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  1. WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS! I'm so sorry, it's such an obvious awful joke and yet I couldn't resist. I am very much looking forward to Rhae's driving adventures. You truly get a new outlook on humanity once you experience people on the road. I see customer service has died globally. I honestly thought it was a U.S. phenomenon. It's pretty non existent anymore here. Dealing with healthcare providers in particular usually means doing everyone's job but the doctors. ZAR!!! Hello my friend! How have you been? KiD!!! So good to see you here too! Oh my. You must be very busy. Grateful you're doing what you're doing - so many people need help right now. I can not sleep and it's driving me crazy. You know when you're so tired you can't even sleep? Yep. I am sadly ignorant to global holidays - is Halloween an American thing? I'm very much looking forward to it - pumpkins and trick-or-treating with the lil ones. We are going to this really neat Living history museum here in AZ and they will be playing Ghostbusters - which was a staple in my 80's childhood and have ghost hunts for the adults. i know they've done several of those ghost hunting shows at this location.
  2. Vegas As we are discussing children play fighting with guns, nonetheless. I certainly don't have the answers but I'm so lost in the world we live in. People are so angry. So ready to hurt others. Its terrifying that kids can't go to school safely, people can't ride the train, can't go to a concert, etc. Thank goodness for little places on the big web like this
  3. Yep. We pretended transformers and G.I. Joes and Star Wars. Pew pew pew. Those days of joy are long gone It is so strange for this state since its an open carry state. But I guess they think a 7 year old will come to school and open fire. Maybe they aren't wrong, it has probably happened before. It's just so strange to me. Times they have changed.
  4. What now? That's pretty darn extreme. This world has really turned upside down. I actually called the super intendant - not to get the teacher in trouble but to understand what exactly the districts policies and procedures are. Actually, I didn't even mention the school or teacher. But she said that no, taking away food and water is not standard practice and not ok. She wanted me to talk with the principal but I don't want to escalate anything. I did, however, discover that AZ is one of 18 states that currently allow corporal punishments in school. What the regular F*. Nearly all school districts ban that form of punishment but over 100,000 students were physically disciplined here last year. That is insane to me. And the superndidnt even know about it! She couldn't believe it either! @Rhae - kids are not allowed to be kids anymore I guess. Bizarre. Happy weekend folks My 16 year old cat had a dental today - this is fantastic as two different vets in CA did not want to give him a dental for the last three years due to his kidney disease. Our new vet is amazing and I'm thrilled my kitty is no longer in dental pain and he seems to be recovering well.
  5. Music? Queen. That's easy. My mama feathers were rustled yesterday when we got a note home about the spawns behavior. Apparently he played with his snack and water bottle as if they were a gun. His punishment, per the teacher, was to not allow him to bring a snack or water to school today. That did not go over so well with the queen of thorns! Take away his recess, have him eat snack in isolation but no, you will not deprive my growing child of food or clean filtered water. And she had the nerve to tell me that her punishment was the logical punishment. Nope. Pretty sure all children have a basic right to water, food and bathroom usage. Still debating whether to take this to the principal/district. Parenting and adulting are so not fun at times.
  6. Rhae is that the vanity? It's very pretty! I hope to sand and paint mine soon. Or at least sometime this year. I find converse hard to walk in. Is that weird? My rant for the week: Cable. Where we live now has only two decent internet/cable providers. And I feel they are comitting extortion. They are charging $105/month just for internet. No cable tv just internet. I think they have figured out how to hold customers hostage financially by increasing internet rates to offset the lack of customers wanting cable. Most people have Netflix or apps instead of cable right? We don't really watch tv and prefer the quality of PlayStation vue over the crappy quality of the cable tv here. But a "bundle"'of cable, internet and land line phone is $128/month. Internet alone is $105. How does that make any sense? Obviously, there is precisely zero interesting things going on in my life right now. I certainly hope your weekend was more exciting.
  7. The last 3 episodes of jack taylor were not worth watching. Boo. Now on to finding the next show... Stay-at-home momming was the absolute hardest job I've ever had and I've had some grueling jobs. It's so much more work than "work". But also much more rewarding, imo. I had to go back to work because my son needed a very, very structured learning environment that I wasn't able to provide on my own. Now that we've moved and I'm looking for work again, it amazes me how quickly the day flies by. I don't get nearly as much done as I want to.
  8. If I had seen this earlier I would have warned you. I stared watching Jack Taylor, because you know, Iain Glen. I actually kind of like it though it is sorta cheesy. It has good reviews on IMDb but on Netflix it's like 3 stars *shrug*
  9. We left California for exactly all of the reasons you listed. We got so tired of constant police/fire sirens, helicopters overhead and the oh so fun game every night of "was that a gunshot or fireworks". Not even exaggerating. I worked part time for the last 4 years (well pretty much full time with the commute) and enjoyed it even though part of me felt like I was "wasting" my degree. But I was happy and I got to spend more time with my son. I honestly love homemaking but i seem to be in the minority these days. I guess I could have just as easily said I like your /familydaydreams. I can certainly relate.
  10. I love the smell of my percolator in the morning
  11. So we had to move when I was 6 months pregnant with our a second story apartment no less. Here I was all 4'10" of pregnant belly marching up and down the steps with furniture. Please, do not do what I did. Hire the pros. I'm still mad at my husband for not hiring them
  12. I've never heard of anything like that - stripping a home down before selling. That could be both good or bad depending on the state of the home prior, I would think. I wish I had the skill set to install my own flooring. That would have made a lot more houses much more appealing. We avoided buying many at a lower cost because they had carpet. I really do not like carpet. Not with kids, pets and asthma. Plus there is great satisfaction in doing something yourself the way you like. I take care of some diy things but not all. We moved last month to the Phoenix area. A great many Californians are moving here. But hubs had been working here since last November and the commute was just too much and it's so much cheaper here. Our home is twice as big and we made substantial equity in the sale of our old home (which btw - the plumbing backed up and burst and was a nightmare two weeks before closing the sale. It was insane). Lil O is in a good public school so no more private school tuition. Honestly, I don't miss CA at all but that may change the longer I am here, but hopefully not. I am envious of your drive to get the Ph.D - I wish you all the best success. Dr. Buck does have a satisfying ring to it! For some reason I thought you lived in southern California. No idea why I thought that.
  13. Oh my goodness that's a lot! What kind of flooring are you putting in? You have a three level house? That sounds very big! I haven't even started the garden either. But it's so hot right now I don't even want to.
  14. Agreed the only non expensive furniture we looked at were used pieces that I would have to completely refinish. I already have two tables and an antique vanity that I need to strip and paint. Trying to do all that to a China cabinet and entertainment center just didn't sound like a task I want to take on. Plus we don't have a truck to pick it all up with. And yes, all the new furniture we saw in stores was really pretty ugly. At our old house we bought a used Ektorp sofa that lasted us years and went through so much abuse - so we bought two new ones and I have to say I think they are very comfy. I've managed to assemble the China cabinet and the desk I bought for sewing. I still have so many boxes to put together. It's kind of like Legos for adults though with confusing instructions. In other news I have to start painting the new house... all 2000 sq ft of it. I don't even know where to begin. Happy weekend everyone
  15. This! Glad I wasn't the only one. I try to enjoy it. I really do. We invaded ikea last weekend. I decided to just go the ikea route for furniture we need because 1. Spawn and pets destroy everything so why waste money on expensive furniture. And there is no 2. Ikea is not made for disabled folks. Yay! Ash! Yay!!!