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  1. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    Dany comments internally that Westeros would never accept Hizdahr as her husband. Presumably, that means not even as consort, let alone a King. Assuming that she had no intention of repudiating her marriage to Hizdahr, that would suggest that she would take a second husband if and when she took the Iron Throne.
  2. Jon was born a bastard and remains a bastard.

    A morganatic second marriage might have been a possibility. Not only could Elia not bear a third child, she was at risk of death if she conceived. Presumably, she and Rhaegar would have agreed at that point not to have any further sexual relations.
  3. Unfortunately, it's now confirmed that one woman has died and other people have "catastrophic injuries".
  4. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    A few years ago, I asked how exactly nipple magic works, but no one had a clear answer.
  5. George's story in Book of Swords

    I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about Visenya, Maegor, Aenys and Tyanna.
  6. Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick

    Does she use Nipple Magic?
  7. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    That's true, although there are significant parts of Witcher 3 that can't really be reconciled with the text of the Lady of the Lake.
  8. Thanks to Marlowe, Derek Jarman and others, people believe that Edward II was "the gay king", but there's little contemporary evidence for it. He was certainly very close to, and in some respects, dominated by, various royal favourites, like Piers Gaveston, Roger Damory, and Hugh De Spenser. But, who knows if they were lovers? There's no reason to doubt that his marriage to Isabella was a genuinely loving one for many years (they had four children together and were generally reckoned to be close). Their marriage did eventually fall apart, but that was due to political disagreements, and the mutual loathing that she and Despenser had for each other. When they got married, he was 24 and she was 12. It was natural, and standard practice for the time, that they would not have had sexual relations until she turned 15 or 16.
  9. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    Well, I have now finished, and thought it a great series, I've not yet decided what I think about the ending. It's obviously ambiguous.
  10. I cannot understand people who wish to pay nothing, or very little, towards the running of the societies which they live in. Life is good (in general) for almost everybody in Western democracies, particularly the rich, and that's worth paying for. Being very rich in London or Munich is way better than being very rich in a lawless society where you can be kidnapped, imprisoned, asset-stripped, or murdered, notwithstanding that taxes may be higher. But, in general, I would consider it reasonable for rich people to object to paying more than half of their income to the State (except in cases of national emergency).
  11. Rent-seeking in the UK is indeed a problem. Above and beyond a certain level, in both private and public sectors, it seems that you can't fail to be rewarded. Even if you screw up horribly, you'll get a big pay off and become a consultant (unless you're guilty of a serious criminal offence).
  12. They earn about 14% of pre-tax income. The government does pretty well at extracting taxes from them.
  13. In his case, he didn't have to do terrible things. Most people in Northern Ireland managed to avoid doing so.
  14. This is the worst poll for Labour that I can remember. While one must always be cautious about sub-samples, it even has Labour trailing the Conservatives among the unemployed.