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  1. I wasn't super familiar with the game before so I'm not sure how different it will feel for you. To me it doesn't seem that much different. The most noticeable change is that borders no longer expand automatically, you have to build outposts in every system you want to claim to put them in your borders. I really, really like this change cause I hated having to wait for my borders to grow to snag a nice system or burn monthly influence to claim them before. Now it costs a flat amount of influence (and minerals of course) to build with no ongoing influence cost. The flat influence cost increases pretty sharply the further the system is from a system you already own though. The new Casus Belli system for making claims on other empire's systems and declaring wars is cool too, and I really like how in the latest beta patch AI empires can't force you into white peace anymore (this is really annoying when you're playing dedicated exterminators). You just stop earning monthly influence and unity until you make peace once you reach 100% war fatigue. I like the changes overall.
  2. Been playing a lot of Stellaris lately. Being an evil empire for the first time to try something different (the guilt and inner conflict are no joke). My sentient machines seek to bring permanent peace to the galaxy by way of purging all organic life from it. I started strong, the empire of slaver cats who spawned right next to me did not have much time to enjoy their ascension to the stars. But then I spent a long time deadlocked with my other neighbors to the North, a fanatically religious bunch of fascists. I've taken three of their planets including their capital but they expanded through a natural wormhole to the other side of the galaxy and continue to escape eradication. Meanwhile I had my attention pulled in another direction. The tiny band of mercenaries to my west (who I'd been ignoring because they were insignificant) all of sudden united under a new Khan and decided they were going to take over the galaxy. They rapidly expanded, nearly annihilating two other nearby empires (making one their vassal) and ultimately ending up at my borders. It was all I could do to hold them off. Their fleets were not as powerful as mine but they seemed to have an endless supply of them, and began to claim my systems by way of repeatedly throwing cannon fodder at me until I had to fall back to repair and regroup. This was made doubly aggravating by the raiders who began harassing me at the opposite end of my empire. I had nearly lost hope, realizing that I could not keep up with the apparently ridiculous amount of ships these mercs were able to pump out, when all of a sudden we received word that their Khan, the one who had united them under a single banner for the first time, had been assassinated. Their territory was shattered into warring factions once again, and now it's only a matter of time until I pick them all off and claim it for The Consciousness. This is a good video game.
  3. My dad often tells the story of waking up to find a cockroach had crawled up his nose when he was a kid.
  4. People who honk their horns the instant the light turns green. Fuck. Off.
  5. KO'd in the first after a beautiful elbow and uppercut by Ortega. I had Ortega winning too but I always root for Frankie. The judges having Wilder winning up until the KO makes no sense at all.
  6. Final round of O'Malley vs Soukhamthath...all Soukhamthath had to do was stand up to win the fight. O'Malley couldn't walk. But he kept it on the ground and let him ride out a decision win. So weird. I guess he was still rocked from the previous round and not thinking straight. Looking forward to seeing more of O'Malley though. He's flashy as hell.
  7. I started off switching back and forth between the UFC card and the Showtime card but ended up just staying on the boxing. This Wilder/Ortiz fight is crazy. ETA: Wow I thought Wilder was fucked. What a fight.
  8. Finally confirmed, Conor will be stripped the day of the Ferguson/Khabib fight.
  9. If any of you haven't played Nier: Automata yet and are interested it's 50% off on Steam for the next two weeks. First time it's been this cheap. Can't recommend the game highly enough. Although I think the PC port has issues and needs a fan made patch to run properly so keep that in mind.
  10. Into The Breach is really good and I am really bad at it.
  11. Somehow I had no idea David Bowie was Duncan Jones' father until now
  12. What an absolutely pointless, awful movie that was. So disappointing, I had really high hopes for it. So many things annoyed me. The "stop being a pedophile, ok? alright lets be pals again" scene being chief among them. Duck's pedophilia seemed to played for laughs throughout most of the film which just grossed me the fuck out. I don't know what the hell Jones was thinking here. Then so many little things just made no sense. Like after Leo attacks the night club Cactus walks in and finds the big bossman alone still sprawled on the floor. None of the goons from downstairs came up to help their fucking boss? They're all just sitting around chatting while he's unconscious up there. The ending was silly. Duck's just going to ride off into the sunset to be a fucking creep with his dead friend's daughter (who does not seem the least bit concerned that her father is gone) not worrying about the trail of corpses left behind them, but not before putting himself in the perfect position to be thrown off a bridge. So now the little girl goes to live with her grandmother, still apparently having no issue with her dead father and now "uncle" (despite what a piece of shit he was she didn't seem to know that) and Leo is definitely going to prison (or getting killed) for the night club assault, car theft and possibly two murders. It looked good, some of the performances were alright. That's the best thing I can say about it.
  13. Saw it last night and really enjoyed it. Micheal B Jordan's performance was a little wooden at times but everything else was great. Winston Duke stole every scene he had and I'm looking forward to seeing more of M'Baku in Avengers. Danai Gurira was amazing as well. One of my favorite MCU movies.
  14. I played through What Remains Of Edith Finch yesterday. Much shorter than I expected, finished it in around two hours. Really great stuff though. The vignettes of the different family members are weird and bleak and wonderful all at once. The Cannery in particular is just really spectacular design. It's a crushingly sad game, but with a bit of a hopeful point to make when all is said and done. It's actually kinda amazing what a good year 2017 was for video games. On to AC: Origins.
  15. Anyone played Nier: Automata? I just finished all the main endings, and I have to say ending E is one of the coolest and most powerful things I've ever experienced in a video game. This entire game has left me in awe. A shining example of the unique things this art form can do and be. Retroactive best game of 2017, easily one of my favorites of all time.
  16. As expected. White conservative men are the most dangerous people in America.
  17. It's Serbia. Their national day is February 15. Happy national day OP, and to any other Serbs/Serbians.
  18. Got halfway through writing yet another letter to that massive piece of shit Marco Rubio last night before remembering how pointless it is because he's bought and paid for with NRA blood money and if dead kids haven't swayed him nothing I can say will. It was a rough night for me. I've grown pretty numb to these shootings but it hits a lot harder when it's so close to home. So far I haven't heard of anyone I know being directly effected, that's about the only solace I have. Fuck these child murder supporting gun nuts. Fuck this goddamn country.
  19. The shooting today is in my town. My coworkers kids go to that school. I feel sick. This is never ending. Nothing ever fucking changes.
  20. Chris has one victory coming off a 3 fight loss streak, I don't think Yoel should get another shot right away either but Chris isn't anymore deserving IMO. I'd like to see Weidman fight Jacare and give the winner of that the next shot maybe.
  21. Romero missed weight for tonight's bout. If he wins he doesn't get the interim belt, but Rockhold still does if he wins. Which is the most pointless thing I've ever heard since either way whichever one of them wins is getting the next shot at Whitaker
  22. I don't know how I even would. They just leave the packages on my doorstep, usually while I'm still at work. Even when I'm at home for a delivery though they never knock or anything.
  23. The big Kovacs flashback episode is definitely the weakest of the series. Is it just me or is Dichen Lachman's performance as Kawahara really bad? She just comes off as so stiff and wooden. I don't think I've ever seen her in anything else though so I can't say if it's intentional for the character or not. I've come around on Kinnaman as Kovacs and everybody else has been great but she's been pretty groan-worthy the last couple of episodes.