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  1. Presumably Rosenstein provided or will provide Mueller with a waiver when he appointed him special counsel. Luckily, Sessions doesn't get to make the call. Trump can still cry that Mueller is biased though, and he can point to all the Democrats that are making similar arguments with respect to Lieberman. That's why I don't like hearing about the arguments that Lieberman should be conflicted out of the FBI director's job because his firm working on Trump matters even if Lieberman himself didn't handle Trump matters. The same argument can be applied to Mueller, if you believe in that type of argument.
  2. I'm not really expecting anything new. Just a confirmation of some of the recent bombshell allegations, such as Trump trying to pressure Comey into dropping the investigation of Flynn and the existence of his Trump memos. Right now, there are a lot of allegations that Trump has outright denied. Comey's testimony can back up the recent reporting. Or if the reporting was inaccurate, he can set the record straight to exactly what happened between him and Trump.
  3. That's going to be some good television. Seems pretty clear that Trump is extremely worried about what Comey knows and might disclose. Trump has been shitting on Comey the past week. Time for some payback.
  4. As long as Lieberman didn't personally work on any Trump matters while at Kasowitz, I don't think his working at Kasowitz should disqualify him. He may be disqualified for other reasons, such as lack of law enforcement experience though. Mueller's former firm, Wilmerhale, currently represents or has represented at least Paul Manafort, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner. I don't have a problem with Mueller as long as he didn't personally do any work for Manafort, Trump, or Kushner, which according to the article, he did not.
  5. Trump asking Comey to let Flynn go make more sense if there was a bigger problem than Flynn lying about accepting payments from Russia for a speech he did and from Turkey for work he did. At most, Flynn is just going to get a slap on the wrist for those things. Trump really stuck his neck out for Flynn. The whole Trump/Comey timeline looks really, really bad for Trump, so I'm leaning to there being something Trump is seriously worried about. I think there was more to it than Trump simply helping out a friend or loyal member of his team. I wouldn't be surprised if Manafort was working for Russia. So many of Trump's surrogates had contacts with the Russian ambassador. It seems unusual to me, but I really have no idea how common this behavior is. It seems smart for Kislyak to talk to everyone if possible.
  6. Mueller seems like a good choice. I hope he's able to take down at least someone from this mess. Seems likely that at least Flynn is guilty of collusion. As Flynn himself has previously stated, only a guilty person asks for immunity. A lot of Trump's crazy and/or idiotic behavior would actually make more sense if he was guilty of collusion and trying to cover things up out of desperation.
  7. At what point does Trump become so toxic that Republicans would be willing to impeach and push out Trump? The recent polling that was posted seems to show that Trump, despite everything, is still maintaining the support of most republicans. The news these past few weeks has been absolutely horrendous for Trump, so it will be interesting to see if his poll numbers drop further. I think Trumps national polling numbers would need to drop down to the 25% to 30% range, or maybe even a little bit lower, before enough Republicans would consider impeachment, so there's still a long way to go. We need some more bombshells, which Trump continues to regularly provide. Otherwise, Democrats are going to have to win both the House and Senate in 2018. Democrats better show up for these midterms.
  8. I really hope that Trump taped his conversations in the White House. He's finished if tapes exist. It's possible he's finished even without the tapes. Comey's testimony before Congress could be the end for Trump. Too bad his testimony will almost certainly be closed to the public.
  9. Maybe. Trump only needs 50 votes in the Senate to get one of them through. We should see pretty soon though.
  10. I wonder if Trump will appoint Christie or Giuliani, and then fulfill his campaign pledge to lock up Clinton. He does need a really big story to cover up the Russia scandal.
  11. Wow, with Trump firing Comey, it's hard not to believe that the Russia-Trump investigation was generating too much heat for Trump and his associates. This makes him look Nixon level guilty. Trump really did Flynn a solid. We're going to need get a nonpartisan special investigator to head up the Trump-Russia investigation, but I don't see how that happens with Republicans controlling the White House, the Senate, and the House. Maybe this becomes a big issue for 2018. At this point, I'm assuming that the FBI is either going to shut down the investigation or complete a sham investigation. I don't see how Trump can rid himself of the appearance of scandal now.
  12. Hey man, if you are OK with being a racist and misogynist, cool beans. You think that statement means I'm asking you what you think about racism and misogyny? Right, sure. I'm not going to bother engaging if you are going to be disingenuous.
  13. I don't think that they'll have any problems getting a health care bill passed through reconciliation, if the Senate Republicans can get on the same page as the House Republicans, which may be a big if. By reducing coverage by millions, they are going to be saving a lot of money for the government. I think the last CBO score estimated that the bill would reduce the deficit, so they have a buffer to work with. It shouldn't be difficult to tweak some numbers if needed. It doesn't look like it will be necessary to change the reconciliation rules. Might happen next year though if they try and pass tax reform through reconciliation. I don't see how any Republican tax reform plan could be scored by the CBO as not not exploding the budget.
  14. I should correct myself and say that so long as the CBO score indicates that the effect on the budget is incidental/minimal and therefore the bill can be passed using reconciliation, they don't care really care about the other negative aspects, such as millions losing coverage. They will just dispute or ignore the parts they don't like.
  15. You aren't getting it. I'm only discussing the timing of the CBO score. Your are talking about other things and still making erroneous extrapolations from my position on the CBO scoring.