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  1. Dany in the Show is cold, proud and ruthless, and has the makings of a tyrant, but Cersei is worse, and the Night King a much greater threat to humanity.
  2. Light of the Seven is wonderful. I liked Dig up Her Bones. And, the Rains of Castermere is very sombre. I was at a wedding at Dalhousie Castle, in Midlothian, last weekend, where it was played by a string quartet, appropriately enough in the Ramsay Room.
  3. Taking into account the value of houses and pensions, 13% of UK households have £1m + of assets. I would have thought the proportion would be higher in the USA.
  4. The Unsullied will drive them into the Dragonpit, where Drogon will devour them.
  5. Daenerys will burn him alive, with Ser Pounce.
  6. I thought The Best Man Wins, in the Book of Swords, was rather good.
  7. The Romans are both very familiar and very strange, and at times horrifying. One can laugh at their jokes, and life in Pompeii isn't much different from life in any prosperous Western town in say, the mid 20th century. On the other hand, they thought that crucifixion or rape by animals were entirely suitable punishments for rebellious members of the lower classes. When you think about it, some ancient societies had extremely impressive technology. Skara Brae had running water and sewerage. Stonehenge was built with materials transported from South Wales. People built underground cities in Cappadocia, with excellent sanitation; the Romans invented concrete, and mined and smelted on a huge scale. I've often thought that the Industrial Revolution could just as easily have happened two thousand years ago, rather than two hundred years ago.
  8. Their tax bills, however, would rise markedly if they were classed as employees. And, plenty of GPs do private work, although NHS work provides the bulk of their income.
  9. You'd be confronted with a lot of angry GP's and pharmacists.
  10. And don't forget Jesus' famous quotation:- "Man's greatest joy is to slaughter his enemies, to crush them and drive them before him, and to listen to the lamentations of their women."
  11. Because she does not deserve to linger on in such an awful mockery of life.
  12. Both Roose Bolton and Cersei are great villains.
  13. I fear that he'll be naming one of his puppies Beth, before long.