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  1. The test Jemma came up with was really stupid. She had a chance of 25% of not poisoning herself, and when she does in fact not drink the poison she sees that as proof that she's invincible due to time travel shenanigans?
  2. Yes, that's what I said earlier. The German authorities don't get to decide to not execute a European arrest warrant because they've decided the authorities of the country that issued it did so "for political reasons". Which is presumably why the Spanish government made sure to add the embezzlement charge: even if the charge of treason is too different under Spanish law from the German version, the embezzlement is likely to be similar enough to trigger the extradition.
  3. That's the basic assumption behind the European arrest warrant, though. It's not for German judges to decide whether the Spanish government has a case against him, that has to be left to the Spanish justice system.
  4. All the German courts have to check for the extradition if (one of) the charges have an equivalent in German law. And while the articles on treason might be considered too dissimilar in the two countries, Spain was careful to throw some other charges in there in the hopes that one will lead to extradition.
  5. I got it a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it, though probably not as much as the first one. I agree with Werthead that the ending felt quite abrupt, and it feels like quite a few concepts in the setting could have used some fleshing out.
  6. Probably not, no.
  7. That was a flashback to the scene where Kali created a vision of Brenner, wasn't it? I think it's more the latter, since as you said: previous smaller gates had appeared in various places, including the Byers' home and the woods, and then disappeared without leaving a trace.
  8. It's not really a plotline, it's a design structure. What those games do is giving you a hub (or 2, in the case of JE; and was it 3 or 4 with NWN?) from which you can do required and optional quests, once all the required quests are done you can move forward in the story or continue to spend time on optional content. BG2 for that matter didn't have any required quest beyond "gather 15,000 gp" (which got reduced by 5,000 as soon as you had gathered 10,000), everything else was optional content. The advantage of this structure is pretty clear: if for whatever reason one area or sidequest isn't working out, it can be easily cut with minimal repercussions for the critical path through the game. The disadvantage is that if you stick to the structure too rigidly, it will feel formulaic. Which is why Bioware have consistently played around with it over the years, after using it very noticeably in KOTOR, ME1 and DAO. E.g. ME2's base structure isn't really different, but it feels very different because the content is split up by character as opposed to location.
  9. Man, D'avin is definitely the most improved character since the start of the series. "How do you feel about apostrophes?" So we get two seasons to deal with the Lady, which I guess means that Dutch and Aneela will ultimately fail in the Green next season (Aneela gets to do the heroic sacrifice, I'd guess) and the last season will be a fight against the Lady in the real world.
  10. Yeah, they didn't even do a good job of securing the prisoner. IIRC they only ever announced the show getting renewed after the last episode of the season had aired, so I'm hopeful we'll get a fourth season (preferably without wasting an episode or two on a nonsensical crossover). I don't see the Hullen threat being ended this season, that's clearly the endgame. Aneela might be done as an antagonist after next week, though.
  11. 85,000 people bought the annotated version in its first year of publication. Germany has over 80,000,000 inhabitants. Please refrain from making wild claims until you have mastered the abitlity to grasp basic numbers.
  12. Oh don't worry, quite a few more of these types of enemies down the line. Oh, one thing I found makes the game even easier: beam emitter augmentation on a high dps gun like the valkyrie or hornet. Effectively the beam emitter turns a gun whose damage is partially balanced out through high recoil and gives it pinpoint accuracy. The only real problem is magazine size, but that's an issue with the base gun as well.
  13. Sure. IMO insanity is the way to go with any ME after the first. Some things to consider when playing Andromeda on the highest setting: * after the first 10-20 levels, playing as a vanguard style character is probably the easiest route to go, since that playstyle almost completely negates the fact that enemies in this game are much more mobile than in previous ones and won't just sit behind cover until you take them out one by one; the only exceptions being anything with sync-kill abilities (sadly this does include ascended) * it goes without saying that you'll need high DPS guns to take out an ascended. preferably ones that can fire off more than one or two shots before you need to reload; you might also consider hitting them with a cobra once the shield is down (or alternatively use a cobra to destroy the orb; I think in multiplayer at least, you'll take out the shield and damage the ascended themselves in that case) * failing that, you can never go wrong with tactical cloak
  14. That's because it's one of those Amazon affiliates links. This one should work. If not search for "Babylon 5: The 22 Volume Collector's Set - Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski." Finding these translation errors could be fun. Like how the translators for The Simpsons clearly had no idea what "Dungeons and Dragons" was.
  15. Ten years ago, humanity faced extinction. The Minbari weren't messing around, they were out to wipe out every human they could find, completely ignoring all offers of surrender. The Babylon project was not just an idealistic pipedream, it was considered vital to ensure the survival of the species. And after four attempts costs were definitely becoming an issue, which is why B5 was significantly smaller than B4 and Earthgov accepted backing from the Minbari at the cost of giving them veto rights when it came to naming the station commander.