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  1. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    12! I have to say a Han Solo prequel strikes me as one of the less interesting ways to go for a one-off movie, but if it's the story Kasdan wants to write then I guess he's earned enough goodwill to get that chance.
  2. Yeah, a definite drop for Killjoys. The whole mine plot was fairly basic and never even fully commited to misleading us into thinking that there was really a crazed Killjoy stalking them, and once they killed off the guest actress the stakes were basically nil. Pawter freeing herself was nice, but then she just got captured again, which made the whole plot of her being held captive by the Company creep in the first place rather redundant. On the positive side, they keep the mysteries of level 6 and the green goo in focus, and if they move that plot at the same pace as they did the civil strife in the Quad last season, we should be getting some answers in the forseeable future.
  3. At least 73 killed in Nice, Hundreds injured

    What about a man who deliberately crashes a plane, indiscriminately killing over a hundred people? Is he also making a political statement, or does that only apply if we're talking about Muslims?
  4. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    I can't say that makes sense to me, no. Having recently replayed ME2 and continuing into 3, gameplay in the latter game does everything the ME2 gameplay does, only better. Right down to stuff like getting rid of the annoying time dilation effect when sprinting (and allwoing for more than ~3s of sprint before Shepard is exhausted). I agree that the Mass Effect series delivers a lot of great emoutional moments, including and especially in the third installment. I disagree that the series at any point is about hopelessness and futility. It's always about overcoming impossible odds, with the best results being achieved when people manage to work out their differences and cooperate. Even the crappy ending isn't nihilistic. It's trying to be hopeful. It's just really, really dumb.
  5. Nitpicking: The Next Generation

    Geordie's sudden attack of romantic feelings for the good old days is kind of in line with one of Trek's more troubling issues. For all that Star Trek presents a utopian future society, there's a strange thread of technophobia and romanticisation of a "simpler, better" past that runs through the franchise. When it comes to the fore you usually get really crappy stories, like Insurrection. Even in stories where the luddite of the day is the villain, there's usually a sense that we're supposed to be thinking that they kind of do have a point, like in DS9's Paradise. I go back and forth between thinking that the glaring design flaws when it comes to the Entereprise's systems are just the writers being lazy when looking for ways to propel the plot forward, and thinking that it's an expression of Clarke's famous statement about sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. Which would mean that Star Trek technology is too advanced for Trek writers to grasp.
  6. Given how successfully Killjoys used its procedural elements to build the larger story in the first season, it's kind of meta when the characters use their day job as an excuse to get where they want to go. The running gag of Pree being some kind of super criminal is still funny, I hope we don't ever get any details or find out how much of it is actually true. I have to question the economic viability of the bar given the current state of Oldtown, though. Most of his potential customers can't have much to pay or barter with, and it's not like he'll be able to rent it out to the RAC for super secret briefings anytime soon. It's also nice that, although they got the band back together really quickly, the setting has been irrevocably changed. I guess I'll have to try and remember the team's douchebag RAC boss' name now.
  7. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    That's true. Marvel's best known Tony is actually called Anthony, though.
  8. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    A shortened version of a name is a form of nickname, isn't it?
  9. Comics XII: All New, All Twelve

    I assume it's a nickname? Kind of like Tony?
  10. My issue with Dark Matter is that it sucks, at least in the first season (I'm not going to bother with the second one). We've gone over various things that were bad about that season in this very thread. Of the two shows, Killjoys was the one in which the writers showed an ability to slowly build up to a finale that paid off on plot points and character development seeded throughout the season. Dark Matter spent most of its time treading water, passing off "shocking twists" (usually delivered in a ridiculously cheesy fashion) as plot progress and didn't bother to develop its characters or setting.
  11. Yeah, Killjoys is off to a good start. It brought the action and the fun while adding to the worldbuilding and ongoing mystery. Plus the characters act in a mature fashion. On many other shows D'avin's lie would have been milked for contrived drama, here he just fesses up and they have a calm conversation about the things that are going on.
  12. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    Thanks, might give it a try. There doesn't appear to be Chaos DLC, just Space Marines.
  13. Video Games: France not a WWI Nation

    Did anybody here give Battlefield Gothic a try? I remember seeing some decent reviews, and it'd feel kind of weird not to buy a single game during a Steam sale...
  14. Round of 16 (Day 3) Spain/Italy, England/Iceland

    The 2004 showing was at least very much perceived to be in the grand tradition of 2000 and 2002. In a way it helped people reconsider what the second place finish in 2002 had kind of masked, since it was still Völler in charge and yet the team seemed to be performing no better than under Ribbeck. When Klinsmann took over and declared he was there to win the World Cup two years later people weren't sure he was serious. Only a few months before the opening game in 2006, tabloids suggested that Beckenbauer (a man at the time already very much out of touch with the state of football) should be hired to "assist" Klinsmann. It basically took until Lahm's opening goal against Costa Rica for people to realise that Klinsmann had in fact managed to build a rather promising team.