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  1. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    Good to see Benitez stick with Newcastle after the drop.
  2. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    Hey, I can make no guarantees. Sometimes James Collins just needs to express himself!
  3. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    Dear Manchester United, We're very sorry about your bus. We don't know who those guys were, but we never invited them to our party. Please beat Palace tomorrow. Thanks, NTL
  4. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    On Noble for England: I love him, and I'd love to see him play for England simply because he would be so happy about it. Realistically, I think he's good enough to play for England, but I don't think they'll be poorer for his absence, really. He's a good all-round central midfielder who is good at all the things that a central midfielder should be good at, and he's all heart and hustle (which is why I love him), but England have lots of players with similar attributes already in the side. Nobes has had a really, really good season and I don't want to take anything away from him, but he's also been playing with Payet--who really does make the players around him better. England doesn't have anyone like Payet, unfortunately for them. A plus for me about him not making the squad is that I've been trying to stop pulling for England in tournaments for years now, and I think this year is the one I finally break free! If Noble had made the team, I'd have had no choice but to cheer for them. I think Michail Antonio might have been a good choice for England, though. He's been a complete menace going forward--strong, fast, and skillful, too.
  5. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    I think West Ham playing their youth and reserves in the Europa League qualifiers last season made a fair bit of sense given our circumstances. If we get in this year, I expect we will try to go as far as is possible for us. We've gained a bit of depth since the start of last season, and the fear of relegation is a little more distant.
  6. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    I suppose I really ought to wish our resident Arsenal fans a Happy St Totteringham's Day--very late, and quite unexpected this season.
  7. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    It was that awful game against Swansea that really reminded me that we're not quite there yet. Our record against the traditional top clubs this season was excellent, but we've been mediocre against the rest of the league. And our record without Payet in the team is terrible. Hopefully our offseason recruitment is as strong this year as it was last--a few improvements could go a long way. also: I'm always super confused by this stuff, so hopefully someone smarter and more attentive than me can answer: is west ham's only way into Europe now to rely on Man Utd to win the FA cup?
  8. Football: Fox hunt failed - Leicester are Champions!

    Roberto bounded into the house with his usual exuberance. He removed his hat with a quick flourish and spun it onto the hat rack next to the front door. He was whistling a song that he had heard in the car on the way home. "One Direction" was the name of the band who wrote it, the DJ had said. He liked that: one direction. "How was your day, dear?" called the familiar voice from the other room. "It was awesome," he called back enthusiastically. "A day like no other!" Mrs. Martinez was used to her husband's relentlessly positive attitude, of course, but something in his voice drew her from her knitting and into the front hall--a little quaver in his tone, she thought. "Is everything okay?" "Well, I got fired." His broad smile betrayed Roberto's words. He kissed his wife on the cheek and then kicked his shoe off his right foot, high into the air, then stopped it dead against the floor with the same foot when it finally returned to the ground. Mrs. Martinez was suddenly concerned. " do you feel about this...?" She let the words trail off to give her husband time to consider his response. She had seen this coming for many months now. She read the papers. She heard the hushed whispers and the open revolt while she was out running errands in the city. Though she could never ever admit it aloud, in the deepest, darkest parts of her heart she was thrilled that it had finally happened. Roberto's brow furrowed slightly as he considered his response. "Obviously I had hoped for a better result. But there are many positives that we can take from this. We were phenomenal today, I thought, despite the result."
  9. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Just finished watching the West Ham v Man U game (the terrors of time zones) after doing my best to follow the Guardian's mbm whilst at work. Nice work, lads. Well won. Interestingly(?): both of Man U's goals came on their first attack after the fans in the Bobby Moore stand refused to return the game ball to De Gea. Coincidence or karma?
  10. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Hopefully there wereenough cameras around to identify, charge and permanently ban the morons who attacked the United bus.
  11. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    I'm seeing a lot of reports that Theo Walcott is close to signing with West Ham. It would be interesting if West Ham's big name signing--the 20+ goal-per-season striker that we've been promised will be arriving this summer--was Theo Fucking Walcott.
  12. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Swansea were clinical, but West Ham were dreadful in defense. I've been wondering when Antonio 's terrible sense of positioning would do usin, and yesterday was the day. I think he's a good player going forward, but he's not a fullback. Bilic obviously disagrees, as Tomkins and Byram are both healthy but can't get games. Tomkins hasn't played since he got thrown into that crazyback three we played in the first half against Arsenal. And he was poor, yes, but understandably so, IMO. Byram has been pretty good in the little he's played. Meanwhile, we are playing a mediocre Victor Moses or a sub-mediocre Emenike on the right wing. It's frustrating when that is so clearly Antonio's best position. We've been getting results (until yesterday), though, so Bilic has stayed the course, even though Antonio has looked shaky in defense all along. The owners are blathering on about breaking the bank on a new striker in the summer, but we need fullbacks! And someone else in the midfield who can link play the way Lanzini has. I wouldn't argue with a new striker, too, but it's not our weakest position by a wide margin.
  13. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Just stay away from Aaron Cresswell, please.
  14. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Hodgeson has dug his heels in, though. It won't happen. He's already compared Noble to Grant Holt, ffs . No offense intended to Holt, but...ouch. As if this is the first good season Mark Noble's played!
  15. Football: Hotspur's Fox Hunt

    Have I ever mentioned that I love Mark Noble?