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  • Interests i enjoy sitting in front of a nice warm fireplace. i can never warm my hands enough. i also enjoy making snowballs, putting hands on bare legs and backs and general underhanded things.
  1. What is the avatar above you thinking (ver.12?)

    bestiality is only a fine if i leave pics on my smartphone.
  2. This Board is not like the book

    I just learned I was left out of the book!!!!
  3. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    I have come for the sky and the Goat
  4. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    I am annoyed that no one holds the door for me
  5. A Man Can Post And So Can A Woman 9

    A man can return
  6. Tattooing: The Sequel-Not Loved Enough as Children...

    then it's settled. the Fury will one day piece my skin as she has my heart, forever leaving her mark
  7. Tattooing: The Sequel-Not Loved Enough as Children...

    this post reenforces me being totally ok with shooting people... where i live now it is standard price of about $100 per hour. We have some very talented shops too. i was quotes $400 for 7 crows flying around my forearm with some smoke like shadowing between them. considering it is basically half a sleeve i felt that was a great deal. slight high details on the feathers, i could see it taking them over 4 hours. i still want to hold out and have Kay do it though
  8. a late welcome to the boards :)

  9. Welcome to the boards :)

  10. seems you have been waiting a long time! :P

  11. Introductions

    Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you still here?
  12. can't believe the board has status updates. alone in my basement should be the standard one here