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  1. yeah, I have been laughing at this "plot device" or whatever you want to call it these past couple episodes where Jon and Sansa don't discuss things BEFORE airing them out in front of everyone. It's more comical than anything, but I guess I can understand that the show wants some dramatic scenes that involve EVERYONE, as they have a lot of characters they want to service including not just Jon and Sansa but Lyanna Mormont, Davos, Brienne, and even Glover/Royce/etc.
  2. I'm not sure. It's a good question. It does seem as if the show, for budgetary reasons, basically decided to completely cut out the direwolves from the story. It sucks but it's understandable. From that perspective, it would seem that would be the last we saw of Nymeria and the show was just providing some closure and a callback to it as it winds down. Having said all that, it does seem a bit unnecessary if it was just a one-off. Why even do the callback at all? I could definitely see Nymeria appearing later on in the "final fight" when the Others probably make it to the Riverlands.
  3. The moment with Reek/Theon abandoning Yara, the Sandsnakes getting killed easily, Euron being a maniacal badass with that laugh and coming down alone sort of like Victarion in the books...pretty much everything in that final battle was great. I also really enjoyed Dany's scenes early in the episode, with Varys delivering an awesome speech and Melisandre showing up. Arya, Hot Pie, Nymeria reunion also was great.
  4. I don't know if it would be hypocritical...Arya seems to have taken a lot of Stoneheart's plot in the show and that revolved around killing Freys and Lannisters indiscriminately. I hope that she doesn't end up killing them- that would be extremely dark and something that I don't think she could really come back from.
  5. Lets be careful about the word exactly here. Punishment takes many different kinds of forms and degrees of severity. You cannot compare what Sansa was advocating to anything that a psycopath like Joffrey did. If Sansa wanted to bring those kids up and beat them in front of everyone than you could say exactly the same. The way I took the scene is that the show wanted us to identify with both Jon and Sansa here. Jon may have ended up being right in this particular instance but Sansa's concern for Jon repeating Ned and Robb's mistakes of being too compassionate are also to be noted.
  6. This X 1000. I loved the final scene and wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much if we had to take time with a battle or smallfolk or anything like that. I understand it's a chat and book readers in particular are used to much more detail and explanation, but as a TV show I don't think GOT needed to do anything more than what it did. Worked perfectly.
  7. As I always say about this show, you can't overthink it and analyze it in the way that you would the books. Logic and narrative shortcuts are consistently used (and maybe necessary sometimes). You are right- It doesn't make sense when you really think about it. But the show wanted that scene at the end of this week's episode (IMO it was really well-done and a great scene so it was worth it) of Dany taking in Dragonstone silently.
  8. Yes I think he made a comment even about family members committing treason against them (meaning he and Cersei). I would think he was referring to Tyrion there so he knows.
  9. Yeah, I think you just kind of have to put last season out of your head. I don't think it will ever make any sense and there were unfortunately a lot of those clunky kind of mis-steps where the writers let plot dictate character with no concerns for the integrity of the character. They needed to get Sansa to WF so they got her there. I agree that Sansa probably handled that poorly as far as form...speaking out like that was undermining of Jon. I also agree that you see more trust coming in from her side- She is getting a better understanding of Jon and Jon's honor and sentimentality while also trying to assert her place in all this. I think I can understand that she is not entirely comfortable with the arrrangement as she is a Stark and Jon is a Snow and she wants to assert at least SOME of her power. I didn't mind these lines. I enjoyed both of them because i thought they showed Sansa's concern for Jon. Whatever you want to say about Ned, he certainly left Sansa in a hellish situation in King's Landing, whoever you want to place fault on for that. Sansa loves Jon and doesn't want to lose him to the same honor that she lost Ned and Robb too. Her concern about Cersei echoes her feelings for Jon...she does not want to lose him.
  10. My guess would be the show isn't doing the dragonbinder stuff. They've completely changed up Euron's character from evil pirate warlock to evil Pacey from Dawson's Creek. I'm not complaining about it too much- Although I would have really enjoyed a Euron with an eye patch, blue lips, and all kinds of insane magical stuff going on. Since they've changed up the character like this, I'm guessing they're just cutting out Dragonbinder and any magical elements. He is probably referring to someone from Dany's crew, including Dany, Tyrion, Ellaria, Olenna, Sandsnakes, etc. My guess would be Ellaria makes the most sense as Tyrion is too important and the Sandsnakes are too unimportant.
  11. I think this was just the show taking dramatic license, which it has done over and over. I don't think we're really supposed to think too much about it...the point of that scene was for it to be quiet and really allow us to take in Dany's reactions to everything- Hence nobody talking to her and at one point Missandei even holding Grey Worm back from walking near her. I can't really fault the show too much. I thought it was a beautifully shot and rendered scene and the complete silence added to it. I do agree that it was dumb and didn't really make sense, but I understand why the show shot it that way.
  12. It's possible. I think the simplest explanation might just be that the show used a set location which has an arrowhead-shaped mountain for Eastwatch. But it certainly could be what you said as well.
  13. I don't think Jon doesn't respect her. He loves and respects her but just doesn't agree with some of her advice. There are trust issues as well. I disagree with your 2nd point. Watching Sansa's arc throughout the show it is easy to see why she would respect Cersei and Cersei's ruthlessness. I would not say she "admires" her, nor does the show suggest that. She fears her and has learned a lot from her, including during those rare moments where Cersei has let her guard down in front of Sansa like during the Battle of Blackwater
  14. Yeah, I'm hopeful that she realized they were humans and she won't end up killing them, because that would be real dark. I understand this is a dark series, but I would think Arya's arc will be to realize her "Starkness" or humanity again before going too far and really becoming "no one."
  15. Dragonstone, Sandor, Arya killing the Freys, Euron's "I have 2 good hands" dickery, and Jon and Sansa. I don't necessarily like that they are creating this conflict between Jon and Sansa, but I enjoyed an argument that made sense on both sides of it and you could see where both of them were coming from.