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  1. Sure, but why saddle her with that trope? Sanderson struggles with characterization, and this is a tool in his toolbox that's a bad one that he uses too often. His attempt to write sexual tension between Kaladin and Shallan falls miserably flat because it's just "lets have them say mean things to each other because secretly they like each other". What are they, 12 years old? Sheeesh. EDIT: Bottom line, it's an unnecessary add that diminishes Shallan and cheapens the story by making it read like fanfic. (If you couldn't tell, I'm not a fan of this.)
  2. This. He needs to be reined in, but it may just be at this point he's to big to control. MASSIVE amounts of the Dalinar flashbacks could have been pruned. Yes, he did bad things in the past and it haunts him. WE GET IT. It's ok for things to happen off-screen. And while I'm complaining, why do Sanderson's female characters have to be torn between being in love with two people? He leans on this trope too hard, and it reduces what should be strong female leads to absurd levels. Men deal with saving the world, women spend their time trying to decide which man they like the best. Ugh. /rant
  3. Couldn't agree more. I'm mystified why people buy things like this. But then again, I'm sure there's plenty of stuff I buy that causes others to scratch their heads.
  4. I'm too dumb to quote in multiple blocks like that. As far as frozen out, they used to get the updates, now they don't. Through no fault of their own. Feels unfair to me. YMMV. I think you're minimizing the amount authors discussed to make your point. In any case, it hardly matters because many authors do it now, and that's become the new standard that everyone is held to. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree about the satisfaction trolls get and the frequency at which they comment. Rothfuss complains about it on his twitch feed all the time. But, as you said, "regularly" is open to interpretation. As for your last point, I think all you're really saying is that you don't value them. Which is fine! But other people clearly do. Cheers
  5. OK, in order: 1. "Frozen out" doesn't imply entitlement. I don't know where you're getting that. 2. I'm not sure fans getting direct information from authors is that recent at all. SciFi authors have been going to cons for decades and relaying exactly that sort of information. What's different now is social media, and the ability for more fans to get that information, albeit not face to face. 3. Of course it it the author's right not to give any updates. 4. If there were zero communication from the author, what you say about the trolls not getting what they want would be true. But that's not the case. Authors like Martin and Rothfuss regularly comment about how people being mean impacts them and their actions. This is the response internet bullies are looking for. 5. As for what fans get out of updates, I think that's an individual question. But I think the fact that SO many people are asking and want them is prima facie evidence that they have value.
  6. Of course he did. People are assholes, and there will always be dissatisfied people no matter what you do. If comes down to a choice for the author about how they decide to interact with their fans. Do they: (a) Continue to treat people the way they'd want to be treated, recognize that there will always jerks, and try to rise above the internet trolls, or... (b) Let a vocal asshole minority dictate the sort of relationship they're going to have with their fandom by responding to the internet trolls and setting up an antagonistic dynamic. In this case, the 95% of nice respectful fans get treated in a way they don't deserve (frozen out) and the assholes get exactly what they want: attention, and an indication they're getting under the author's skin.
  7. To answer the OP's question, I wouldn't say that starting a series constitutes an "agreement", but I do think it creates a reasonable expectation that there will be some sort of conclusion. Failing to fulfill expectations typically carries some sort of consequence(loss of trust, etc), the severity of which depends largely on the circumstances by which the expectations were not met. If the author does not meet expectations for reasons totally out of their control, it's hard to imagine any sort of justified displeasure with the author. If on the other hand, the author just quits it's pretty easy to imagine people being pretty disappointed, and justifiably so in my opinion. And of course, there are a continuum of possibilities in between. I'd also like to comment on fan interaction. Years ago,we had a attorney speak to a group of us (at a professional services company) about risk, and he told us that in the 30 years he'd spent at his law firm he'd never seen a medical malpractice case where the plaintiff said: "I really like the doctor, but I've got to sue him". The intended take away was that being personable and nice can go a long way towards understanding and soothing bruised feelings in a situation where something has gone awry. Many authors can not or will not finish what they started, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that much like the nice doctors who don't get sued even if they screw up, authors who are nice and good communicators tend to have far fewer people angry at them.
  8. Agree. I read the Shannara books as a kid and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for them even though objectively I know they're not very good. On the other side of the coin, I first read LOTR as an adult and while they were "fine" I guess, I don't really see why people love them so much except for maybe the nostalgia value.
  9. It would be hard for me to agree with your hidden comments more. I was immediately reminded of:
  10. The series peaks at book 3. After that, Jordan lost control of the story.
  11. I tend to agree. It's less "multi layered" and more, "he hid some cool easter eggs and foreshadowing".
  12. I strongly suspect that most of the reasons that he's given for delays are him just searching for things people will accept to mask the real reason for the delay: He has crippling anxiety that it's not good enough, and doesn't know what to do. It's clear from his public speaking (the guinea pigs are fish story, for example) that he has a very high opinion of his own intelligence and is also hyper-critical of others. People like this tend to be hugely insecure, and have anxiety that they're being judged in the way they judge others.
  13. This thread feels like a good place to leave this link.
  14. You can get an amazon fire tablet for $39.99 these days. If you want a kindle (easier on the eyes) they're $79.99. They've gotten significantly cheaper.
  15. Me too. I travel for work, and the e-reader really comes in handy.