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  1. Why didn't Robb marry Jeyne to someone else?

    I would have been a more sensible thing to do. I think it was honour, selfishness and regard of Jeyne's feelings that he didn't do that. Robb did not want a girl he was attracted to with another man and Jeyne likely didn't wish for a "pity"marriage with a stranger. Robb was too young and idealistic to consider anything else a Sybil likely pushed him this way too.
  2. Oberyn and the Free Cities. A theory

    Brave Companions are a bulldozer, not a surgeon's knife. They are too unpredictable and unreliable for this type of work. I think that they are simply a bunch of people so despised in their societies that no one else would take them.
  3. If Jon becomes King , who will be his Queen ?

    I haven't thought there could be a more random ship than Jon/Sansa but I should have known better. I agree that Jon might feel need to protect Jeyne, but marrying her is the last way he would do so. He can hardly marry every girl he wishes to protect. Will he marry Shireen too, because once Stannis dies her position becomes rather unfavourable. Will he marry Val as another wife to stop Selyse's men for courting her? Will he marry every orphan girl from Wall to Neck? I don't think so. Will he marry Jeyne Westerling as some fans speculated to take care of Robb's widow? Even that makes more sense, surely there would be more duty in that than marrying steward's daughter. Not to mention that as long as Ramsay lives Jeyne is legally already married and once he dies there won't be anyone who would give Jeyne a second glance. Some Northern lord might nurse a mild resentment her for her role in the farce, but they are too proud to declare a helpless girl their nemesis. We actually have at least three instances where Jon deals or thinks about finding place for a woman in need. He sends Gilly with Sam to Horn's Hill, he marries Alys Karstark to Sygorn and he thinks about sending Arya to be fostered in Braavos. Not once a marriage to himself crosses his mind, in case of Gilly and Arya that makes sense but he is actually fond of Alys. Even with Val he thinks that he is not the man to steal her. It makes hugely more sense for Jon to either find a place for Jeyne to be fostered, or some occupation as a helping hand of a steward or lady in waiting (she grew up as steward's daughter and lady's companion she would know how to fill those roles) or if she wishes to arrange a good marriage for her. For now Jon is either dead or a member of the Watch forbidden to marry. If he gets out he is likely to become a king and no noble South or North would have much regard for a queen Jeyne Poole stewards daughter and pretender. Why would Jon endanger thousands with weakening his position as a leader for a one girl he was never very fond of and who isn't even his kin? Jeyne is rather young and spend a long time being sexually abused, Jon is very unlikely to feel more for her than pity. If Jon ever becomes king he will marry either for a politician gain or some great passion. Marriage is a powerful tool for every king.
  4. Edric Dayne, Why aren't we talking about him?

    I can't even say why but Rhaegar always seemed to me as (very close to being) asexual even Lyanna could have been more subject of obsession/ platonic bond than lust.
  5. Willas Tyrell Barbrey Dustin Weasel - I want to know what happened to her Edric Dayne Hoster Blackwood Howland Reed The Black Pearl Marwyn Myranda Royce Rhaegar Wylla the wetnurse ... and so many more, I want the damn book!
  6. SanSan next season?

    If Jon won't start making eyes on Lyanna Mormont he doesn't have much of a chance of being paedophile. Arya is roughly 16 in the show, about two years younger than Sansa. It's not like they are 10 years apart. Show Arya is clearly supposed to be older than Tommen and I didn't hear much about Marg being called paedophile, which makes sense because neither Arya nor Tommen are prepubescent. It's not discussed much and she was wearing a different face but Arya was actually portrayed as a sexual object twice in the last episode and once it was by Bronn who is one of fan favourites, so I think that in the show we are nearing the phase where her in romantic/sexual situations could happen. I might be unreasonably optimistic but I have some expectations of Jon/Arya reunion, mainly because I expect it to be so important point for the books that the show will be roughly following the book story instead as pulling it of from whatever place D&D are pulling of their original ideas.
  7. Varys kept Gendry and Aegon alive as a backup plan

    I agree that Varys was keeping Gendry alive as a proof that Cersei's children are illegitimate. He was to be used once Aegon landed. Edric Storm was likely Varys' spare heir for Storm's End, he could not have expected that Stannis would get hold of him and even less that he would try to sacrifice him.
  8. Will Jaime amd/or Brienne survive early WoW?

