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  1. So Brienne is being sent to Riverrun...

    We are 100% getting some form of Lady Stoneheart/Brotherhood plotline imo. Not sure if we're actually getting the Lady Stoneheart though, just elements of that plotline. We know Putting 2 and 2 together, with Brienne returning to the Riverlands and Jaime likely to leave KL at some point (based on trailers), it does seem as if they are being put into position for that.
  2. I seem to recall some mention of a "friendly rivalry" kind of thing going on between Jon and Sansa. I do believe her lying about LF will have some kind of repercussions going forward, but I didn't get any kind of dark vibe from it or anything else. I think LF got in her head a little bit about Jon having an army of his own loyal to him, and Sansa just wants a similar thing, hence sending Brienne to go after the Tully army at Riverrun. I really didn't read too much into any of this but a friendly rivalry vibe, where Jon and Sansa will compete to see who can win over more lords and houses to their cause. But the second it gets serious they will have each other's backs. It's also useful to keep in mind character motivations at this point in time. Jon is still dealing with a lot of things emotionally, and based on how he had to be cajoled into fighting and helping Sansa, Sansa probably wants a little assurance outside of Jon that she will truly be able to win back and hold Winterfell. Sansa on the other hand is clearly extremely motivated and passionate about this, so I think part of her lying is based on that.
  3. Pink Letter/Northern Conspiracy Theory

    I've actually seen a compelling argument made that Littlefinger is the writer of the Pink Letter. The theory focuses specifically on the phrase "come and see" which the show's Pink Letter repeats and emphasizes. Coincidentally (or not, according to this theory), LF says exactly that when he goes to meet Sweet Robin and shows him his gift of a falcon. LF also seems to clearly desire Jon/Sansa taking an army to the Boltons at Winterfell as that's exactly where he's headed with the Knights of the Vale.
  4. Only 2,000 available to fight?

    I don't like it either, but I'm tolerating it because I don't believe LF is long for this world, and Jon/Sansa will eventually turn on him. As far as the numbers go, yeah, it's clear the show has lowered them significantly. Which makes perfect sense from a TV cost/scale perspective. Also keep in mind that the show needs to hammer home how weak the Night's Watch is and how defunct the Wall has become as a result. We need a situation where the Starks have a limited amount of troops available to them so that it can lead into Jon and Sansa going off on recruitment trips to other Northern Lords (i.e. Manderly and Mormont).
  5. Completely agree with you...but at the same time, this is GOT lol, so you can understand people seeing romance between siblings.
  6. Little finger threatening Lord Royce

    I mean, it wouldn't be a season of GOT at this point without some aspect of LF's plot not really making sense, whether it be his plans, his teleportation, or this . I think this scene was meant to convey a few things. Again, I don't think many of the ideas here hold up to close scrutiny (like aren't they at Royce's keep and aren't those Royce's men? It shouldn't have been so easy for LF to go in there threatening him). But not really thinking about it too much, the scene was there to show 2 major things: 1) LF's control of the Vale through his control over Sweet Robin, who is still completely insane but has been easily manipulated by LF as a puppet (sort of similar to the situation now arising in King's Landing with Tommen/Cersei). 2) LF with the help of Royce's generalship leading the Knights of the Vale into battle on behalf of Sansa.
  7. I think we might be seeing some of that...I didn't parse through the season trailer too carefully but one shot seemed to show Drogon roasting some horses (or at least flying above threateningly). I think one quick scene would suffice to show this play out. In general, Dothraki on the show don't seem to be too sentimental about their leaders. They follow strength and strength alone.
  8. Are the Umbers up to something?

    Yeah, I really can't make heads or tails of this at the moment. Simplicity would dictate that the Umber's are truly loyal to the Boltons as killing Shaggy Dog and giving Ramsay Rickon wouldn't really make sense otherwise. I think there's a TON of logical issues regardless (like the Umbers hating the Boltons and giving up a relatively easyclaim to the North to their enemies rather than trying to hold onto that power for themselves), but the show hasn't shown much concern for that in the past compared to narrative convenience, which this seems to be. My best guess is that Rickon replaces FArya in the show's version of the Pink Letter, although I fail to see why Ramsay would ever leave Rickon alive long enough for that to take place. I guess it's the show's "Ramsay is a mad dog" kind of thing and it won't make sense beyond Ramsay wanting to torture Rickon/Osha, which I am so freaking done with. Do not want to watch any more of Ramsay torturing people.
  9. Jon's attitude at the end

