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  1. Sending good vibes his way. Hope he pulls through.
  2. Heh, I've gotten so used to having subtitles on for shows that I turn them on even when I can hear it properly. Can't watch without them now. Glad you're enjoying your new place
  3. The last ones we had seemed to enjoy rearranging their furniture in the middle of the night. I will never understand the things upstairs neighbors get up to. Odd creatures.
  4. Mormont I'm glad you're daughter is safe and I hope she gets home quickly.
  5. Moving on Saturday. From an apartment to a house. I am very excited to no longer have upstairs neighbors, and to have my own bathroom for the first time ever. Some frat bros moved into the unit above ours in the last few weeks, so this couldn't come at a better time.
  6. Tabletop Simulator is 50% off in the current Humble sale. If anybody's interested maybe we could set up a virtual game night at some point.
  7. If there were an option to donate in lieu of dealing with ads I would happily do it.
  8. I uninstalled my adblocker, cleared all cookies and such and am still seeing the popup. Something is definitely off. ETA: Tried loading the site on two other browsers, Firefox and IE (neither of which have any ad block software installed). Got the same pop-up on Firefox but nothing on Internet Explorer. It's a weird day when IE is the browser without problems.
  9. As of this morning I keep getting this pop-up thing from the bottom of the page asking me to whitelist the site in my ad-blocking tool. I already have the site whitelisted but it keeps popping up every time I load a different board or thread and I have to manually close it every time. Extremely annoying.
  10. My friends and I were talking about this the other day. We thought Hedge Knight & Rob's Rebellion were the obvious ones and were speculating on what the other two (now three) would be. But apparently neither of those are happening. I figure they'll probably do Aegon's Conquest. Maybe the Blackfyre Rebellion. Or maybe they'll do nothing that's even been mentioned in the books so far.
  11. She was on fire last night. Just makes her opponents look like they don't belong in her division. Whole main card was pretty good apart from the Branch/Jotko fight I thought. And Alvarez vs Poirier was incredible up until the illegal knees. I hope Stipe breaks the record.
  12. Almost through it now. Secured the route to the treasure right before I went to bed last night so just the final boss left. The run up to this palace didn't help either. From a couple days before the school trip right up until you first infiltrate the palace the game just goes full story dump mode for about 2 in game weeks or so. Barely anything to actually do. Just press X and read. Wouldn't have been so bad if the weirdly contrived "Mona bails" subplot hadn't been stretched out so long but oh well. I haven't done any grinding actually. I've done each of the palaces in one or two straight shots depending on how quickly I ran out of SP, and I only go to mementos if I have requests to complete. I'm level 40 now so I dunno if that's overleveled for the fifth palace or not though. I have a habit of leaving games running while I do other things so the in game clock of 110 hours is somewhat inflated. I might be at 85-90 hours of actual gameplay at a rough guess.
  13. Still working through Persona 5. I'm at 110 hours on the 5th dungeon and honestly starting to burn out on it a little. The design of this dungeon isn't helping. Constantly having to backtrack through the same few areas with re spawning enemies. Grunt battles feel like a total waste of time. They're no threat, they just waste my SP. The overall story is still pretty interesting though so I wanna see it through. --- Also, Stellaris. I picked it up because it's part of this month's Humble Monthly (so $12 for it plus 5 other games that will be revealed later). Also got some of the DLC since it was on sale on Steam. Didn't expect to actually do much with it because Paradox games typically just make me feel dumb. This time is different though. For the first time I actually feel like I have some idea what I'm doing. Still playing like shit though. I've restarted a few times. I constantly feel weak though. Even researching as many ship upgrades as I can and building up to my naval limit, I'm way below the strength of most of the hostiles I'm encountering. This is troubling as my fanatically religious flower-people need to spread the light of the Sun God across the galaxy.
  14. Is there any way to (legally) watch boxing PPVs online in the US? It seems HBO and Showtime don't air them on their streaming services. Not live anyway, they put them up like a month later. -- Gastelum having his win taken away from him for marijuana use is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  15. Luckily these days Tabletop Simulator is an option if you can't get a real game group together in your area, but it's just not as good as sitting around a table with your friends and playing together. It's like playing D&D on Roll20 rather than in person. Just doesn't compare.