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  1. The Acts of Caine by Matt Woodring Stover

    I just finished Blade of Tyshalle and was sorely disappointed. It was long, self indulgent, and unnecessarily long. Did I mention it was too long? The problem with a high-magic world is that it ruins dramatic tension when anyone, at any time, can go from being at their lowest point to complete victory. Now and again Stover throws in some actual physics, as though that will lend credibility to an otherwise absurd magical system. I read the book thinking that he would work out some of the kinks from Heroes Die, but instead I found them magnified. Fail.
  2. Vote on the Reputation System

    I dislike it because it's a feedback loop that encourages groupthink, and IMO there's already too much groupthink that goes on here. We already have so many posts modded and deleted, must there be another way to express approval/ disapproval of the community?
  3. bellis is off the chart smart.

  4. phone booth was too small for you wasn't it?

  5. Kay Fury is my evil advisor.

  6. Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!

    I like it that I have page 6 all to myself.