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  1. Old thread's at deleting age. Figured with a throwback style Sonic game and Brood War remastered both coming out in the last few days the title was apt. Speaking of, the Brood War launch stream yesterday with Day9, InControl, Tasteless & Artosis doing commentary with some old Brood War pros playing each other in a tournament was really fantastic (Artosis & InControl are also playing in it). I was never involved in the Starcraft scene and never watched much of it either but it was absolutely hilarious. If you were into the game or the esports scene at all you gotta check it out, I think it continues today. I picked up Hearthstone again with the new xpac just coming out. Sticking to my guns on not spending any more money on the game though, which means I'm lacking a lot of cards from the Un Goro expansion and this one but oh well. I got the priest Death Knight card as my free one for beating the prologue of the adventure and I slid that into my old Raza shadow priest deck with a few other changes to make it standard compatible. Been having a lot of fun with it. Free 2 damage every time you play a card is pretty insane, and makes you feel super smart when you plan out a complicated turn and it actually works
  2. Anybody watch The International this year? Hell of an event by Valve as usual. Team Liquid became the first team to clean sweep the grand finals against a team that was one of the favorites to win from the very beginning. This after TL got knocked to the loser's bracket in the first round and fought their way back up. Great stuff.
  3. Gabriel Iglesias outta nowhere.
  4. The first guy in the trailer (talking about how butchering people is hard work) looked like Gacy to me, though Gacy wasn't much of a 'butcher' if I remember correctly so I dunno. The Time magazine cover in the trailer showed Berkowitz on it and the IMDB page lists an actor playing Dennis Rader. So it looks like they might be all real, or a mix of real and fictional.
  5. On the plus side, Motive are the ones developing that new Star Wars game with Visceral. Kim Swift of Portal fame and Jade Raymond of the two good Assassin's Creed games fame are heading it up I believe. Good for them to get more manpower I suppose. I honestly don't care whether Andromeda ever gets any DLC. I don't have any major interest in going back to it anytime soon, if ever. --- Been playing lots of Overwatch again. Not much of a fan of Doomfist, I just feel useless playing as him. Orisa is pretty cool though, I haven't really played since she was released. Lots of new maps since the last time I played also which is nice.
  6. I love true crime related stuff and I've always had a morbid fascination with serial killers, I'm really looking forward to this.
  7. Started Pyre (new Supergiant game). As you'd expect, the game is gorgeous in every way possible. Amazing art, amazing soundtrack, super polished, all the things Supergiant have always been top notch at. The story is interesting enough so far as well. Not quite sold on the actual "battle" system though unfortunately. I respect them wanting to do something different but sports games have never really been my thing, and switching back and forth between characters on the fly in real time feels clumsy to me but I think that's more my issue of being bad at games than anything else. I think I'd have been happier with a more standard turn based tactics game or something, but I guess that would have been the expected thing and that's not them, huh? Will keep up with it though. The visual novel & FTL-lite elements are good stuff.
  8. Finally able to post again. I don't believe for a second that Jones was being genuine after that fight. He's back to wanting to pretend to be the good guy I guess, but he's made it abundantly clear that he's a narcissist who's incapable of feeling guilty for his shittiness. I was glad to see him embrace the heel role a bit more in the lead up to this fight, like at least he was finally being honest about who he is. Anyway, I hope he keeps his shit together this time and we get to see some defenses. Garbage person or not he's still the best at what he does. Joe interviewing Cormier after that fight was shitty, but he's admitted that himself. That was really hard to watch, he was crushed. I hope this isn't the last we see of him, whether he moves up to HW or tries to make another run for the title. I had him winning the fight until he got caught. I think he could have done it. Apart from Cyborg/Evinger and Woodley/Maia the rest of the card and prelims were pretty fantastic. Ortega vs Moicana was a war. Cerrone & Lawler need to get the sequel as a Fight Night main event, it should have been five rounds. Unless they're gonna give Robbie the next title shot I guess, which seems ridiculous but who else is there right now? Everyone else in the top 5 is coming off a loss. Robbie/Woodley for the title and Masvidal/Wonderboy for the next challenger maybe? Knowing the UFC they'll try to get Cerrone in for the title against Robbie if he wins it back, back to back losses be damned.
