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  1. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    The Normandy had two bathrooms. Men's and women's. You could only go into the one that corresponded to your Shepard's sex though, EDI would tell you off if you tried to go into the other one.
  2. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    I had a leftover russet potato and most of an onion from cooking burgers and fries the other night (garlic rosemary baked fries, they were amazing) so I decided to do breakfast potatoes and eggs for dinner. For whatever reason though, I have always been really, really bad at cooking scrambled eggs the normal way (in a skillet, scraping the eggs toward the center with a spatula). I use the Gordon Ramsay method and that always works out pretty well, but since I was going to be doing the potatoes and onions in a frying pan and I didn't want to have to wash two different pots I decided to try the normal method. Fucked them up as always. Burnt and tasted weird as a result. What sorcery must I employ to make this work properly? Potatoes were good though.
  3. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    You've got to be kidding me. I'm gonna have to go through everyone's full menu again. I sort of noticed this with PeeBee. One of the options just says "flirting" but it's been different things at different times which seems really lazy on the part of the devs. It's never grayed out though which is the only reason I've tried it more than once. She's the only character where that's the case too. Everyone else's flirt options read like normal dialogue choices.
  4. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Yeah, the menus and the map are fucking terrible. As someone who is bothered by exclamation points and must constantly clear all notifications I spend entirely too much time digging through the inventory and subfolders of fucking subfolders in the quest log to clear them out. Even more annoying is the notification icon sometimes bugs and gets stuck even though I've cleared all of the actual new items in the list.
  5. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Also strange considering the first time it got pushed back EA said they were willing to delay it further if the team requested more time. Maybe that was PR bullshit and they really pressured them to get it out for the end of the 2016 fiscal year but I dunno. I know this is the first full game this particular team has made, so I'm really hoping they learn from all this and get their shit together for the rest of the trilogy because overall I'm enjoying it as well. When it's on, it's really on. It just falls right the fuck off way too often. Makes a lot of sense. It's only the human faces (including Asari) that look really off to me anyway, the other aliens look fine for the most part. I'm sitting at around 30 right now I think, just got to Kadara. The first Architect I fought was amazing, highlight of the game so far. The second lacked the same feeling since I already knew the mechanics and it was overall easier. I think it had less health than the first one I fought. Or maybe I was doing loads more damage by then. I should increase the difficulty, most fights are feeling pretty trivial on normal now.
  6. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Another example of the wonkiness of Andromeda's writing.
  7. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    We're 100% on the same page here.
  8. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I'm on PC. I've seen a few other people on the EA forums with similar issues, some of us are just getting unlucky I guess. It just happened again a little while ago, I had to leave a planet and come back to get a certain NPC to spawn so I could finish a quest. On a more positive note (Ice planet spoilers):
  9. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I was going to post something about the exact same issues. People mentioning things that haven't happened yet is a major issue that keeps happening for me. The spoiler stuff you posted really annoyed me as well. That could have been handled so much better without having to get bogged down in any kind of unnecessary detail. Even a throwaway line to explain would have been alright. The other problem I keep running into is items that I need to scan or interact with bugging out. The first time it happened was as soon as you get to the Nexus after Habitat 7, I couldn't activate the tram to go to the next area and reloading the most recent save (from when I was already on the Nexus) didn't help. I had to reload a save from Habitat 7 and replay a portion of it before it would work. And this sort of thing keeps happening. All over Hoth I keep having to reload saves and redo combat sequences so I can scan something that bugged out. Extremely frustrating.
  10. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    The way it works is certain abilities are combo primers and others are combo detonators. So flamethrower for example is a primer, when you use it on unshielded enemies they catch on fire and then if you or one of your teammates hits them with a combo detonator (like Concussive Shot or Overload) it pops and they take a ton of damage. As far as I know you can hit the enemy with the primer and detonator yourself, or detonate enemies your squadmates primed, and they can detonate enemies you've primed. It's kinda random unless you do it all yourself though because you can't tell your damn teammates when to use their abilities. So dumb. As far as I know there's no way to set ability priorities either, no. They just use stuff when they feel like it. Which keeps leading to Cora bio-charging at enemies who are in the air that are already about to die and then just falling to the ground looking like a moron.
  11. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I had this problem as well, if you press Tab it takes you straight back into the game. The way combos work is that certain abilities will set an enemy up for a combo activation. When the enemy you're aiming at is susceptible to one the ability on your hot bar will blink, and if you use it on them they'll explode or catch on fire or something and it does loads more damage.
  12. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    I think the floatiness is better than it was in 3, but it still lacks that satisfying impact and weight that ME2's combat had.
  13. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    No there's not. Just the 3 abilities you have on your quick bar now. You can't give your party members commands anymore, except to make them move to a certain spot. One of the changes I'm not happy about.
  14. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    There are fairly significant parts before and after he's lost at sea with other characters from what I remember, and the frame narrative where he's giving an interview about the whole thing so...not really. Plus he's always got Richard Parker the Tiger with him. Loved that movie.
  15. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Damn, I only ever got chocolate and peeps for Easter I used to love those peeps. I bet if I ate one now I'd feel sick though.