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  1. [Spoilers All] Boltons Misled - Karstarks and the GNC?

    Yes I didn't want to mention because I wasn't sure if spoilerish, but the casting call specifically said: I was furious last season with the ridiculous simplicity of the Northern storyline, with seemingly no Northern lords present or mentioned during the Ramsay/Sansa wedding and the only callback to the Red Wedding being that one old servant saying the North Remembers. I'm very glad now that we seem to be getting a relatively (for the show at least) in-depth version of the GNC, with at least 4 houses 100% confirmed to be involved in some manner (Karstark, Umber, Manderly, and Mormont). Personally I would love to see the Hill/Mountain tribes as well with their love for the Ned and Big Bucket Wull, but doubt we are getting that. Cerwyns and Hornwoods would be awesome as well.
  2. [Spoilers All] Boltons Misled - Karstarks and the GNC?

    I feel pretty comfortable saying we are 100% getting some version of Manderley's "The North Remembers" speech. They wouldn't leave that out. I think that old woman at WF from last year was laying some of the groundwork for them to go there.
  3. Discussing Sansa XX: Run, Sansa, run...

    lol. It's not even allegedly true. They are not in a better position to make a marriage...the whole point is the North hates them and they need a Stark, which is an element present in both the Books and the Show. There is no marriage they can make that is more advantageous. Indeed the marriage to Sansa is treated as almost necessary for them to hold onto power.
  4. Discussing Sansa XX: Run, Sansa, run...

    I'm saying he gets that same exact alliance by holding onto Sansa. If the Boltons win, then he can offer Sansa up in marriage and get the same thing, without the detriment of sending her blindly into a war zone.
  5. Discussing Sansa XX: Run, Sansa, run...

    Why though? LF holds the same exact power by keeping Sansa safe and with him. He's admittedly sending his biggest asset completely blind to people who are openly cruel, vindictive, and violent. Additionally he's sending her right into a predicted battle area. There is no reason for him to do this. He could accomplish the same thing if he just held onto Sansa, kept her safe, and waited for the outcome of the predicted battle of Winterfell between Stannis and the Boltons. Then, I don't know, he could also maybe do some easy scouting on Ramsay to figure out if he's a monster or not. For the guy who claims to know everything about everyone, there is a stunning lackadaisical approach to sending off his biggest asset into a war zone.
  6. 6x01: D & D cleaning up after themselves

    I'm thinking we get Ellaria/Sand Snakes framing the Lannisters for Doran and Trystane's death. That would be the only thing that makes sense to me. We've gotten bare-bones stuff in Dorne, but what we have gotten is broadly unpopular support for Doran and widespread passionate support for Oberyn. Hence, his love and his daughters will be much more popularly received as well as war with the Lannisters. I think in many ways it is D & D just simplifying to get to where Dorne needed to be for the end game. There was probably more planned for Dorne but after last season's disaster it was pretty much irredeemable. In that way, I support this move 100%.
  7. Discussing Sansa XX: Run, Sansa, run...

    This. I don't even think the show ever bothered to follow up on Littlefinger's ridiculous notion that Sansa would somehow be getting "revenge" for her family by marrying their killers. The show simply needed to get her to Winterfell to take Jeyne Poole's place and didn't bother really coming up with a reason for why, from any character's perspective, it would make sense. And I'm not complaining about the idea to put her there. From the show's perspective, it made perfect sense to consolidate storylines like that and in a vacuum it was a very clever move. Unless they pulled a Bran with Sansa, keeping her in the Vale was not gonna work. I just wish the show had tried harder to justify it. As for this season, I'm optimistic where Sansa is headed. I thought everything worked in this beautiful scene (besides for the disappearing dogs, but that's another story). I'm pumped for Sansa, the Queen in the North.
  8. Redeeming Dorne

    Yeah, that's what I think we're getting to as well. I'm largely fine with it as a way of simplifying Dorne, which like I said, I felt was just as much of an unnecessary detour and waste and mess in ADWD. I am gonna miss Dorkstar though...really wish he could make an appearance somehow on the show.
  9. So where in the heck was Trystane?

    I thought the only failure in this scene was not showing clearly enough that Trystane was in the harbor outside of King's Landing. It was sort of a really quick cut there and wasn't quite clear where he was. The rest of this stuff seems really nit-picky. Very easy to hand-wave away that Trystane had been on the ship a while (as evidence by his arts and craft hobby), the ship had been waiting outside King's Landing, which would give the Sandsnakes more than enough time to get to King's Landing and somehow sneak onto the ship. Maybe they wouldn't even need to sneak since they are family.
  10. Redeeming Dorne

    It'll be interesting to see what happens the rest of the season with Dorne. I think/hope what we're gonna see is Ellaria frame the Lannisters for Doran and Trystane's murder in order to incite war (which is in line with show Ellaria and Sand Snakes intentions and Book Sandsnakes intentions). Now the question becomes how do they rule? Is it sort of a popular revolt kind of situation where Ellaria is the paramour of the beloved Oberyn and people are behind her? Another (extremely unlikely I admit) route could be to bring in Arrianne or Quentyn as a figurehead, but I don't believe they ever got casted. In any case, the Show Dorne of last season was sort of impossible to redeem (and to be honest I think book Dorne is pretty much shit as well) so I enjoyed this "ah, screw it. Burn it to the ground. Get us to endgame situation." thinking. I think endgame in books is Arriane/Faegon. In show, to simplify it will be Ellaria/Dany.
  11. why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I'll never understand why the show didn't go for this. Easiest lay-up of all time to shock viewers and get buzzed about...and they wouldn't even have a beloved character get raped! We'll see...because I still can't believe it. Everything is set up perfectly this year for her to appear but just doesn't seem like it's happening.
  12. I have trouble trusting D & D after last year but you never know. I'm very pumped for this season regardless and hope they're right.
  13. What scene is going to end season 6

    I've said the same thing for like 4 straight finales. It's gonna come true now. Stoneheart.
  14. [SPOILERS] Season 6 discussion thread.

    I'm actually excited. Very hopeful we get Stoneheart finally. Either way excited to return to the Riverlands and for the Battle of the Bastards (something I was very much looking forward to throughout ADWD...but that didn't work out). Also can't wait for the Kingsmoot.
  15. Season 6 Trailer

    It does seem like the show is going back to Season One Jaime's a dick storyline. I can't even say I'm complaining, even though the Jaime of AFFC and ADWD seeking redemption is one of my favorite characters...Season One Jaime was so entertaining and the actor played him so well.