires that the team set up a certain way. Even a thoughtful observer could be forgiven for not understanding Bilic's tactical preferences (the players certainly don't look like they do), but clearly "hoof it up to the massive lump up front" is NOT his natural preference. And yet that is obviously the objective when Carroll is in the side. Regarding Noble: I don't think he was any worse than any of the other West Ham players today. Kouyaté was worse, I thought. Antonio and Ayew were both poor today and I think Lanzini could have come on for either of them. Bilic's subs combined for the winner, so I can't reasonably criticize him for that, but the whole set-up of the side is so loose and incomprehensible. Noble is definitely a player who thrives in a more rigid system. His first season under Bilic was probably his best ever, but I think that that is down to the very good years under Allardyce that had preceded it, and the unarguable brilliance of Payet at that time.
  3. I think Andy Carroll being so good at what he does is one of Bilic's biggest problems. Poor, disorganized football from West Ham again today, but 3 points should keep Bilic employed for a while longer. This Chelsea v City game should be enjoyable.
  4. TFC getting spanked by Montreal at home. Good jinxing, LoON.
  5. Vázquez looks like that 'final piece' for TFC, and the team has worked hard to shore up what was long one of the worst defenses in MLS. They are cruising to the Supporters' Shield this season, obviously, and will be hard to beat in the post season I am sure. I always like seeing Canadian clubs do well, even if they are from Toronto. I hope they can win the MLS cup, too, so long as they aren't up against my Whitecaps in the final, who, I might add, aren't doing too badly in the Western Conference these days.
  6. West Ham's five man defense vs West Brom's zero man attack turning out as promised so far.
  7. Not surprising to see Bilic fall back on the obvious advantages of the big, physical team that he inherited. I'd still say Slaven's days are numbered, but it was an important win. Gutsy, and, despite a bit of luck, deserved. Antonio is a peach, obviously, and I'm glad no one's come in for him. I think he still has a roughness about his game that maybe makes him less attractive to the more cultured managers. He's unpredictable, and top managers don't seem to care for that. He doesn't pass well enough for Guardiola, he doesn't follow directions well enough for Conte, he'd want bigger wages to move to Tottenham than Levy would want to pay. Mourinho might have an interest, as he seems to like crushing the personalities and quirks out of his players, but he's also got lots of other options and endless amounts of money to spend elsewhere. He'd be terrifying on a team like Liverpool's, but they seem pretty well stacked up front. Not Arsene's type of player.
  8. West Ham owners/chairmen have been undermining Bilic almost from the start. Now it looks like the club's 'failed bid' for Carvalho was pure fiction, and Gold and Co never intended to bring him in despite what they were telling Bilic. What a shambles. If I were Bilic I would walk. The West Ham Board should be sacked. Or I should start supporting another club.
  9. I think they've been in the market for a while now, actually. What a terrible performance that was against Newcastle. I really have nothing to qualify, either. Just terrible through and through. Bilic needs to go. Usually, I back clubs when they give managers time to sort things out, but Bilic needs to go. He's been close to the sack before, and we still have the same problems we had two seasons ago, except no Payet to paper over the cracks. Every season West Ham start out looking off the pace and easily tired, the players look confused about where they should be and what they should be doing. Except for the occasional wild tactical gamble that catches the bigger clubs off guard (Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool have all been victims), his tactics are generally ineffective at this level. He's an illusionist more than a football manager.
  10. Sad to say, but as a Hammers fan I completely agree with this. I just don't have any faith in Bilic's ability to organize a team, especially defensively. But there is some serious talent in the squad--probably more than enough to keep us safe no matter how shambolic we look from game to game. I could see Antonio and Chicharito being a particularly deadly combination up front. And I get why the club signed Arnautovic, even though he seems like a total dipshit of a human being and he fucked up the Saints game for his teammates. If the heavily rumored Carvalho transfer goes through, the team will have even more talent, though I can never quite see what Bilic's plan is. He seems to favour a 4-2-3-1, but we might end up with Carvalho, Obiang, Noble, Kouyate, Fernandes and youngster Declan Rice all fighting for just two central midfield spots. If he switches to three in the middle to accommodate all these central players, he has to fit Lanzini into a front three (which has never quite worked, and leaves record signing Arnautovic and previous record-signing Ayew on the outside looking in). Ever since his prolonged and determined failure to turn Antonio into a wingback, I've never quite been able to get behind Bilic. He seems like a really good fellow and decent 'man manager', and he's consequently quite popular with the players, but he just looks totally tactically outmatched against most premier league managers, and I think he's currently out of his depth.
  11. It had to be Lukaku.
  12. Meanwhile, West Ham's subs consist of a goalie, 5 defenders and a striker. I hope we grab an early lead.
  13. That would be awesome! He's probably just about ready to force a move away from Marseille anyway. He's been there a good 7 months already!
  14. Fernando Torres is to Andy Carroll as Phillipe Coutinho is to...?
  15. Lanzini's a peach. Barca should be coming for him, really. Then his little nascent bromance with Leo could really blossom! Won't happen, though. Barca shirt sales in Argentina are probably already pretty good, whereas shirt sales in Brazil are now in serious jeopardy!