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  1. Beyond that, it's not even clear that whoring is oathbreaking. I think we see that both Jon and Mormont think that it is oathbreaking, but damn that's pretty nit-picky . The oath just says take no wife and father no children- something unlikely to happen with the whores at moletown.
  2. C'mon now, this is the worst kind of condescending talk there is, suggesting that you have to be an idiot to enjoy the show or if you happen to be a more casual viewer? Please clarify if I'm misreading that because if I'm not, no point in discussion. Yeah, the Dorne stuff was unforgivably awful and the low point of the show. If memory serves, they initially waffled about including Dorne in the first place and didn't want to, but then changed their minds for some reason and tried to convince themselves the Sandsnakes would be huge hits. That was a failure on all levels- not only was the writing awful, but the acting, directing, and fight choreography were also awful.
  3. Oh gosh, this debate again lol. Been seeing this for 5+ years on this forum. As I have said before, Marsh is consistently described as a good "counter" but nothing more. Hence his role as a steward being the perfect and only role for him in the NW. I think in his heart of hearts he means well and is true to the NW, but he's also the perfect example of what is wrong with the NW as he's an old man filled with old hatred for the wildlings which clouds his judgment. In this way, I really don't understand why people feel the need to identify with Marsh and defend his actions. He is wrong and written to be wrong about his views of the wildlings and the NW's true purpose. We know Jon is right about this- it is not a legitimate plan to essentially stick your head in the ground and hope for the best, which is what Marsh is advocating. We know that Jon has the right of the argument about the white walkers and the wildlings. And again, Marsh is written specifically to be unlikable. He is a Janos Slynt supporter and I believe he's written as a guy whose judgment has gone missing especially after his debacle running Castle Black when he was tricked by Mance and wounded in battle. He has become cowardly and just wants to hide behind the Wall and hope for the best.
  4. If GOT started like this? The reason GOT started the way it did was because D & D signed up to do an adaptation of a set of novels they loved (or at least purported to). They are fans of the source material as much as anyone else, at least in GRRM's estimation who signed off on this. I think D & D care a great lot about the integrity of the source material and this kind of sentiment is unfair to them, who are stuck essentially writing fan-fiction because GRRM can't and won't finish the damn books.
  5. It's an open question in the books as well, one that people differ about it. I think it's safe to say he's above average and that Ramsay's line wasn't really truth, just legend because of Jon's exploits beyond the Wall.
  6. Has the quality of the writing declined over time? I disagree on that one to begin with. Seasons 6 and 7 were much better than Season 5 (the low point of the show IMO) and I'd say comparable in quality to a lot of the earlier seasons. I think the Olenna/Highgarden stuff is explained pretty well and clearly in the show. Olenna says herself the Tyrells were never fighters and their top military bannermen the Tarlys betrayed them. Olenna has no reason to run and hide at this point- her house and land is finished and she has nothing left to live for. That's what makes that final scene with her and Jamie all the better. She just wants to die and take Cersei down with her by revealing the truth about Joffrey's death.
  7. I think this entire issue really comes down to the Meereenese Knot. It's really that GRRM is just stuck with multiple characters from Westeros emerging on Meereen and in order to make the timelines work is in a basic holding pattern with Dany until it all gets resolved. I do think that with Dany arriving on Westeros that's a bit of an end-game move so there is stalling. Once she does that with her dragons I expect the plot to speed up significantly. But yeah, I imagine your fear about Dany's short time playing the game of thrones will come true- I don't think there will be much time for that as I can't possibly see Dany getting to Westeros before the end of Winds of Winter and if GRRM holds to 7 books, she will arrive in Westeros at the beginning of the final book.
  8. I think that generally speaking Arya and Sansa have resolved their issues and will side together. I see them coming at this more from a protective place than a "power struggle." I think both Arya and Sansa will have major issues with Jon bending the knee. Of course, it won't last long as the White Walker threat becomes more imminent and real, but I just see an episode or 2 of this sort of "conflict" that D & D love to create between the Starks.
  9. Yes, there will be a lot of drama between Jon, Dany, Sansa and Arya (and probably Bran as well). That much has been set-up numerous times throughout season 7. My guess is that both Sansa and Arya will be suspicious of Dany and protective of Jon. LF made a comment to Sansa about how Dany is beautiful and unmarried and that Jon may be looking for marriage with her- I definitely think we will see both Sansa and Arya suspicious of Dany and Jon's relationship once that comes out. I think we will also see at least Royce, if not the majority of Northern lords, coming out against Dany and against Jon bending the knee to her. I don't think that scene of Royce disparaging Dany and the Targs was included for no reason.
  10. Wasn't her "greater plan" to use the Reach and Dornish armies to blockade King's Landing? She didn't want to use the Dothraki at first as Tyrion correctly predicted (one of the only times lol) that Cersei would turn the lords of the Seven Kingdoms against her if she used primarily Dothraki and Unsullied foreign troops to take King's Landing. Hence the plan to use the Reach and Dornish armies. I'm not really understanding what you want Dany to do re: the Vale and Oldtown. The Vale is firmly sided with Jon/Sansa so it's repetitive and pointless for Dany to go after Sweetrobin when she can just go after Jon Snow. Oldtown- what purpose would visiting them serve? From the show's version of Oldtown, it's just a bunch of old men playing librarians with no military power behind them.
  11. I definitely enjoyed my 2nd read of AFFC and ADWD more than the first, but I still could NEVER get into the Dorne and Aeron chapters- just really boring and pointless to me. Plus, on 2nd read, knowing how ADWD ended so prematurely (it seemed the whole book was leading up to the Battle of Winterfell), it frustrated me even more trying to get through the boring Dorne and Iron Isles chapters that did seem, and still do seem, entirely unnecessary. I can agree on the Young Griff stuff being better on the 2nd read as well as Jaime and Brienne's chapters in the Riverlands, but never the Dorne and Ironborn stuff .
  12. I agree that at this point the show is all but finished. They moved at hyperspeed in Season 7 and moved through at least 2 seasons worth of plot in 7 episodes. Like just thinking back to episode 5, they had sort of a throwaway meeting between Tyrion and Jaime in King's Landing that took up 5 minutes of screentime- in a normal situation, at least an entire episode would be devoted to that meeting and how it took place. SImilar to that, I think Jon and Dany ideally would have taken a season or 2 to warm up to each other- instead it took place over 1 or 2 episodes. And yes, completely agree on Bran. He's always been ahead of the plot and now the show realizes they have this superpowered character who can end everything and they had to pump the brakes.
  13. I love this analysis...if only because I see readers consistently overrate LF and the game he is playing. Particularly watching the show where everyone is like "LF would never go out that way, he's too smart, etc." I think in the books it will be pretty similar, he'll overplay his hand with Sansa and she'll beat him at his own game. I'll be really interested to see if Varys plays any role in Season 8. He had that one scene in Episode 2 or 3 I think it was where Dany questioned his loyalty and the scene with Melisandre but outside of that he was pretty much entirely invisible all year. As a book reader, not to get too spoilerish, but I wonder if the introduction of the Golden Company will give Varys something to do in the show. Very doubtful it will, but I suppose it's a possibility.
  14. . Now I'm just imagining the Night King ordering that group of pricks away from him just to get a break from them. Imagining that Other who killed Royce as like the Others' version of the Mountain is hilarious.
  15. Well, they were pretty big pricks during the prologue when they mocked Royce and then laughed while butchering him .