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  1. FooFighterDDS added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Do the Starks have notable friends in the Vale?
    I had a random thought about Sansa's situation in the Vale. I am sure this has been covered before in other threads. We all know that Ned was fostered in the Vale. He was probably well liked and had many influential friends in the region. The Starks have a distant relation to House Royce as well. I recall the Vale lords wanting to support Robb's campaign. Who from the Vale might have known Ned?
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  2. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic [tPatQ Spoilers] How to Kill Your Dragon   

    In the large thread Ran hinted that Daemon survived (mentioning his life before and after the Dance) and that he and Nettles went somewhere "interesting". My guess would be Asshai because of Bran's dream. I think it was also said that 4 dragons survived and that one was not part of the story.
  3. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic [Spoilers] The Princess and the Queen, complete spoilers discussion   

    Cregan might not have gone to battle because he was the only Stark and had to remain in Winterfell.
  4. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic On the authorship of the Pink Letter   

    Sorry to bring back a dead thread but can someone explain why Mance would help Roose or Ramsey? It would seem to me that he would have a better chance of getting his "son" back with Jon. Mance doesn't seem the type to talk from torture either.
  5. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic whats GRRM reading today?   

    Sorry to ressurect a dead post but can someone kindly list the chapters from TWoW that have been read? I recall Arianne 1and 2 and a Tyrion chapter. TIA
  6. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic "Sweetness" as a Negative in ASOIAF, The Blue Flower in the Wall of Ice, and Dany's Future   

    I really can't see Jon and Dany being a couple. I associate the "sweetness" in the vision as a reference to Jon's character. The possibility of it meaning an antagonistic relationship with Dany is well within the realm of possibility. I still think it means Jon will be lit up in a pyre (bride of fire vision) to awaken as the song of ice and fire.
  7. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic Passages you personally feel most take the wrong way   

    I did not see the "bride of fire" thing to mean husbands either. I think it meant she would love fire like Aerys. The vision of Silver corresponds to the her lighting the funeral pyre and entering it. I think she will light up the Grey joy fleet. I think she will also light up Jon. I hope Jon has a magical event that resurrects him, similar to the dragon hatching. He will wake up as a Targ.
  8. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic Most badass character still alive?   

    I have a feeling Robett Glover is a badass.
  9. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic Similarities between Jaime and Jon   

    There are plenty of similarities. They are especially noticeable considering ASoS and ADwD were originally one book. You can see their parallel journeys. The most obvious ones are their views on vows and honor. Which vows can be broken to uphold more important vows? Is it possible that dishonorable acts are for the greater good? The most obvious examples concern Ygritte and Cersei, Aerys and the Half-hand.
  10. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic Jon Snow's Early Timeline assuming R + L = J   

    I always thought, and I may be wrong, Semmelweiss was trying to prevent puerparal fever to the mother. Mother to child transmission was another story.
  11. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic Jon Snow's Early Timeline assuming R + L = J   

    I am one of the few who think Jon was at Starfall with Wylla and not at the TOJ. Ned dropped off Dawn and picked up Jon after the encounter with the KG. I think there were very few people at the TOJ and the KG wanted to isolate the baby from what they thought was a contagious Lyanna. In the end it doesn't really make a difference.
  12. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic Ned Stark, Arthur Dayne, Dawn, The Tower of Joy, R+L=J   

    I Iike the theory that Ned went to Starfall before the TOJ. It was there that Ashara told him about Jon and the location of the TOJ. Some posters, including myself, think Jon was being nursed at Startfall by Wylla to keep him separate from Lyanna who was ill and thought to be contagious by the KG.

    As others have posted, I think Brandon was the Stark who dishonored Ashara. My theory is that Ned was to claim her child as his own to prevent a fallout between the Starks and Tully's. Brandon was already betrothed to Catelyn at the time. During this mock courtship, they may or may not have developed true feelings for each other. All of this was pointless after Brandon was executed and Ned married Cat in his place. Later, Ned never stopped the rumors about Ashara in case Jon looked like Rheagar.
  13. FooFighterDDS added a post in a topic Where is Lightbringer?