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  1. Sure, there are some such time jumps in the series (Theon springs to mind) but I must say I really don't like that. The time jump you mention here in relation to Dany happened within a book. That would be possible in TWoW, too, of course, but that would then mean we would, most likely, only get the first Dany chapter around the page 500 or so, because a lot of stuff is going to happen before that, not just in Slaver's Bay but everywhere else. George cannot continue Dany's story early on in the book if he is only going to continue her story after she has arrived in Vaes Dothrak. I'm with you that he is not going to cover her entire journey to Vaes Dothrak, of course, but I think we'll get a chapter covering the events after she met Jhaqo, and then another about the actual journey to Vaes Dothrak. Else there would be pretty much no Dany in the first half of the book. She turned her back on Meereen when she decided to accept her destiny and go back to the Dothraki. We don't know what she wants to do now. There is a pretty good chance that she will return to them eventually but this is not her priority now. She has new priorities. Because vision Jorah and vision Viserys helped her to change her mind. What Jhaqo is going to do to her now is also unclear. Drogon is powerful but he is not all that large yet. A rain of arrows driven by dragonbone bows could easily enough destroy his wings and then a few score of warriors could easily slay him. Dragons are not immortal. But that's not what I expect to happen. I think they will reach some sort of compromise and Dany clearly wanted to be found by the Dothraki and intends to go to Vaes Dothrak. Jhaqo is going to take her, whether he will mistreat her. If Dany intends to end slavery in Essos (west of Yi Ti) she has to deal with Qarth, too. The Qartheen already declared war on her and if they are not destroyed they can rebuild the slaver cities after she has gone west. Dany has embraced fire and blood now, and one assumes that doesn't mean you allow enemies who could potentially get dangerous to live. And only Pyat Pree and some buddies left Qarth, the other warlocks are still there. As is Xaro, his merchant buddies, and the Pureborn. They all declared war on her and they have to pay the price for that. As have all the other cities who joined the Yunkish Allies - Yunkai itself, New Ghis, Tolos, etc. Well, if Tyrion becomes a dragonrider he could take his dragon out into the Dothraki Sea to fly to Vaes Dothrak and go look for her there. She does not have to return to them for him to meet her in such a fashion. If we assume Tyrion is told (by Barristan Selmy) that he could be Dany's half-brother (as I think he will) and he is taking the fact that he became a dragonrider as confirmation that this might actually be the case then he might discover enough brotherly feelings for Daenerys to actually go look for her - rather than declare her dead and take command of all her forces to conquer Westeros in his own name as 'Tyrion Targaryen' or Tyrion Truefyre or whatever fancy name he might give himself as a Targaryen bastard.
  2. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    That is difficult to believe. The Hightowers are very close to the Citadel and they have a lot of means to learn what's going on behind its walls by using agents, etc. than the Citadel might be aware. There are hints that the Hightowers used maesters like the maester of Storm's End as pawns in their game during the Dance, not the other way around. Borros Baratheon could not read and his maester whispered the contents of Rhaenyra's letter into his ears. How do we know that he actually told him the truth and did not change the contents? Well, it is pretty clear that the Dance was a war caused by personal animosity between key members of the royal family, not something the maesters had a lot to do with. The key reason why it makes little sense to assume the Citadel did not want to cause a civil war fought with dragons is that such a war could easily enough destroy the Realm. Again, the maesters are not some evil conspirators. They have an agenda founded on reason, science, and law - not chaos and destruction. Considering that Oldtown is the seat of House Hightower and House Hightower was a major player during the Dance it would have been not all that unlikely that Rhaenyra's guys might have taken, say, Syrax, Caraxes, and Meleys down to Oldtown to burn down that city during the war. That would have been the end of the Citadel.
