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  1. You gotta love Condit, man.
  2. I only ever bought it on PS3. If it ever drops below 30 bucks in a steam sale I might buy it for PC but I haven't seen that happen yet.
  3. Speaking of Splinter Cell & Metal Gear I don't know if any of you saw this already, but the Sam Fisher update for Wildlands included this little reference. I thought it was pretty cool. They're still making an ungodly amount of money on GTA5 so it's not too surprising I guess. I was listening to the Giant Bombcast from earlier this week and they were talking about GTA5 being the most profitable entertainment product in history apparently. 90 million copies sold and over 6 billion dollars in revenue. I am so ready for any news on Cyberpunk.
  4. 1 through 3 was definitely the high point of the series. Chaos Theory (the third one) is one of the best stealth games ever made in my book. Things really went downhill after that though. They turned it into more of a cover shooter with Conviction and that was the last one I played. I heard Blacklist is better and I might give it a shot at some point though. My only worry is that they'll turn it into another open world action game because it's Ubisoft.
  5. Old thread is at locking age. With E3 only a couple months out there's a lot of speculation about what we'll see announced and what previously announced titles we'll get release dates or more info about. Anything specific you're all hoping to see? Personally with the recent Sam Fisher event they added to Wildlands I'm really hoping Ubi announce a new Splinter Cell game. The world, as always, needs more stealth games.
  6. God of War is getting glowing reviews across the board. Patrick Klepek's in particular has kinda sold me on it.
  7. All I can say is that if the actual season doesn't feature at least 20 minutes of a dog playing piano it will be a total failure.
  8. The Westworld show runners did a AMA on the sub-reddit the other day, and offered to post a video outlining the entire plot of season 2 if their post got enough up-votes. The idea being to combat inadvertent spoilers that end up getting out to the regular viewers as a result of the obsessive speculation of the types of people who visit sub-reddits for specific shows. Well, the post met its goal and they have delivered. Proceed with caution.
  9. Despite all the madness and cancellations there were still some damn good fights last night. Magomedsharipov vs Bochniak was probably FOTN. That trip in round 2 was so slick it didn't even look real at first and the last 30 seconds was just wild. Rose proving the first fight was not a fluke and looking impressive as hell out-striking Joanna for three rounds. I was really hoping it was turning around when JJ started coming back in 3 and 4 but she couldn't keep it up in the 5th. Let's make Khabib vs Tony finally happen now please.
  10. Turns out it's Khabib vs Iaquinta tomorrow night after all, Iaquinta not eligible to win the belt though because he didn't make 155. Al pulling a huge upset win would be the cherry to top off this entire fiasco of a week
  11. Pettis: Felder: Al Iaquinta also not an option: UFC supposed to make an official statement at a press conference soon. I'm wondering if they postpone the whole thing or just push ahead with Rose/Joanna as main event.
  12. UFC won't pay Pettis enough to save the card and NYSAC won't let Felder step in. This has to be the biggest clusterfuck in the history of the UFC. I can't imagine how red Dana is right now.
  13. Yeah I wouldn't blame any of them for deciding to sit out to better their cases at all to be honest. Chiesa is saying it was the NYC athletic commission's decision, but whether that's true or not who knows? In any case, if he's got multiple cuts on his face it's the right call regardless of who made it. First I'm hearing about Holloway but that's disappointing as hell. This whole card just got absolutely destroyed.
  14. Chiesa fight is off after all due to the facial lacerations. Ray Borg fight is also off because he got glass shards in his eye. Helwani also saying Caceres won't be getting a last minute replacement opponent. Three fights down. Fuck Conor. Multiple fighters injured and multiple fights off the card as a result, no way this was a planned stunt.
  15. Chiesa is apparently clear to fight. Had multiple cuts on his face but no stitches needed. I hope they're able to find Caceres another opponent on short notice, or if not he still gets his full payment. Three fighters potentially having their livelihood's affected by something they had nothing to do with all because of Conor. Five if you count Pettis & Joanna. Did you see the Facebook live interview? All the questions about doing business with Conor were "not right now" which is typically noncommittal. He should be banned, but I doubt the anger holds up when they start seeing the potential dollar signs of Conor vs Khabib in Russia.