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  1. I just finished the lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. It takes some time to develop, but there is some intense political intrigue. It is especially good because there are numerous competing characters who are very smart; not just one or two, which is more realistic in government. Every interaction with the White or the Red are awesome, in my opinion.
  2. Catherine de' Medici was brutal ruthless, and was very cunning, although I don't know the history that well. France was falling apart politically because of large religious differences. There were a lot of mistakes made early on by many people pushing the country towards war, and as Catherine gained power she tried hard to prevent war. She did this violently, with massacres, and she even beat her children when they threatened the peace. Here sons took the throne solely because of her ability, and some think as her as the most power woman in 16th century Europe. While unable to achieve her goals, the fact that she survived at all is impressive. There might be some elements linking her to Robert. But I don't think the parallel is that strong.
  3. perhaps GRMM has something planned? There are a lot of small sayings that could end up significant, like how many times the Bear and the Maiden Fair are paralleled. I'm still waiting on something to do with the Dornishman's wife. So perhaps we await some giant debt paid/unpaid?
  4. How do we know Jeyne Westerling will show up in the Prolog? Also, there is a theory that the Jeyne Westerling Jamie sees at Riverrun in tFoC is not the real Jeyne. Earlier Catelyen complements Jeyne on having good, wide, childbearing hips. This is mentioned multiple times, I think. Yet Jamie notes Jeyne's narrow hips, in addition to her weepiness, awkwardness, and childlike appearance. The contradiction could be nothing, or could be some other puzzle we look forward to. As to attacking a prisoner's escort, remember we still have a 1000 wolf strong wolfpack...
  5. How long will it take the book to come out after an announcement that GRMM has finished writing? Will he announce, and then edit for six months, before release, or can he hold off news of editing and suddenly say the book will be published, say, three weeks from now? Is it possible that we can still get a summer release?
  6. Little finger is extremely wealthy. We know from Sanaa's Winds of Winter chapter that litter finger can feast people similarly to the purple wedding, which was a significant show of wealth the lannisters put on, at the same time as giving huge dowries and buying up debt. the iron bank is no where near bankrupt. My guess is that they are one of the richest organizations in the world. The faceless men founded the city of bravos and needed something to do with their wealth they extracted as payments, and thus Im guessing they founded, and work closely with, the iron bank. Bravos has probably the greatest navy in the world; they can build a warship a day; this is also probably part of the same organization. It seems like the million or so dragons that the crown owes is not very significant to the iron bank. That powerful of an organization does not become powerful and rich by making crippling investments. The iron bank lent to westeros knowing they could stomach the loss, or they were confident in their ability to extract repayment, or both.
  7. when GRMM had his talk with Steven King, he sarcastically made a comment about three chapters in 6 months. That of course can't be his average speed, but perhaps it was the speed he has been writing at since November? Maybe there is a scene he just can't get right, and is continually rewording portions and changing POV accounts to make it perfect? Or perhaps he has actually wrote like 15 chapters since then, but had scrapped the first 12 because of that twist maybe, or some other reason? It must be brutally hard to come up with a logical plot, with twits, where all the characters have believable and realistic motives and abilities, that fits in with previous foreshadowing, and that ends up largely where he has been planning all along. Like a piecing a puzzle or solving for flux, this must take some serious thinking.
  8. We need a first hand account. There are five PoV in the north, and I think GRMM will kill some for us in the upcoming book. There are two at winterfel, Theon and Asha, and either someone dies in the battle, (which we need a PoV to verify) or someone dies later, but survives the battle. If they survived the battle, then they can give an account at the very least. GRMM will not kill two PoV off screen however. I think everyone except Ramsey makes sense at this point. Mance would die before he allowed himself to be tortured, and the letter's information could have only came from Mance or Mel. Mance could have sent the letter himself, told stannis, or told Manderly; and Mel could have faked the letter. But Ramsey, even if he believed he won or actually won the battle, could not have sent the letter. Same goes with Littlefinger, although I would not be surprised if he is involved with the northern politics somehow.
  9. didn't Maegor also get killed by the iron Throne? not that this means very much, but it could be a signal that GRMM wrote hime to be evil and cruel.
  10. There are two more factions, I think, that could influence events in the capital. Loras Tyrell may be close to death on dragonstone, or that may be a lie, and he could defend Margaery. Also littlefinger still has influence, and if he wants Aegon, then he could push the faith to convict both queens. Doing so might result in a backlash and the destruction of the faith in KL, but with the Vale and Dorne backing him, Aegon does not need legitimacy. If Cerci flees with Tommen they could be set upon by Nymeria's wolf pack, which would have some nice symbolism. But I don't think that will happen, because of the Maggy the Frog Prophecy. A theory I have is that Sansa is the Valonqar. She's not male, but she is a little sister. Maester Aemon thinks that dragons are sexless and the Price that was Promised could as easily be a princess, because Valeryan, like the dragons, don't necessarily define male or female. This might apply to Cerci's Valonquar. Sansa did carry the poison in her hair for Joffrey's wedding, which I always thought was strange. Lady Olenna could have carried in the poison herself; why complicate matters with Sansa's hair net? Sansa could be the one to move against Tommen, and then Marcella, although this would mean Cerci comes away from the trial on top. What if the show had some truths to it, and Margaery appears to confess and repent? The Tyrell's might be very anxious to send forces home, both to defend from the iron born and defend from Aegon and Dorne. Instead of making new enemies, they may try to make new alliances before marching troops away, and so it is not impossible that they try to ally with the church, gain the protection from the faith's army, and use that influence to remove Cerci as their own armies go elsewhere. Then there is Qyburn, which I think is working for Doran Martel, and who may become more of a player. Overall, however, I don't think we will be seeing much of KL in Winds, and only hear about what is happening via other PoV.
