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  1. Yeah that's crazy. My pre-order was $70 including shipping. It's a great game though. The only issue I have with it is that your faction alignment is determined by random card draw, so even if you've been doing quests to help The Institute for example, you might never get a card that lets you ally with them, which means they always see you as an enemy and their units on the board will be hostile to you. Might try to house rule it somehow because it's very silly.
  2. Tony Ferguson is out for an indeterminate amount of time after surgery. Lightweight is so fucked lol. Who's ready for double secret interim belts?
  3. Another package arrived! This time with swanky socks! I think the Starry Night ones are my favorite I always seem to need more socks and these ones are awesome. Thanks again Santa
  4. So I received a package from Amazon today and thought it was something I ordered, but it turned out to be my gift Arriving in record time! A copy of Mr. Jack the board game! Thank you Santa, I've heard good things about it and look forward to trying it out at my next board game night
  5. At one point in my league this year I was 1-5. Now I'm 8-5 and made the playoffs. Amazing. Russel Wilson and LeSean McCoy carried me all the way.
  6. But will there be entire episodes worth of overly graphic sexcapades or is this a truly radical departure from the source material? In all seriousness I really hope this is good. The first book was great.
  7. I ended up grabbing Wolfenstein 2 during the autumn sale, was surprised to see it half off so soon after release. Played through it in a couple of days. It's surprisingly short and seems to end kind of abruptly. I know it's meant to be a trilogy so that makes sense but still. Enjoyed it overall though. Slaughtering thousands of nazis and KKK assholes is never a bad time, and the cast of over the top characters they've got really make the game. I've also hit the power limit cap on all three of my Destiny 2 characters. So I have pretty much nothing else to do in that game until the DLC comes out, which thankfully is in just a couple of days. In the meantime I've finally got around to starting Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun cause I was in the mood for a stealth game and like some of you have said, it is very, very good. I'm on mission 3 or 4 right now (Mugen and Yuki need to steal some documents from a high ranking official in a tightly guarded compound) and it is already getting really tough.
  8. Punched Reem's soul right out of his body holy shit. Team Fuck Racism.
  9. Anybody watching 218? In the middle of an absolute war between Oliveira and Medeiros on the prelims. Incredible fight. ETA: Even the way it ended was reminiscent of Lawler vs Rory. Wow. Maybe fight of the year.
  10. I got my pre-order of the new Fallout game last night. Unpacked and glanced over the rules, seems pretty damn cool at a cursory glance. Now I've got to try and get my friends together to actually try the damn thing. Wish me luck
  11. Destiny 2 continues to be a good time. Gotten kinda hooked on the cycle of it despite the repetitiveness. Do the weekly milestones, watch the numbers go up, grind the raid to try and get the full raid armor sets etc. I'm almost at the power level hard cap on all three characters now, and with today being reset day I'll be able to make a bit more progress tonight before I go out of town the rest of the week. Here's hoping to hit 305 on at least one of them. I am really looking forward to new raid content in the first DLC though. The current one becomes pretty trivial once you've done it a couple times since it's not really combat focused at all. Still fun to run through it though especially when you've got first timers in the group. Oh god that was my freshman year of university too...why would you do this?
  12. I'm sorry about your cat Lany
  13. Until the heat dies down anyway.
  14. What about the fantastic Frogmouth:
  15. They didn't create them, but Overwatch definitely popularized them. That was the beginning of this recent explosion of loot boxes in non-F2P games.