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  1. It had to be Lukaku.
  2. Meanwhile, West Ham's subs consist of a goalie, 5 defenders and a striker. I hope we grab an early lead.
  3. That would be awesome! He's probably just about ready to force a move away from Marseille anyway. He's been there a good 7 months already!
  4. Fernando Torres is to Andy Carroll as Phillipe Coutinho is to...?
  5. Lanzini's a peach. Barca should be coming for him, really. Then his little nascent bromance with Leo could really blossom! Won't happen, though. Barca shirt sales in Argentina are probably already pretty good, whereas shirt sales in Brazil are now in serious jeopardy!
  6. Geez, Isk. What's worse than watching baseball? As long as Neymar's departure doesn't somehow lead to West Ham losing Lanzini, I'm good with it. Also, West Ham have had a good window, I think. I'm not the biggest Arnautović fan, but I understand our reasoning for the purchase. Bilic seems to love the challenge of managing big-talent sulkers, so we'll see if he can get consistently useful performances out of Arnautović or not. Chicharito is a super buy. Shirt sales in Mexico have probably already covered his (relatively) modest fee. I've seen him play live a couple of times (in CONCACAF fixtures) and he's got terrific movement and is a proper finisher. Truly, EXACTLY what we needed. Jury's out on whether Hart is any better than Adrian, but I think Zabaleta fills a huge void in the team. And, compared to all the embarrassing chatter of last summer's window, the 2 Davids have been all action and few words. ...................Chicharito Arnautović........................Antonio ....…............Lanzini ...........Obiang........Kouyate Cresswell..........................Zabaleta ...........Ogbonna......Reid ...……..........Hart Admit it: you're a little scared.
  7. Definitely. I'm the same. Those qualities were quickly recognized and appreciated at my current job, and I've gone from the bottom to the top during my time here. And I think generally they are qualities that have served me well, though they have at times made me vulnerable to assholes.
  8. I'm sorry this has happened to you, ES. When you are a good-hearted team player type, it's very easy to imagine that your co-workers are generally on your side. Or at least not actively against you. I'm not sure why anyone would want to take my advice on the matter, but here is what this particular white man would do: Speak to this woman directly and let her know that I appreciate her efforts to save me from the extra work, but that her assumption was misguided and I am actually quite keen to present on the project and would she please reconsider. If it works, I've gotten the thing that I want most from the situation, and I will know not to trust her in the future. If it doesn't work, I've at least let her know that I am disappointed in her decision. If she does it to me once and gets away with no consequences, I would expect that she will continue to do these things to me in the future. /privileged pov
  9. Ha ha. Poor Robert Green. I thought he was actually a pretty good keeper. Most of the time, anyway.
  10. I'm not sure Joe Hart's reasoning for joining West Ham is very sound. I mean, has a West Ham player even played a single competitive fixture for England since 1966?
  11. Just bought a proper sleeping bag for the still-chilly July nights on the northern tip of Vancouver Island.
  12. (In Batman voice): "I'm Garfield."
  13. I don't have a Jon.
  14. And yet he's my Nermal.
  15. This is terrible, terrible news. Rest In Peace, John.