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  1. ztemhead added a post in a topic Why Show Sympathy ?   

  2. ztemhead added a post in a topic Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon   

    *friendly wave*

    the CEO has okayed a mid summer escape from Phoenix, so we'll be there too, along with baby Beren and all his baby infrastructure. We're staying at the Davenport Grand. (God willing and the crick don rise)
  3. ztemhead added a post in a topic SDCC?   

    Ok then, he has a genius publicist and agent, who are probably also wankers.

    Ps I'm a little disappointed in SoCal BwB for not representing. Y'all too busy packing for Worldcon or what?

    To the old timers: did you ever think you'd see the day when this book, which only did 50000 copies in its first run, would now be the cultural event it is? I mean I saw iron throne rickshaws in the gas lamp district today.

    I had some fun on the bus ride back from the con showing off the pic I have of me being knighted by GRRM, and then making up fake spoilers for who dies next. "First he kills all the wolves and two of the dragons..."
  4. ztemhead added a post in a topic SDCC?   

    I'm here, along with Roni and Beren Erchamion (Camlost). We didn't see the GoT stuff because none of it fit our criteria of "Must see/ willing to wait in line/ in the window of availability for baby." Baby Beren isn't all that into SDCC tbh, really he just wants to sleep and suck on a boob all day.

    Question: when did Pedro Pascal OWN the GoT TV show? His face is everywhere despite having a dead character and no movie prospects I've heard about. Must be a helluva guy.

    All in all, the con is a bit much for baby, but it's still nice getting out of Phoenix for a week in July. I think next year we'll bring friends, and take turns on baby duty while the adults see the sights.

  5. ztemhead added a post in a topic I think I got a San Diego Comicon Badge   

    thanks- it's a lottery this year, so I think I lucked out. 1/4 chance, given last year's demand versus the amount of badges sold.
  6. ztemhead added a topic in Brotherhood without Banners   

    I think I got a San Diego Comicon Badge
    that is, I have something looking like a receipt, but it comes along with the most waffling, conditional email ever. "If your card is successfully charged" does not make me think it's a sure thing.

    Either way, with hotels filling up as quickly as they are, Roni and I went ahead and booked a room, so at the very least, we'll have a delightful four days in San Diego. Go Padres!

    Anyone else want to meet up for a pint and some Danerys impersonator watching? I'm thinking GoT character scavenger hunt would make for an excellent drinking game.

    We will be bringing the larval-stage ztem, who is due to make his appearance in the world sometime around 25 March.
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  7. ztemhead added a post in a topic Video Games Thread, Son Of Video Games Thread   

    I played my first MMO today and this Russian kid kept killing me and making fun.

    Then I remembered that life expectancy in the US is 20 years greater than in Russia, and I felt better.
  8. ztemhead added a post in a topic Big Bang Theory 6: The Suffering of Being Unable to Love   

    I also like the artist chick that Leonard almost hooked up with while he was dating Penny. Aside from being all up on his jock, she also challenged him a bit.

    And the doctor chick was cool too.

    Pretty much anyone but Penny.
  9. ztemhead added a post in a topic Big Bang Theory 6: The Suffering of Being Unable to Love   

    I'm really getting tired of Penny's schtick. Watching Thursday night's episode with my wife and I found myself yelling at the screen, "Shut up Penny! Nobody wants to hear your opinion."


    And yeah, ComiCon tix are really hard to get. We're totally going to do that thing when they go on sale like they did in the episode.
  10. ztemhead added a post in a topic Big Bang Theory 6: The Suffering of Being Unable to Love   

    I'm more convinced than ever that Leonard and Penny should break up. This whole last episode she misses the point entirely. It's not that he doesn't believe in her, the important thing is that he still feels the need to lie to her about what he really thinks. That whole bit where he is in cheesecake factory and starts verbally throwing on her seemed a bit too contrived to me, even for this show. "Now I'm going to start telling you some things that will start a conflict..."

    I think Sheldon's #1 issue is the size of his ego. If he could pay even the slightest bit of respect to the social sciences, he could start on the path to learning to understand other people better.
  11. ztemhead added a post in a topic Video Games: Holiday Sale (AKA Empty Wallet) Edition   

    duly noted, thank you both! I'll get a coach, assuming I can figure out how to right click.

    I do have a standard Windows mouse also hooked in to the Mac. I'll see if I can play around with the settings on it to make it work.

    ETA: right click with my mouse decided to start working. I don't know why.

    EzekielNoobJuice is back in business.