  3. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Well, I've seen a previous version of the TWoIaF Targaryen family tree and there Maekar's wife was one Rhaena Targaryen and Rhaegel's wife an unspecified Targaryen woman. Things definitely weren't pinned down at that time, and it is clear that he actually changed a lot there, even established canon (ACoK calls Aerys I's queen his sister-wife). Well, the Penroses are really vexing there. Not one, but two Targaryen marriages. My personal attempt to figure things out is to make Ronnel Penrose Rhaena and Garmund's grandson with Aelinor being Ronnel's daughter by his first wife, with Elaena just being his second wife. That way all the stuff we learned about the Penroses can add up, more or less. Ronnel Penrose and Jena Dondarrion's father - another Targaryen cousin - would be men who were raised as Targaryen cousins at court alongside young Prince Daeron, leading to a friendship with later resulted in those matches because Daeron II wanted to strengthen his influence in the Stormlands. If those men had not been related to the royal family the Blackfyres and other detractors of Daeron II would have used those marriages against him. He is criticized for the Daenerys-Maron match because Daemon allegedly loved her but nobody has any problems with a future Dondarrion queen?! That's not very likely. But with the Targaryen policy favoring incest marriages then such cousin marriages should be what people expect of their royals. Honestly, I think that George realized that Daeron II should not have daughters because that would make the Blackfyre Rebellion and the Dornish union much more difficult to explain. Think about it - couldn't have Daeron II married one of his own daughters to either Maron Martell, Daemon Blackfyre, or even Bittersteel to prevent a war? Does it make sense that it has to be Princess Daenerys rather than one of the king's own daughters - who could easily be roughly of the same age as Princess Daenerys who was much younger than her royal brother? Not to mention that it might be much more interesting to have female cadet branches of House Targaryen in that era - an era George has apparently always had rather detailed notes on - and thus have some cousin marriages rather than the run-of-the-mill sibling marriages? One of the Targaryen-Hightower girls could have been married into House Dayne in the wake of Daeron's Conquest - either as peacemaking effort by Baelor I or by Daeron I when he brought all those Dornish hostages to court. Aegon met Cassella Vaith then - it is not exactly a stretch that a Hightower cousin of Daeron I living at court in those days met a dashing young man of House Dayne in those days. I know, but nearly all the material they wrote about comes from George. We know from Ran and Linda that he had worked out the details on the Targaryen family as far back as Aegon III and Viserys II long before he began writing material for TWoIaF. But even that was subject to change. The Daynes always were important. But their role might have grown in the story. Originally they might have just been plot devices to eventually help resolve the Jon Snow mystery. And there certainly is something odd about Dawn. I don't expect them to become dragonriders or anything, but it might be that George began actually wonder more and more about them, causing him to connect them to the Targaryens after all. I mean, he constantly reinforces this whole Valyrian features trend and if those purple eyes were more common in his world then other non-Valyrian could very well have them, no? TWoIaF also established a link between the Targaryens and the Tarths out of nowhere. One could perhaps have foreseen due to Jaime's dream which very much stresses the importance of Brienne as a character who has to live but pretty much nobody did. If the Daynes are going to play a major role in future books connecting them to the Targaryens wouldn't be that much of problem.
  4. Friends in the Reach

    There is a reason why I don't watch that show. It is not all that fun if you actually are one of the characters depicted therein.
