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  1. People are forgetting Moqqoro is on a mission to help Dany not Victarion. Things are about to end up bad for Vic soon if he blows that horn. I'm glad Grrm released these chapters and all but god I can't wait for this book to come out. Is it wrong for me to believe it could come out around 2016? Lol. I was hoping for the Battle of Ice but I'm glad we for some info on the battle of Mereen though.
  2. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why Roose has much of his men intact and why he married the daughter of the guy who started the RW, also Roose sent no hostages to the Freys, Roose has a low animal cunning much like Cersei I grant you but he is not as smart as people paint Him to be. His plan would have gone wrong even with Tywin alive.
  3. He sent away his strongest supporters and is now locked inside a Castle with people who would gladly slit his throat, where's the Cunning? Roose is the most overestimated character in the books he is not as smart as people paint him to be.
  4. Roose is done it's over for him, he was very shaken in Winterfell before FakeArya was taken imagine him now. And exactly what vision are you talking about? Dany has half a dozen visions. And it's only a theory,Stannis is Iron to the core, he will crumble before he joins the enemy, especially the others he knows they are a threat to humanity, the only way they can turn him is if he's dead.
  5. Cunning? I think it was a stupid move, Roose single- handedly turned the entire North against him. Any idiot can put two and two together and figure out why the Boltons are unmolested from the RW. If anything Roose is Cautious. He has a idiot and very hated son, and he's stuck inside a very hostile environment with people who would love to slit his throat. Once word spreads that "Arya" is gone all hell will break loose. I expect Roose being the cautious man that he is to fall back to his home base and hole up there. There is just too many great factors against him. 1.Arya is gone 2.His lords hate him and will rebel once they find out Arya is gone 3.Manderly will crush the Freys from behind 4.Stannis is a badass 5.Ramsay is an idiot Take your pick, Roose is finished, he is as good as LampFrey pie!
  6. Stannis will repeat what Robert did at Summerhall, he will defeat 3 armies. I think the surrounding ice will play a factor, but what i expect to happen is The Freys get decimated then stannis slips into WF and hands Ramsay his sword, Then the idiot sends a letter to jon mocking him because he thinks Stannis is done while Stannis is right beneath his nose! Roose escapes to the Dreadfort only to see Manderlys Ships and forces captured it!