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  1. Netflix released the trailer for their upcoming original series about Queen Elizabeth II today: Looks pretty goddamn impressive. Had a massive budget apparently so that makes sense. John Lithgow as Churchill works surprisingly well.
  2. I just ordered a Switch myself. I got a pro controller and a 128gb sd card to go with it.
  3. Yeah that's crazy. My pre-order was $70 including shipping. It's a great game though. The only issue I have with it is that your faction alignment is determined by random card draw, so even if you've been doing quests to help The Institute for example, you might never get a card that lets you ally with them, which means they always see you as an enemy and their units on the board will be hostile to you. Might try to house rule it somehow because it's very silly.
  4. Tony Ferguson is out for an indeterminate amount of time after surgery. Lightweight is so fucked lol. Who's ready for double secret interim belts?
  5. Another package arrived! This time with swanky socks! I think the Starry Night ones are my favorite I always seem to need more socks and these ones are awesome. Thanks again Santa
  6. So I received a package from Amazon today and thought it was something I ordered, but it turned out to be my gift Arriving in record time! A copy of Mr. Jack the board game! Thank you Santa, I've heard good things about it and look forward to trying it out at my next board game night
  7. At one point in my league this year I was 1-5. Now I'm 8-5 and made the playoffs. Amazing. Russel Wilson and LeSean McCoy carried me all the way.
  8. But will there be entire episodes worth of overly graphic sexcapades or is this a truly radical departure from the source material? In all seriousness I really hope this is good. The first book was great.
  9. I ended up grabbing Wolfenstein 2 during the autumn sale, was surprised to see it half off so soon after release. Played through it in a couple of days. It's surprisingly short and seems to end kind of abruptly. I know it's meant to be a trilogy so that makes sense but still. Enjoyed it overall though. Slaughtering thousands of nazis and KKK assholes is never a bad time, and the cast of over the top characters they've got really make the game. I've also hit the power limit cap on all three of my Destiny 2 characters. So I have pretty much nothing else to do in that game until the DLC comes out, which thankfully is in just a couple of days. In the meantime I've finally got around to starting Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun cause I was in the mood for a stealth game and like some of you have said, it is very, very good. I'm on mission 3 or 4 right now (Mugen and Yuki need to steal some documents from a high ranking official in a tightly guarded compound) and it is already getting really tough.
  10. Punched Reem's soul right out of his body holy shit. Team Fuck Racism.
  11. Anybody watching 218? In the middle of an absolute war between Oliveira and Medeiros on the prelims. Incredible fight. ETA: Even the way it ended was reminiscent of Lawler vs Rory. Wow. Maybe fight of the year.
  12. I got my pre-order of the new Fallout game last night. Unpacked and glanced over the rules, seems pretty damn cool at a cursory glance. Now I've got to try and get my friends together to actually try the damn thing. Wish me luck
  13. Destiny 2 continues to be a good time. Gotten kinda hooked on the cycle of it despite the repetitiveness. Do the weekly milestones, watch the numbers go up, grind the raid to try and get the full raid armor sets etc. I'm almost at the power level hard cap on all three characters now, and with today being reset day I'll be able to make a bit more progress tonight before I go out of town the rest of the week. Here's hoping to hit 305 on at least one of them. I am really looking forward to new raid content in the first DLC though. The current one becomes pretty trivial once you've done it a couple times since it's not really combat focused at all. Still fun to run through it though especially when you've got first timers in the group. Oh god that was my freshman year of university too...why would you do this?
  14. I'm sorry about your cat Lany
  15. Until the heat dies down anyway.
  16. Old thread's at deleting age. Figured with a throwback style Sonic game and Brood War remastered both coming out in the last few days the title was apt. Speaking of, the Brood War launch stream yesterday with Day9, InControl, Tasteless & Artosis doing commentary with some old Brood War pros playing each other in a tournament was really fantastic (Artosis & InControl are also playing in it). I was never involved in the Starcraft scene and never watched much of it either but it was absolutely hilarious. If you were into the game or the esports scene at all you gotta check it out, I think it continues today. I picked up Hearthstone again with the new xpac just coming out. Sticking to my guns on not spending any more money on the game though, which means I'm lacking a lot of cards from the Un Goro expansion and this one but oh well. I got the priest Death Knight card as my free one for beating the prologue of the adventure and I slid that into my old Raza shadow priest deck with a few other changes to make it standard compatible. Been having a lot of fun with it. Free 2 damage every time you play a card is pretty insane, and makes you feel super smart when you plan out a complicated turn and it actually works
  17. What about the fantastic Frogmouth:
  18. They didn't create them, but Overwatch definitely popularized them. That was the beginning of this recent explosion of loot boxes in non-F2P games.
