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  1. If Houston can put some pressure on Dalton, he's going to have another bad game. Both teams have bad offensive lines. The Texans gave up 10 sacks to the Jags. Could be a real ugly game.
  2. I'm trying to convince myself that Dalton is going to bounce back from last weeks horror show. I assumed that Houston's D-line was good, but they had zero sacks against the Jags and gave up 155 yards rushing. Is the Jag's O-line that improved from last year and that much better than the Bengal's O-line? If the Bengal's O-line can perform about as well as the Jag's O-line, Dalton should have enough time to throw and be OK. They should be able to put some points on the board, and with how bad the Texan's offense will likely be, the Bengal's should have plenty of opportunities to score.
  3. Based on last week performances, Brees. KC put up 40+ points against NE and allowed Alex Smith to throw for 4 TDs. GB shutdown Seattle and held Wilson to 0 TDs.
  4. I'd like to join. Sent you a pm.
  5. I'm biased because I'm from the Bay area, but from what I've seen over the last 3 or 4 years, York has been horrendous. Turned a playoff caliber team into a bottom feeder in a year because of his ego. He couldn't get along with Harbaugh and he wanted credit for the success during the Harbaugh era. Since firing Harbaugh, the 49ers have finished last in their division for the past two years, and I think the 49ers will finish last in their division again to make it three in a row.
  6. After seeing all the horrendous QB play this weekend, it's clear that Kaepernick could be starting for a bunch of teams. Tolzien's already in danger of being benched for Brisset, who just joined the team a week ago. He's also better than McCown, Hoyer, and Savage. I hope he gets another chance to play this year, but at this point, it seems unlikely. He's definitely being blackballed.
  7. Went 0-2 in my Westeros leagues. Had a miserable start, but on the plus side, none of my players were injured and it looks like E. Elliot is going to play the entire season. Still feel like my teams are OK though.
  8. The most progress about Doors of Stone came earlier this year from a Twitch livestream event where Rothfuss accidentally showed a folder containing Doors of Stone drafts on his computer screen. If those files were relatively up to date, then the book was likely less than 50% done. I'm not expecting the book anytime soon. We'll be lucky to get it within 10 years after Wise Mans Fear was published. In comparison, Sanderson lists on his website all the projects he's currently working on, what stage the project is at, the the percentage completion of that stage, and he updates his progress relatively frequently. He also regularly answers fan questions, has done Ask Me Anythings on Reddit, and writes up a yearly summary of how his work is going. His online engagement with his fans about his works is the best I've come across by far. I don't expect that other authors would share their level of progress in as much detail as Sanderson, but it would be great if they were willing to share even 10% of what Sanderson shares.
  9. The Stormlight Archive books have been some of my favorite books of the last 5 years. It's taking him longer to write these books, about 3 to 4 years between books, but they are very large books and he's super transparent about the progress of his various works. Also, he publishes other books between the Stormlight Archive books so his output isn't actually slowing, Just has tons on his plate. Say what you want about the quality of his work, but I don't think anyone can deny that Sanderson has a tremendous work ethic. I'm very happy to have found a reliable author that puts out good work in a timely manner. In comparison, we hear nothing about the progress of Martin or Rothfuss. It's been over 6 years since A Dance With Dragons and The Wise Man's Fear, and there is no indication that either author is close to finished with their next book.
  10. Yes. I agreed with the part that stated that the dossier was just raw intelligence, but I disagreed with a lot of the other conclusions, like the assertion that there was no way Steele would have known about Russian meddling in the election before he wrote the report. The Washington Post published in June 2016 that the Russians hacked the DNC. The Post also reported on Trump's financial ties to Russian and his bromance with Putin. Fusion GPS specifically hired Steele to look into Trump's Russia connections. It was pretty clear by the time Steele was hired that Russian was using their hackers to try and influence the election to damage Clinton and help Trump. Other things like Manafort's connections with Russian/Ukraine were well known. I don't think many of the specific facts alleged in the dossier have been verified, like the alleged meetings between Trump associates and Russian agents. Those are the kind of facts that really matter, and unless those are proven, the dossier hasn't produced much of note.
  11. Not much of note has been corroborated from the Steele dossier. The FBI and Mueller are digging through it, so if there's anything of note in the dossier I'm sure we'll eventually hear about it. I'm skeptical though that the dossier will lead to Trump's impeachment and removal. I can still see Trump getting impeached, but I doubt it will be from anything in the dossier.
  12. My week was horrendous. I had 4 QBs and none scored above 10 points. Dalton scored negative 3 points. Of my two Westeros teams, my best QB by far was Jared Goff. Hope this week was a fluke.
  13. There's definitely a huge advantage to my Westeros fantasy football teams. Drafted him in both. I think the Cowboys were caught a little off guard with the 6 game suspension. Although they knew it was a possiblity, they really didn't think Elliot was going to get suspended based on the evidence that was available. At worst, delaying the 6 game suspension to next year will allow them to better prepare for Elliot's absence. And I think there's a chance that Elliot wins the appeal and doesn't receive any suspension at all. It's worth a shot anyway. I'm not sure what will happen if Elliot wins on appeal, but I don't think there's any point to sending it back to Goodell for a second kangaroo court. After reading some of the evidence about the case, it seemed to me that the accusations against Elliot were probably false. The accuser has some huge credibility problems that the NFL claimed to have considered but chose to believe her anyway. It's possible that she lied to police about Elliott physically manhandling her, considered blackmailing Elliot, and desired to ruin Elliot's career (which were all accepted as fact by the NFL), but also was abused by Elliott. I just think that's unlikely.
  14. I guess that makes sense, somewhat. This trade was a real head scratcher to me. Obviously, with the benefit of hindsight, you would have been much better off just drafting Benjamin instead of Allen, which would have allowed you to have both Benjamin and Kelce. You actually paid more for Allen than Whiskeyjack paid for Benjamin. Essentially, just one or two days after the draft, you've effectively paid $33 to get a player Whiskeyjack drafted for $15. It could still work out for you if Allen ends up getting hurt again, or Kelce has a really bad year, and Benjamin has a huge year. No idea why you have concerns with Kelce's health though. He's never missed a game in his career. Benjamin has his own injury history. He missed the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL. I'm high on Benjamin though, just not quite as high as you. Hope it works out for you.
  15. QB: R. Wilson, A. Dalton (E. Manning, J. Flacco) WR: A. Brown, D. Adams, R. Matthews, C. Hogan (S. Diggs, B. Marshall, M. Williams) RB: E. Elliot, C. Hyde, P. Perkins (D. McFadden, S. Vereen. J. Richard) TE: J. Thomas, D. Allen (E. Engram) K: J. Tucker DEF: KC, Tampa Bay (Detroit) I'm happy with my team. Seems to be in a lot better shape than my Westeros C team, with some depth at WR and QB. But no depth at RB and my TEs are mediocre. I was more conservative for this draft and held some money in reserve, whereas in Westeros C I blew most of my budget early. That said, I remember being happy with my team in Experts last year and then I barely finished high enough to stay in the league.