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  1. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Jon is Aegon and Aegon is Jon   

    Before opening this I thought hard and long about any improbable construct which would make the title of OP possible I came with this:
    Elia has a secret affair with Brandon Stark at Harrenhall. Baby A is born looking a Stark.
    Lyanna and Rhaegar sleep together at Harrenhall and create Targ looking child B. Rickard Stark keeps this a secret and when the child is born not caring for a bastard he gives it to  Howland Reed to take care of. 
    Meanwhile at Dragnstone Elia is desperate to hide her adultery so she contacts a man she befriended during Harrenhall Tourney - Howland Reed. They secretly swap Stark looking baby A for Targ looking Baby B. However for some reason still unknown Howland gives this child to green men whose magic stops its grow.
    Rhegar kidnaps Lyanna and the war starts. Lyanna becomes pregnant again and and soon a glamoured person leaves the Isle of face with baby B. They arrive into ToJ just in time and a green man person kills Wylla takes her face and secretly swaps baby B who  is again allowed to grow with a stillborn baby C. No one learns  about this.
    Of course aside of Howland Reed.
  2. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Something about Lysa Tully   

    Neither would be the best. 
    It was probably stupid, yet it did not directly lead to the war and there was no reason to predict it would. There was absolutely nothing reasonable about what Brandon did. He had no real chance to succeed but much bigger chance to make it worse for Lyanna.
  3. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Most Charismatic Character in Asoiaf   

    most: Ellaria Sand, Jaqen, Renly, Arya, Garlan the Gallant, Margery, Val, Mance, Jaime, Robert, Rhaegar, Dany, Drogo, Mance, Euron, Hyle Hunt, Oberyn, Myrcella
    least: Jon Connington, Qhorin Halfhand, 99% of Freys, Quentyn, Stannis, Selyse, Jon Arryn, Lysa, Catelyn, Edmure, Barristan Selmy, Randyll Tarly, Kevan, Obara, Sansa (maybe aside of the gift chapter), Pycelle, Ned, Jeyne Westerling, Arys Oakheart
  4. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Something about Lysa Tully   

    That lasts till the middle of her first chapter in the first book, than she decides she wants different things from life.
    Jon was jelaous of Robb.
    Stannis was jelaous of Robert.
    Tyrion was jelaous of Jaime.
    Eddard was jelaous of Brandon.
    I don't see many strong parallels to Lysa.  Though thinking of it Eddard might closest to Cat/Lysa situation if Ashara's affair with Stark brothers was really a thing. Arya was never attracted to Joffrey, even if she considered him handsome.
  5. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Hand of the Queen   

    Yes, Tyrion is a bad PR. He is an ugly dwarf, Lannister, kinslayer and kingslayer but with an army of Dothraki, eunuchs, likely Ironborn and foreigners of all kind there is not much of real damage he could do. Daenerys PR is going to be really really bad no matter what.  
  6. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Where did Rhaegar get the garland from?   

    No hard proofs for anything, there is just not enough info for in in the text, but I believe:
    1, Rhaegar got the blue Winter roses from the Isle of Faces or knew where to find them near Harrenhall due some magical interference be it a dream or some prophecy he knew about. Other people would not be able to find them outside North or Winterfell.
    2, There was probably a more usual crown provided by Lord Whent, but the blue roses crown was made/ordered to be made by Rhaegar specially for Lyanna as he was planning to crown her beforehand he entered the list. It could be that using his own crown is the right of every winner, I could be it was an exception and everyone had to deal with it simply because he was a crown prince.
  7. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Something about Lysa Tully   

    Emoticons and expressive words never fail to make arguments more convincing....
    So Brandon lacked free will and mental capability to understand that if he rides into King's Landing with few men and openly threatens to kill the crown prince it will end either with his imprisonment or death? IMO that was something which was much more predictable than improbable chain of events witch ended with Robert's Rebellion.
    Maybe we simply disagree about some rather fundamental points about guilt and responsibility for the actions of other people. For me starting a chain of evens =/= being responsible for everything that follows. In 1914 Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand which led directly to the First World War. Do you really believe that he is the man most responsible for it?
    About Cat: yes she did capture Tyrion, which wasn't especially good decision, but Lysa was still the one who tried to kill him publicly.  Do you believe that if Bronn did not interfere and Tyrion was sent out trough the Moon Door on Lysa's order Tywin would ignore it because it was Cat who took Tyrion hostage first?
  8. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Design Issues   

    Nothing that is a bug but I find combination of red/grey with a rather modern look together with beige fantasy theme on the background rather too colourful in a definitely not good way. The background is too vivid and is distracting from the actual content of the forum. More neutral colour like some shade of grey, black or white would be much better.
    Also for some reason I see the background as an image on my tablet but only as a colour on my PC. 
  9. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Why are some posts just quotes?   

    Same problem, I hope it will get fixed, eventually, because it makes old threads almost unreadable.
  10. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2   

    I have noticed three actors from AGOT in Poirot series:
    Aidan Gillen in Five Little Pigs - trough I noticed this only in the description of the movie
    Ian Glen in Elephants can remember
    Tom Wlaschiha in The Labours for Hercules 
    From this topic I can add:
    Alexander Siddig in Cards on the Table
    Oliver Ford Davis in The murder of Roger Ackroyd
    Later I also found
    Donald Sumpter (maester Luwin) in THe ABC Murders
    Have anyone noticed anyone else?
  11. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Something about Lysa Tully   

    If you cut your finger and if you lose a leg in accident in both cases you are hurt. Still it is not the same. If Brandon did not ride to king's landing the rebellion would not happen, if Aerys did not kill Rickard and Brandon, the rebellion would not happen. Those were the people who to much greater extend could have predicted consequences of their actions. 
    My mistake. Lysa joining or not joining the war is minor point for me. I have much bigger problem with what she did than with what she did not do. Still she did not mind endangering her son with Tyrion's trial so it is very questionable if her action's were due being protective mother or IMO more likely due to listening to Littlefingers instructions.
  12. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Something about Lysa Tully   

    So did the first of the first men when he decided to have children, Egg, when he forced Aerys and Rhaella to marry and so on.... Rhaegar and Lyannna 99% did not plan to hurt their families (well maybe aside of Aerys) and could not have predicted most of what happened. Which is a big difference to Lysa being Littlefinger's willing accomplice.
    ?  I did not write anything about Lysa joining Robb, I do not understand what this part of the post is supposed to react to.  Though using the same argument I can say that:
    Also there is absolutely no reason why Lyanna should have sex with a man she is not attracted to for someone who happens to have DNA similar to her own DNA. 
  13. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Best and Worst Husband in ASOIAF series   

    I don't think anyone can be worse than Ramsay.
    Best, hmm, though we do not know much about him Mors Martell seems as a good one from the living maybe Garlan Tyrell.
  14. Ice Turtle added a post in a topic Something about Lysa Tully   

    If you claim that Tully's betrayed Lysa first by the same logic Starks betrayed Lyanna too by arranging a marriage to an unworthy man she did not desire. 
    Still, I never blamed Lysa for hating Hoster, though I can understand his angle too, but Edmure and Cat had nothing to do with what Hoster had done and they were her own siblings.
    For all we know Lyanna did not run away with intent to hurt her family, Lysa actively plotted and participated in their demise, that is a world difference for me.