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  1. This is true, but I don't really know what LF was expecting her to do. Is it believable that Sansa would somehow take over or supplant Roose Bolton by charming his son? Is the man who came up with the Red Wedding really going to go down so easily form the manipulations of a fifteen year old? And to speak in defence of Sansa (who was, I agree, completely useless in season 5 because the plot demanded it) LF was always giving her confusing and conflicting information. He told her she was going to Winterfell to avenge her family, then he told her she was to wait for Stannis to win, then he told her to "make Ramsay her own", whatever that means. None of this really makes sense from Sansa's perspective. Considering his actions in season 6, I assumed that most of what LF said to Sansa in season 5 was simply to keep her going along with things in winterfell whilst he made his play with Cersei and came back with a massive army to take over. But again, this plan doesn't need Sansa to be in Winterfell, it only needs Cersei to think she is in Winterfell.
  2. I certainly don't agree with this. Placing Sansa in Winterfell didn't "position" her to take over the north - she could only start making moves after she escaped, which LF couldn't have been anticipating. Even then, her marriage to Ramsay was a hindrance, as Lady Mormont pointed out. There was no reason at all for Sansa to go to winterfell, and even less for her to go before the battle between Roose and Stannis was resolved. His plan with Cersei also doesn't make sense. Even if he did successful invade the north and beat the Boltons, Cersei only promised to name him warden of the north if he brought her Sansa, which he obviously can't do. Even if we accept this plan as a way of getting her intial permission to invade, he didn't need to send Sansa North at all, he could have jut reported that his spies had seen her - lie his ass off as usual - and still get Cersei's thumbs up. Finally, and this is where the plot completely breaks, lets assume that LF does invade the north and beseige winterfell. That leaves Sansa in Boltons hands when they are at their most desperate - wouldn't they just slit her throat to spite LF? Then he has nothing. There is no concrete reason at all why Sansa had to go to Winterfell, and both her and LF's positions would have been better if she never left his side.
  3. Season 5 is certainly where I lost faith with the show, even if I had several big quibbles with seaosn 4, and it's Sansa's plotline in winterfell that did it. Not the infamous scene in ep 6, but the episode when LF outlines his plan for Sansa when they reach Moat Cailen. It made no sense to me then or now and pulled me completely out of the world - I've never quite been able to watch the show and invest myself in its fiction ever since. It's a failure in plotting and characterization where no party seems to be acting in their own interest. The Boltons come across as incredibly gullible, LF's plan is nonsensical and Sansa seems to have suffered brain damage. And of course the whole thing has a surprising lack of consequences; it's a two season cul-de-sac really. But the "side mission" elements, the questionable dialogue choices and the favoring of the action sequence over the characters were issues present in most of the previous seasons. D&D are highly competent screen writers and know their way around an action scene, but they are effectively "hollywood hacks" and that shone through most clearly when the book material ran out, or rather just before.
  4. It really, really, really should have been Sansa who uncovers him in the end. The student becomes the teacher, outwits her mentor and defeats him - it's a classic story. Instead, Sansa more or less just starts ignoring LF, and later has her sister kill him when her omniscient brother tells him what a stinker he is. And to make matters worse, the trial scene just emphasized how friendless LF was in that room. Everyone was prepared to believe hearsay and rumour to condemn LF to death, but that just means that they were already on the Stark side (entirely reasonable) so Sansa didn't need to be clever or outwit LF at all. She could have just had his head chopped off on a whim and no one would give a shit. So why was LF even there? He was doing nothing in Winterfell, with no one on his side, no cards to play and no plan to enact. This was satisfying?
  5. It amuses me how they pinned everything on LF in season 6 after the backlash over the rape, even though they wrote season 5 as if Sansa was doing all this tactically. Brian Cogman even called Sansa "a hardened woman making a choice", even though she never had a plan and did jack shit all season long. Placing Sansa in winterfell really ruined a huge chunk of the show.
  6. Comments like this just vindicate the writing in season 5 and 6. To be honest season 7 didn't leave much of an impression on me because everything was downright... silly. I wouldn't say that about 5 and 6, which both really pissed me off.
  7. "For you."
  8. Yes, but they need the Lannister armyto help fight the White walkers. The very crispy Lannister army who all died outside KL... wait, no. I guess they need the golden company to help fight the white walkers. Except Cersei is doing that secretly so... I have no fucking idea.
  9. Can we talk about Littlefinger and Sansa? The point of the whole thing, or so I thought, was that Sansa learns from LF over a long period of time, starts spotting his mistakes, gradually gets his measure and ultimately outwits him. His death in the books will presumably come from being outmaneuvered by the very player he created. But in the show, Sansa doesn't realize shit. It's Bran's magic powers which reveal LF for the ass he is and Arya cuts his throat. So what was the point of all that if this is the end result?! LF really should have died at the end of season 6 when he'd served his purpose. He could have died after the Starks take Winterfell and the only change they would have had to make was that it's Sansa who realizes his schemes, which makes much more sense in terms of characterization and plotting. LF just hung around Winterfell for nothing to do for seven episodes and died. Seven year of scheming and plotting to go out like this? Ridiculous.
  10. You're wrong about Loras. The Tyrells were never good at fighting remember? Politics was their strength. And that was true for every single soldier in their army and every knight they employed as well apparently. So it makes perfect sense that they got destroyed in ten minutes of screen time.
  11. Not to step on your toes, but I think the real reason Arya's arc feels unfulfilling is that she is now a fearsome avatar of death - an assassin without peer, and yet the only training we actually saw her do was getting beaten with a stick in the dark. On the one occasion when she is actually told to track a target and assassinate them, she fucks it up. Then she says she's done, and goes home. Where exactly did she learn the skills (which we don't get to see her use anyway) which make her this legendary assassin?
  12. Worse, because it means Cersei has to act as the stumbling block to Dany's conquest, which really doesn't make sense. It will never add up to me how Cersei could wield any power at all after season 6, considering that she has been literally stripped of her dignity, wiped out the most important religous building in the western world, murdered her own allies and uncle and oversaw her own son's suicide. (Not technically her fault, but I don't see why others wouldn't think she'd just gone bezerk and killed Tommen.) You also have to deal with Randyll Tarly, a blatant and aggressive misogynist, breaking from his liege lord to help Cersei, a woman who is basically an evil cartoon of a "crazy woman." Plus, teleporting armies, one sided battles and no one ever scouting anything. How many times can the writers pull the same "army from nowhere" routine? Blackwater, Castle black, Hardhome, first battle of winterfell, Dany getting captured, battle for Mereen, second battle for winterfell, Euron hitting the Sand snake fleet, Euron hitting the unsullied, Jaime hitting Highgarden... It's just getting ridiculous.
  13. This still doesn't solve the very pertinent issue of why Dany didn't fly Drogon to the walls of the red keep and roast Cersei alive. The castle is a military target and killing Cersei ends the war. I certainly don't buy that this would make Dany hated with the local population; after all, Cersei got cheers with Euron's military parade, and she blew up the most important religious building in the world. There really isn't any reason why this "war" shouldn't have been over in twenty minutes, and it would have saved thousands of lives.
  14. We never saw Sansa be taught how to prepare for winter and prudently hoard food either, but she still does that. We need to unshackle ourselves from what we think "would make zero sense" because the writers already have. This just depresses me these days. Literally anything can happen,at any time and that's just the way it is.
  15. If this turns out to be the slow roll revelation that LF had a stroke at the midway point in season 4, and has been suffering an ongoing mental collapse every since, I might give the writers a little more credit.