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  1. I think there might be merit to a grand faceless man comperisy theory, but not this big. It basically is summing up everything to be revealed all at the end. I think the biggest problem with something like this is there is so little information and hints for something of this magnitude to be plausable. There almost as many hits and subties for the Jon Targarian theory, and that is one detail about one persone. This theory calls for everything. If Grem were to write it there would be alot more hints so at least it would be obvous something was up, just not what or who exactly. And most of the reasoning from this theory is deducted from Vays, and while your rebuttals for him are strong, he is still only one person we know little about. However the faceless men are up to something, and mostlikely it has to do with part of what you said. Prop for the post
  2. The Mad Genius Of Petyr Baelish

    thanx for the epic post, But I believe varys is an even bigger and better player, and a bigger genius. He literally has a network of secret spies, explored all of the secret red keep to discover the passage ways, and climbed from nothing as well, maybe even less being a foreigner and an eunick, and took a much sorter rout. He basically arrived in Kings landing, and became a member of the small counsel immediately. Additionally, he was able to have plots going from afar in Esteros, and not only had a plot but a back up too, having two targs. We can not forget he is expert at manipulating too, as seen with his planed assignation of Keven. I believe the high sparrow was his work too, and the ideas and arming the faith coincides with the war to achieve a peaceful and righteous realm. He also used the "don't look threatening strategy" except instead of rising and becoming threatening has been patient and stayed looking not threatening. No one cares or even thinks about him anymore, and even as a reader I forgot about him in DoD until I was shocked and reminded of him in the epilogue. We are pretty sure of his motive as readers, but only because he confessed it to Keven so not many in the book know. Lastly, he also thinks on the fly, as the war in Westeros was not his doing and he was not ready, and probably was waiting a few years to get the ball rolling. But he adapts to this, keeps houses fighting, and then adapts again when Ageon shows up alone and without the Dragons, which is probably why he pulled Ageon out of hiding and had him meet tyron in the first place. And he is not successful yet, but if it wasn't for the other's attack, (and who plans for a zombie apocalypse) I think he would be successful. Oh and for some time now he has had no contact with other players or people, losses a big part of his spy network with the destruction of the tower of the hand, yet still manages to pay the game. Genius.
  3. Did Jon find the Horn of Winter?

    I don't think that it is the horn of winter. If there is to be a horn used at all, it will be to bring the wall down. That can't happen if the horn is broken and forgotten down in Old town. I guess Sam could bring it back up, but with all the politics in Old town, that may be a while. The wall will fall early in the next book unless Grem has plans for a surprise 8th book, so it just doesn't fit. However, that isn't to say the horn isn't somewhere else. It could still be north of the wall, it could be in the Stark cryps, and it could even be on Shakkos with Ricken. After all, there must be a reason why he gets sent there and Davos has to go get him. If Shakkos wasn't important, Ricken would have just gone to white harbor in the first place.