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  1. I actually find it more funny than sad now, that an episode like this still gets 1s from some people, I would love to see these people in person, lol. Why vote at all when you are just going to act like a child and not give it a realistic and honest vote.
  2. The Northern Army maching south for King's Landing with Jon, and Dany's army landing in Dorne and marching North. SCENE.
  3. What are you talking about?...There are still thousands of Manderly's, Hundreds of Glovers and other smaller houses like Cerwyn etc. that did not answer Jon's call.
  4. well that was certainly a 10...holy fuck
  5. But she is annoying as fuck, she can't be azor ahai
  6. Hide him in the surrounding woods and use him to flank the fuck out of the enemy later. Simple.
  7. Nah this photo is before the armies even clash.
  8. So from the information we have. Jon's army is largely outnumbered. Bolton's army has the height advantage. Jon's army is obliged to attack because of this height advantage that the Boltons posses. Ideally, the Stark archers would move forward first as a skirmish unit, closely followed by spearmen and heavy infantry, and closely followed by cavalry in case of a Bolton cavalry charge on the archers. Both lines of archers will engage in a volley for a while, then eventually the Starks would have to charge possibly while the Bolton archers are engaged with the Starchers. Historically fighting uphill was not actually as difficult as it is portrayed in many films, the main difficulty was slipping while ascending the slope. However, something happens that causes both armies to meet in the middle of the field, the Boltons charge first, then the Starks. Jon would never win this battle in any real life scenario unless he was defending, and even then it would be slim. Mormont super troopers or not.
  9. Not if there are Stark cavalry right behind Jon. He is still in the middle of the clash.
  10. Bolton heavy cavalry
  11. It is the Night's Watch. End of. Osha, Stannis are probably covered in maggots at this stage. Ramsay went to the wall looking for Jon, didn't find him. He killed everyone. One of the burning bodies is probably Edd.
  12. I called it weeks back. It is Edd and the boys in the Watch. Ramsay's a bad bastard.
  13. His anal virginity?
  14. It is going to be interesting seeing Jon's army formation, all the Northerners will be in lines and parallel formations, but the wildlings will most likely be scattered chaotically in that order. I think it will be a dramatic image to see Wildlings standing alongside Northmen as one.