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  2. Narea added a post in a topic [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?   

    I gave it a five...

    Meereen was ironically the best part of this episode with KL coming in close second, though Robert Strong was cringeworthy in his obviousness. Even the Wall wasn't all bad, when you ignore the fact that Jon's conversation with Sam is pretty much the exact opposite of what happens in the books. My only beef with the Wall is the end where the closing shot is just wrong...the whole scene doesn't live up to the closing scenes from previous seasons, but that closing shot is just bad. O probably wouldn't mint it as much if the shot was made to focus out on the larger surroundings like all the previous season closing shots. But this one focuses in and the result is just weird. From purely visional point, it would have made more sense to end the season with Dany's closing shot.

    I now realize that I probably shouldn't have made it a five, because I rated it as compared to other GoT episodes, not other TV. It should have been more like 7 or 8. The good parts mostly balance the bad parts out and Dany was spot on.
  3. Narea added a post in a topic (Spoilers ALL)Jon's eyes shifted in color.   

    I fret not, but the whole shot sucks as compared to the closing shots from previous seasons. It pisses me off. The whole season was meh, but to do this to a freaking closing shot!!!!
  4. Narea added a post in a topic (Spoilers ALL)Jon's eyes shifted in color.   

    I did notice the shifting in Jon's eyes. The problem is that you only notice it because the shot itself is unnaturaly long. And unnaturaly weird.

    How come that they can do a good dying shot of pretty much any filler character or even an extra, but we don't get a normal death out of Jon Snow? I mean, the shot looks like it was taken hours after he dies and then he starts bleeding?

    On another note, this is the first ending shot of a season that doesn't end with camera focusing out on a larger landscape but focusing in on a very small one... Does this mean that I should kiss good closing shots goodbye?
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    Was TPTWP always meant to be a "secret" Targ?
    Hi all, this is my first thread and I'm not sure if this was brought up before but there was something that I was wondering... I have argued before that the Others are pushing their attack now because there is simply nothing to hold them back anymore. But that was really true hundred years ago already, when the Targs lost the last of their dragons and realm was then in almost constant state of civil war for a couple of decades...So what changed? I would argue now that it was not threat of dragons that held them back for so long but rather the threat of TPTWP. I think that the Others knew that their destroyer would come from the Targaryen family and were not willing to risk it. They weren't willing to risk it when Valyria was a great empire and they were't willing to risk it when Valyria was destroyed and only a handfull of dragons remained. They were't willing to risk it even when no dragons were left at all, just Targaryens. But suddenly there are no Targaryens left in Westeros and they start gathering their forces for an attack on the realms of Men... I propose that TPTWP was never meant to be obvious to the Others as a Targaryen and thus a threat. Much has been made of the Targaryen unusual looks on this forum and I think that the Others could make the same mistake. Or rather, that they would expect TPTWP to be an ultimate Targaryen as he was supposed to be what Targs worked towards so hard for so long. Many posters see Dany as a red herring. What if she was not supposed to mislead us but rather the Others? What if her ultimate purpose is to lull the Others into feeling of false security? After all, the only living Targ is all the way across the sea and not in the least interested in them... It's not like TPTWP is anywhere near to be able hurt them This makes assumptions like R+L=J=TPTWP, but the whole situation reminds me of King of Angmar knowing no man can kill him and being all smug about it and then Eowyn (a woman) and Merry (not yet considered adult and therefore not a man) defeating him because of that sense of security. So what if the Others expose themselves to a bit of danger? It's not like there's anyone around that can actually defeat them... So what I am saying is that TPTWP was never meant to be known as a Targaryen or to even look as one so he could fullfill his prophesized destiny. What if the whole prophecy was meant to mislead the Others?
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  6. Narea added a post in a topic Robert was pretty bad..   

    I think you are being too kind to him there... He wasn't just uncaring he was outright abusive towards his children and wife(you know, the royal family and the queen). As such I doubt much of his sexual conquests were truly consensual. After all, if he treated his highborn wife the way Robert treated Cersei, I doubt he was gentle or at least nonviolent with someone who did not have a great house standing behind them and no woman had really an option of refusing the king. Can you give can consent when you can't refuse?
    Another thing to remember is that he didn't support even Edric Storm. Rather, it was Jon Arryn. To be fair, Robert's children were better off not knowing him...