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  1. I haven't used them, but Camelot books has handled a few numbered and lettered sets:
  2. Updated, now includes matching letter of "The Best of Subterranean" book:
  3. My mega Lettered Edition set for sale now also includes the matching letter of "The Best of Subterranean" collection, containing a Twilight Zone script by GRRM. Sub Press didn't offer that particular book to lettered set owners first, and I didn't see the email for 40 minutes and missed out initially. But when a lettered Best of Sub became available, Bill at Sub Press kindly kept me mind.
  4. Becca was referring to set sold by Camelot Books for around $20k, see starting on page 32 of this thread. eBay set you mention talked about on page 34.
  5. I have listed my Lettered Edition set for sale, which includes the full Meisha Merlin & Subterranean ASoIaF series plus other GRRM books with the same matching letter such as Portraits of His Children, Rogues, Dying of the Light, and the forthcoming The Book of Swords. Listing on eBay for exposure, but not really expecting to sell it on eBay, if at all. And see my other listings for a lot more Game of Thrones book rarities.
  6. I got the GRRM Box's exclusive miniatures professional painted by Adam Skinner, as I have for a few other ASoIaF minis. They just got done:
  7. This seller (not me) just listed 2 of them for that price:
  8. Got the Ultra also. I collect the trading cards and miniatures too so I hope they really stay exclusive, but they often don't.
  9. Deluxe edition of the new Illustrated edition, and some other stuff
  10. Is it your auction? I keep seeing it relisted over and over in 24-hour auctions, maybe not the best way to try to sell a high-value item.
  11. The Kormarck one is:
  12. Finally got around to listing some of my key foreign language sets. Here they are:
  13. I'm interested in any GRRM lettered books with letter "S" if you have any. Thanks.

  14. I've decided to sell my collection of ASoIaF foreign language editions. It's a fairly large collection and I just don't have room for it anymore. I plan to sell it by each matching set of books by language, but it will take me months to sort it and list it all that way. So to start I've uploaded photographs of all of them; if someone is interested in a set (not individual books), please PM me. Also, if someone is interested in the entire collection and could meet somewhere in Texas to pick it all up, I would make a crazy good deal. It would be a four-figure deal, but a crazy good one. The collection includes the high-end German FanPro editions, deluxe illustrated Finnish editions, and pretty much everything else I could track down. Missing some of the most recent releases when I stopped growing this collection. Any questions on what's what, I'll try to answer. Here's the photo album: Foreign Editions One pic is all my Wild Cards foreign editions, also for sale.
  15. Lettered Rogues was $750.