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  1. Oh don't worry, quite a few more of these types of enemies down the line. Oh, one thing I found makes the game even easier: beam emitter augmentation on a high dps gun like the valkyrie or hornet. Effectively the beam emitter turns a gun whose damage is partially balanced out through high recoil and gives it pinpoint accuracy. The only real problem is magazine size, but that's an issue with the base gun as well.
  2. Sure. IMO insanity is the way to go with any ME after the first. Some things to consider when playing Andromeda on the highest setting: * after the first 10-20 levels, playing as a vanguard style character is probably the easiest route to go, since that playstyle almost completely negates the fact that enemies in this game are much more mobile than in previous ones and won't just sit behind cover until you take them out one by one; the only exceptions being anything with sync-kill abilities (sadly this does include ascended) * it goes without saying that you'll need high DPS guns to take out an ascended. preferably ones that can fire off more than one or two shots before you need to reload; you might also consider hitting them with a cobra once the shield is down (or alternatively use a cobra to destroy the orb; I think in multiplayer at least, you'll take out the shield and damage the ascended themselves in that case) * failing that, you can never go wrong with tactical cloak
  3. That's because it's one of those Amazon affiliates links. This one should work. If not search for "Babylon 5: The 22 Volume Collector's Set - Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski." Finding these translation errors could be fun. Like how the translators for The Simpsons clearly had no idea what "Dungeons and Dragons" was.
  4. Ten years ago, humanity faced extinction. The Minbari weren't messing around, they were out to wipe out every human they could find, completely ignoring all offers of surrender. The Babylon project was not just an idealistic pipedream, it was considered vital to ensure the survival of the species. And after four attempts costs were definitely becoming an issue, which is why B5 was significantly smaller than B4 and Earthgov accepted backing from the Minbari at the cost of giving them veto rights when it came to naming the station commander.
  5. Not really, no.
  6. So the first trailer for the inhumans show is out. This looks pretty terrible, from the production values to the way the characters come across.
  7. He reminded me so much of Zathras that I stopped the episode to check whether it was the same actor, only to be reminded that he was actually one of the earliest victims of the B5 curse. As a result of this I also completely forgot that Simm was supposed to be in the episode and only remembered when he confronted Missy in the end. Otherwise it was probably my favourite episode of the season. After not being too enamored with a lot of the stories dunring his stint, Capaldi looks set to go out on a high note at least. Which is good, because I really like him as the Doctor.
  8. Hm, probably a good idea to revisit some past episodes, I've actually forgotten a lot of what went down in season 2.
  9. Lots of stuff going on this season. They really ramped up the tension leading into the finale. Good thing that there's another season coming, else I'd be worried they might not be able to wrap things up properly.
  10. Yup, it's supposed to be the next big thing. I guess we'll have to wait and see if it can actually distinguish itself from the various games based around similar concepts.
  11. Anthem has been in development at Bioware Edmonton for five years, originally under Casey Hudson. That decision had nothing to do with the financial success of Destiny or the relative disappointment of MEA (can't have been a total financial disaster considering it's still getting extensive patches). I'd hope so, but I don't think it's been officially announced. Since the DA team has also been based in Edmonton, it's possible that a number of those developers are currently working on Anthem rather than the next DA game.
  12. I watched an episode of his Batman series in his honour. Hadn't done that since I was a child, I think. I don't think I appreciated just how wonderfully campy everything about this show was as a kid. It actually must have been really hard to deliver some of those lines with a straight face. May he rest in peace.
  13. Terrible news. Rest in peace.
  14. That does look really bad. Combined with the showrunner and the plot description we got a while ago this show won't have to do much to exceed my expectations at this point.
  15. I think I liked what the film tried to do more than the actual execution on screen. A lot of it felt clunkier than the first one. It was still overall enjoyable, but I was somewhat disappointed with it overall.