    Yeah agreed 100% with Jon's attitude making perfect sense. He loved the Watch, tried to do what he thought was best, and was killed for it by short-sighted idiots (something the show makes even more explicitly clear than the books with the Battle of Hardhome). Of course Jon's first act is gonna be a mix between revenge and what he views as justice on the perpetrators. I can't remember...How much does Jon know of Ramsay/Sansa? Did he read a letter last season where he found out about that? I'm sure he is planning on some kind of revenge on the Boltons for that/Red Wedding. Additionally he's gonna have Mel in his ear telling him about her vision in the flames of him fighting at Winterfell and Davos/Tormund probably agitating for some kind of action. I can only imagine it getting worse with Rickon now Ramsay's captive too.
  10. Are the Umbers up to something?

    Yes. This. Not only were they specifically and obviously name-checked, but the casting for a character named "Fletcher" is precisely Manderly. I'd be shocked if we didn't get some version of Manderly and some version of the "North Remembers" speech, whether from Manderly or Lyanna Mormont. Most likely yes. TV show constraints make it tough to do a large-level intricate conspiracy like this, and the simplest story makes sense. Umbers need Bolton help dealing with wildlings and are willing to trade Rickon for that.
  11. Jon's attitude at the end

    Have to disagree with OP on this one. I think everything made perfect sense with Jon's attitude, considering the idea that "death changes you" a little or a lot. I like the idea that Jon is done suffering fools now. He's been dead, he's seen the nothingness, and now he's embraced his time on earth more. Jon will be a darker character more committed to getting the job done now. He tried to change the Night's Watch and failed. Now he sees that he can do more without being constricted by his vows, which WERE technically broken when he died. I'm not sure if the book will play it out differently. I sort of expected total war at the Wall after Jon's death in the books with the NW being destroyed, thus relieving Jon of his vows when he awoke. The circumstances were completely different with the Pink Letter already arriving and being the impetus for the Ides of Marsh.
  12. Ramsay's Gift

    Yeah...this is one of those things that doesn't seem to make any sense unless the Umbers are planning some kind of GNC betrayal (which seems very convoluted). If they have Rickon, they have the heir to Winterfell and the North (Bran nowhere to be found, presumed dead). The Umbers wouldn't need Ramsay, at all. I have to think that Smalljon refusing to kneel to Ramsay is indicative of some kind of plan to betray him. We will see what happens with Ramsay/Rickon and if Smalljon stays sort of protective of him which will be a better indication of what his plans are. We will also see if the show just did a bad job of recreating Shaggy Dog's head because it didn't quite look like him. I will say I'm beyond sick and tired of the show putting characters in Ramsay's clutches and the amount of time they spend on his torturing. Hopefully there isn't too much of that taking place here. That being said, I do think Rickon is a relatively minor character in the grand scheme of things and as such won't have too much of a role to play in anything.
  13. I've really been VERY positive about this season so far. There have been some basic plot holes that annoy me, but outside of that I'm very optimistic over several developments. It seems like they've learned some of their lessons from last year so far. While Dorne still makes no sense, I'm happy they realized how much of a mess it was and just seemed to nuke everything. I think the King's Landing and Wall stuff have been particular standouts so far, and am cautiously optimistic about the Ironborn stuff.
  14. Disappointing Revival?

    This. I still loved the resurrection scene, but there was definitely a failure at some point in explaining Davos's motivations. It could have been rather simply done too. Have some nice scenes with Jon and Davos where they are in agreement about plans to defeat the Others, unite the North, etc. Then what you really needed was THIS season to have a conversation with Davos laying out his motivations. " I failed Stannis...I still need to save the Realm for his memory...Jon is the only person capable of uniting the wildlings with the Northmen to accomplish this...etc." I'm not really sure if they thought of doing this scene and just cut it for time or something...but it is really missing this season.
  15. [Spoilers All] Boltons Misled - Karstarks and the GNC?

    SPOILER WARNING (not sure if it is considered spoilerish to use casting news for later episodes) They really haven't though...they've just postponed doing it. We know at a bare minimum we're getting the Manderly "North Remembers" speech, we also know Davos is doing scenes with Lyanna Mormont, and we know we are getting stuff with the Karstarks and Umbers too. That's already 4 Northern houses at a bare minimum, plus we know the big battle scene to end the year is some kind of battle involving the Boltons on one side and Jon and the wildlings on the other. We are definitely getting some kind of GNC.