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  1. There was reference to a process in The Rogue Prince in which Prince Daemon wanted to set aside his Royce wife, which included a petition that required the king's permission (which he denied). So, it seems that there is a system in place, but it's very rarely used?
  2. You shall forever have a special place in my heart for "gold bucket challenge."
  3. Just to kick it around a little further. So we have Ser Arwen, the Oakheart heir, safely married to Rynne Rowan, daughter of Lady Rowena of House Rowan (just because I want it to be a lady regnant of Goldengrove for no real reason), Lady Alenna is married to Theos Fossaway, new Lord of New Barrel..... and - plot twist- there was a third Oakheart sibling, a younger sister, umm, Arwyse. Ser Arven corks off on schedule within our imaginary scenario before siring any little acorns in his Rowan wife. Lady Alenna has given her Fossaway husband three children, Jon, the heir to New Barrel, his little brother Joss, and a new baby girl, Jennet. Old Lord Oakheart has a spare heir(ess), the teen aged daughter Arwyse. Nothing much of a dowry was set aside for her (Alenna as the oldest daughter got the fat dowry to attract a high ranking husband... Lord Oakheart was thinking of pushing his extra daughter into the Faith) , so she has no husband or fiance from a middling house to push for her. If Lady Alenna knew the deal when she married into House Fossaway (that she was quitting her claim to Old Oaks), but then her brother died, even though she is well situated as Lady of House Fossaway, could she attempt to exclude her little sister Arwyse in favor of one of her sons? And what would be preferable to Tyrell HQ? This is where the reciprocal duty between the Tyrell overlord and his Oakheart vassal kicks in (they are supposed to safeguard and enforce valid inheritance claims). Suppose that Lady Arwyse does have her own promised husband, a lesser Florent son, or even an heir to a third tier house so now we have the Fossaways vying against that other family - what's a wise Lord of Highgarden to do?
  4. On the other hand, (just to pick examples) if you are say, Lord Alric Oakheart of Old Oaks and you have two children, a son and an heir, Arven and a daughter Alenna, when you are fixing up your marriages for them, you would no doubt wish to find a suitable high status wife (a nice Florent or Rowan girl, i.e.the daughter of a neighboring lord) for your heir and you'd want to make sure that your daughter ended up with something equally valuable, a lord or an heir, say one of the Fossoways. This way your grandchildren are all highly born and placed, and thus serves to keep your family enmeshed in the tightly packed network at the top of the feudal pyramid. Suppose you manage to marry them both off but then your son dies without issue - the available heir of your body, your daughter, is now the Lady of New Barrell, wife of its Lord and mother to the Fossaway heirs. Would the Tyrell overlords wish this merger of Fossaway and Oakheart to happen, or would they disapprove? Would Lady Alenna have to abdicate her position as heiress to Old Oaks, or would she be permitted to nominate one of her children to become the Oakheart heir? As you say, it doesn't happen all that frequently, but then again, as we have seen in the aftermath of the Wot5K, after a war, you end up with loads of daughters and sisters in position of power, so it probably comes up mostly after a big messy war. It's not very clear in the books, but its lurking in the background that presumably the overlords have the right to approve and veto betrothal pacts among their vassals, and also can ratify the selection of an heir to avoid one family assembling a mega-estate through shrewd matchmaking.
  5. Cersei is the Lady of the West. Since she's pre-occupied running the Seven Kingdoms into the ground and getting herself imprisoned, she had appointed one of her cousins Daven to be Warden of the West, since that appears to be a totally military position, and another cousin she named castellan of Casterly Rock.
  6. In aGoT, Cersei self-styled herself "The Light of the West."
  7. Agreed. I'd imagine that House Ladybright is probably very wealthy and/or a big mercantile house, so the position of Court Treasurer happens to go to the leader of House Ladybright happens to be, which this generation happens to be Lady Alyse. The Ladybrights seem to favorites of House Martell, in any event - one of Arianne's attendants/ladies-in-waiting is "Jayne Ladybright"
  8. One of the Princesses in the Tower (sisters of Baelor) served as the de facto Master of Coin, at some point. Lady Danelle Lothston led her retainers personally in the field, dressed in black armor. Evidently, there is a "Girl General" who leads a troop of sell-swords outside of Mereen. There is that Summer Islander woman who commands ships' archers on a trading vessel.
  9. On a hunch, the herb tarragon is sometimes known in culinary circles as the 'dragon herb' or 'dragon's tail.' That's a fairly obscure allusion, but I bet that's where he got it from.
  10. At the time of the quote - Cersei, Margaery and Daenerys.
  11. This. It would have been another Dance of the Dragons. The Targaryen support would have fractured and many of the houses would have thrown behind Rhaegar as the sane and legitimate rightful ruler. Further, Had Jon Arryn (it would have to be a different type of person) actually carried out those orders, I suspect that Houses Baratheon and Stark would have united and moved on the Vale.
  12. I've always noted this as a mistake on GRRM's part. Doran's public heir was his daughter, as everyone knew (those wacky Dornish) and even if you think that they were summoning Doran, Quentyn and Tristayne two sons would not be referred to as 'all his sons' - you would say 'both his sons.'
  13. Actually,the Targyen crown prince was the _Prince_ of Dragonstone. I always wonder if there was another courtesy title Prince of Summerhall (for the second son a la Duke of York), or that was just a poetic name for one specific dude. FWIW, the special title for the heir was mirrored by King Robb and heir, Brandon, Prince of Winterfell.
  14. House Dunn, because I would just the pink and black double-headed pelican to be blazoned everywhere. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/Heraldry/Entry/724/
  15. Here's the passage: A Storm of Swords - Catelyn V Grey Wind leapt up atop King Tristifer's crypt, his teeth bared. Robb's own face was cold. "That is as cruel as it is unfair. Jon is no Theon." "So you pray. Have you considered your sisters? What of their rights? I agree that the north must not be permitted to pass to the Imp, but what of Arya? By law, she comes after Sansa . . . your own sister, trueborn . . ." ". . . and dead. No one has seen or heard of Arya since they cut Father's head off. Why do you lie to yourself? Arya's gone, the same as Bran and Rickon, and they'll kill Sansa too once the dwarf gets a child from her. Jon is the only brother that remains to me. Should I die without issue, I want him to succeed me as King in the North. I had hoped you would support my choice." That's all pretty unambiguous. He specifically cut Sansa out because of her marriage, and he thinks that Arya, Rickon and Bran are dead.