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  1. HBO Episode Teaser - I am so sorry

    I can't tell whose voice it is, but when I watched it my first time my first thought was Lyanna from another vision. Outside of that Bran dealing with what he had done to Hodor makes more sense than Meera.
  2. Possible marriage

    Show will likely go back and forth with Jon and Sansa but I think that it is simply delusional to claim that the future romantic relationship is confirmed especially after the last episode. This Littlefinger/ Sansa issue won't be resolved until episode 9 or 10. Not to mention that Sansa is not the only one likely facing trust issues, Jon was killed by his own men and a boy he was mentoring he can very well show trust issues of his own once he learn what Sansa kept from him. In the mean time both Arya and Dany are on their way and at least one of them will be in Westeros by the end of the season. With half of Littlefinger's speed it can take them only an eye blink to be near Jon.
  3. Will Cersei's trial even happen?

    No its not possible because Swift was still in KL at the time.
  4. Possible marriage

    I so miss the books, I should stay away from the show forum, but well... I am going to eat my words. I did tell there was barely any continuity in show but I keep thinking about the episode 301 where Sansa and Shae "play a game" looking at ships and it ends with Sansa saying: "The truth is always either terrible or boring." Given that Brienne commented upon the lie the watchers are supposed to notice, it's not discontinuity or a bad writing. Sansa has specific and story wise important opinion about lying, and not always being fan of reality and truth in both books and show. This world view is incompatible with her siblings. I don't think that Sansa would throw Jon under bus the way LF would, but IMHO the cloak scene is straight manipulating, she is using his sensitive spots: bastard status, love forfamily and desire to be like Ned to get what she wants. With one hand she is showing him she is his only available family but at the same time she is reminding him of his place as a bastard a someone somehow inferior to her, the true Stark. One last though, mentioning Shae, show Sansa seems to get repeatedly cocky with people when she feels safe and superior (Arya, Shae, Littlefinger, Miranda) but she often overplays, I wonder if that is what we will see with her Vale storyline, this (false) sense of security and control is dangerous in GRRMs world. PS. This can make for an interesting story but I hate that Jon's story is once again about everyone but Jon.
  5. Possible marriage

    In the books Arya doesn't see Jon same as her full blood brother, he isn't Stark, but that is only stating a fact. She missees him, trusts him and is more loyal to him than to the rest of her family. So no, for book Arya Jon does not occupy the same position as her other brothers but he is actually more important. For Sansa he is something less from AGoT (arguably) to AFfC. As for the show, I can't say I didn't watch all the episodes, but generally they do not work with much build up or foreshadowing. They have hard time keeping continuity as it is, such nuances would simply get lost.
  6. Personally I think that there is a good chance that by the end of the story the North will be lost and Moat Coalin will become the new border of the realms of men and even if not thematically neither Jon nor Arya actually belong to North. Arya named her wolf after Nymeria a woman who endured a perilous journey with her people and created something new in Dorne but never returned home. IMO I think that the conclusion of Arya's will be her accepting her responsibility as a high born woman Stark and maybe even Tully (doesn't mean wearing dresses and telling empty courtesies but caring about people and actually using her real identity and name for most of the time) She is in Braavos now, but she has story wise connection with Kingslanding and even more with Riverlands. Out of the 5 main characters and even counting Sansa she is the voice of Riverlands. As for Jon, if I knew the books will be finished for sure I would bet a lot of money that he will travel south at least to places so related to his parent's story: Trident and Harenhall. Most readers and POVs like Tyrion see Jon only as a Nothman but I see that as GRRMs intentional misleading. You have to look past looks. Jon was born in Dorne, he travelled trough whole realm from it's almost most remote south point to it's northern border that is something very powerful and symbolical in that. He did not belong to Winterfell he did not belong to the Wall, he is missing part of his identity and that missing piece lies south.
  7. Possible marriage

    IMO she looks much older since season 5, I would have guessed her to be 16 or older if I didn't know her real age. She looks older that the girl playing Myrcella.
  8. Possible marriage

    Was there back in season ?5 at least one poster unorthodox enough to ship Jon and Bran because they were about to reunite? Well, probably not, despite the commonly accepted opinion, this forum does not contain every possible pairing. What I wanted to say with this extreme example is that the reunion does not automatically suggest a romantic relationship. It doesn't even mean that Jon and Sansa won't pat ways again. It's too soon for things to be good for the "good guys". One thing to notice about show Sansa is that her arc was changed a lot, even depending on what exactly happens in the Vale this puts her into category with Jaime, Brienne, Mance, Stannis, Tommen. On the other hand even with rearrangement of the events the "original big 5" (Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Bran, Arya) seems to follow their book stories much more closely. Strange as it might seem in this season for the first time since 1st season I see a connection between Jon and Arya. Arya was always connected to the death and now Jon is too, she is actually the only one who comes close to Jon's recent experience of nothingness. But of course it remains as it was, anything is possible, I simply don't trust the show.
  9. Ramsay's Gift

    It seems likely that Rickon will be delivered to Ramsay. I wonder if instead of simply torturing him Ramsay will try to tutor him and Rickon will take a part of Little Walder's role. I always thought that Shaggy dog being black had a symbolical meaning and in the books Rickon became friend with Freys. This all said Ramsay has no loyalty so he could still kill Rickon once it suits him.
  10. Is Drogon really Meant for Daenerys ?

