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  1. I am ashamed to say I am soooo very behind in my reading I hope to catch up soon! Hey You!!! I'm so behind on my tv shows too I think the only thing I actually watched was TWD. I will need to Mosey on over to the entertainment crowd. What's new in spamland?
  2. Sometimes I envy those people I know that haven't read the books and watch every Sunday with ease - without constantly silently screaming WTF is going here? I feel like I did a whole lotta silent mind screaming this episode. So much so that I came back home to westeros to read every one else's vents (haven't visited in months). What they did to Olenna, my spirit animal, is shameful. This woman outsmarted how many men for how many years and all the sudden just hides away and waits for Jaime to arrive? I get that they went out of their way to show Tarly switched sides but come on, Olenna was smarter than that. I will say, the actors are Devine despite the crap they are given to work with. Dany can't wrap her head around the boogeyman in the north yet has magical dragons. Ok. Tyrion sends her armies off without thinking that maybe his sister might out smart him? If I were Dany I'd be beginning to wonder if my hand were actually on my side. So far team dragons is losing. I could go on but I think overall it's looking more and more sloppy as there is less book material to work from. That is not to say that I don't enjoy watching, i do. It is still by far one of the better shows on tv. I just have to deal with all the dots that aren't connecting as they would in the books.
  3. Hello good people of spam!
  4. FB thank you for posting. I actually popped in to see if anything was posted here as I never venture to genchat. I didn't realize on Facebook that it was Bonesy that passed. I only had the briefest of interactions with him but he seemed like a lovely person. The world is worse with out him. Im hoping to be here a bit more often. We are putting our house on the market this Friday and will be officially relocating which will mean I will have much more time on my hands as I won't have a job. Hope you are all doing well!
  5. Spam has been productive! Just here to say happy Monday!
  6. Save me from this work boredom... ugh. I cant take much more CPR training.
  7. I bet if you won you'd be an excellent overlord.
  8. How does that work exactly? Has anyone seen LT lately?
  9. I'm so tired of politics. I figured this would be the one place I wouldn't find it. Boooo. Flower power is groovy and we need a groovy governess.
  10. right back at ya Con of Thrones? Do tell! It has rained a lot here and I love it. How about you? Are you still up way north?
  11. We are fantastic! How are you? You actually popped into my head and so I thought I'd come here and check in.
  12. *peeks in* *waves* Leaves cookies and tea... The smell of the spamsmoot has lured me in.
  13. ^^ Zar should be popping up soon with his festive Joffrey in tow...
  14. I have caught kid crud i will be missing my first day of work tomorrow and it's only week 3 oh well. I also had my front door key break off in the lock today, so I will need to fix that when I am actually human again.
  15. I have made the executive decision that I will be Linda Belcher for Hallows eve. Spawn has chosen Kylo Ren.