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  1. Im not trolling, but I do not understand why people hold these books in such high esteem. I finished the second book about a week ago, and I did not enjoy it. I will finish it, because I feel obligated, but I really feel like I'm missing something since most people hold this series and author in high regard.
  2. Just read The False Sun. It was interesting, but what makes you say that it is essential?
  3. Yes, perfect, thank you.
  4. To anyone that has read the short stories, is there an order or are they stand alone? Are they good?
  5. his brain cannot accept that kelmomas is there and he didnt see it, so he had an aneurysm. im sure youre right, i just like my interpretation better
  6. i remember it saying there was blood running from his ears.
  7. and inrilatus was fucking theliopa and calling her a sranc. this is the worst family ever.
  8. Thank you very much. So the section in italics where a chorae hits kelhus's cheek is the narindar seeing it as it was supposed to happen, but it didnt happen that way because he did not or could not see that kelmomas was there. because of that his brain popped, and he bled out of his ears and then was crushed. Got it, thank you.
  9. Fuck i have no idea why i love this series. I understand approximately 12% of each book.
  10. So can someone give me a brief summary of the sequence of events in the throne room in Momemn between narindar, esmenet, kelhus and kelmomas?
  11. no, with esmi and kelhus and kelmomas
  12. what the hell happened in the throne room? did someone get hit in the neck with a sword?
  13. Sons, I need you to meet me in the giant Hall alone, for serious reasons!
  14. ah, right. Egg was dany's great grandfather and roberts great grandfather. thats fuckin weird. Egg's daughter was roberts grandmother.
  15. Well, his great grandmother was a targaryen. Thats not the same as saying he's a direct descendant in terms of inheritance.