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  1. Football: gegenposting

    Lucky? A thundering header from a free kick is the opposite of lucky. 
  2. How to deal with people not liking your (own life) decisions?

    Personally, I think you've missed out on a life-enriching experience.  People are so concerned about seeking happiness, when they should be seeking to: 1. recognize that happiness is a temporary situation, and 2. learn to appreciate the actual time that they are happy. One of the best ways to illuminate these is to (embrace your inner Faust and) do something awful and degrading for a while.  Don't get stuck there, of course.  Every awful experience has a useful duration as well.
  3. Football: gegenposting

    Big congratulations to Alan Pardew, who recently became the only manager in Premier League history to lose 5 straight league games with 3 different clubs!
  4. Objects that seem to just... Vanish?

    It is not possible for a scarf to just vanish. Unless it is a magic scarf, of course.  I understand that some magic scarves can do that.  Was it a magic scarf, do you know? If so, have you checked for it up your sleeve?  Or in your mouth? Would you say that you treated your scarf well?  It is possible (again, only if it is a magic scarf) that it has disappeared in an effort to get away from your abuse and/or neglect.  I've heard that magic scarves do not tolerate mistreatment well.  Hope this helps!
  5. Football: gegenposting

    In MLS offseason news: rumours are a-swirling that the most detestable human being in the league is about to join my beloved Whitecaps.  Blas Perez, the 34 year old Panama international and long-time Dallas striker, whose elbows and studs have left marks on countless opposing players (including many of his proposed new teammates), and whose body has flopped dramatically to the pitch thousands of times over his long and mediocre career, is supposedly traveling to meet up with the Whitecaps as I type this.  I can only hope that this is not true.  There is no worse signing that the club could make.
  6. Football: gegenposting

    baxus: from the little I know of contract law, the legality of contracts generally becomes enforceable by law ONLY once one or both parties actually starts fulfilling the agreed upon duties in the contract.  Until Pep starts managing the club, or until City start paying him for his services, the agreement is tenuous. 
  7. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Somehow ended up with an unopened bottle of White Horse whisky from the 1970s.   A bit sweet for my tastes, but an interesting experience. 
  8. Football: gegenposting

    That last one was particularly bizarre.  Was he trying to bring it down to his feet?  Was he trying to hit it towards goal? Pretty tough to say.
  9. Football: gegenposting

    I hope so. At least that would suggest some sort of a game plan. 
  10. Football: gegenposting

    I'll take a replay after that performance. 
  11. Football: gegenposting

    Dear Joey O'Brien: that's not how you play your way into a team. 
  12. Football: gegenposting

    If we lose this game, Bilic's decision to play Payet wide in a 4-4-2 is going to look very silly.  
  13. Football: gegenposting

    Bilic should take Valencia off, bring Antonio on and move Payet to a number 10. 
  14. Football: gegenposting

    Probably not. Who does? He certainly doesn't like shooting the ball anywhere near on target either, it seems. 
  15. Football: gegenposting

    Poor James Tomkins. His post-football plan to be a pretty boy millionaire is really at risk this season. That's two heads to his face in as any months.