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  1. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Noticed that too, really nice. I think I'm past the point you could reach in the trial version. Established an outpost, recruited most of the team, did a bunch of the typical running around the newly opened up areas of the Nexus (and did a bunch of the usual sidequest stuff). I'm liking the characters, want to find out more about the setting and the story and combat is still the best in the series. It's very much a Bioware game, both in good and bad ways (such as questionable design decisions like planet scanning mechanics and the technical side not being as strong as some other contemporary AAA games).
  2. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    RAM isn't part of the CPU, it's located in separate slots on the motherboard. In Windows, to find out what kind of RAM you have installed and how many memory banks are in use open a command line prompt and type in wmic memorychip That gives you all the information the system has about your RAM. The output is probably going to be hard to read, you can have it print out specific fields by doing something like wmic memorychip get capacity You can have it print out more than one field by using comma separation like this wmic memorychip get capacity,partnumber Hope that helps.
  3. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    Used up the trial time for Andromeda. I'll definitely be getting the game when it comes out later this week. There haven't been any absolutely great, memorable moments yet, but I definitely want to learn the full story behind all the hooks the game has thrown out so far. And combat is the best of any ME game so far. There's a place on Eos where you're fighting a big monster and a bunch of goons with guns simultaneously. I played on Insanity (really stupid in retrospect given the time limit) so I died a few times before I got that one right, but the way you can freely maneuver in this game was really on full display here. Between exchanging fire with the bad guys I was jumping over rooftops, charging and dodging like crazy. Good fun.
  4. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    So far I'd say you'd probably enjoy Andromeda then.
  5. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Two episodes into Iron Fist and holy shit this show is boring. Danny Rand is a comic book superhero with magical martial arts powers which he gained from fighting a freaking dragon. He is the protector of a magical city, one in a long line of heroic figures. He also happens to own a big American company. The writers for the Netflix show looked at that character and came to the conclusion that the last point is what's really interesting about the guy. Going by the first two episodes, the show is about Danny proving his identity and getting his company back. Seriously, that's the central (and only) plot thread so far.
  6. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    The default male Shepard in the ME series was modeled after an actual person rather than being created in the character creator, which made his the most realistic face you could get for a PC of either gender in the series, but I don't know if the same is true for the default settings in Andromeda. I didn't bother with character customisation at all, this is just a trial run after all.
  7. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    With all the doom and gloom about Andromeda I decided to go for the free week of Origin access on offer and try the game out. So far I've only done the intro mission, which is your standad ME opening: shit has hit the fan and you need to scramble to pull through. Movement controls feel a lot like ME3, though cover is now a passive function, which combined with the jetpack makes the combat gameplay a lot smoother and more dynamic. While there is the occasional questionable directoral choice or weird facial animation, it's not stuff that makes much of an impression when I'm engaged in playing the game. Plus there's lots of dialogue in the game, and a lot of it is exposition (this is Mass Effect after all), so I don't expect it all to be super gripping. The most dramatic moment so far was actually fairly low key, I quite liked that, though I would have liked it even more if the game hadn't had the characters move on from it immediately. Most annoying so far has been the design decision to not allow saving manually in story missions, instead forcing you to rely on checkpoints. I'll definitely get through all ten hours of free gameplay over the weekend, which should tell me enough to make a decision about purchasing the game.
  8. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    The focus was mostly in the in-universe marketing. Other stuff focused much more on mechanics rather than story. I pretty much assumed this would be how the game starts, actually.
  9. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    I assume that's literally in the intro cinematic.
  10. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I thought it ended with "and then the Shadow King imprisoned them all in an astral construct". While I'm not completely loving the show, I like that it seems to be telling a much more straightforward story than its style was making it seem early on. Makes it easier to just enjoy the weirdness along the way, and suggests that the show will not pull a Lost, continuously hinting at interesting thins but disappointing when it comes to delivering answers.
  11. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    There's also a female turian playable in ME3 multiplayer. I think it's more that a lot of Renegade actions have Shepard acting like a dumb brute, and making stupid choices very much should backfire.
  12. Marvel cancels Inhumans movie in favor of 2017 TV show

    Cast list. Most important fact: the show will feature a certain teleporting dog!
  13. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    Well, the dragon gets reborn every time it happens.
  14. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    No, in order to become the Iron Fist, Danny had to defeat an immortal dragon and absorb its chi. That's what gives him his supernatural powers.
  15. Marvel Netflix - Sweet Christmas!

    I think that's very likely. Maybe we'll actually get some of the other Weapons? Though I guess that'd be more something for a later season.