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  1. Sapphires = Secrets

    By the way and apropos nothing, I went and tried to find what sapphires are classically meant to symbolize irl. There is little the different websites can agree on, but wikipedia mentions that they are the traditional gift for a 65th wedding anniversary. Pretty exactly 65 years before our novels start, Walder Frey married his first wife. Coincidence? (Yes.)
  2. Arya's warging of Nymeria in AFFC covers the distance from Braavos all the way to the Riverlands. So distance alone should not be a concern. (I'm aware that this addresses only a part of your post.)
  3. Sapphires = Secrets

    Addressing the claim that "sapphire = secret pertaining to this scene" is so broad as to be unfalsifiable: I think it's very important to check whether that is the case (very much so: my minor was theory of science and my heart sings every time I see someone questioning falsifiability), but on consideration and test I think it very decidedly isn't unfalsifiable. For the simple reason that analogous theories of equal falsifiability can be falsified. The first (and considering the conclusion only) one I tested was "bacon = secret pertaining to this scene". If you don't trust me that it's not cherry picked, I encourage you to try a random word of similar frequency yourself. In AGOT, bacon is mentioned in several scenes: 1) Tyrion talking to the twins about Bran, his fall and his tale when he wakes up. Check. 2) Luwin reports that Bran is still unchanged. Uncheck. 3) Sansa hears that Ned went with the king to hunt aurochs and thinks that she has never seen one herself. Uncheck. 4) Rast refuses to hold back when sent against Sam. Uncheck. 5) Jon prepares to desert. At least with a broader definition, let's count it as check (cause he doesn't want to be seen and stuff). Let's move on to ACOK: 6) Bran feasts his brother's bannermen, Luwin thinks he's done well. Uncheck. 7) Jon tells Gilly that it's extremely unlikely that they'll take her with them and it's not his decision anyways. Uncheck. 8) Jon breakfasts with the rangers. One of them boasts that he slept with three of Craster's women during the night, so I'll count that as a check even though that boast isn't very central to the scene. 9) Mormont tells Jon not to feed his bird, as he just gave it bacon, Jon sitreps. Uncheck. 10) Rangers return and sitrep (without any visible deception). Uncheck. ... I'm gonna stop here, because it becomes quite obvious that even if you're very eager to find a connection of bacon to secrets, it's never going to be anywhere near as tight as the correlation between sapphires and secrets. I got 3 hits out of 10 and for the sake of argument tried to go out of my way to find hits. Maybe someone better at bendy thinking will get a slightly higher number... but nothing near the sapphire's perfect score I wager, unless "pertaining to the scene" is just replaced by "somewhere in the same book". Not sapphire grade. Tl;dr: While it's very commendable to check whether a theory is falsifiable, this one passes that test easily. While a refinement may be possible (no idea about that), it's not necessary to make the theory meaningful - it already is.
  4. Sapphires = Secrets

    Absolutely, if the interpretation was just "sapphires = a character has some secret somewhere", then this theory would have too little explanatory power to be considered properly backed up because it would be too difficult to falsify anyways. However, as it's "sapphires = a secret is relevant just now", then the theory suddenly becomes pretty impressive. Many of the secrets in the examples are relevant in just this very scene, or at least in very few scenes involving the character. And it just happens to be the scene with the sapphires... that's a pretty concrete and testable hypothesis, and it seems to have been impressively confirmed.
  5. Sapphires = Secrets

    Ah, very nice stuff. The combined weight of almost 30 instances of evidence is hard to ignore when it's laid out so excellently. About the Mance question I believe it makes perfect sense that Mance's statement about "no sapphires" should be seen as an insistence for authenticity - and thus it fits in very nicely with the sapphire=secret theme.
  6. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    This referred to Dany. Moqorro has seen Dany as wed in her flames (correctly, Dany wed Hizdahr), but Vicky shrugs it off, planning to widow her (i.e. kill Hizdahr) so that she's available again. This is less clear, but the laughter during the hand healing was described as wild and mad. Maybe it was Vicky due to the pain or some hallucinogen or such, maybe it was Moqorro who transformed himself into some magic wielding state of ectasy. The singing later was described as wailing and said to be High Valyrian. It was probably Moqorro and part of a spell.
  7. Tyrion went east and wound up a slave. I don't know, but something similar could have happened to Shiera.
  8. Wow, I'm deeply impressed. I know the theory about Mel being Shiera herself, and that never made sense to me (especially because it clashes with Mel's memories from her childhood). However, being her daughter... that seems to be a strong idea. Plus of course, it fits in mindblowingly with the AA prophecy. Good stuff.
  9. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Welcome to the forum, snowangel! :grouphug: Viserys's Targaryen Superimmunity Illusion is most like just what the name says, an illusion. After all, there have been numerous Targs who've gotten all kinds of sick in the past (and an extra amount if you look at the prequel books). Dany didn't catch the Pale Mare despite contact with the people, but neither did Barristan, Grey Worm, Marselen, the Dothraki and the others named in that scene who all helped as well. And conversely, Jon Con got sick with Greyscale but not Tyrion, but infection is always kind of a roulette game: In equal circumstances, sometimes you get infected and sometimes not. There's a plot reason for Jon Con to get it (makes him agree to the accelerated conquest plan, makes his arc more tragic), but also a very good reason for Tyrion not to get it (don't lose the author's and many fans's favourite character). What Dany has caught exactly in the last chapter is a subject of much debate. Many people (me included) believe that she had a miscarriage on top of all things (possibly triggered through eating the berries), but as I said, others believe differently (e.g. here).
  10. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Absolutely, it was an unorthodox move. It wasn't just random however: Daenys Targaryen (called 'The Dreamer') was a gifted prophetess and had visions that persuaded her father to move to Dragonstone. Turned out well for them.
  11. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    The Targaryens were the only one of the Patrician families to emigrate from Valyria before the Doom. They took their dragons with them of course, but the other noble families all dwelled in Valyria, so that's where all the dragons were (during peacetime at least).
  12. Stannis's Decision to have Renly killed (long post).

    No way Renly would have accepted. He was confident he could be King of the Seven Kingdoms (and considering his pov, that was not an unreasonable expectation), why would he settle for just one of the seven?
  13. Theory: Darkstar's father (TWoW Spoilers)

    Yeah, I have to admit that when I opened this thread, I expected just another "Darkstar is the PtwP and his father was a god and his mother a unicorn", but this actually has a lot going for it. Kudos, Russo!
  14. Yes, we see do her thinking of it. Well, probably: What Cersei did was think that Balon Swann had a secret mission in Dorne which she shouldn't share with the Small Council. Of course we can't tell for sure whether that secret mission she gave Balon is really exactly the secret mission Doran's intel described. (My personal gut feeling though is a very strong: "Of course it is, that plan is so typically Cersei!") Considering she didn't share her plans with the Council, the only one she did share them with would probably be Taena, possibly also Qyburn (but probably not, also as his expertise isn't needed at all). If she was overheard by one of Varys's or possibly Littlefinger's informants when she was talking to Taena or Balon, then they could be the source of the information... but I personally would put my money on Taena directly.
  15. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    He does indeed: Roughly a century ago, Dany's great great great grandfather King Daeron II brought Dorne into the realm by marrying a Dornish princess and Daeron's sister (who was btw also called Daenerys) married the Dornish prince Maron Martell, Quentyn's ancestor. What dragon blood he has is quite diluted now of course.