    I fully expect some third party to interfere. Be it the Hound, Meribald, Blackfish or someone else. Pod can die, though somehow Hyle Hunt is even more likely and some members of the BwB, from the POVs Jaime is much more likely to survive than Brienne.
  9. No, humbly acknowledging that I was only guessing that there was a 30% chance of that, I miss our old sarcasm font
  10. Tyrion is a very intelligent character but in a way he is also emotionally crippled and sometimes simply delusional, he paid both Shae and Bronn and still seemed surprised in the end when they turned out to be a whore and a sellsword. I would not give much credit to Sansa when it comes to Tyrion, no matter what she does it's more about Tyrion lying to himself that Sansa being super convincing.
  11. Edric Dayne, Why aren't we talking about him?

    It could be that Wylla travelled North with Jon as his wetnurse before returning South. That would be more than enough to feed the rumours. It seems that Dayne's don't hate Eddard Stark, maybe they never were much fans of Arthur joining the KG and see his death just as a result of his folly. Not to mention that there are not so many adult Dayne's anyway. Actually from the Starfall Dayne's Allyria is almost surely the oldest one alive and she is very likely younger that eighteen. Why we disregard Wylla... if nothing else does Eddard Stark seems as a man who breaks heart of one woman to the point she commit suicide, fathers a child on the second woman and marries the third? Hell no, is my answer. As to Wylla's children, there might have been some, they would not be worth mentioning.
  12. More Marriages to Come - But for whom?

    Dany & Euron. Arianne & fAegon Sansa & someone
  13. Does Varys Fear Littlefinger?

    LF is just trying to woo Cat. I have no doubt that he has at least something on Varys, but he is slightly out of his league. LF can keep secrets from Varys, but I don't think he can get rid of him. Bigger question is why is Varys letting LF live. This is what he says about him to Illirio: This is no longer a game for two players, if ever it was. Stannis Baratheon and Lysa Arryn have fled beyond my reach, and the whispers say they are gathering swords around them. The Knight of Flowers writes Highgarden, urging his lord father to send his sister to court. The girl is a maid of fourteen, sweet and beautiful and tractable, and Lord Renly and Ser Loras intend that Robert should bed her, wed her, and make a new queen. Littlefinger … the gods only know what game Littlefinger is playing. Yet Lord Stark’s the one who troubles my sleep. He has the bastard, he has the book, and soon enough he’ll have the truth. And now his wife has abducted Tyrion Lannister, thanks to Littlefinger’s meddling. Lord Tywin will take that for an outrage, and Jaime has a queer affection for the Imp. If the Lannisters move north, that will bring the Tullys in as well. Delay, you say. Make haste, I reply. Even the finest of jugglers cannot keep a hundred balls in the air forever. I always suspected that the Antler men whom Varys marked as traitors and were executed were simply men loyal to Littlefinger. And I really doubt Varys is a skinchanger.
  14. Varys knows Arya's whereabouts.

    There is no proof Varys heard that conversation. There seems to be a places in the Red Keep where he can't monitor the conversations. After all Maegor wouldn't wish to be spied upon.
  15. Varys knows Arya's whereabouts.

    I doubt Varys is in league with FM. I don't think he knew Arya spied on him. Varys knows a lot, but not everything, it is possible that he learned that Arya went outside of Red Keep but he likely didn't think much about it. If he learned she was with Yoren, he would have lost her track after Yoren died. The thing about characters like Jon (before becoming LC) and Arya is that big players are not paying them much attention.