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  1. Death by dragon was a good deal less painful then Dany trying to chop their heads off with a longsword.
  2. Dany will have him burnt if he complains about it.
  3. To the O/P, could you please stop shouting?
  4. I'd say she wields more power than that. I'd step back further in time, and say it's more like one of the power struggles in the Roman or Byzantine Empires. Daenerys, like Caesar, will tolerate no rival or superior. Cersei is a usurper, but Daenerys is a dynast who is determined to establish her rule by force. That's not to see she would necessarily be a bad Queen, but the best the Smallfolk could hope for is that she keeps the peace, and prevents private war among the lords.
  5. Very well put. I'd also say that the reverse side of Dany's genuine compassion, in the books, is a self-righteous streak of cruelty. She takes satisfaction from inflicting unpleasant deaths on bad people. I think the Show tends to emphasise her selfishness and cruelty more than the books do.
  6. It depends. If you get hit with a full blast of dragonfire, like Randyll and Dickon, I expect it's a quick, if unpleasant way to go. The agony lasts for a few seconds, as it presumably did for Margaery and Loras when Cersei blew up the Sept. If you get just a part of your body burned, on the other hand, it's going to be much more painful. And, dragonfire, like wildfire, seems to stick to the body and spread. So, probably, a lot of Lannister soldiers will have taken minutes to die, or even now, be dying of their burns..
  7. I don't think elections and rights are plausible in this setting. The best the Smallfolk can hope for is to have a ruler who keeps the peace, and suppresses private war among her lords.
  8. This is (on the whole) a very interesting site, and if people can find a good deal to discuss about a particular series, it must have something going for it. There is, though, some very good discussion about Tolkien online, as well.
  9. I have considerable sympathy for Russia's claim to the Crimea, given that it was part of Russia till 1957, and the vast majority of its inhabitants wish to be part of Russia, but Russia has no claim to the Baltic States. Maybe it was unwise to let them join NATO, but it's now a done deal, they're economically integrated with the West, so the rest of NATO has no option but to fight if they come under attack. Given the presence of NATO forces in the region, I don't think that a fight is likely.
  10. No one seems to bat an eyelid at Cersei's massacre of hundreds of people in the Great Sept, and the surrounding district. You might at least expect to see riots that have to be crushed by Lannister soldiers. In reality, you'd expect to see Lannister soldiers defecting, given the balance of power, and the fact that Cersei has done nothing to win their support. The only thing that would keep them loyal would be if Dany was carrying out massacres of her own.
  11. Daenerys (or less likely Jon) may receive some form of acclamation from the people of Kings Landing, but the public won't really be choosing her to rule over them. She will rule by right of descent and/or conquest. Missandei can choose to leave her service, but that's not a choice that's open to the Smallfolk of Westeros.
  12. I'm pretty sure no other writer would do as Tolkien did, create a world, with its own legends, histories, and languages, purely for his own intellectual amusement, 20 years before he actually published anything set in that world.
  13. I think that good worldbuilding is something that's nice to have, rather than something that's essential.
  14. I assume that a period of some days has passed since the battle and her return to Dragonstone. I haven't seen anything to suggest that Dany gets aroused by burning and torturing people, whereas Cersei does.