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  1. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Hodgeson has dug his heels in, though. It won't happen. He's already compared Noble to Grant Holt, ffs . No offense intended to Holt, but...ouch. As if this is the first good season Mark Noble's played!
  2. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Have I ever mentioned that I love Mark Noble?
  3. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    If you were to judge Flores based on today's performance, you'd maybe hang on to Martinez given the choice. Watford's defense wasdreadful. If West Ham weren't so wasteful, they could easily have won by four or five.
  4. Happy birthday larrytheimp

    Zappy Zazzday, Zazzy!
  5. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Is this because losses in your next two games would surely be the end of Martinez? I would very much like Everton to win today, as my Hammers could still very easily turn what was recently a Champions League spot season into a mid table finish.
  6. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    Cosmically, perhaps. But missing a call is different than deliberately fucking one up to placate an aggrieved side,in my opinion. I think he wimped out. But I wouldn't want to be a ref, so I tend to be very sympathetic. Also, I've seen the standard of officiating in MLS, so I know how good the Premier League refs really are.
  7. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    I don't get all the fuss. The only decision Moss got wrong was the penalty at the end. I thought he was doing great until then, and under very difficult circumstances.
  8. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    I think Tottenham may be the closest. Add one or two players and they could dominate next season. The other likely contenders all look like they'rea bit further away. But who knows? Add one or two players to any of the team's you listed and it could make all the difference.
  9. Author claims female masturbation leads to a "direct path to Satan."

    Totally theoretically, and definitely not because I'm a bit stuck with some religious fundamentalist-themederotic fiction I'm writing, would any of you say that it's at allbelievable/engagingly unbelievablethat, if alady did say accidentally summon one of these demons whilst attempting to untwist her sleeping gown or something, she might then tame the demon, saddle it, and ride it (side saddle, of course--we don't need an army of sex demons)through multiple dimensions on a personal crusade to stop female masturbation across time and space?
  10. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    And we need to turn possession into chances.
  11. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    It will be interesting to see if MLS' hilarious discipline committee brings the hammer down on de Jong, or if they ignore it/slap him on the wrist because, you know, he's a big name foreigner and he, you know, plays for LA.
  12. Beards

    Now there is an image that would cause any man to admita hard truth.
  13. Beards

    I have notnoticed this. Is it a regional phenomenon, perhaps? What sort of clothes are they wearing that they are appearing feminine to you?
  14. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    Ah, poorly researched, then.Sadly, I've not had any Arsenal games on tv here for a while, so I've only seen their results, not their play. Tomkins is an excellentdefender. I wouldn't expect him to be easy to beat. He may not be much threat going forward, but he's quick for a centre back and won't be easy to get past.
  15. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    Really looking forward to this weekend's games. I love this time of season right up until May. Big test for West Ham home to Arsenal, who have been looking very good recently. I think West Ham's performance in the game, win or lose, will say a lot about whether this squad has what it takes to push on and compete for European football. We have almost no injuriescurrently, and this is the hardend of the season. What I'm looking for: 1) an energetic start. A confident start. We need to assert ourselves early. Wenger's Arsenal has always thrived on us showing them too much respect. 2) Wide play. We are moving the ball around so nicely this season, but I don't want us to play through the middle too much. We are dangerous out wide and we have the speed and physicality to trouble Arsenal's back four. I like Bellerin, but he may have trouble with Payet (who doesn't?). And I suspect Tomkins will be back at right back, which means Antonio will likely play wide right. He's such a monster when he's on his game. So fast and so strong. I would be terrified to face him if I were a fullback. 3) strong spine. Even though Tony Gale totally wet himself with excitement talking up Kouyate last week, I think he's been pretty poor lately. We need he and Noble and Ogbonna and Reid to stay sharp and keep Ozil and (the centrally-moving)Sanchez out ofthe game as much as is possible. Giroud needs to get the business from our centre backs, too. I don't think Giroud plays well in nasty games. If that's arguable, I expect I'll hear about it on this forum! Actually, if any of what I've said is arguable...