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    Good thoughts. Thanks
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    What to read in advance of TWOW
    It's been a while since I completed the published series and I realize I've lost some details just over time. Some of the details feel important but it's impossible to keep it all straight over such a long wait. So, I'm wondering where to pick up from in the series before TWOW is published. Rereading the whole 5 books again feels too overwhelming and I don't think i can read the Red Wedding again. So, I was thinking of picking up either in the middle of ASOS (after the red wedding) or at the start of AFFC. Thoughts?
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    Cool, thanks everyone
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    Red wedding
    Spoilers warning - I don't know how to use the spoiler tag.


    So I just read the red wedding catelyn chapter and the following arya chapter all set at the twins. I haven't been able to pick the book back up since. I give GRRM credit for being willing to buck the mold where certain characters are untouchable (and I thought I wouldn't be so cliche) but I'm just having trouble who I'm reading this for now. What characters am I suppose to like and be excited about? I haven't even gotten to the part where something happens to their remains.

    Basically, I'm hoping people can encourage me to keep reading. I've been enthralled in the books. It's almost like veral books in one as each storyline could be almost it's own book. Please no spoilers but should read on? Part of me is willing to just wait till HBO continues cause they have been willing to save characters that died in the books (Lafayette in TrueBlood think).

    Thanks in advance,


    P.s. Please, no spoilers past where I am in SOS. Vague encouragement would be appreciated.
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