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  1. Update on the "Winds"

    Haven't been on here in a while but had to come back on when I heard the announcement.  The crazy/sad thing is I wasn't the least bit surprised.  I'm just very disappointed in all the delays, and my biggest worry is that we never get to see the conclusion.  While I honestly enjoyed ADWD, I also couldn't believe all the digressions that were taking place.  To me it was very revealing of the trouble GRRM had in wrapping up this story (or beginning to wrap it up).  I think all the superfluous POVs and locations have taken over the core story at this point.  GRRM's famous (or infamous) improvisation has him going off in 1000 different directions at once.  In other words, he's lost the story.   This goes back to AFFC and ADWD, but I really wish early in the process post-ASOS, an editor or the like put their foot down and told GRRM this wasn't gonna work.  Introducing that many new characters and locations when he's already aware of the gigantic growth the original story has taken was always gonna be a tough task to work with.  Having to cut out a climax of a story, and having to separate POV characters, and then admitting why, was highly problematic. It seems to me it has only gotten worse since then.  Hopefully GRRM can get the story back and be able to finish it.    
  2. why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Well, this is completely wishful thinking, but I hope she is returning this season.  I could see why the show has held off on re-introducing her until now, considering that they have not revisited the Riverlands or the Freys basically since Cat's death.  It seems to me that it would make sense for the show to only introduce her when they are full-scale committed to the Riverlands.  Based on some of the casting rumors and other stuff, I'm optimistic the show is returning to the Riverlands and committed to telling that part of the story (which they should be, it's a huge part of the books).  I've always maintained/hoped that Lady Stoneheart was too big a deal, both from a shock perspective, and more importantly from a narrative standpoint, to cut out completely, considering she is the link between Jaime and Brienne.
  3. Is this sarcasm? I mean, I wouldn't put anything past D & D, especially as far as making LF a hero goes, but this does not align with book arcs at all, especially since I think Sansa is destined to kill LF in Winterfell per the Ghost of HH's prophecy. It's far more likely that LF finds Sansa, takes over WF, but then she takes "revenge" for LF sending her to Ramsay, despite the show's bizarre decision to have Sansa explicitly consent and agree to go to WF on the vague promise of "revenge", and then seemingly back out after the marriage happens.
  4. I mean, yeah, the one thing I keep coming back to about this season is how do you adapt AFFC and ADWD and decide to cut out White Harbor and Frey Pie? They are like the most memorably awesome moment of the books and one of the few "Fuck Yeah" moments available to the writers. When they sent Sansa to Winterfell I had high hopes that they were simply transposing Sansa's Eyrie story to Winterfell-- i.e. she would be learning politics and gauging Northern Lord's loyalty and inclinations instead of doing it in the Eyrie. I was horrified to discover in Episode 6 that no, they weren't transposing Sansa's story, they were transposing Jeyne Poole's story and cutting out Sansa's entirely. The Ramsay stuff has become too much. It's torture porn basically. In the books he's awful as well, but people forget that we don't see that up close until Reek's POV in ADWD. So while the Jeyne Poole/Winterfell stuff with Ramsay was highly disturbing, it also served some sort of purpose in establishing just what kind of monster Ramsay was...and even then it was over the top in the books. But the show decided to SHOW almost an entire season of Ramsay's awfulness with him turning Theon into Reek. We already know that Ramsay is a totally awful monster and have seen it up close for a while now...What point is served by further demonstrating this in WF? The Tommen stuff weirds me out so much because presumably they aged him up solely for that bedding scene? Other than that he is basically playing the same ineffectual ruler role that he has in the books, just a little older. It's just so odd to me because I feel like they took what could have been a really fun and lighthearted aspect of the show (cute little Tommen and Ser Pounce and all that) and turned it much darker for no apparent reason.
  5. Yes, the Sansa/LF stuff this year was atrocious. That's not even going into Winterfell itself, which was arguably even worse. How are you gonna force Sansa into this marriage in order to legitimize Bolton rule to the North...and then entirely cut out "the North" from the show. They've become victims of their own success in that they are constantly looking for the Red Wedding 2.0...A show built on shocking moments needs to constantly have and create such moments in order to maintain that attention. I think Sansa/LF, and the entire North/Winterfell plot, were victims of that mentality. The show is being dragged along from shocking event to shocking event, with little build and attention paid to detail along the journey to get to each shocking event. I mean, on any level of rational scrutiny, nothing about Winterfell/Sansa/LF holds up. It's really just very poor writing and endemic to Season 5...Look no further than Stannis/Shireen (which actually received a fair amount of build compared to Sansa, but still not nearly enough) and the Ides of Thorne.
  6. Has the show lost it's heart?

    yeah, I blame Martin a lot for this as well. I mean at the time he sold the rights to the show, the idea that the show would catch up to his books before the 6th one was released was preposterous. I think it gave the showrunners a lot more room to maneuver....and as we've seen this season that is NOT a good thing lol. I do have to side with Martin though when he brings up something such as Stoneheart. It's one thing to cut out Jeyne Poole or Strong Belwas, but ENTIRELY another to cut out Stoneheart. The Stoneheart cut just seems...I don't know...maybe spiteful and excessive on the showrunners' parts. I simply cannot understand it in any other light to cut out such a huge part of the story and then troll book readers about it like they do.
  7. Is it safe to say that we will see LSH in season 6?