  11. Perhaps Danny will die, and thus will marry no one
  12. GRMM stated that he can finally start bringing the many story lines back together, and thus kill off some of the points of views that will become redundant. This is necessary to wrap the books up in two volumes and no doubt more favorites need to die, as in the brilliantly tragic nature of the books. So far, we have 5 POV in slavers bay, with Daenerys, Ser Barrrison, Victarion, Tyrion, and Quenton. The Sun's sun is probably dead, but I wouldn't be surprised if two or even three of these others die some point in the next book. Unless Ashai or Valyria is introduced, I don't see why we need any more than 1 POV. We have 5 POV in the north: Jon, Davos, Theon, Asha, and Melisandre. Five is not necessary to resolve: White Harbor, crypts of winterfel, Skagos and Rickon, Staniss, Ramsey, the wall. There needed to be lots to introduce so much over a broad area, but after the battle for winterfel I think we only need two, and by the end of the book only Jon, (who may not resurrect until ADoS) and perhaps Melisandre (SHOW SPOILER: she would not be still alive unless she is still very important) will be alive. The other three are dead. We have Sansa in the Vale, Cersi in KL, Griff and Arianne Martell in the stromlands, Sam in Old Town, Aeron with the Iron Islands, Jamie and Berienne in the river lands, and Areo in Dorne. Big distances separate these character, and we still have many plots to uncover and weave, (Casterly Rock, wolf armies, Citadel politics, Leyton Hightower, the Blackfish, the god's eye, Dawn; to name a few) But no doubt many will be resolved. I could see GRMM shortening the cast, leaving 4 or 5 instead of nine at the end of winds. Then there is Arya and Bran who fit in their own categories and will be alive for a while yet. That leaves us with: 1 + 2 + 5 + 2 which is 10. Ten is a lot to wrap up in the last book. Some may live at the end of all this. But I think next book will be the one that culls the cast. Thoughts?
  13. I like your thoughts, but a lot of this assumes the show depicted actual events in the book, which I don't think will happen. I think the events in the show were possible outcomes that GRMM left open the possibility for. For example, he said his first draft Tyrion was by far his favorite character, but that it left the story locked in, and he wanted room to develop and change events and ultimately rewrote Tyrion. So GRMM, knowing that the show would spoil the books, gave D&D these alternative storylines that are not implausible, but will no longer be used, as to keep surprises for himself. Something not many people have considered is what if Danny herself betrays something, and is one of the three treasons. What if she decides to abandon Slaver's bay, cuts her losses, and moves on with the Dothraki army? Also, who is doing the drinking, when told "drink from the cup of ice, drink from the cup of fire?" Is Dany the fire, and Jon the ice, or is Danny above that, perhaps as the price that was promised, and has to both choose two other people resembling fire and ice respectively? Danny–John–Aegon alliance anyone? GRMM stated somewhere that he planned to introduce characters in three waves. I don't know if this still holds true, but if it does, will Winds introduce more players as a third wave? Old town? Ashai? The Vale? Bravos Politics? Additionally, Euron has been introduced as a wild card, but there are enough wild cards and players that GRMM did not need him for the story as just another contender for the throne. Rather, I think that Euron will become a major force in the next two books. (personally, I think he is an agent of the Great Other) So there is that complications as well. Also SPOILER from released Baltic material: { Euron does not depart for slavers bay, but remains in Westeros with some sort of mysterious sorcery ace-up-his-sleve, and therefore any alliance Dario would not be made with Euron } END SPOILER Lastly, while that is such a cool idea that we misread the bloody feast and another massacre is still to come, I don't think it is very plausible. I doubt Jon will come back to life for a while, possible not until DoS, and at that point politics will have ended for the North, and survival will have begun.
  14. It would be cool if Jon was named after Jaehaerys the conciliator, the masterful ruler which this essay details. (basically, Jaehaerys disarmed the faith, built the roads like the kingsroad, legitimized the night's watch, and brought 40 years of peace and unification to Westeros after inheriting at the age of 15 a realm falling apart by the mismanagement of Maegor the Cruel) Jon's song is the union, the conciliation, of ice and fire. While I don't think this is truly his name, it would be cool.
  15. So this was my favorite episode all season. Partly because there were a few little things I really liked which tied everything back to previous episodes and to the book. They played the Rains of Castamere during Cerci's coronation The Frey Pie Everyone wearing black for mourning Tommen jumping being a reference to Bran falling out the window GRMM foreshadowed this as a possible outcome back in book two, when 200 wildfire barrels are found beneath the sept. The pin for hand of the king One kingslayer to another (not a reference but I really liked it) Old Town being a reference to Alexandria and Beauty and the Beast Justice, Vengeance, Fire and Blood And in their hands, the daggers The light fixtures in the library were where the rings in the opening credits come from. And some little things I didn't like: Tommen's shroud was red, not gold. Jon said he would hang Melisandre, when as a stark he should always wield the sword. What happened to Willas?