  5. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    In light of the fact that all of Alicent's children became dragonriders and she even arranged a marriage between Aegon and Helaena and ensured that even her grandchildren got dragon eggs I find that very unlikely. The Hightowers wanted to be Targaryens. They tried to take over the royal house just as the Lannisters did in the main series. That began when Lord Manfred asked the Conqueror to marry his maiden daughter, continued when the High Septon forced the Targaryens to cancel the Maegor-Rhaena marriage in favor of Maegor-Ceryse, and then went on when Otto Hightower brought his family with him to court when he became the Old King's Hand. It may be that the Citadel used the connections it could make during the days of the Hightower Handship and presence at court to implement their plans to kill the dragons, but this is not actually necessary. There are hints that there was a guiding (and unseen) hand behind the Storming of the Dragonpit (which could have involved agents of the Citadels pretending to fight for the Green cause). But this is not really necessary. The Citadel would have had more than enough time to target the surviving dragons or implement plans to the slow and ultimate destruction of the dragons during the Regency of Aegon III. Grand Maester Munkun was at one point the sole regent, the Hand of the King, and the Grand Maester of the Realm. That would have given him an enormous amount of power - in fact, he would have been effectively the king himself (and was most likely the man who convened the Great Council of 136 AC). In such a position he certainly could have taken measures to poison dragons, etc. You have to keep in mind that the Citadel is actually a progressive institution, not some weirdo evil conspiracy club. We know they are trying to build a world of reason, science, and law. And while they don't like magic very much it may actually have been the Dance which opened their eyes to the devastating effects a civil fought with dozens of dragons can have on the general population as well as the Realm at large. Thus they had to do. If Daemon Blackfyre had had access to dragons there would have been another Dance in 196 AC. I'd agree that Maekar-Dyanna most likely would have been the least controversial of those marriages but it still is an odd thing. There is no hint that Daeron II abandoned the Targaryen incest policy and thus the idea that the brides of his four sisterless (according to the new family tree, Aelinor was originally Aerys' sister-wife) sons were actually all their cousins through the female line is not unreasonable. Aelinor Penrose is confirmed to be Aerys' cousin on the Targaryen side of the family. That means she either has a Velaryon ancestor (through Alyn and Baela) or is descended from one of the five Targaryen-Hightower girls. The Daynes were longer kings but they ruled a meager kingdom. The Blackwoods once ruled all/most of the Riverlands, which would make them much more powerful kings. But then, it could still be that the Daynes outrank the Blackwoods. While there is no indication whether Maekar's marriage was a love match I won't speculate on that all that much. He could have loved her, of course, but that remains to be seen. My personal guess is that Dyanna came to court as a lady-in-waiting for Queen Mariah and that Maekar met her this way, leading to the eventual marriage. But I'd be surprised if this wasn't an arranged marriage. The Hightowers are an exception. They are, effectively, still a royal house. Or at least were a royal house back before the Conquest and while the High Septon still resided in Oldtown. Back then they did not only control the Citadel but also the Faith (through the High Septon) and thus had tremendous influence throughout the entire Seven Kingdoms. They are also supposedly 'as rich as the Lannisters'. They were considered to be eligible to marry the Targaryens from the very beginning. The impression you get is that - aside from incestuous and cousin marriages (i.e. Targaryens, Velaryons, and Baratheons) - the only houses the Targaryens would consider to be noble enough to provide their heirs with spouses would be the former royal houses of the Seven Kingdoms - the Starks, Lannisters, Arryns, and Hightowers. Anything else - like Maegor's many wives or the marriages arranged for younger daughters - are different matters. Alys could also turn out to be a Targaryen cousin through one of the Targaryen-Hightower girls. But even if not the Arryns are clearly considered to be noble enough to marry a royal prince. If the Dayne link was supposed to be important one would not expect it to come this late and as some sort of correction. George erased the at least one daughter of Daeron II - Aelinor - and made her cousin as Aelinor Penrose. Thus it is not far-fetched to assume the other wives of Daeron II's sons were also such cousins. Baela and Rhaena and their descendants might have been figures George only invented while writing TWoIaF. We are talking about the family tree. That is 100% canon. Assuming he remembers what he has said, once. One of those SSM is pretty old. One hopes George does not follow or feels bound to some fan-made concordance of what he said during interviews or in casual conversation. He can change his mind on all that.
  6. Friends in the Reach

    It is a work of fiction written by a man who repeatedly confessed that he doesn't like to write stuff when he knows the ending or all the details. A man who said he knows the broad strokes where the story is going but has no idea what's going to happen to a lot of minor characters. If the series was finished one could actually look after such parallels spreading throughout all the books but right now we are dealing with an unfinished story.