    No, we won't see her. Season 5 finale was last and best chance for me. Clearly she is cut and hoping for her is futile.
  8. They needed tits and "bad pussy" Dorne instead :cool4: . I really don't understand how they can begin to even attempt to do a Winterfell plotline which involves Sansa being married off to Ramsay in order to secure Norther support for the Bolton regime...and then literally whittle the North down to 1 or 2 old servants saying "the North remembers" with almost no context attached. It boggles the mind really. This whole season one of the big conclusions and battles you're building towards is the Battle of Winterfell between 2 characters (Stannis and Roose) who have both been trying to win Northern support in order to win that battle...and then there is absolutely nothing. I guess these Lords will now show up because plot dictates it? Which seems to be the way the show works these days.
  9. To me, the biggest mistake the show made this season, and probably its history, was omitting the Manderleys. I mean, I don't see how that got cut. In a season full of gloom and doom, Manderley's "the North remembers" speech is one of the few triumphant positive moments. It would have been very memorable. Not to mention freaking Frey Pie, another one of those triumphant moments. I really don't get how this show had time for Dorne, Grey Worm/Missandei, Meryn Trant's "too young", and several other nonsensical go-nowhere sideplots while it couldn't find time for Manderley. I think it could have been a brilliant move to transpose "Alayne's" story in the Eyrie to Sansa in Winterfell, having Sansa "play the game" with Northern lords such as Manderley and Dustin. You could also use that to cut out the rape, as the show hinted that Roose was pressuring Ramsay to rein in his behavior, and certainly having Sansa and the whole "Northern conspiracy" watching Sansa's treatment carefully would provide justification for that. But yeah...D & D needed a shocking moment so they just decided that Jeyne Poole's story was more important to tell than Sansa/Alayne's. Just really an awful disgusting decision on their parts imo.
  10. [Spoilers]The fate of Stannis

    I think this might be a fair analysis. Because really, based on what we know in the books, I have trouble seeing Stannis losing the Battle of Winterfell. So the show is getting to the same place, I guess, with LF taking Stannis's place? I think if one thing has been made clear/spoilery by the show (and by the way, not too far-fetched based on the books either), is that Stannis will eventually be occupying a more villainous kind of character territory, as he will be occupying WF/the North facing off against the resurgent Starks. This is all speculation though, as based on the prophecy in the books I"m still of the mind that Sansa and LF have to get to Winterfell anyway, in order for her to fulfill the prophecy of slaying a giant in a castle made of snow (I don't believe the Ghost of High Heart would prophetize such a mundane event as Sansa ripping Robin's doll in half in her fake castle.)
  11. Worst dialogue yet

    I had no problem with it. There's this idea I see that every scene must be of the utmost importance. That simply doesn't work in any medium, where you need some lighter scenes to juxtapose with the darker more serious and more important ones. While the timing might have been weird, I could appreciate that this might be Sam and Jon's final scene ever together, and liked that it was lighthearted and sweet and touched on their friendship, which was really the most important thing I thought to establish. As to the OP- 100x yes lol. I mean, pretty much everything in Dorne this season has made me scratch my head and say "How did this make it past editing? Who wrote this? Who directed this? WHY? WHY? WHY???!????" That line was no exception.
  12. Well, the interesting thing about this, is that in the books, GRRM could have had all this without 'For the Watch'. I mean, he had a situation where Jon was leaving the Wall to take the wildlings south to go after Ramsay and "Arya". It could have been really interesting to have the 'hero' of the story do that, and while that's happening the White Walkers attack the Wall and break through. Then you can have Jon dealing with the repercussions once he finds out. But yes, I still think "end game" here is that the NW gets destroyed in the aftermath of the Ides of Marsh and that Jon or Unjon or whatever gets away from the Wall and goes either North after Bran or South after "Arya". Since I do think the Wall has to fall and that the Others will make their way much farther south, either to at least Winterfell or as Dany's dream indicated, the Trident.
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I give Mereen and Tyrion's arc the edge over their book arcs. I agree KL was well-done all year. Everything else...meh. I heavily disagree on cutting the Riverlands, especially as it pertains to Jaime. The siege of Riverrun and the parlay with Blackfish would be 1000x better than anything that happened in Dorne this season (which was nothing). I think the Wall was well-done until this episode. FTW was a mess logically speaking imo as there was no intervening event to really precipitate things. Knowing the written version of this with the Pink Letter, it's tough for me to agree with how it was done as I feel the book was far superior.
  14. Yes. This is why the decision to exclude all the Northern Lords (Manderley, Dustin, etc.) makes no sense. Because if they're included, then you can have a scenario in which you actually can play out Sansa's book arc in the Vale while also condensing her to Winterfell. Have LF do a quick scene running down the Lords present in WF who might have a grudge against the Boltons and be willing to ally with Sansa. Then send her inside to "play the game" and try to get revenge on the Boltons from the inside. Instead, the show cut all that out and had Sansa be an idiot, going to WF to marry her enemy for no reason other than the vague promise of revenge. How? What? What was she gonna do, ninja murder everyone? Be the Hooded Man/Woman? Mance and his spearwives?
  15. Except they did exactly that. They excised Jaime's story to show a separate location with more characters and more money. Considering what happened in Dorne this season (nothing but tits and Myrcella getting poisoned), the show could have EASILY cut out Dorne entirely had it wanted to. Since nothing happened, they could go back there next year had they so needed when things actually needed to happen (i.e. "Fire and Blood" speech). As it stands, we just wasted a boatload of time on a new location with new characters all for the purpose of poisoning Myrcella and getting Trystane to KL. Easily cuttable material where you can just not have Dorne, have Myrcella get poisoned whilst in KL, and have Trystane show up randomly.