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  1. rights and responsibilities of "Warden of X"

    The Wardens have specific military duties, largely for the defense and security of the territory. In times of invasion or insecurity they can summon troops in the king's name without the official approval of the king in far away Kings landing. They historically align with the holder of the lordship paramount of each region, or at least a member of the family, which is why Jaime Lannister being named Warden of the East was such an aberration. For example, it's very unlikely that Lady Jeyne Arryn, the Maid of the Vale, was the Warden of the East; it was probably a male relative, or one of her prominent bannermen. If she had married, it probably would have been her husband. Note - there are lesser wardencies (wardenships?). Some of the Dornish lords have warden titles of smaller territories. Also, when Robb was King in the North, which included the Tully lands around the Trident, he created his great uncle Brynden the 'Warden of the Southern Marches.' A march is a territory that is a border against a possible hostile territory.
  2. Suitable Marriages for Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys

    Daenerys herself thinks that she would have been a suitable bride for her nephew, Aegon. Viserys would likewise marry his niece Rhaenys, although the ages are less in alignment than Daenerys and Aegon Even now, Jon Connington is planning to have Aegon (who he believes to be genuine) marry Daenerys when she returns to Westeros.
  3. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Well, he manages to orchestrate an amphibious landing on Westeros and conquer a number of the castles in the Stormlands. Other than that, nothing.
  4. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    I believe that Margaery is a) a virgin b ) is way too canny and clever to be promiscuous when she is under the microscope in that pit of vipers and c) was attempting to get Moon Tea for her cousin Elinor who was betrothed to a handsome squire. I just think there was a narrative reason why they keep referring to them. In fact, I have developed a theory that while Elinor was betrothed to her nice Ambrose boy, she was secretly deflowered and knocked up by the Bastard of Driftmark, hence the need for the Moon Tea. Here are a selection of highly subjective quotes arranged in a way that supports my no-evidence theory: "Closest to Sansa's own age were the cousins Elinor, Alla, and Megga, Tyrells from junior branches of the House. "Roses from lower on the bush," quipped Elinor, who was witty and willowy. Megga was round and loud, Alla shy and pretty, but Elinor ruled the three by right of womanhood; she was a maiden flowered, whereas Megga and Alla were mere girls." "As for Elinor, she was promised to a young squire, a son of Lord Ambrose; they would be wed as soon as he won his spurs. He had worn her favor in the Battle of the Blackwater" "Margaery was dancing with her cousin Alla, Megga with Ser Tallad the Tall. The other cousin, Elinor, was sharing a cup of wine with the handsome young Bastard of Driftmark, Aurane Waters. It was not the first time the queen had made note of Waters, a lean young man with grey-green eyes and long silver-gold hair. " "Others come to pay court to her cousins. Elinor is promised to the Ambrose boy, but loves to flirt,"
  5. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Back in the day, the constant accompaniment by her ladies and cousins was as referred to the VPZ, Virginity Protection Zone.
  6. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    - one of the septons travelling with Victarion complained that the crewmen took him below decks and 'used him as a woman.'
  7. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Your question surmised that he must have be either gay himself or pro-gay rights (as opposed to being anti-gay rights, I suppose....) because he made those particular characters gay. It's a stupid, offensive question and you have no point
  8. Why are some of the coolest and most macho characters gay?

    Because there have always been gay people and there will always be gay people. There are literally thousands of named characters and hundreds of those are warriors. You can name four who the author decided to tell us are not straight, What is your point? Does he have to be gay to write about interesting characters who happen to be gay?
  9. Not bad, right? I realize that, but he did go out of his way to name all sorts of Stark household staffers (like the blacksmith and kennel master(and his daughter even!), for example), but I often think it an authorial choice meant to isolate Catelyn and show how alone she is without a real confidante after Ned leaves. He gave Sansa her own little retinue, for example. I have no doubt that Catelyn has own little squadron of tirewomen and dressers and such, but I would not be surprised that GRRM decided not to mention them by design. Otherwise we'd have lots of little scenes with Catelyn sending this maidservant to go listen at doors, or that senior lady-in-waiting to deliver a message, etc.... This is true. Although she was married in a time of war and general austerity, I'm sure that the daughters of her father's bannermen would have been placed in her retinue at least for her wedding, and maybe, I dunno, Brenda Blackwood, would have stuck around for a while, or something. It does seem like a corrective measure on his part to have made that reference as you noted. He never really gets into Cersei's retinue of ladies, either. Just Lady Jocelyn, mostly and maybe, to be generous, the Stokeworth gals. I would have expected that all those young, marriageable Lannister damsels to be present at court, as well as female members of Tywin's bannerhouses. He does show us that Margaery did show up with a train of ladies.
  10. I was always thought it perplexing that Catelyn didn't have at least _one_ Tully upper level servant or matron companion that traveled with her North after her marriage and stayed with her. Or even how her personal maid was never mentioned. I highly doubt Catelyn dressed herself or fetched her own meals. Also, since she's a practicing Seventologist, shouldn't she have been seen in the company of her septon, too?
  11. The Kingsgard's Squires

    Exactly. Just like Cersei's retinue of ladies is conveniently overlooked, even though attaching your eligible daughters to the wife of the liege was every bit as important to the feudal framework as attaching your sons as squires to notable knights was. They are there, silent, peeking through the narrative only when they are required for the plot.
  12. Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    I like this! It make sense. Lady Dustin has Barrowton by virtue of being allowed to maintain control in her dowager capacity, has the backing of the her own Ryswell family for the remainder of her lifetime, and has the backing (or lack of challenge) from what remains of House Dustin because she has a strong Dustin claim in her own right.
  13. Questions on inheritance

    Indeed. The Wardenships (Wardencies?) are historically associated with the High Lords of the various areas, but when the Lord Paramount is a child, or even a woman, the position tends to go to a seasoned military male relative. For example, when Jeyne Arryn, the Maid of the Vale, ruled, I highly doubt she was the Warden of the East. If she was married, it probably would have been her husband, but since she was not, it was most likely an Arryn cousin, or perhaps even a prominent male bannerman, like Lord Royce. Lady Johanna Lannister ruled Casterly Rock in a regency/dowager capacity - do we know who she had as Warden of the West?