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  1. Tattooing: The Sequel-Not Loved Enough as Children...

    then it's settled. the Fury will one day piece my skin as she has my heart, forever leaving her mark
  2. Tattooing: The Sequel-Not Loved Enough as Children...

    this post reenforces me being totally ok with shooting people... where i live now it is standard price of about $100 per hour. We have some very talented shops too. i was quotes $400 for 7 crows flying around my forearm with some smoke like shadowing between them. considering it is basically half a sleeve i felt that was a great deal. slight high details on the feathers, i could see it taking them over 4 hours. i still want to hold out and have Kay do it though
  3. a late welcome to the boards :)

  4. Welcome to the boards :)

  5. seems you have been waiting a long time! :P

  6. Introductions

    Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you still here?
  7. can't believe the board has status updates. alone in my basement should be the standard one here

  8. RIP EHK

    EHK and I had our share of disagreements and tic-for-tats on the boards. However, we exchanged some nice emails over my time on these boards. I will miss having him here to call me out and I will miss having his insight on so many things. My heart goes out to his family and those on the boards he touched.
  9. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    [quote name='Oorag' post='1551102' date='Oct 10 2008, 13.05']Dee taking a header right into the car door was the highlight for me. Kaitlin Olson really holds her own on this show.[/quote] yea, that was great. i love the dent she left in it. lol. this show was not that great for me until the end. when they are sitting there and saying "but poop is funny" and they all agree and start laughing. made the entire show so much better for me. i love this show. but i felt season 3 and this season don't hold a candle to season 1&2
  10. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    this and rescue me are my favorite TV shows. sadly i have moved and the cable company is slow as shit! i have missed the start of the season, but will be catching up online soon. can't wait! also skipped over the other posts in case it had spoilers. will come back when i am caught up. glad there is a thread on it
  11. good luck tomorrow!