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    i enjoy sitting in front of a nice warm fireplace. i can never warm my hands enough. i also enjoy making snowballs, putting hands on bare legs and backs and general underhanded things.

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  1. We should rename this thread to ASL
  2. I say just keep cheating. If you flipped the table over and gave up, might as well keep going. Once caught or you confess things will end and you'll be ashamed, guilty and feel like crap but in the long run you will be happier. I'd say just tell her and end it, but you don't sound ready for that yet. Which means you need to explore more. I know how that sounds and I know it's not fair to the wife, but it tends to be the nature of things.
  3. I stopped watching Orphan at the start of Season 3 but I plan to finish one day. I don't mind seeing spoilers though before this thread I had avoided them completely. I wanted t read back a few posts so I could have context to my entry vs a random "a moose once bit my sister" but it was a costly exercise.
  4. If I ever become internet famous for stuff I posted on here I think my wife will leave me.
  5. bestiality is only a fine if i leave pics on my smartphone.
  6. I just learned I was left out of the book!!!!
  7. I have come for the sky and the Goat
  8. I am annoyed that no one holds the door for me
  9. a late welcome to the boards :)

  10. Welcome to the boards :)

  11. seems you have been waiting a long time! :P

  12. Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you still here?