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  1. "Rage" somehow implies that there is a valid reason to be enraged, I would not call it that. I would call it prejudice built over the years upon the failed immigration and integration policies in France, coupled with low-education recruitment demographics in the police. Essentially, when one specific group emerges as the enemy in the collective psyche of your forces, the hostility ramps up, then it's reflected by the other group in a vicious feedback cycle... then it's down to the leaders to mend the gap, and attempt to un-single out the target group throught efficient policies. Of course, the right's response has consistently been full repressive, after the fact actions, shameful provocations and the cancellation of peace-oriented policies. M. Sarkozy provides a great case study, from insults (likening whole districts to garbage cans he wanted to jet-pressure-clean) to disbanding of proximity police -police agents who would yet talk in a non-confrontational manner to those usually asked for their identity papers at first sight). Note the left has not been that much more praise-worthy, what with the abandon of the promise to institute a process where a receipt would be delivered to those victims of police harassment (like your black guy at the frontier here. Was he really (african-)american, by the way, or is it just unvolontary cultural appropriation? just curious, nothing else meant), or the "emergency state" starting to becoming the normal state, or the caving in to police syndicates to give them weapons and the right to shoot even though it proved uneffective again and again (specifically, one couple who *was* carrying weapons thanks to the emergency state was still killed and used as a pretext to request weapon carry outside of service, for example) In general all of these politics allow callousness from the police forces because they need some support against both media and justice, and they DO play one against the others. Lately, t'was M. Fillon and Mme Le Pen who started to use the Trump strategy, it's disgraceful, but I'm rambling.
  2. She started publishing short stories in 2012 and got a bunch of prizes and nomination, but maybe 5 years is still "recent", so I want to mention Sofia Samatar here
  3. That's precisely why I responded too!
  4. Also, consider not responding to posts that were written more than four month ago.
  5. But isn't it expected that poor (and rough) areas would vote for democrats, and the richest for republicans? Maybe the implication arrow is not in the direction you think, at least not always?
  6. Ha, yeah, family meetings. It's not as bad as you, but I have had my only aunt tell me my presence prevented her from coming, among other minor annoyances inherent to such reunions. Screw that, calling the cops reduces the risk of him killing someone else, not only himself, AND it forces him and you to face the situation and mayyybe have a chat, all out in the open, about it. It only has positives. And if he persists in a destructive behaviour despites that, well, it's better if things are clear and you burned the bridges.
  7. Also multiple appearance of Joe Abercrombie, Daniel Abraham, Richard Morgan, Peadar O'Guilin, Scott Lynch, among others ETA: Those threads are on page 1 and 2, I respectfully wish, next time, that you took the time to look around the threads already up, sometimes they provide what you seek without the need for you to ask for it.
  8. And yet they had at least two kids?
  9. Hmm, did you miss the latest news from Europe?
  10. Kraken is awesome fun, I love it. (For the record )
  11. Kinda like Europe, the integration policy works well, the US even proposed to join. Oh wait...
  12. Excuse me? Did you not notice most of my examples were of tensions within a single country? I fail to see how giving the world less independence will decrease those tensions. Anyhow, you did not answer the real question: HOW DO YOU FORCE THE WORLD TO ADOPT THIS IDEA? "People", huh? Why should minorities accept the majority vote? ETA, actualy, screw that, why should and would they agree to vote on that? Oh, no, just advocating killing diversity on earth, and somehow not seeing that people will fight to the death against it... I repeat: how are you going to make everyone comply, already?
  13. Yeah, no: Increased cultural tensions in existing superstrutures. For example: Uygurs in China, Catalonia in spain, Syria, Tchetchenia, Sudan, Belgium, Brexit-->UK vs Scotlant/Ireland. Rise of cultural divisions, notably with religion (islam around here) but also around race issues (see: black lives matter) Social divisions reaching an all-time high, with the poor (getting poorer) class voting en-masse for nationalistic parties and populist bastards (all of EU countries, Trump, most notably) and thus showing a specter of national fragmentation Unrest against state rule rising, and civil society weighting more, to a point where the state feels the need to show its muscles (Occupy, Podemos, and various civil movements -often linked to ecology- refusing the law and founding sortof autonomous region: example in France would be the occupation of an airport contruction site or a nuclear junkyard site) But all of this is wind: the real question is: how do you implement that? Force YOUR language on others, your laws, your worldview, your capital? You don't, that's what. What you are advocating is a third world war, with US as the aggressors (and they don't even have the military power)
  14. This one?
  15. Yes, of course, because when it's a pilot who kill hundreds of people, or some guy who kills his family or random people, it's just the act of an unbalanced man that is never put in the "terror incidents" headlines, or something, so what you say is kind of a tautology, but that is not a response to the question I was asking: why in one place it's natives, where in another it's refugees who act.