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  1. FB thank you for posting. I actually popped in to see if anything was posted here as I never venture to genchat. I didn't realize on Facebook that it was Bonesy that passed. I only had the briefest of interactions with him but he seemed like a lovely person. The world is worse with out him. Im hoping to be here a bit more often. We are putting our house on the market this Friday and will be officially relocating which will mean I will have much more time on my hands as I won't have a job. Hope you are all doing well!
  2. Spam has been productive! Just here to say happy Monday!
  3. Save me from this work boredom... ugh. I cant take much more CPR training.
  4. I bet if you won you'd be an excellent overlord.
  5. How does that work exactly? Has anyone seen LT lately?
  6. I'm so tired of politics. I figured this would be the one place I wouldn't find it. Boooo. Flower power is groovy and we need a groovy governess.
  7. right back at ya Con of Thrones? Do tell! It has rained a lot here and I love it. How about you? Are you still up way north?
  8. We are fantastic! How are you? You actually popped into my head and so I thought I'd come here and check in.
  9. *peeks in* *waves* Leaves cookies and tea... The smell of the spamsmoot has lured me in.
  10. ^^ Zar should be popping up soon with his festive Joffrey in tow...
  11. I have caught kid crud i will be missing my first day of work tomorrow and it's only week 3 oh well. I also had my front door key break off in the lock today, so I will need to fix that when I am actually human again.
  12. I have made the executive decision that I will be Linda Belcher for Hallows eve. Spawn has chosen Kylo Ren.
  13. I seem to have killed the thread yet again...
  14. What is this supernatural entity and where can I find one? If it looks like this supernatural sign me up for two. I have tried three times to watch this shows! Three times!!! I can't get into it Nor did I. But I was 6 months pregnant and it was ridiculously hot and outdoors. Thanks but no thanks. Happy belated birthday to you and all the rest!! Good to have you back.