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  1. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    But it didn't jive with what you saw, or it did after you looked for the subtleties? Just asking, I was also wondering if maybe book readers understood it better than show watchers only people, because to me it was really obvious what Sansa was doing.
  2. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    Did you pick up on it, or did you not realize it until the quoted interview ?  
  3. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    Thanks, I thought it was obvious, but I guess it went by people.
  4. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    I think you missed the quick glanced she gave to those two Knights behind her and she told her she should leave, then B elbowed her way out. Sansa did warn her and Sophie did it right in my opinion.
  5. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    Sansa some how has to make Ramsey think she's going to the Wall; how she does this or if she does; is the question. Me I'm torn between her going north and the Umbers protect her, or she doubles back and hides in the crypt of Winterfell.
  6. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    The link was for someone else, my touch pad was sensitive. I think many people are making a mistake as are you; IMO, stop focusing on Sansa's  dialogue 100 %, watch her facial, eye and body expressions we need to remember book Sansa is a 90 + % internal character they can't do internal in film unless they use flashback or the actors convey through facial and body expressions which again in MHO Sophie Turner is doing quite well. Inside the inn, Brienne foolishly outs Sansa, Sansa listens to LF and Brienne, Sansa states she saw Brienne at the wedding bowing to the King, Brienne says we were both there, sometimes we don't have a choice, Sansa and sometimes we do, Sansa QUICK LOOK to the two Vale Knights behind and to the left of Brienne, Sansa says you should leave, Brienne quick glance and fights her way out of the inn. It's NOT just dialogue, it's also the actor's expressions and body language we need to watch. Again I stated my interpretation either the night of airing or later in one of the other topics but well before that article came out and I was shocked I got that scene correct.   ETAI am not stating anything about Sansa wanting to go with Brienne, I'm stating Sansa was telling her to leave because she ( Brienne ) was inches to being killed and it was all done with talk and Sansa's eye and facial expressions, that is how she warned Brienne.
  7. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    Well then I read better then them.      
  8. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    Yes it was a side bar on the script, I for one commented on that episode and stated I thought Sansa was giving Brienne a warning from Sansa's looks and words; 2 or three days later it was stated by Gwendolyn Christie that was so. I personally feel that Sophie Turner is doing excellent in conveying signals through her facial expressions and body mannerisms.
  9. Who will Brienne kill in s6 finale?

    Well LF has fooled many people even those smarter then Cat ( she's not dumb ) for years so I would not call that her biggest mistake, her biggest mistake was taking Tyrion at the inn, even Vary's and LF told her the evidence is flimsy and the only real witness was dead. LF gave her a lie and a sprinkle of truth, the lie was Tyrion, the truth was her only witness was dead, LF wins.
  10. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    I believe D & D have their favourites, just like GRRM and ourselves, the fault I have is with their version of Tyrion, he's soooo saintly to them and way to handsome. If he doesn’t get darker I'll be upset. :>)
  11. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    Not a problem, but I do disagree, it's not inferior, and all honesty the directors and writers seem to do certain things better, of course just as GOT, it followed the first book almost perfectly, we'll see how it goes later. It's not like this thread is burning with activity daily.
  12. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    Unlike ASOIAF where I read the books first, here I watched the show,well 2 or 3 episodes then bought the first book, tonight I finished the show but book wise I'm where episode 7 is , which is page 187 out of 627 pages so now the book will fill me in on what the show skips. I want to get to where Claire gives her reason for forsaking her husband Frank and the 20th century for Jamie.
  13. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    Well how will Sansa learn about it?, Sandor may run into Brienne a second time since he is closer to River Run then Winterfell, and it would be sort of justice if the Freys loose their grip to Winterfell and the North if Walda dies, especially if Ramsey does it. This is where back when when I said I think Sansa is sensitive to people in ways she doesn't know yet would be true and come to fruition. Going back to finish last episode of Outlander, and reading the book, my temporary fix until April ( but now I'm addicted to another flawed character Claire Randall Fraser  ) and now March.  :> )
  14. On the show, are Sansa and Jon destined for each other's arms?

    In all honesty, I don't ship Jon with anybody, the wall may come down, the others may be defeated;  but after what just happened to Westeros I think the Watch will form anew ( because you won't totally know if the Others were defeated) because you will always have enemies to your shores and if Jon survives I think he ends up as the 1000th LC. I think rules would change, allow to marry, eventually a blend of wildling and Northern ways blend, an actual standing army for the realm as a whole. If I was to ship people: Sansa and Ned Dayne, Arya and Gendry ( the girl would need a smithy after all),Margery and Martell / Dorneish house, Sam and Gilly. ETA: though I won't ship it, I could see Sansa and Robyn Aryn also, the sickly boy who survives and Sansa in his ears.
  15. Will Jon ride a ice dragon?

    YES, but I was being funny.