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  1. GRRM Box

    ULE now officially Sold Out. Getting anxious for that Stark ornament though. Suppose "ships in the coming days" wasn't literal.
  2. Did anyone else pre-order? I'm pretty excited.
  3. That was quick. What did it go for?
  4. Totally missed the memo, or did not read carefully enough, that AKotSK was going to be oversized... I would definitely now argue that you don't need it for a "complete" Sub Press set.
  5. Meisha Merlin Lettered AGOT on eBay

    I too would keep it. I would love to have it... thanks for listing it, I'd never seen pictures of a lettered before. The direwolf remarque is awesome!
  6. Looking for a specific Sansa screen print

    Maybe you're thinking of "The Snow Fell and the Castle Rose" by Michael Komarck?
  7. What would a standalone ASOS go for? Any recent sales?
  8. The time draws nigh... anyone else still on the fence about buying Knight? Is there a general consensus?
  9. I guess someone at SubPress noticed the resale values and are trying to capture more of it - lettereds on the front end with the price increase, numbereds on the back end with the supply increase. I suppose there's nothing in the contract limiting the number they can produce - hey, why not 1,000+?
  10. Right, they're just saying that these illustrations are also included in the regular Bantam edition, which is available for preorder for a whopping $21.78.
  11. Thanks becca. Though truthfully I'm now rather attached to my non-matching copy. Could you update the OP - the Storm copy I actually have (still for trade only) is #294. While I'm here - anyone seen any action on this version recently? I have an unopened set I may be willing to part with.
  12. This guy is definitely an interested buyer, and that went too low. If whoever got that is on this board & interested in trading, please let me know. I have another numbered copy for trade. Unfortunately, that price is not cool for Clash. Mostly still just looking for Storm 196 (I have 196 Feast onwards) but fun to see your number finally come up.
  13. So no bookmarks or chapbook this time round?
  14. Wow, $2550. May be selling my standalone copy when S5 hits.
  15. Anyone checked on this Clash yet?