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  1. Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Has coldhands been left out of the HBO tv series?
  2. What Varys Doesn't Say in the Epilogue...

    Do you want anchovies on that
  3. What Role Will Edric Dayne Play?

    Oh its easy he is the sword of afternoon nap.
  4. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Was there any detail about the CotF drawings in the cave Ella finds. Since they are no longer a myth but real and playing a part in events in the north, are they active in the south or is there some prophecy in the drawings. it seems an odd time to just wander across such things if they aren't significant to current events - possible Summerhall link mentioned above?
  5. Theories on Bran and Aegon

    How can he be a being at least 8000 years old We only saw a human sacrifice through weirwood 'eyes' we dont see anything about a religion demanding such sacrifice Mellisandra has got pretty much everything in her visions wrong so far, so not a good judge of visions. the 3-eyed crow in the D&E stories comes across as quite reasonable the young Egg seems to like him as to embracing the darkness well if your future seems to be living in a cave linked to tree roots embracing the darkness is kinda essential.
  6. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    Dont buy this Jojen paste thing at all. Basically, Neds son eating Howlands son. Seems to me to go againist everythinh Stark. When Bran sees beyond the weirwoods he will know and that would not be something any Stark could live with. I think Jojens and Brans paths may depart now. Those caves go somewhere. The CotF have being around for thousands of years, they must have more than one entrance and exit. He may come to a sad end as his purpose is complete as far as we know but not a scarfice. I think such blood magic is for Mels god etc. The one Bran saw revolted him and just because men long ago scarficed people to the weirwood doesn't mean the old gods wanted that.
  7. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    lets face it, if you had a dream which you know is foretelling your death youed not be overly happy, that sort of thing plays on the mind. when he said before today was not the day may well it have been because he already knew he was going to help bran find his third eye. now he has he cant be sure what day is the day hes going to die, add that to the lack of food and the biting cold I'd know I'd be misirable. Hes only 12/13 GRRM dont kill him yet poor fella.