  7. Friends in the Reach

    If he had taken a direwolf sigil even before Stannis had legitimized him in this hypothetical scenario he might also have been 'a direwolf' in a sense, but not in the same sense as a trueborn Stark is. In that sense he would be a direwolf after he became legitimized. But this has nothing to do with the original point that Aegon as a Blackfyre descendant would never be the son of a male Blackfyre and thus never eligible to bear the Blackfyre name or the Blackfyre arms. At least not according to Westerosi customs. He could include the sigil of his Blackfyre ancestor - whoever he or she might be - into his personal arms just as Rhaenyra included Laenor's seahorse and Aemma's moon-and-falcon into her own banner (and just as Harrold Hardyng also bears the Arryn sigil along with the arms of Houses Waynwood and Hardyng). But he could never bear only the black dragon on a red field as a real Blackfyre can because he simply isn't a Blackfyre. Glad that you agree with me. I just don't see what those dogs have anything to do with that.
  8. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    I used a similar argument once since it is by no means clear that Rhaenyra's sons actually resembled Ser Harwin Strong. We have no idea how that man looked like. It could very well be that Rhaenyra's son resemble their maternal great-grandfather Rodrik Arryn or some non-Valyrian ancestor Laenor Velaryon might have. Neither Rhaenyra nor Laenor have only Valyrian ancestors. However, it is wrong that Grand Maester Munkun was a Green nor do we know whether he even was Grand Maester at one point during the Dance.
  9. Friends in the Reach

    Daemon Blackfyre only took a sigil after he became Daemon Blackfyre when his father acknowledged him as his son. But pretty much anybody can take his own sigil. Even Dunk has his a personal sigil. If he had taken a pink dragon with a yellow tail he also would have been 'a dragon' but not in the sense we are talking about here (you and I could also take a dragon sigil - it wouldn't make us royal or Targaryens). He would not have been a Targaryen. And neither was Daemon Blackfyre while he was not yet legitimized. That is an interesting question. Since King Tommen restored the right to conduct trials - even trials against members of the royal family - to the Faith it might be that His High Holiness can actually declare a king a bastard. King Robert presumably would have been able to declare his children bastards had he believed Cersei committed adultery. Whether this will also unmake King Tommen remains to be seen. That would come down to raw power but I'm inclined the believe that the Faith would keep the upper considering that we are talking about a pretty weak boy king. I'd like the outcome of Cersei's trial-by-combat to go horribly awry with Ser Robert butchering his opponent but revealing both his true identity and nature in the process, resulting in the High Septon denouncing Cersei and Tommen as abominations and blasphemers. I'm reasonably positive that the Seven and the Faith don't look kindly on people who use black magic to betray the gods. If Cersei's children would be officially declared bastards in a sense that was binding to anybody - which could, perhaps, only be done by the Faith or another king - then they might either become Waters or Hills. But it is actually more likely that they get no names just as they had no names in Stannis' letter - he just talks about the boys Joffrey and Tommen and the girl Myrcella - because only recognized royal or noble bastards get the traditional names. And one doubts whether Cersei will have the time to formally recognize them as Lannister bastards if they are declared abominations born of incest.
  10. Friends in the Reach

    Sure, Robert's children by Cersei are all stags. They were born in wedlock and acknowledged by Robert Baratheon as his children. Rumors are not facts.