  19. Copying my questionnaire from last year: Are you over 18? Yes. Are you willing to ship internationally? Yes. Favorite Type of Food (i.e. Italian, Mexican, McDonald's, Burger King, etc): Indian, Jamaican, Chinese Favorite Candy (things that won't melt or go bad in mail) : Not much of a candy person aside from chocolate which, of course, melts. Favorite Scent (i.e. Fruity, Vanilla, Flowery, etc): Um...fresh & clean? Favorite Hobby (i.e. Scrap booking, Photography, things you collect, etc): Board games & video games, trying new craft beers. Favorite books or types (romance, true store, mystery or just one you would like): Fantasy & Sci-Fi. Historical fiction is also very cool. Favorite animal: Dragonfly, wolf, otter. Favorite movies or types (romance, comedy or just a DVD/VHS you would like): I like pretty much all kinds of movies. Most partial to dramas I suppose. Favorite Color : Green Favorite Music Artist/Type or a CD you would like: Coheed & Cambria is my favorite band, but my taste in music is pretty wide. I don't really like metal or country but other than that. Do you collect anything? Nope, not really. Is there anything (not expensive) you want or need? One can always use more socks. Anything else you would like your SS to know about you: I'm gonna love anything you decide to send me so don't even worry about it Also I'm allergic to mango just in case that crops up for any reason. Questionnaire 22. What is your favorite:a. Color? Greenb. Type of candy? Chocolatec. Type of munchie? Pretzelsd. Puzzle to do? Logic puzzles. 3. Do you collect anything for Christmas? (i.e. certain types of ornaments, nativities, snowmen...etc.): Nope, not really. 4. What type of hobbies do you have? I play video games and board games quite a bit, listen to audiobooks. I enjoy cooking and occasionally baking. 5. If you were going to theme Christmas with just one word... what would it be? Madness. 6. Big family Christmas with everyone down to 2nd cousins...or just immediate family in their jammies? The latter is better, but it's almost always the former. 7. Favorite Christmas movie and why? A Christmas Story because it's A Christmas Story. 8. Religious or non-religious Christmas/Chaunaka/: Non-religious. 9. If you could spend Christmas in any one of these places, which one would you choose and why:a. A beach on a tropical island just a few very close family or friends, be lazy and open presents and then have a non traditional dinner including Pina Coladas and BBQ shrimp, wearing swimsuits, Bermuda shorts and tank topsb. Tiny cabin in the woods, fire going, very rustic, warm and cozy with your close family and friends, wearing jeans and sweaters.c. Biltmore Estates, full regalia, all glitter and glitz, all your close family and friends, wearing black tie and velvetd. NYC Christmas, Park Avenue, last minute hustle and bustle, haute couture with a 4 course meal and champagne with 50 of your favorite people. Wearing, of course. the latest fashion favorites. B sounds pretty great. 10. Favorite Christmas musicOld Blue Eyes. 11. What is your Christmas morning likea. chaoticb. slow and relaxedc. organized, but fast pacedd. "Christmas is HOW SOON???!!!!"e. all of the above. A, always A. 12. Name something you want but will never buy for yourself, just because you cannot see yourself being that flamboyant: Can't think of anything that fits this description. 13. What sizes do you wear (optional answer if you would prefer to not have clothing)clothes: XL for shirts. 14. What colors are in your:a. Bedroom?White, blue, grey. b: kitchen?Whitec. living room?White, brown15. What style is your home decorated in? (i.e. ethnic, country, southwestern...etc)None in particular. Anything else your SS should know about you? Answered up top ----------------------------------- To give a more useful answer than everything above though: I'd love a gift that you feel best represents the place you're from or the things you love about where you're from. Can't really beat a gift like that.
  20. I actually have had to stop, get out and chase ducks off the road before. Apparently I am scarier than my several ton car. Ducks are weird man.
  21. Be any bird you like, except a duck. Fuck ducks. They are jerks. They love to stand in the middle of the road, blocking traffic and practically daring you to hit them. They shit all over everything. They smell terrible. They squawk at little kids and scare them and chase people down the street. Also they wear dog masks. What are they hiding? Fucking ducks. They do taste pretty good though. Also ducklings are cute as hell, shame they eventually transform into assholes.
  22. Not surprising. Most games with lootboxes don't have you buying them directly anyway, presumably to get around potential legislation like this in the future. You buy their Disney Dollars and then spend those on the boxes. Blizzard is in the incredible position of being as scummy as they like while never losing any shred of fan loyalty. It's pretty amazing. Watching them roasting EA over the Star Wars stuff yesterday was ridiculous considering they're the ones who popularized loot boxes and pretty much created this craze in the fucking first place. I'm so sick of micro-transactions in games with an up front cost.
  23. You are going in blind. I believe China recently passed some legislation (or tried to) saying that companies will be required to disclose the exact odds for their lootboxes though. Certain things have been figured out though, depending on the game. For example Hearthstone has a "pity timer" on legendary cards. For every pack you open without a legendary in it the chance to get a legendary in your next pack increased by some small percentage, until eventually it hits 100% and you're guaranteed a legendary in your next pack. In HS's case this is the 40th pack you open. Then it resets. I assume most games with lootboxes have a similar system. Fuck lootboxes in general also.
  24. Yeah it was crazy that the error happened right when the KO did. Really weird timing.
  25. Been playing Destiny 2 quite a bit since the PC version came out, and we got the raid done last night. It was only our second attempt, so I was quite pleased we cleared it. It was myself, two friends and three randoms. The first attempt two of our randoms kept running off from the rest of the group during the Pleasure Gardens encounter (where a group of four must sneak past patrolling dog enemies to some glowing flowers to collect stacks of a damage buff) and alerting the damn dogs so we never got past it. Got real lucky with our randoms this time around though. Everyone was cool and knew what they were doing, or actually asked and listened to explanations. Very cool raid overall, with heavy emphasis on coordination over actual combat. I look forward to trying more when the expansions come out. I've seen some rumors that they may add in some Destiny 1 raids overtime. I hope they do, never got to try any of those.