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  1. What do we know about septa Mordane?

    Emphasis added, because we have know that Ned didn't even want to Sansa to observe him holding court when he was filling the throne as Hand if the subject matter was important. He was actually annoyed that Septa Mordane brought Sansa to observe on a day when the subject matters were actually pretty serious, and he thought it would be best that she was there on a day where one farmer was discussing 'border stones.' Here's the quote: From his vantage point atop the throne, he could see men slipping out the door at the far end of the hall. Hares going to ground, he supposed … or rats off to nibble the queen's cheese. He caught a glimpse of Septa Mordane in the gallery, with his daughter Sansa beside her. Ned felt a flash of anger; this was no place for a girl. But the septa could not have known that today's court would be anything but the usual tedious business of hearing petitions, settling disputes between rival holdfasts, and adjudicating the placement of boundary stones. The fact that this is the same man who hired a foreign swordsman to actually train his rebellious, disobedient daughter is certainly perplexing, for sure. It's also odd coming from Catelyn who was raised as her father's heir until Edmure was born, and was at his shoulder during muchg of his governing business. It's all amazingly perplexing since the both of them know that any daughter of theirs would be fully expected to run a castle or fief in a regency capacity should their husbands be away or predecease them. Furthermore, Septa Mordane was also teaching Sansa and Arya fundamental household management, which Sansa was not so great at, and Arya evidently was, However, Sansa was able to survive as a political hostage at a hostile court because she was able to exude all the graceful courtesies that were instilled in her by Septa Mordane, which obviously shows that Septa Mordane was able teach Sansa, at least, what she was expected to. Whereas, Arya nearly got herself killed because she, being sulky, impatient and ill-behaved (also younger, it should be noted), unable to do the same.
  2. What do we know about septa Mordane?

    We know that, how exactly? Because Arya, the headstrong little hoyden tomboy, didn't like her lessons? Sansa seemed to survive based upon the fundamentals of courtly manners and feminine graces that were imparted upon her by Septa Mordane. Seems like she taught some things well?
  3. What do we know about septa Mordane?

    No, you fool. She's the Knight of the Laughing Tree. It is known.
  4. Weird names in ASoIaF

  5. Question about the bastard last name Pyke

    'Pyke' is an alternative, archaic version of 'pike' which is a type of spear. That fits more with the "Vikingly" culture of the Iron Islands, and also probably why the castle is called that too, since it sits on cylinders of rock standing up above the surf, like thrust spears or something.
  6. Weird names in ASoIaF

    Well, there is always poor Dickon Manwoody, and pretty much anyone afflicted with the name 'Dickon.' I think that Jennalyn Fowler is a dreadful name. Let's not discuss the names of anyone in Slaver's Bay, since they are all named Harzoo (thanks, Ser Gerris!). There are those odd names for the three fellows way back in aGoT who are named after the Three Stooges. However, I will proudly stand by my assertion that 'Cersei' is an awful name in so far as it does not match the pseudo-Iberian (whatever) naming pattern of the Lannister family and it's obvious allusion to Circe the Sorceress sticks out like a sore thumb since GRRM didn't pepper the series with all that many Classical references, plus the 'ei' suffix is really uncommon in the whole series. He threw in an Amerei and marei later to make it less jarring, but I still think that name is terrible.
  7. Weird names in ASoIaF

    I've always thought that was pronounced AY-neese.
  8. rights and responsibilities of "Warden of X"

    The Wardens have specific military duties, largely for the defense and security of the territory. In times of invasion or insecurity they can summon troops in the king's name without the official approval of the king in far away Kings landing. They historically align with the holder of the lordship paramount of each region, or at least a member of the family, which is why Jaime Lannister being named Warden of the East was such an aberration. For example, it's very unlikely that Lady Jeyne Arryn, the Maid of the Vale, was the Warden of the East; it was probably a male relative, or one of her prominent bannermen. If she had married, it probably would have been her husband. Note - there are lesser wardencies (wardenships?). Some of the Dornish lords have warden titles of smaller territories. Also, when Robb was King in the North, which included the Tully lands around the Trident, he created his great uncle Brynden the 'Warden of the Southern Marches.' A march is a territory that is a border against a possible hostile territory.
  9. Suitable Marriages for Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys

    Daenerys herself thinks that she would have been a suitable bride for her nephew, Aegon. Viserys would likewise marry his niece Rhaenys, although the ages are less in alignment than Daenerys and Aegon Even now, Jon Connington is planning to have Aegon (who he believes to be genuine) marry Daenerys when she returns to Westeros.
  10. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Well, he manages to orchestrate an amphibious landing on Westeros and conquer a number of the castles in the Stormlands. Other than that, nothing.
  11. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    I believe that Margaery is a) a virgin b ) is way too canny and clever to be promiscuous when she is under the microscope in that pit of vipers and c) was attempting to get Moon Tea for her cousin Elinor who was betrothed to a handsome squire. I just think there was a narrative reason why they keep referring to them. In fact, I have developed a theory that while Elinor was betrothed to her nice Ambrose boy, she was secretly deflowered and knocked up by the Bastard of Driftmark, hence the need for the Moon Tea. Here are a selection of highly subjective quotes arranged in a way that supports my no-evidence theory: "Closest to Sansa's own age were the cousins Elinor, Alla, and Megga, Tyrells from junior branches of the House. "Roses from lower on the bush," quipped Elinor, who was witty and willowy. Megga was round and loud, Alla shy and pretty, but Elinor ruled the three by right of womanhood; she was a maiden flowered, whereas Megga and Alla were mere girls." "As for Elinor, she was promised to a young squire, a son of Lord Ambrose; they would be wed as soon as he won his spurs. He had worn her favor in the Battle of the Blackwater" "Margaery was dancing with her cousin Alla, Megga with Ser Tallad the Tall. The other cousin, Elinor, was sharing a cup of wine with the handsome young Bastard of Driftmark, Aurane Waters. It was not the first time the queen had made note of Waters, a lean young man with grey-green eyes and long silver-gold hair. " "Others come to pay court to her cousins. Elinor is promised to the Ambrose boy, but loves to flirt,"
  12. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Back in the day, the constant accompaniment by her ladies and cousins was as referred to the VPZ, Virginity Protection Zone.
  13. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    - one of the septons travelling with Victarion complained that the crewmen took him below decks and 'used him as a woman.'