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  1. The problem here is that you don't need to kill even the yet unborn child to achieve the end of the Bolton lineage. All you need to do is sent the child to the Faith, the Citadel or even the NW and the line ends right there. There is also a reason why the Starks still have support in the North even after their apparent fall/extermination. That reason is not that they kill everyone (and their families) that crosses them but rather that they were fair and caring lords that got the North through many winters. When you use fear to rule, you run a risk that when you fall on hard times, those you ruled will turn on you and tear you apart. All we need to do is wait and see what happens to the Lannisters in the next books.
  2. I wouldn't mind if the Bump survived... You can always send the Bump to the Faith (regardless of its gender) or to the Citadel, if it is a boy. I would mind if the poor sods, that had the misfortune of living on the Bolton lands and therefore serving the Boltons, were indiscriminately put to sword.
  3. It's pretty simple... Tyrells, Hightowers and Redwynes were pretty interconnected at the time of the RR. The Queen of Thorns was born Redwyne and Mace's wife is a Hightower. All of these families were Targaryen loyalist until after the Sack of KL and the end of Targaryen rule and dynasty in Westeros. Marrying Stannis to a house that has a claim to the Highgarden and is generally opposed to the Tyrells is a raised finger that serves to constantly remind the group that one false step and Robert can give Highgarden to his loyal brother thus blowing up the existing status quo and alliances they spent considerable time building. All he has to do is acknowledge that the Florent claim holds merit.
  4. To the OP: If only there was a Targaryen with Targaryen coloring (hair and eyes) that effectively masked these very noticeable traits and managed to travel around Westeros unrecognized... As for the four Stark children taking after their mother... The problem here is that while Arryn's "seed is strong" is good to use on Robert it is no good for the Stark situation. In Robert's case we have dominant black hair and recessive blond hair. Here we have an incomplete dominant red hair and dominant brown hair. So, while in the first case we have a clear winner when it comes to the genetics (at least without going too deep into it), the same is not true for the second. We have roughly same probability of any Stark child having red hair or brown hair. You can't determine which seed is stronger or weaker based on number of children with some traits, because the probability of a child having some trait does not increase the more kids you have. Kinda like when you throw a dice, your probability of getting a six does not increase with more throws, it stays 1/6.
  5. I gave it a five... Meereen was ironically the best part of this episode with KL coming in close second, though Robert Strong was cringeworthy in his obviousness. Even the Wall wasn't all bad, when you ignore the fact that Jon's conversation with Sam is pretty much the exact opposite of what happens in the books. My only beef with the Wall is the end where the closing shot is just wrong...the whole scene doesn't live up to the closing scenes from previous seasons, but that closing shot is just bad. O probably wouldn't mint it as much if the shot was made to focus out on the larger surroundings like all the previous season closing shots. But this one focuses in and the result is just weird. From purely visional point, it would have made more sense to end the season with Dany's closing shot. I now realize that I probably shouldn't have made it a five, because I rated it as compared to other GoT episodes, not other TV. It should have been more like 7 or 8. The good parts mostly balance the bad parts out and Dany was spot on.