  9. You gotta stop doing this to yourself, and to your marriage. If you keep on this current course of action it'll only result in more frustration and tears. I know change is scary, but it's the only way forward. Put Risk away and get some better board games.
  10. Fair point I wish Netflix had more of it though. They only have the three seasons that were shown in the US. Which I think is series 5, 4 and 6. I assume they did them out of order because 5 was such a good season and they wanted to hook people in. The contestants were just much more interesting in that one I think. Norman was my favorite
  11. Oh this is gonna be a dumpster fire. More wank material for the alt-right is precisely what we need right now I guess?
  12. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has apparently committed suicide. The band gets a lot of shit but they were a pretty huge part of my early teenage years and this is kinda heartbreaking.
  13. Why didn't anyone tell me The Great British Bake Off is so awesome?
  14. Spent a few hours playing Elite Dangerous in VR with a HOTAS controller. Probably the coolest experience I've had with VR so far, and makes me strongly consider picking up a wheel to try some racing games but I don't feel like spending the money at the moment. I think it's probably the thing that'll most likely make someone a believer if they've never tried VR before. I wish Elite Dangerous wasn't such a pure sandbox though. Any sort of narrative or direction would be nice. 'Make your own fun' games just don't really work for me, I don't think I'm creative enough. I just end up feeling unmotivated. But man, flying around in that game last night was a hell of an experience.
  15. I was terrified of going to the dentist for years (also didn't have insurance for years) but it's been so much easier and so painless (mostly) compared to what I was expecting. I'm glad I finally went before things got any worse. Luckily I only needed a root canal and a filling (and I have to get my wisdom teeth removed but so do most people). Sorry to hear about the stress I hope your vacation is long and rejuvenating.
  16. Hi Rhae I'm pretty good. Been getting some long overdue dental work done finally which has mostly been fine. So I'm a bit sore but that's about it. Yesterday I had a temporary crown put in and I can still taste the cement they used to secure it despite brushing my teeth about five times. It's vile stuff How are you?
  17. Howdy Buck I thought the premiere was pretty good.
  18. Floob 7.0 is really fucking the board up. I'll take shelter with you spammers. How are you all?
  19. That Ward KO was really something, never seen that before. Hope Ward's alright though, he took some hard hits to the head after the canvas knocked him out. I thought the two judges scoring JoJo/Calvillo 30-27 was weird. She won, but not the second round. I had it 29-28 for Calvillo. Felt bad for Gunni too he looked like his soul left his body when that left hand landed.
  20. The best part of Arkham Knight is the thousands of people you totally don't kill by running them over because the car automatically electrocutes them before colliding with their bodies at breakneck speed and sending them flying. The miracle of electricity indeed.
  21. Yeah the vehicle handling is shit and I had issues with the quest tracker as well. It was always full of multiplayer missions that I didn't care about. Fast travel didn't bother me as I just didn't use it much. My biggest issue with the game though is the ready availability of a ludicrous arsenal of lethal weapons, and the way that completely clashes with the overall tone of the story and the cast of characters. You could go out on a massive murderous rampage, killing a bunch of security guards who are just doing their damn jobs, then come back and celebrate with the crew at the hacker cave like nothing happened. Personally I didn't do that, I played through the game 100% non-lethally mostly using my drones to complete objectives so I could remain outside and never be seen (which I thought was pretty cool, as was hacking the police database to put an arrest order out for targets and some of the other fancy abilities you can get). I think I've posted about this before but I would really, really like to have seen Ubisoft take a risk (lol) and lot include guns in the game at all. They just don't fit the narrative. Or better yet, make some guns available but introduce some actual consequences for using them. Your hacker crew doesn't trust you anymore and doesn't feel safe around you because you fucking killed someone and that's a big deal. Overall though I had a good time with it. I thought the self-aware cheesiness of the hack-a-thon and other moments like that really worked.
  22. I loved Watch Dogs 2. It was like Hackers The Movie The Game
  23. Started the new Prey yesterday. Pretty damn cool so far. Very reminiscent of Bioshock. Fuck mimics.
  24. I finally finished Persona 5. What I thought was the final dungeon was not the final dungeon, there was a whole lot of game left after that. 170 hours clocked on the save file but a lot of that was pause time so I have no idea how long it actually took. What a massive game. Very happy I picked it up, and both relieved and kinda sad to be done with it. I'll miss those wacky animu people.