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  1. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    Congrats Goat, Lany & FoMN!! well done
  2. Grimm 3.0 [SPOILERS]

    Or in the future, if Diana gets out of control, Kelly would have to kill her. Because he's super Grimm
  3. Grimm 3.0 [SPOILERS]

    I think the stick has something to do with Christ so probably from the cross, the crown or the spear. The only theory I can come up with, and it's a stretch, is that it actually raises the dead (hopefully I'm not repeating someone else's theory). So if the royals were to get a hold of it they could raise the dead/be immortal. I'm not entirely sure about that logic, lol. I just can't think of why it would be dangerous if it heals people. Unless when it's used it takes a toll on the person using it? I actually like Adalind and nick. I think she actually loves him. I'm not so sure about him being in love with her. He got pretty excited that Juliette was back.. Actually, I think Nick would be a great stepdad for Diana. Better than Renard anyway. Imagine the fuss if the wesen world knew about them? They freaked out about Rosales and Monroe. A Grimm and a hexenbeast really should be written about in their history books.
  4. Grimm 3.0 [SPOILERS]

    Re: lycanthrope - it's a viral infection that usually afflicts the blutbaden but Rosalee said there isn't much research on the subject so it is possible it can effect humans and cause them to become primitive. I enjoyed the finale but the ending with Bonaparte seemed rushed. Unless it was just a means to show how powerful Diana is and potentially can be. I'm still not sure of Renard is actually a part of black claw, if he's just trying to stay alive and be on the winning team or if he's the same Renard and just trying to infiltrate. My guess is that he enjoys the power but the premiere could easily show him telling nick that he was really just trying to keep Diana and kelly safe. The magic stick has me curious. If it's meant to heal I'm wondering if Wesen are simply infected and the stick heals them of that? But then it didn't taken Monroe's Wesen-ness away. So I'm not sure about that theory. If it is a piece of the cross and cures evil it should have had the same effect on Monroe as well unless it is a matter of how much a person is healed or in contact with the stick? And agree about Juliette. I actually enjoy nick and Adalind together. And I enjoyed Eve (minus the pointless wig). On a side note, excited to see Rosalee and Moneoe's baby.
  5. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    I love it when I click a link and my heart flutters a little.
  6. Supernatural 3

    I have a feeling Ackles may not renew his contract. I hope I'm wrong but as much as I'm sure they want a steady huge paycheck I'm sure they also want to put their talent to other use. If they both continue for another season that should probably be the last one. As much as I love the show it can only go so far.
  7. Supernatural 3

    I actually had to look up to see if they are renewed for next season because the episodes have been so good I was expecting it to end. Looks like they have a new show runner and Carver is stepping down. Hopefully they continue to write at this level because I've loved this half of the season.
  8. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    I took him to Universal Studios to see the new Wizzarding world. It was tons of fun Cora I owe you a msg! I hope everything's well Don't wanna go to work tomorrow.
  9. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    To be fair, it's pretty much all homesteading off the grid stuff that I already know but like to skim anyway This is marvelous news!! So proud of you! Must feel goooood to be done with it. Glorious theme - well done. Punny pun for you Still laughing that you referenced Veggie Tales and the Pirates that don't do anything Hiddee ho y'all! Taking the spawn to see the new Harry Potter stuff at universal tomorrow. *please no lines please no lines please no lines* Tis all for now
  10. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    i am following this thing on FB that has daily free ebooks. Mostly to do with gardening and diy stuff but I am sure there must be a fiction version/non fiction version? I have a collection on my kindle of probably ho hum reading but I figure why not it's free! Not that I ever have time to read them .... >_> Eyron - glad you are doing so well on the no carbs. I never liked sweets either until I became pregnant. Then all hell broke loose. Gluten free isn't too difficult either. I actually already feel a bit better. But as you say, we shall see how long I hold up. Tomorrow is Friday.
  11. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Now that's more like it
  12. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Helloooo y'all. Lily I was dying when I read that post! Thanks fer the giggle. I decided 4 days ago to kick gluten since I k ow I am allergic to it. Just not anaphylactic like peanuts. It's not that difficult really but I have been dozing off throughout the day like barely hanging on at work. And last night I was cooking rice for my homemade dog food and dozed off and nearly burned the house down! My eyes are heavy right now! The only thing I can link to it is going gluten free weird side effect. I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I clicked on BB's link. I was not expectingAdam Driver and would have preferred what my imagination was anticipating
  13. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Put me in the boat of those without HBO. Don't really care that I'm missing it though. Pretty indifferent at this point I think last season killed the joy of the show for me I will be watching the Incredibles with spawn instead, eating lemon basil cream shrimp pasta.
  14. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    How did the CT scan go? Are they looking for kidney stones? And yah, 96 oz of water per day is starting to wear on me. But if I even try not to drink a ton of water I get a headache and feel icky. So I'm stuck using the restroom at work like 6 times in 4 hours They now have organic Capri Sun should you feel like being adventurous. Is this the same fellow you mentioned a while back that you thought may have been interested but you weren't sure? Sounds lovely - keep up the good work And I'm 4'10" so yah, kissing has never not been awkward. But hey, when you aren't standing there's not much of a height difference And now to boring life stuff: I had a water balloon fight with my spawn today!! It was fun - but when I was putting him to bed he told me that he now has to nap at school in a separate room from the other kids. Now i knew that they had him in the same room but sort of partitioned off because he was talking and being distracting. I spoke with the teacher and told them I thought that making a 5 year rest for 2 hours (!!!) was a lot to ask of a kid that doesn't normally nap. I'm trying really hard to not lose my shit right now because he hates being alone. It's his biggest fear and yet they have him in a room, by himself, for like 2 hours I'm really not ok with that. And none of the staff bothered to tell me or run it by my approval. Ugh. Not a happy mama right now.
  15. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Somehow I lost my quotes. Seems to happen with this fancy new site setup. I missed KiDs birthday - Happy Very Belated birthday KiD I hope it was just what you wanted Bucky Just teasing... good for you Bucky glad you enjoyed Vienna! So a few weeks ago I had my lab work done and it came back with elevated creatinine levels, low ALT and GFR of 60. All indications of kidney disease. Doctor said I may just not be hydrated enough ( I drink a ton of water!) so I was scared these last two weeks but managed to up my H2O intake to 3 liters daily and retested a few days ago and everything was pretty much in he normal territory *WHEW*! Talk about anxiety through the roof for two weeks. Hope y'all are enjoying life and loving to the fullest. I have been waiting for HBO to inform me of a free two months that they usually do every year just in for GoT. No such luck. I will take it as a sign to just not watch since I'm not sure I want to see their version before George's.