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  1. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Luiz v Fellaini could be quite the sideshow.
  2. Football: Sheikh your Money Maker

    Nacer Chadli was such a good buy in FM2011. I bet Tony Pulis has been jonesing to buy him since then.
  3. Special request

    I'm on your side, Ser Scot, for whatever it's worth!
  4. Apparently, it was always Man City's long-term strategy to turn a profit. Who'd have guessed that?
  5. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Zaha actually ducked down into Cresswell's hand so that it would hit his face. But I don't care about that or anything right now except that we finally bloody won a game.
  6. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Zaza's worked hard. Despite his lack of goals, I kind of like him. So hard to find centre forwards. I hope he works it out and pops a few in.
  7. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

  8. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    God we've missed Aaron Cresswell.
  9. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    That Moses goal was pretty (and what a pass by Chaloba). I'm very happy Moses has finally gotten his chance at Chelsea after so many loans. Amazing in this era and at his age that he never agitated for a move away and never seemed to lose faith. You can see how much it means to him. I hope he stays in the team.
  10. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Rush puts three past Schmeichel.
  11. What's a good whiskey?

    Thanks, LL. I'm still learning the subtleties of whisky, but I definitely favour the Islay scotches so far. The Laphroaig 10, Quarter Cask, and Ardbeg 10 are my touchstones. I've had the Lagavulin 16, but I haven't turned out my pockets to buy a bottle yet. The Caol Ila 10 was a highlight, too. I think I'll open the Lagavulin 8 tonight--I'm expecting some rough edges. Has anyone here tried it?
  12. Don't Try So Hard, You Are Making Us Look Bad

    Hey, Chef. Let me know if you need a thug for any classic intimidation or whatnot. I can be pretty terrifying, as you'd probably have guessed. I get what you're saying to a degree, and I'd say it's definitely not just an issue in unionized workplaces. Conspiracies of mediocrity are common in all businesses in my experience. Now that you know the problem, you can protect your new hires better from what may be to come for them. Good luck with this, my friend.
  13. What's a good whiskey?

    Bought myself a couple of nice birthday gifts last night (I've been an extra good boy this past year by quitting smoking after 24 years): The Lagavulin 8, which will be a good one for the collection provided they don't turn it into a regular offering. Bowmore 15 Darkest. Had a taste of this last night and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to meeting it again soon.
  14. Sick of Being Unhealthy

    1) fight one vice at a time. never more than one. I'd honestly pick the one you think will be easiest for you to do first. You need momentum and confidence. You're young and you've got time to turn things around. 2) don't give up when/if you fuck up. No matter how many times you fuck it up. just try again as soon as you're ready.
  15. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Really such a beautiful sight watching Gareth Bale pick up the ball and then accelerate to warp speed all the time with it at his feet.