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  1. You’re never too old for it. Those are the days that reset and refresh. Everyone needs down time. At at least that’s what I tell myself.
  2. You knew when the opening shot was of Mary humming and happy that things were going to end badly for her. Yet I still was sad when it happened. I haven’t let go of Sarah being slapped. That has to come up later between the men right?
  3. I was unable to get through Iron Fist and The Defenders. I tried. Punisher is by far my favorite and then DD but that’s mostly due to Deborah Anne Woll. Luke Cage and JJ were on the same level, to me. The “not actually dead mother” arc didn’t gel with me either and it was obvious that it was going to end only one way. I did not, however, expect it to happen directly next to and in front of Jessica in a manner that was probably more traumatizing than her first death. The addiction theme is strong and I like to see the various stages and behaviors that the characters go through. Some of it is realistic. I was trying to see if Hogarth was going through the stages of grief and they did represent them fairly. I saw her pleading with the doctor for the treatments still in trial phase as a sort of bargaining. I would be far happier if Hogarth inherited super abilities rather than trish. I felt the ending was setting trish up to be the next villain. But I dug around google and I don’t think that’s the case. Certainly the two are at odds. I would almost prefer her to be the next villain since they set her up to be so hated. As a side note - Killgrave was amazing. I was so happy to see Tennet even momentarily.
  4. I was actually angry when I finished the series for the reasons you listed. It’s like reading a book all the way through because you’re waiting for it to make sense and connect loose endings and then it doesn’t. Have you watched The Alienist? I’m enjoying it so far. Our toy was a snoopy toy that was pretty cool. It was just nice to have a day with my lil guy all alone. I have entered the stage of pregnancy in which I retain massive amounts of water. My weight fluctuates by 5 lbs daily and my poor little shoes hardly fit
  5. Alias Grace was good for like 3 episodes and I hated the ending (sorry if spoilers). I am here to wish @ab aeterno a very happy birthday i had an awesome birthday - Lil O took me to lunch with his gift card - we had happy meals The boys took me out for dinner as well and just had a very peaceful day which is exactly what I wanted.
  6. Since the specific jeans have been discussed I actually noticed when she took them off and threw them away because they had blood stains on them. Then she was wearing them again so I guess she just washed them. This is not something I would ever have noticed on my own. I certainly paid far more attention to the wardrobe of the cast because of this thread, lol. Hogarth has the best wardrobe by far. That black jumpsuit/romper (?) was fantastic. I won’t spoil anything for those still watching but I really like Trish even less than I did last season. I am not disappointed that there werent any crossovers from the defenders (found the defenders barely watchable). And I love Oscar.
  7. I only got one episode in but I’m liking it so far. I never really paid much attention to her jeans but have wondered why they never change her outfit.
  8. I’ve not read the books so it’s all new to me. The first half of season 1 was hard for me to get through. Watching the characters go through the silly magical hand gestures was painful until I thought about how the actors must feel doing them and it cracked me up. Then some of the off the wall nutty writing hit me and I was hooked. Umber befouling the well made me laugh so hard. Margo’s dialogue alone is priceless. The writers certainly don’t seem afraid to address sexuality issues and topics like child rape (and the trauma of rape) which gives it some depth as well to offset the silliness. I didn’t expect to enjoy the show as much as I do.
  9. Actually I wasn’t aware that he was still involved in the writing/producing of the show until yesterday. I’ve read that he had some big disagreements with the way the show is going as well as having a lawsuit currently underway with AMC. I was surprised to see him on the talk show since he really hasn’t been on in a while. Whatever the case, if he’s still producing he needs to fix the mess they’ve made.
  10. Yes, I felt actual emotion (certainly not much) about Carl because of Negan. Not sure if that was the goal but the shit show with rick was a waste of time. Edit - I am watching the Talking Dead and Kirkman is on saying that he’s ok with Carl’s death and that the change is exciting. Wut?
  11. Spartacus had the right of it concerning orgy scenes. This was pretty tame. Poppy is annoying but I love Felicia Day though she made a statement that Poppy was a lot like her character Charlie in Supernatural, and that does not seem to be the case. I could have done without her hooking up with Quentin as it seemed forced and awkward, imo. But really, this show is so absurd and funny that it all just makes me laugh - which is why I’m enjoying it so much.
  12. Got around to watching the latest. The zombie grinder was worth it. But not much substance to the episode.
  13. Loved the scene with Silas’ niece. Someone needed to say it. For a man with such high intelligence and ego he’s oblivious to how he makes people feel. Maria seems to be the opposite and is aware of everything around her so I guess it works well between the two. Am I the only one that is horribly angry that he slapped Sarah? WTH, isn’t he supposed to have all this self control? I love that she knows exactly which buttons of his to push.
  14. I fell asleep half way through. I don’t think I will rewatch. From the parts I saw I was very annoyed and irritated. Way too stretched out. Felt forced and insincere. Maybe that’s just me.
  15. Happy birthday Lord Sidious!