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  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    Sadly, one of the big things the show has been continuously dodging since its first episode is an examination of the moral and ethical issues connected with SHIELD. It was bad in season one when Coulson kidnapped people, dragged them halfway around the world then dropped them off in a foreign country without money, passport or the ability to use electronic devices. Or when he threatened to murder someone as soon as he was in a position to get away with it. By season two this has been taken up to another level, as Coulson and friends are now operating without any legal oversight, so they're kidnapping, imprisoning and murdering people based on Coulson's whims. Talbot really should be the hero of this story...
  2. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    Legends isn't far enough along yet to establish clear patterns. They actually got rid of the most annoying (and most clearly romantic) relationship on the show by the end of the pilot. At least for the time being.   Supergirl is kind of a mess of a show. It's trying to be explicitly feminist, but it won't surprise anyone who's seen The Flash and Arrow that it's rather clumsy about it. As for romance, the two main candidates for Kara are both regulars who know her secret identity and help her in her superheroing, so they have a purpose on the show beyond not telling her how they feel. Of course the downside is that this means that there's a love triangle. I have never been able to grasp the appeal of that particular trope.
  3. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    That's my point though: the show is fairly consistent in its negative aspects. It's just that there's not enough good stuff to make for the flaws at the moment.
  4. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    Well, if it's only this thread then it'll be okay, as we're only 15 posts from the next one.;) There should be clear oversight, but I have a hard time believing that "don't give Iris or Caitlin anything compelling to do" or "have Barry act more like a sociopath than a hero" are directives given to the rest of the writers.
  5. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    I haven't bothered to check how many writers are working on this show, but the flaws seem pretty consistent from episode to episode. How pronouned some specific flaw is any given week may vary, but the general weaknesses are almost always shining through somewhere.
  6. I feel that portentous visions of doom needs to be added to the drinking game. Also another capture and escape sequence in this episode. Everybody drink! Do the writers know that there are different ways to build tension? At least we seem to have narrowed down the number of questing dumbasses down to four. I wonder how many times creepy wannabe rapist guy has to betray the other three before they'll finally no longer put up with him? I think answering that question will be my main reason to continue following this show until the end of the season. It's free on Netflix for me, so I gave it a look. It's pretty damn bad. Shannara at least has some nice visuals from time to time and is trying for an epic scale, Shadowhunters just has a bunch of pretty, angsty teens being angsty and looking pretty.
  7. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    While the setup of Legends is partly to blame, I think the insistence of having a season-long villain also hurts the show. It worked in both this show and Arrow's first seasons because of how much Thawne/Wells and Merlyn were tied into what Barry and Oliver were already doing, but Zoom has no presence except as a distant threat without clear agenda. Why not break the season up into smaller story arcs? It would liven things up and might even allow them to foreground different characters for multiple episodes by making them the focus of one such arc.
  8. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    At their best they're great fun and you can ignore the stupid. When the fun goes away, though, you're only left with the shitty parts of the writing.
  9. Dear god, I didn't even think of that becaues it's a given he'll only be defeated in the finale. This show seems to have already broken my brain.
  10. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    Yeah, and they just had a run-in with the real Thawne to drive the point home. Wells is not some dude from the future who hates Barry for no good reason.
  11. Which is weird, because that's basically been Oliver's journey from day one. Except for the flashbacks, where he obviously should be moving in the opposite direction, becoming the cold killer from the beginning of the series. I guess getting the advice that "the only way out is through" is supposed to move him more in that direction? Because generally, the main difference between flashback Oliver and present day Oliver has been that present day Oliver is more competent. Of couse that's kind of a necessity if the flashbacks are supposed to parallel the present day storyline in some way. Given that the very premise of the show demands that the two Olivers' personal development be diametrically opposed, maybe that would have been another good reason to drop the flashback gimmick, or at least restrict it to a very limited number of episodes per season?
  12. Soooo... am I understanding this right that everything at the bank and the ritual took place in Leipzig? In which case might I suggest that the writers of a time travel show should maybe read up on the history of the places they set their show in? Because private banks were not a thing in Leipzing in 1975.   It looks like we will indeed be getting a weekly encounter with Savage, which I maintain is a bad idea. The guy himself is neither imposing nor threatening enough that seeing him on a regular basis will be much fun, and we know he'll only die in the finale. His cult was a good way of showing that a lot of his power is indirect, and contrary to Savage himself his minions can actually be defeated, a stronger focus on that aspect of the story might be more rewarding.
  13. iZombie on the CW

    This show just manages to be consistently good. I think Major is still going to get into massive trouble for what he's doing, getting rid of the dog ultimately didn't help him but it might make Ravi suspicious.   Peyton's hookup with Blaine went from "bad idea" to "absolutely horrible" rather quickly. I'm glad that they didn't drag that subplot out over multiple episodes.
  14. Looks like this thread might be in need of a good long soak in a Lazarus Pit.   Another good episode. The show is pretty solid again for the moment. Lots of returning characters in this one. Admittedly, Tatsu and Shado felt more than a little gratuitous, but somehow it didn't detract from the episode (at least not any more than the flashbacks always do these days). And Tatsu didn't die, despite having a movie doppelgänger. Nyssa is great and makes for a much better uneasy ally than Malcolm ever did, I hope the writers are finally getting over their crush on John Barrowman and have her succeed in supplanting him.   I guess it was also inevitable that Felicity's father would turn out to be a supervillain, but given that they've done good work with her character these past few episodes, I'm optimistic this will be an interesting storyline.
  15. The Flash - Stupidest man alive

    Heh, "alleged superhero" could be the next thread title.