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  1. Can we add/confirm this to the SSM:
  2. What do you Collect?

    It might be fun if you guys upload a photo of your collection. Coincidentally I am looking for an image of the novels in a matching set for the wiki, I might put it up there :)
  3. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Recently there were many great contribution, helping to better shape this community wiki. We have Also we have updated the Portal:Culture and Portal:Geography, some of the Timeline early entries and Portal:Characters should soon be reworked to include MUCH more of the characters we love to read about. Obviously there is still much work to be done and anyone is welcome to contribute. Expanding and Improving articles, fixing errors such as grammar or spelling mistakes, updating the Chapters Summaries as you go over the books etc its all greatly appreciated by us all.
  4. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I'll need to check the book to be sure, are you sure its not Andrew Estermont? Because the only Endrew we have listed is Endrew Tarth, who is a ranger...
  5. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Regarding Pentos, what treaty was imposed on it by Bravoos, one hundred years ago?
  6. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    good to know, maybe we can add it as trivia.
  7. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    True, I think it was due to the confusion with the Tv show, where Rakharo seems to be based on Jhogo.
  8. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I have uploaded a few images from the Tv show that you guys can use, I also tried to arrange it in more useful manner.
  9. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Personally, I dont see fundamental problem with the POV that "he's a good leader despite being crippled", that is if his disability is somehow impairs his ability to be a leader or their society does so(as in the case of Tyrion). With that being said, I am not particularly familiar with this specific character or what type of leader he was. You obviously seem to know about this character more than I do, so I encourage you to fix this, after all this is a collaborative effort, we all do what we can and if some mistakes happen you should assume good faith. Besides, even seemingly amateurish articles can evolve into polished masterpieces ;) P.S. I have long thought that our main articles should get some more polish, but with my English could do little to that effect. Also if you need any help with our family trees, oat-of-arms or anything else just post here, I'll be glad to help with any technical stuff and I know others are happy todo so aswell. EDIT: after catching up on I Willas I have edited his entry somewhat.
  10. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I seen that edit, Great job, we really need more people who improve the flow of our main articles. As for those English atrocities, unfortunately in many cases it is my domain, but we all contribute in the way we can. Anyway good to see you aboard ;) EDIT: I am the wrong person to answer on 'verb tense' but we have started a Manual_of_Style, to help with those issues and make sure that they are not lost.
  11. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Happy love day, to all fellow contributers, make sure to set some time aside for your love ones and make sure to do something "special" for them, which actually needs not be special just personal. :wub:
  12. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Good idea, I am not sure if we have any other articles that has the same issue to compare with, so IMO either that or this(if it is not to long): Siege of Storm's End (Robert rebellion) Siege of Storm's End (War of the five kings) could work.
  13. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    The simplest way to contribute is by using it and making a quick edit when ever you notice that something is missing or that needs a fix. if you wish todo more you can pick a topic of interest and improve entries related to it, there are also some suggestions in the Community portal.
  14. The ASOIAF wiki thread

    The Main_Page and few other Portals have been updated, to improve navigation and provide better access to various topics on the wiki. Recently we have also hit the 4,500 articles milestone! Congratulations everyone for your help and contribution, your effort is truly appreciate. Everyone else are welcome, join us and help build up our community resource, either by editing or providing feedback, creatique or ideas on how further improve the wiki. (If you are a member just click the WIKI on the top bar otherwise try this new Registration guide). Cheers and happy new year ;)
  15. true, still I doubt that GRRM will kill jon, or any of his characters that carter to a certain demographic. he will find a way.