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  1. Arya's warging of Nymeria in AFFC covers the distance from Braavos all the way to the Riverlands. So distance alone should not be a concern. (I'm aware that this addresses only a part of your post.)
  2. This referred to Dany. Moqorro has seen Dany as wed in her flames (correctly, Dany wed Hizdahr), but Vicky shrugs it off, planning to widow her (i.e. kill Hizdahr) so that she's available again. This is less clear, but the laughter during the hand healing was described as wild and mad. Maybe it was Vicky due to the pain or some hallucinogen or such, maybe it was Moqorro who transformed himself into some magic wielding state of ectasy. The singing later was described as wailing and said to be High Valyrian. It was probably Moqorro and part of a spell.
  3. Tyrion went east and wound up a slave. I don't know, but something similar could have happened to Shiera.
  4. Wow, I'm deeply impressed. I know the theory about Mel being Shiera herself, and that never made sense to me (especially because it clashes with Mel's memories from her childhood). However, being her daughter... that seems to be a strong idea. Plus of course, it fits in mindblowingly with the AA prophecy. Good stuff.
  5. Welcome to the forum, snowangel! :grouphug: Viserys's Targaryen Superimmunity Illusion is most like just what the name says, an illusion. After all, there have been numerous Targs who've gotten all kinds of sick in the past (and an extra amount if you look at the prequel books). Dany didn't catch the Pale Mare despite contact with the people, but neither did Barristan, Grey Worm, Marselen, the Dothraki and the others named in that scene who all helped as well. And conversely, Jon Con got sick with Greyscale but not Tyrion, but infection is always kind of a roulette game: In equal circumstances, sometimes you get infected and sometimes not. There's a plot reason for Jon Con to get it (makes him agree to the accelerated conquest plan, makes his arc more tragic), but also a very good reason for Tyrion not to get it (don't lose the author's and many fans's favourite character). What Dany has caught exactly in the last chapter is a subject of much debate. Many people (me included) believe that she had a miscarriage on top of all things (possibly triggered through eating the berries), but as I said, others believe differently (e.g. here).
  6. Absolutely, it was an unorthodox move. It wasn't just random however: Daenys Targaryen (called 'The Dreamer') was a gifted prophetess and had visions that persuaded her father to move to Dragonstone. Turned out well for them.
  7. The Targaryens were the only one of the Patrician families to emigrate from Valyria before the Doom. They took their dragons with them of course, but the other noble families all dwelled in Valyria, so that's where all the dragons were (during peacetime at least).
  8. He does indeed: Roughly a century ago, Dany's great great great grandfather King Daeron II brought Dorne into the realm by marrying a Dornish princess and Daeron's sister (who was btw also called Daenerys) married the Dornish prince Maron Martell, Quentyn's ancestor. What dragon blood he has is quite diluted now of course.
  9. A miscarriage seems likely (though there are also people who believe in a strong period or bleeding from illness), mainly due to the reason you mentioned. If by 'prophecy' you mean Mirri's implication that Dany won't bear a living child again, then that's still unbroken (and generally, being able to conceive does not necessarily mean being able to carry the child to term).
  10. 1) I think the idea behind that is that Tarly despises weakness and is in a position of strength, while Mace Tyrell is a bit of a blundering oaf. Tarly fought on the Targ side during the rebellion (as did the Tyrells though), so there is some speculation that he might be well placed to stab the Tyrells in the back to make Tarly the supreme house of the Reach. But you are right: This is still all highly speculative. 2) I don't think that this theory has any serious following. People just love twins and come up with (sometimes admittedly cool) ideas about them, but there's no real evidence and the ages don't match up.
  11. I think cbhamlyn refers to Tyrek, Bob's other Lannister squire, gone missing during the food riots in King's Landing. He does fulfill the requirement of curly hair. Edit: Included a link to Tyrek's page. My, aren't I fancy today.
  12. Ooh, I love that thought. It explains that feeling of "he's not just random" and our inability to ID him - it's not his ID that's important, it's just his origins and belongings. Nice, but not good enough for all caps :P
  13. I've wondered the exact same thing. I've posed the question before, but no ideas were forthcoming - here's to better luck this time. :cheers: Edric is a troubling thought, but I don't remember that his hair is curly, which would make him safe. For what it's worth, Lannisters and Tyrells are known for curls - but then they can hardly be the only ones.
  14. Most probably the captive uncle she refers to is Edmure - I know he's easy to forget about cause the Stark side is the more interesting side of her family, but he's an uncle just as much as Brandon (dead) and Benjen (lost).
  15. The Others seem to be who controls the wights. They look like tall ice fairies, white skin, but very much alive. They have an extreme weakness to obsidian, it will melt them. They don't like fire but it's not such a killer weapon against them as against their wights. Think: Winter's necromancers with obsidian as cryptonite. The wights on the other hand are reanimated corpses and look the part. If one attacks you, set it on fire, they're highly flammable. Obsidian doesn't help you anymore than a normal stone. Think: Zombies. Both have burning, bright blue eyes (even wights whose bodies had a different eye colour when alive).