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  1. Board Issues 4

    Well, I was getting my notifications, but now I'm not again.
  2. R+L=J v.157

    Maybe they will manipulate Ned age in the flashback scene?
  3. R+L=J v.157

    Not sure if anyone has heard about this, but apparently it's rumored that Sabastian Croft has been cast as a young, thirteen year old Ned for a flashback scene, (wiggles eyebrows).        
  4. Board Issues 4

    Oh damn, I sure did lol. I wasn't even paying attention. But agreed, we will not forget.  
  5. Board Issues 4

    I thought he was a little too charismatic to be a minor character, either that or I liked him too much, (I'm never going to like anyone/ anything again- Ravens, Orioles, although I did like the Broncos and the Panthers).  R.I.P Heath.
  6. Board Issues 4

    Not getting notifications again.
  7. R+L=J v.157

    Ser Creighton, You know that is Lyanna and Rhaegar, lol. But yeah, I guess that is as good representation as possible of R being happy. And yeah, she does sort of look like Arya too IF she ends up in Aegons radar later on, (wiggles eyebrows).   My favorite:
  8. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    To me it's the reference because Rey does almost exactly the same thing with her guard when she escapes. And who knows, we may yet see Luke's son.  
  9. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    Having a crazy time with my phone, but on Lucas's comment, just inappropriate. The actor who plays CP30 had a few choice words about Lucas not liking feedback from the actors, and said that Lucas didn't do things well as much as did what he wanted. Another tidbit on who Rey might be:                  
  10. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    Chewy's family tree.  
  11. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    Who said that?  
  12. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    I would actually be disappointed if she were. And I disagree with the "evidence." I think it's a red herring. I actually went to the movie expecting it, or something like that-until the interrogation. I was expecting, "Rey, I'm your brother/cousin, lets rule the galaxy together" reveal, but it never came. Instead, we got Rey strapped into a chair while Kylo had been stalking her through his mask, saying "you know I can take whatever I want." Luke and Leia were cute because we get it. Lucas changed his mind and its as if it never happened, but that?  
  13. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    If a Kenobi, Rey is also a relation to the man who brought Anakin down- in the most gruesom way.      
  14. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    That would be awesome. And I just looked it up. and it seems it has traction.
  15. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    I do have to say that bit where Obi Wan does the mind trick on the storm trooper blew my mind in the sense that it is almost exactly what Rey does with her jailer. It's how she escapes. And now that it seems that there is a rumor about an Obi Wan stand-alone movie in between........