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  1. So I'm thinking of tackling the series and am hoping to get some feedback from the Westeros community. Thoughts?
  2. R.I.P. Chris. "Burden in my Hand" brings back so many great high school memories.
  3. I can think of another author who should follow par.
  4. Care to back that eloquent assessment with any supporting evidence?
  5. So it turns the potentially game-changing reveal relating the US elections and Hillary more specifically never happened this morning as planned. Assange now claims the leaks will be publicized at the end of the year. Thoughts???
  6. If this has already been discussed, then my apologies... So assuming the nuke at Dagliash is planted by the Consult, why is it called a Tekne artifact since the Tekne deals with weaponization of biological agents and does not draw from physical science??
  7. Would any of you kind souls be willing to provide links to the first 10 or so Bakker threads? I've tried and tried using the search engine to no avail...
  8. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it! There's nothing worse than a stale playlist...
  9. Thank you kind poster, you obviously know your music. I've been enjoying alot of this stuff at the office today. Since you know your indie genres/sub genres so well, I'll throw out a few more artists/sub genres I enjoy and (maybe) you can point me towards similar musicians? - Purity Ring/Chvrches/Phantogram - San Cisco/Vampire Weekend -Miike Snow/Twenty One Pilots/ -White Denim/TV on the Radio/Foals
  10. Great band, one of my fav's. I'd consider them Indie but I guess musical standards are a'changin
  11. Curious to know what indie rock bands people have been listening to within the last year. As a Tame Impala fan, I'm really enjoying their recent release, Currents.
  12. Subject headings like this reinforce the idea that we've run out of suitable discussion topics