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  1. His voice and the ASOIAF series, and through it my rekindled love of fantasy and reading, will always be inexorably linked. Rest in peace sir.
  2. Dennis? That'd be Dennis Rader. The BTK Killer. I haven't finished the series yet so I was assuming it would lead to the protagonists trying to track him down. Is that not the case?
  3. The rapid-fire, wise-cracking dialogue in the opening episode was off putting. Reminded me of a Kevin Smith movie. I like Kevin Smith, but that sort of thing doesn't work so well outside comedy for me. It felt like they were rushing to get a whole ton of exposition done in the first episode and none of the lines had any weight to them. Less of an issue after the first episode, but a lot of the dialogue still feels rushed to me. Also there's a moment in episode 3 or 4 where Ford & Tench go to a prison to talk to a new 'subject' and wait until they're already there and out of the car to discuss who the guy is/why they're there and bring the audience up to speed Usual TV stuff but it really stuck out for some reason and felt very forced. Kemper's scenes have really stolen the show though. I'm on episode 5 or 6 now and enjoying it overall.
  4. Give the internet 24-48 hours to do its thing and they'll be releasing this as DLC.
  5. So the murderous, sadistic elf in my party (Divinity OS2) all of a sudden is in love with my main character and wants to kiss all the time. This is perplexing because I have never once chosen any romantical sounding option in conversation with her. Guess she's just got a thing for chaotic good dwarven pirates and, well, who could blame her? She's gonna be disappointed though. The Beast O' The Sea only has eyes for Ifan. Also I finally got some chicken dinners in PUBG. Once solo and once in doubles with a friend. That game gets incredibly tense when it's down to the last few people in a tiny circle. Good cardio I'm really looking forward to both as well.
  6. I don't understand why they don't just use the same cover art as the physical books. It's so much better.
  7. So I want to go and see this but I've never seen the original and I want to watch that first. There are apparently about seventy two different versions of the first one though apparently. For you big fangirls & boys, which one is the best to watch?
  8. Can we all take a moment to appreciate just how awful the cover art for the audio versions of Robin Hobb's books is? I work in purchasing for a large charity. We're focused on disaster relief in the Caribbean right now so there's a lot going on.
  9. DJ kicked Ray Borg in the face while standing behind him, and finished the fight with a mid-air transition into arm bar. Video game shit. Absolutely incredible.
  10. Hello Rhae I'm good. Work is very busy lately with all the storms, but apart from that all is well. How are you doing?
  11. Now there's a name I haven't seen in a long time. Hello Zar And hello to the rest of you spammers.
  12. YAY. I am in again. I'll post my questionnaire soon.
  13. White Americans are really passionate about defending literal Nazis lately. I love how salty these assholes are getting about this game. Even better that it's a lot of the same people who like to pull the "It's just a game stop being so sensitive" card whenever someone criticizes the depiction of women or minorities or something.
  14. If anyone is interested, Claudio Sanchez (of Coheed & Cambria) and his wife have released three songs from their upcoming acoustic project for $5 (or more, you can set your own price). All proceeds going to Puerto Rico hurricane relief. I really like it.
  15. Does he sail directly? If I remember correctly on the way to Sevren he says he was shipwrecked off Junpui and then traveled overland for at least part of the journey after that. I don't remember anything about the return journey post-Ademre though.