    I think that Dany and Drogon have a proper bond, so they most likely won't part while she lives. But I also believe that she will die in a childbirth.
  11. If Rhaegar ruled I don't think there would be much punishing. I think that Hoster Tully, Jon Arryn and Ned Stark could have been presumed to bend the knee. Depending on negotiation position of both sides either rewards would be granted or children would be required as wards. It is actually uncommon to kill high nobility, look at Balon or Tyrells after they changed sides. Necessarily position of the royal family would be weakened because Rhaegar would need to keep everyone sweet, and reward both the people who supported Targs and his new allies. I think he could keep Dorne too without giving up Lyanna (which would offer Northern greatly as her marriage value was destroyed) if he treats Elia with respect (I never thought he meant to put her aside) and be very cereful with Jon's betrothal. Jon would be actually good candidate for Arianne's spouse.
  12. Most Important Houses in ASOIAF for the story

    I go with the ones who has the most POV's in books while the first books are more important because there is less POVs overall, so: 1, Stark. Only two members of current family didn't have a POV. 2, Targaryen. In the first book we actually have 1,5 Targ POV half counting Jon. 3, Lannister. Only one POV in the first book, but two very important ones later >>>>>>>>>>>>>> HUGE GAP <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 4, Greyjoy, Theon's POV appears as soon as the second book, but he grew up with Starks and is in a way just as much tied to them as to Greyjoys. Later we get other prominent POVs like Asha and Victarion and minor one in Aeron. 5, Martell. Two POVs from the younger generation. 6, Baratheon 7, Tyrell 8, Tully 9, Arryn
  13. Season 6 Hookups!

    Well, if Sansa seduces Littlefinger and then back stabs him I might even start to believe that she is this great manipulator some people claim. That is just to add some diversity into this discussion. Predicting the show goes a little against my better judgement. Anything including alien invasion and smurfs making appearance is possible there.
  14. God's Eye: An Ancient Asteroid Impact Crater?

    This. It have never occurred to me before, but as soon as I read this thread's title I thought: Well, that's possible, though I doubt it will be relevant for the story. Why does the OP thinks so? Does it look like a crater? Possibly, though it resembles caldera too, I think. I should google it. Volcanic activity is related to dragons in the books, that could be story relevant. Of course, I was too lazy and decided to actually read the thread first. You saved me time LOL. It could be based on an impact crater or volcanic activity, it should be just an inspiration or inside joke. If it's story relevant it's more likely to be volcanic. Volcanic activity seems to be related to dragon. I do not rule out possibility that Others can be actually aliens, but there is nothing hinting to that, aside maybe of their preferred environment. Only think related to a meteor seems to be Dawn and house Dayne, but castle Starfall is in Dorne, still it gives food for though.
  15. Arya Stark cat warging

    Until the cats she wasn't in close proximity to animals she warged. Jon senses what Ghos does even awake only when the wolf is close. Arya has her first wolf dream at the beginning of ASoS when she hunts down Bloody Mummers as Nymeria and GRRM stated that she controlled her wolf when she took Cat's body from the river. I would argue that she was close to warging even sooner for examle when she heard wolves no one else did before Amory Lorch attacked Yoren's group. She must have slept, though she never remembered closing her eyes. She dreamed a wolf was howling, and the sound was so terrible that it woke her at once. Arya sat up on her pallet with her heart thumping. “Hot Pie, wake up.” She scrambled to her feet. “Woth, Gendry, didn’t you hear?” She pulled on a boot. All around her, men and boys stirred and crawled from their pallets. “What’s wrong?” Hot Pie asked. “Hear what?” Gendry wanted to know. “Arry had a bad dream,” someone else said. “No, I heard it,” she insisted. “A wolf.” “Arry has wolves in his head,” sneered Lommy. “Let them howl,” Gerren said, “they’re out there, we’re in here.” Woth agreed. “Never saw no wolf could storm a holdfast.” Hot Pie was saying, “I never heard nothing.” “It was a wolf,” she shouted at them as she yanked on her second boot. “Something’s wrong, someone’s coming, get up!” Before they could hoot her down again, the sound came shuddering through the night—only it was no wolf this time, it was Kurz blowing his hunting horn, sounding danger. ACoK