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  1. Ned's prediction about Arya

    Needlework is not synonym for vengeance murdering, it's simply synonym for fighting. I see this quote brought up in every second Arya thread but people seem to ignore that "all trough" means during the whole of a period of time until the end of it. How long do you expect this winter will last? Thee months? IMO thirty years is more likely. Yes Arya is way too vengeful person, but I think that focusing only on her killing people is ignoring two thirds of her story.  
  2. The Queen's Revenge

    I am not sure she suspects Taena, IMO it is more that she wants loyal people around her. The one she wanted for hostage was  Kevan's wife. I expect that Cersei will start murder people rather than rely on political games as before, a lot of dark alleys with Bob Strong at one end...
  3. Robb stark letter plays key role for jon ?

    Obviously he couldn't but that is the point. A lot of people assume that he believed based on prophecy that it would be that way. If the birds order and sex have zero to do with success of three heads that it is even more likely that Rhaegar did not care for the names and simply wanted three children of any gender and choose the names based on entirely different criteria. So what we are arguing about is if he was indeed trying to recreate original trio with matching names and gender or simply produce tree children. And as Visneya should have been a name of the older sister and nothing was stopping Rhaegar from naming his firsborn daughter after her,  the combination of Rhaenys and Aegon should be just coincidence a it is just as likely that Rhaegar might have named the third child Aemon, Daeron, Alysanne, Daena, Baleor or any other Targ and maybe even Stark name if Lyanna preferred it that way.
  4. Robb stark letter plays key role for jon ?

    That would again only mean that recreating the original trio wasn't what he aimed for.
  5. Robb stark letter plays key role for jon ?

    If Jon was not born a girl as expected there would be no need to name him after the original trio because he wouldn't fit in the two sisters one brother scenario anyway. Actually it is still only a fan assumption that Rhaegar aimed for a second girl. It is clear that he though there must be three children, but it is never outright stated that it had to be two girls and one boy. Original Visneya was the oldest one, so if Rhaegar was so strict about that Rhaenys would be likely named after her as the firstborn.
  6. Brienne and Gendry: Possible Romance?

    Nah, they both desperately need more lively people with them. In some ways they are too similar, neither is likely to make the first move it would take ten years before they advanced to hands holding.
  7. Willas. Stannis, though I am not entirely sure Tywin would want Stannis for a son in law. Renly if he was an heir to Storn's End. There is about twelve years between them, but it is still possible match. Edmure he isn't that much younger than Cersei and he is a type of person Tywin and Cersei would find easy to manipulate.
  8. I don't think it would matter if she was a virgin or not, but I think that she was. A lot of men in Westeros believe that taking virginity of a girl is somehow more desirable than common sex, but Jeyne at the time of her wedding to Ramsay was still too young and childish looking for Littlefinger to get the best price for her. LF had been likely waiting till she would be a little older only the Bolton scheme came in. Now Littlefinger would get a good price or other rewards if Joffrey asked for Jeyne, but why would he? I doubt he even remembered someone like Jeyne existed. If he wanted a girl, though I doubt he did Littlefinger would probably offer some common girl. Truth to be told book Joffrey always seemed rather sexually immature to me. Which wasn't even that abnormal at his age. 
  9. Skagos army

    I do. Not sure if he will lead it, but I think that one of the most important parts Rickon for whom Davos is searching has in the story is to be a device which will bring Skagosi in. Though I am not sure it will be only the army. With dead things in the water Skagosi might decide that they would be rather a little souther like wildlings did.
  10. Possible Name of Jon's First Chapter in Winds

    We can go without his POV for a while, but I can't imagine it will be permanent. He is probably the closest we have to a main character. His parentage, Robb's will, Stark reunion, Fight agains the Others...They are central for the books and unfinished. The story would be much less interesting if we get them only from POV like Davos and Melisandre. That said I am still not convinced he is dead.
  11. Crazy Theories you really like

    Unbeknown to Rhaegar or Varys Ashara and Elia switched their babies when Elia gave a birth to a stillborn girl and Ashara had a healthy Targ looking son.  Missandei is a Faceless Man. There is a magical related reason why there never was a Stark Queen. Dead Starks will rise as an army. Ghost is the horn of winter, that is why he is keeping quit for now... One of the Greyjoys will summon krakens from the seas. Aeron will destroy Iron Islands by magical related mishap.
  12. About the look of Lyanna Stark

    I think that Jon is more likely to have a very dark hair and very light skin like female version of Snow While, lol. Starks are said to have somehow typical look for a people who lived very long and rather isolated in one of the most northern parts of Westeros if we go by real world they would have likely a very pale skin and there is nothing in the books which suggest otherwise. Targs are actually more likely to have darker skin but for example Daenerys is said to look like Naerys who was very pale so they are probably pale skinned too, though IIRC Egg was able to get tan, but than again he had a Dornish mother.
  13. Possible Name of Jon's First Chapter in Winds

    Ghost. Maybe The King in the North if lords name him one, The Bastard of Winterfell, The Oathbreaker.
  14. Sansa and Arya are so often compared but I think that comparing Jeyne and Sansa is much more interesting. It's more apples to apples case rather than comparing apples and coconuts. Both Sansa and Jeyne are there at Kings Landing when Stark household is massacred but I agree with sweetsunray that Jeyne has much better idea of what is happening. Both are being "tutored" by Littlefinger only Jeyne is neither super high-born nor a doppelgänger of Petyr's long lost love so she ends up in a brothel. Both have to pretend to be someone else, but Jeyne had to pretend to be other existing person and fool even people who briefly knew real Arya. It's very questionable if either of them has real success. Both need to please very cruel and degraded human being like Joffrey and Ramsay, but Jeyne is actually made to marry Ramsay. Both are married off for their "claim" to the men they did not choose. Both are closely watched captives, but in this I give more points to Jeyne she did show some initiative and tried to make Theon escape with her before she married Ramsay. Both follow someone else's plan and escape.   More to the topic. I don't think that Jeyne knows anything especially important aside of the fact she is not true Arya Stark. She knows Winterfell but so do Theon, Bran, Jon, women at Dreadfort. I doubt she is even aware that Littlefinger is behind her suffering. Sansa is the one who has clues about it. IMO I do not see Jeyne surviving long, Theon describes her face as corpse in snow. I think she will die while Jon would still think she is Arya, we will get some first class blind rage on his part from that.
  15. Darkstar, Obara, Swann and Hotah. Who lives, who dies?

    Which part of it interests you? As for deaths, Aero is the POV and Obara is way too sure of herself. For the rest: Aero is the only POv we have in Dorne, where TOJ is located and though Darkstar is the wrong branch of Daynes he is still one and might know something. If he will truly try to steal Dawn as some think we might even meet Wylla the Wetnurse.