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  1. Just bought a proper sleeping bag for the still-chilly July nights on the northern tip of Vancouver Island.
  2. (In Batman voice): "I'm Garfield."
  3. I don't have a Jon.
  4. And yet he's my Nermal.
  5. This is terrible, terrible news. Rest In Peace, John.
  6. He's got a good palate for mustards, if nothing else. Also, (presumably) deadly roundhouse kicks. Thats enough for a solid 6/10.
  7. Just thinking about him makes my blood boil.
  8. I agree with all the parts of this. Except that I've met Chef, and I've seen his incredible air-karate skills in action. I guess mostly I just agree with the last part. Jerk.
  9. Rather amazingly, West Ham are 4 W, 2D and 1L in their last 7 matches v. Liverpool. Still wouldn't bet on them tomorrow, but it does make it interesting, yes...?
  10. St. Arse-ings Day?
  11. That was an exquisite pass from Ander Herrera for Martial's goal. Joey Barton was really badly exposed there, and all game long really.
  12. West Ham are still best set up to defend deep and counter-attack. It's how they had most of their success last season. Reid and Collins always play better in tight, physical games, and they were both good today. Everton were pretty poor going forward, though.
  13. Randolph's looked mediocre. To be fair, that is good enough form to get him Hammer of the Year this season, though.
  14. I've started trying to do sudoku puzzles entirely in my head, just as a tonic for the relentless stupidity of my daily conversations with my co-workers.
  15. Revolving doors are the modern day guillotines for the bourgeoisie!