  11. Would the Black Dragons have been that bad?

    Viserys I actually did change the succession. Nobody challenged his rule during his lifetime. Robert also toppled Aerys II but that doesn't mean that Jaehaerys II's decision to name his only son his successor was overturned. True, Rhaenyra's succession was challenged immediately upon her father's death but in principle there is little difference there. Aegon IV only threatened/considered disinheriting Daeron but he never actually did it. And Aegon V got through with some of his reforms while others met fierce opposition and were never implemented the way he wanted them. However, we don't know what those reforms were about - if he was trying radically change the political landscape and culling the powers of the lords then it is hardly surprising that he met a lot of opposition. But we should also note that his laws and decrees were challenged by lords who actually rebelled against his rule. And people can always rebel against a king they do not like. Sure, but he must also have known that Aegon would make a very bad king, and we know there was little love between these two. Baelor effectively banished Aegon to Braavos for a couple of years to keep him apart from Naerys. It is an interesting question whether Baelor would have preferred a King Aegon over a Queen Daena. And it seems as if he never named an heir - if he did it would be odd that the succession was discussed after his death. If Viserys had been the Prince of Dragonstone he would have simply succeeded to the throne without there being even a debate whether Baelor's sisters and any claim or not. I actually expect that Viserys had plans to make Daeron rather than Aegon his heir. I guess Baelor would have been fine with such a solution if we assume he and Viserys ever talked about the succession. Aegon is never identified as the Prince of Dragonstone so one could speculate whether Aegon arranged the murder of his father to prevent him from installing Daeron rather than himself as the Prince of Dragonstone. Daeron himself could very well have been in Dorne during the last years of the reign of Baelor I as well as during the short reign of Viserys II. Exactly. And it would have been made worse by her refusal to name the bastard which essentially made her appear even more wanton and corrupt than she would have been had she confessed her sins, etc. With us learning that Barbra Bracken was one of the ladies in the Maidenvault it is easily imaginable that she helped Daena with her escape and arranged things so that she met Aegon outside (or rather - 'chanced on him by accident'). It would be a huge coincidence if Aegon and Daena had had a real chance meeting and one wonders whether Daena knew Aegon well enough to actually have the intention of meeting him when she made her escape. He was much older than she was and what little we know about her indicates that she idolized her father and eldest brother, not her cousin Aegon. And most of the time of her imprisonment Aegon would have spent in Braavos. Yeah, that would have been a way to resolve the matter. Viserys II also could have married Daena to allow her to be at least queen consort (a second time) but they either never thought about that or it was out of question because she had given birth to a bastard (or Viserys had no intention to ever take a second wife because of Larra's memory). Daena never revealing that Aegon was the father of her son is also a strong sign that she didn't want him (or anyone) to know that Aegon was his father, suggesting that she did not want the boy to associate or spend time with him. And if Daena was already dead when Daemon was acknowledged by Aegon then the question remains whether the man was telling the truth. Without Daena actually confirming that Daemon Blackfyre was Aegon's son all we have is the word of the Unworthy. Daena may have escaped the Maidenvault and gotten pregnant but as far as we know there is no independent corroboration that Aegon and Daena actually had sex (at that time or later on). That makes the parentage somewhat doubtful.
  12. Friends in the Reach

    Sure, after they were legitimized as sons of King Aegon IV on the man's deathbed. But if they had grandchildren through the female they are not dragons. And they also weren't dragons while they bastards. Those are Dornish laws. In Dorne children take the name of their mother if said mother is a Ruling Lady or the Princess of Dorne. The same might also go by special permission for Ruling Ladies in the other kingdoms but we know that Rhaenyra Targaryen's sons by Laenor Velaryon were Velaryons not Targaryens, so the idea that some Blackfyre descendant through the female line is also a Blackfyre or a dragon doesn't make much sense. If that was the case then we should also call Robert a dragon, Brown Ben Plumm and the other Plumms, all the Martells, the Penroses, the Velaryons, etc. But they clearly aren't. Nobody descended from a female Lannister is lion, no Waynwood, Corbray, or Templeton in the Vale is a direwolf, and so on.
