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  1. Varys, as a self-proclaimed servant of the realm, might really just be attempting to build a perfect king from scratch with Aegon, casting the kingdoms into chaos to set the stage for his rise to the throne. In this scenario, keeping Viserys and Daenerys in plain sight is just a means to distract, buying the time needed to groom Aegon for the throne. Varys keeping king and council appraised of their exploits yet scheming with Illyrio to turn them into an actual threat would fit with that. I can't believe that the actual turn of events surrounding Daenerys was part of his plan, though. He couldn't have had a clue that she was going to hatch some dragons. He's not the kind of man to get down with prophecies. I think he's just a very ambitious player of the game of thrones, scrabbling to get everything back on track after a few major complications got in the way of his original plan. Tristan Rivers of the Golden Company even complains about Varys' ever-changing plans in the 'The Lost Lord' chapter: "The fat man’s plan? The one that changes every time the moon turns?" That's all Varys is. Isn't it enough? Edit: accidentally submitted before I was done, instead of using the Preview butten.
  2. Varys may simply be an utter misanthrope whose only goal ever is to create more and more strife, chaos, war and death, regardless of who is on the throne and who wants to be on the throne.