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  1. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Well, the dragon gets reborn every time it happens.
  2. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    No, in order to become the Iron Fist, Danny had to defeat an immortal dragon and absorb its chi. That's what gives him his supernatural powers.
  3. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    I think that's very likely. Maybe we'll actually get some of the other Weapons? Though I guess that'd be more something for a later season.
  4. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Oh, yeah, usually one healer is pretty damn essential. I was mostly talking about people who want to stick to a strict formula when it comes to team composition. They tend to have a very narrow view on what characters can do (e.g. they tend to think that Mei is a straight up DPS character...).
  5. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I play it quite regularly. And yes, at some point you really need a good team, otherwise you'll never progress. When you do (as I had the random fortune this weekend), you get a whole new level of enjoyment out of the game. I'm not so much fussed up team composition. Some balance is obviously good, but anybody who thinks going "2-2-2" is all that's required to do well isn't paying attention. Actually working together and trying to achieve the map objective instead of treating the game as a team deathmatch are key.
  6. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    It does look like it's going to deliver on fun martial arts action. Hopefully the creators have managed to avoid the structural issues that the other Marvel Netfilx shows have run into. Oh yeah, after Matt already got the villainous real estate plot, the least they can do is give Danny Oliver's catchphrase. Yes. They've hinted at her ties to Iron Fist story since the first season of Daredevil.
  7. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    You can definitely do both the mission and rescue the entire crew. IIRC you can do one mission before the crew gets taken after the IFF acquisition. Plus Legion's loyalty mission rather explicitly relies on the Normandy's stealth drive, so having the first attempt just be the team going by shuttle seems like a silly idea.
  8. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    It really doesn't come across at all in the linked article, though. It mostly reads like a rehash of his original ME2 review. The dark energy plot, at least what we can glean of it from the stuff left in the games, was sadly pretty dumb as well. I can totally see someone deciding to scrap it for that reason, only to then come up with something that's in no way better, and quite possibly worse. It's the kind of thing that happens in serialised storytelling. Things change from the initial draft, often or the better*. That they changed as drastically as they did with the ME series suggests to me that whatever story structure they had worked out, it wasn't exactly set in stone. And the project director stuck with the series throughout, though of course he's apparently at least 50% to blame for the ending. I'm sure EA set different priorities than the ones Bioware operated under beforehand, but I find it hard to believe they'd micromanage the storyline to the point of forcing the kind of changes Young bemoans in his article. There's definitely a shift towards more action-oriented gameplay, though. I figure they were faced with the decision to go with heavier tactical RPG elements or more of a shooter style, because the ME1 system made for a rather unhappy marriage of the two. And shooters sell better. So prioritising that makes a certain amount of sense, as does looking at the ME1 loot and inventory model and asking the simple question of whether it added anything at all to the finished game. I wish they had improved the exploration element of the first game instead of scrapping it, but I was one of the few people who didn't mind the Mako. I just wanted more interesting worlds where there was actual stuff to do besides shooting random mercs and thresher maws. *There's of course a kind of fundamentalist subset of video game fandom, one that has often been quite vocal in Bioware fandom, which holds that every scrap of code or dialogue that can be found in a game file but is not part of the actual finished product is some kind of work of genius that has been cruelly denied to us by malicious corporate execs. Sometimes the stuff they unearth is definitely worth a look, but sometimes it turns out more like the droid planet in KOTOR2.
  9. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Wow, that is not a good article. Basically the author doesn't have a firm grasp on the way the series developed and, maybe more importantly, who the writers responsible were. The ME Series is big, flashy scifi action that revolves around characters the player can get attached to. Intricatly plotted it is not (see also: Leviathans, dropped dark matter plot and, oh yeah, the ending). Thematically, the series stayed pretty consistent right up until the end of ME3. To pick on some of his criticisms: That part about humanity "seizing control"? That's a badly thought-out bit from ME1. ME2 kind of has to acknowledge it, but then it's such a wild divergence from the other possible outcomes that it can't be properly reflected in the game. So if you import a ME1 game with that ending, it kind of gets mentioned once, then is quietly dropped in the hope that people won't remember that embarassing detail (and it almost worked with the article's author!). Cerberus has numerous operations, most of which are indeed run by cartoonish supervillains (you even get to visit some of them during the course of the game!). The ME2 crew is specifically put together to put the best face on the organisation (why a known criminal organisation operates as openly as Cerberus does in ME2, complete with corporate logo, now that's another question...). TIM was indeed not mentioned in ME1 and he was introduced in a tie-in novel... written by ME1's lead writer (who was also co-lead writer on ME2...). That same book also introduces the Collectors. Now this is certainly not a great way to set up plot points that will be relevant in a completely different medium, but at the same time wanting the fictional universe to be confined to elements that were established in the first game seems like a pretty silly idea to me. So you're right that most of the mistakes were probably made before ME2 war written, namely during the writing process of ME1. There was clearly never an overarcing plan for the entire trilogy, so plots were dropped as new ideas developed and ultimately the whole construction came crashing down at the end. Along those lines I'd say ME2's biggest flaw is actually an ME3 flaw: we spent an entire game building a team, then most of them weren't given much to do in ME3.
  10. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    The persuade/intimidate checks in ME2 operate on a system that checks what percentage of Paragon/Renegade points available in the game up to that point you've collected rather than for an absolute value. Bonus points from savegame imports are "free" for the purpose of this calculation. This system can make playing a character who doesn't lean heavily one way or the other rather annoying in situations like this, particularly if you didn't import from ME1. You can leave him to die if you save his loyalty mission until after the endgame.;) That was always incredibly clumsy. Would have been nice if they had designed a mission that involved the entire team, sort of like parts of the Citadel DLC.
  11. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    Yeah, IIRC if you do one more mission after the crew gets taken you lose half the crew (including Kelly), if you do any more missions only Dr. Chakwas survives.
  12. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    Yes, once the IFF mission opens up you only have to do that (and possibly one additional mission afterwards) to trigger the endgame.
  13. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    Yeah, you can't import a game with a dead Shepard into ME3. IIRC there's a way to mod ME2 to make all recruitment missions available from the get go, including the Reaper IFF. Squadmates who can only be recruited later in the final product still have some dialogue for earlier missions. I think there was some speculation that Bioware locked you into recruiting specific characters first was done in order to minimise disc swapping for console players.
  14. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    You say inaccurate, others say it's true, from a certain point of view. The Jedi were into alternative facts long before it was cool.
  15. Very much agree with this. I enjoyed it a lot throughout the season, and then the finale proved that the show was even smarter than I'd given it credit. And yes, Ted Danson was excellent. I really hope this gets renewed.