  13. Friends in the Reach

    Sure, but actually not all that often. Well, what else should they believe? There is no proof. It is hardly surprising that nobody who sees an advantage that Aegon is real is going to believe that. People believe what they want to believe. At least in the political sphere. Yeah, that's a typo. I know what Doran wants from Arianne, but why do you think Arianne actually has to do what her father asked of her? Aegon cannot prove that he is who he says he is. Sure, they will try their best to convince her but what if Arianne receives word of Daenerys' marriage to one Hizdahr zo Loraq or hears about her death in Daznak's Pit while being at Storm's End? She wants revenge and resents the fact that Viserys is dead and the idea of Quentyn becoming a king. With Dany dead/married to a Ghiscari nobleman the Quentyn plan is pretty much dead regardless whether Quentyn himself is still alive. Dorne can either continue to do nothing or Arianne can *believe* Aegon is her cousin or just tell herself she does. She makes the call. And once she sends word to the armies they will march, and then nothing Doran does or says will matter. At least not in the question of war or peace. I'm pretty sure she would lie to herself and others to get what she wants. And why shouldn't she? Aegon will be her tool to acquire some real power. I can't foresee the story this far. I just say that I'm pretty sure Euron will crush Aegon should the boy be foolish enough to challenge him in battle. The man has Valyrian armor and seems to be a powerful sorcerer. Aegon is no match for such kind of an opponent. All I think we can say is that Aegon will take the Iron Throne. I'd base that on George's confirming that quite a few people will sit that chair before the series is over, the cloth dragon in front of cheering crowd vision, and the fact that Aegon should have some actual power should he become a major player in the Second Dance. If the latter is not the case then he can certainly be long dead by the time Dany shows up. But I'm inclined to believe he has to play a role in that war. If Euron challenges Dany in some naval battle - possibly in alliance with some of the Free Cities (Lys and Tyrosh) then her forces could be weakened/dispersed enough for Aegon to actually challenge her in Westeros. If she just moves her vast armada to Westeros then she could simply land at KL and the war would be over if Aegon is there at this time. But that whole thing is pretty far in the future at this point. The chances that Aegon ever mounts one of Dany's dragons is very unlikely. He wouldn't have all that much Targaryen blood if he isn't Rhaegar's son, and it is not very likely that the other two dragons have no riders at this point. Having some convoluted dragon-stealing attempt would take a lot of chapters. I'm not saying this is impossible but I won't speculate all that much about that while the dragons are still stuck in Slaver's Bay. Not bolder than the idea that Robert is no dragon, Harry no falcon, Mace no grape, Robb no fish, Willas no lighthouse, etc.
  14. Would the Black Dragons have been that bad?

    Daena sleeping with Aegon says nothing about her feelings for him. She had a very strong personality and was very pissed that her royal brother both divorced her and then incarcerated her. And Aegon was the greatest womanizer of his generation. The man should have had no problems seducing Daena, especially if Barbra Bracken helped with that, which she perhaps did. In fact, impregnating and thus dishonoring Daena might have been part of Aegon's plan to secure the throne for his father and thus eventually himself. We don't know whether Baelor I ever named an heir but considering that he pretty much knew about the character of his eldest cousin one would expect that he might actually have considered to name Daena or one of his other sisters his heir. If so, then Daena becoming pregnant and bearing a bastard despite the fact that she was confined to the Maidenvault could have destroyed that whole thing. Baelor would never have allowed such a wanton woman to sit the Iron Throne, not to mention that Daena's reputation would have been destroyed also with many lords of the Realm in the wake of this affair. As a Queen Regnant Daena would most likely have to marry. And no, we have no idea that she very much loved Daemon. All we know is that she did not get all that old and that she named her bastard after her paternal grandfather.
  15. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    I know both quotes but the recent revelation that Dyanna Dayne married Maekar made it not unlikely that she actually had a Targaryen ancestor herself (possibly one of the five Rhaena-Garmund daughters) or that other Targaryens (Maekar's daughters, Princess Vaella) married into House Dayne in the years thereafter. That wouldn't make the Daynes a Valyrian house just as the Penroses or the Martells didn't become Valyrian just because a Targaryen married into any of those families.