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  1. Y: the last man would make a good series, imo. I thought after the rights were released again someone would pick it up but I guess not.
  2. Riggs was starting to really grow on me. Carl’s character was a pretty normal annoying kid for a long time in the comics so I think it played decently on screen. Lori was the character that made me want to scream. I haven’t been able to find anything about Kirkman’s feelings on Carl’s death but that may be deliberate on his part.
  3. That doesn’t sound very beneficial for the worker Lil O is no longer contagious - I kept him home to give him some rest. We couldn’t see the gender just yet, but this little bean was punching and kicking and wiggling all around
  4. I am understanding contract of employment as a set amount of time. Of course we get the terms and standards and anti harassment stuff, I am just surprised that non certified or licensed employment has a set time period of employment. Though I have a feeling I’m not understanding the term “contract” correctly. In Bucky’s case she was saying she wasn’t working many hours and unpaid for prep work but had a contract. That struck me as odd. I’ve never heard of teachers, coaches, etc not being paid for prep work. Anyhow, I am off soon for an ultrasound and bloodwork... should the little bean cooperate we may see what gender it is. Lil O has to accompany me since he’s out sick from school. Should be interesting to see his take on it all.
  5. Everyone knows prisoners come out reformed and better than new, lol. I would imagine Lincoln, as seriously as he takes this role, must be struggling with how Rick proceeds if Carl in fact dies. I kind of think it hits michonne just as hard. I guess if I hadn’t read the comics and spoilers and didn’t know how big of a role Carl played from here, I could kind of understand Carl dying. But honestly, I didn’t see much logic or point to him and Siddiq walking through the woods on a mission to kill walkers and “set them free” - like what? That’s your bonding moment? I completely missed what happened to the heapsters. Did they just leave?
  6. Serious. I’ve only accepted jobs/salaries verbally and then signed very basic paperwork - but never for a certain amount of time. Work until you quit or get fired. Coffee? That might help. Maybe two cups. Or a nap if you can sneak it in. Edit - now that I’m thinking it through I guess teachers and other certified employees sign contracts. But with union representation teachers rarely get fired or lose their contracts, at least here. And I don’t recall nurses having contracts. But I could be wrong.
  7. What exactly is a work contract? Oi. Christmas shopping. It’s a nightmare for an introvert. And people wonder why I make things or give gift cards
  8. I missed this earlier. I bet that it felt damned good to be rid of all that mess.
  9. I could subscribe to this. This is just too much of a head scratcher. The scene with Carl/Negan was easily the best in the entire finale. And I enjoy how they play off each other much more so than rick.
  10. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here... but I’m baffled by the mid season finale. Riggs was fired - had nothing to do with him going to college- apparently he had just purchased a house near the filming location. I had heard the rumors about Carl but thought no way, he has so much more to do. The actor really grew on me through the seasons and I’m sad to see him go. I stopped reading the comics at the introduction of the whisperers. I just couldn’t handle another “war” and just gave up. I’ve seen that it’s worth the read - is it? One theory is that he was bitten by a whisperer - but from the tiny bit I read I don’t remember them biting. I thought they fought like normal people?
  11. SE = BF ... got it I managed to keep down a chai latte and a sandwhich today.. watch out world here I come!! Lil O is home with me today - poor kid had croup on the 1st followed by fever and non stop congestion. And now he has impetigo, yuck. Kids and germs. Germs and kids. Lovely cycle. Sounds like you guys get some decent time off of work for holidays. And snow! I would love to see snow.
  12. I know not of this supernatural entity but I doubt you want germs for a birthday gift? And happy birthday dear flower! (Or broom) I hope your day is peaceful and enjoyable
  13. Happy birthday Rhae !!!!!
  14. Certainly less weird than CA. Sidious - glad you rested and have finished moving. I wont be seeing snow anytime soon unless I drive to the mountains. In other words, I am jealous of those who get to see it! My Lil O is home sick today. I think he will be missing school for the rest of the week. Poor kiddo.
  15. We were driving around our area tonight on a mission to find lil o some wrestling shoes and we saw this amazing street filled with Christmas lights! So we had to check it out and all of the many houses lit up were timed to music on a local radio station. What was the first song that played? ... let it goooooooo let it goooooo complete with this awesome window that had an image of Elsa putting up lights. It was amazing. Plus there were decorated cacti which I didn’t even think possible before tonight. Arizonans are creative with their landscapes.