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  1. I am 99.5% sure it was Jorah in that cell at the Citadel. BUT, how possible is it, it's not? I only ask because the first thing my husband and I thought when we saw the hand was that it looked burned, as well as the fact he could actually move his fingers, (this disease turns one into stone, does it not)? We actually thought he could have been someone from Sommerhall since that was the last notorious fire.
  2. Agree with this.
  3. Yes I did indeed. (Sorry, I was on my phone, and I couldn't see the header). Cheers Awwee, thanks I missed everyone. And next time, I'll make sure I'm in the right place.
  4. Does anyone think that arm Sam encountered was Jorah, or someone else, say from Sommerhall? The arm looked burned to me.
  5. Happy belated Forum B-Day!
  6. I just got an email notification! Is it fixed?
  7. While aspects of melancholy can be attributed to the Starks, I think the term "stoicism," is more applicable. Melancholy the way we are led to understand it as a link between Jon and Rhaegar and the rest of the Targaryens, I think is a nod to the legendary madness and other issues of the mind that the family is known for.
  8. While from a mechanical standpoint, the meta is well written, I think Rhaegar is dead. Historically speaking, any man taking a throne from another would make sure that his opponent was actually the real deal and was dead, right down to stripping the body and putting it on display for all to see, so as not to leave any doubt. Ned, Robert, but especially Tywin would make CERTAIN Rhaegar was Rhaegar and was dead, especially since they also purged the rest of House Targaryen.
  9. Love this analogy, and spot on. (Obi Wan forever.......)
  10. I hope so. And if this is how it plays out, I'll be a happy woman.
  11. Yeah, I think it's "over-the-topness" is it's charm. It's a mix of "Mad Max," "Kung Fu," and "Conan the Barbarian" all rolled into one, (the movies did not have stellar reviews when they first came out, but such was the charm of the 70's/80's as opposed to now). Now if they only remake "Zanadu"
  12. Going out on a limb here given the Negan/Rick dynamic, (as well as Carl), in the comic, (and I believe Kirkman is about 50 issues ahead of where they are now), I could envision JDM taking over Ricks role at some point. Yes, onscreen he needs a LOT of redemption, (or as it passes in this world), to step in to that role, especially if Maggie would ever want to deal with him, but I think it's feasible that Lincoln will want to move on at some point. Lincoln has been with it awhile now, and given that his character in the comic is so beat up, and now makes Shane look like a boy scout, I'm not sure there is any room in this world for moral posturing, even on Maggie's part,(anyone surviving at this point has done questionable things), so seeing Negan evolve and be the one to take everyone into some "promised land," is not outside the realm of possibility, IMHO. They're not above flirting with such themes as "the dark ages," or "the holy land" of a new civilization. But, even though Lincoln totally embraces the role and the show, enjoying it, he is going to want to move on at some point if the show continues, and JDM, (right now), is the only one with the charisma to possibly shoulder that transition. Even Lauren Cohen I think is in doubt to stick around, as well as Danai Gurira who could take it on.
  13. Soooooo, where are they still getting fresh cigarettes?
  14. "I also hope we get to the part in the story where we get order from chaos. When David Milch made "Deadwood" that was his theme a show about bad people actually creating order because once you are at the top life is easier to go legit and society can be a weird by product of that." And this is why I make the analogy of the ZA being a metaphor for our own Dark Ages. I think that when you watch the process of rebuilding and the various people involved, you see this order out chaos emerging, and though Negan is brutal, "civilization" seems to be his endgame. I think it was said of Ghengis Khan that he admired knowledge and took those learned members of the cultures he conquered to bring knowledge to his own people, kind of the way Negan is doing with Eugene. And you also see the same thing with the other groups in that each one tries bring about some kind of "civilization." For me? The group that Daryl fell in with briefly, the "Claimers?" were the worst. Maybe it was the horrific prospect of Carl almost getting raped, but even their thing was having "a code" of honesty, or never lying.