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  1. it's epic cupcake time!

  2. friendship is magic.

  3. tired and sick. i need a nap.

  4. the arianne chapter from the winds of winter that was revealed in a reading.
  5. too bad "aegon" is most likely a paper dragon. maybe even a blackfyre descendent.
  6. school is out and i am free at last!

  7. i'm not sure about the other keeps, but i was under the impression that winterfell was indeed built around it godswood especially since bran's tree vision showed the godswood area pre-winterfell.
  8. it could be possible that all these secret caves and tunnels will become refuges for the living while the land is being invaded by the others and their wights. perhaps these were where people hid during the long night while they were fighting the war for the dawn (obviously not finished in a day so people would have needed to find some safe shelter from the others).
  9. livin' large & in charge.

  10. there could be a series of caves that connect together at random places the openings for these hidden and few. jon snow was in some caves near the wall that were reputed to be so vast that a group of wildlings got lost in them and were probably still wandering in them. and there are caves beneath casterly rock (jaime had a dream about them).
  11. or maybe the remaining cotf have been quietly planting them. there was mention of a cave. could it be linked to the caves north of the wall where bloodraven & friends are currently dwelling?
  12. supposedly all the old decorations from the targs are in storage somewhere.
  13. nothing. it's late and i'm tired.

  14. no safari, eh?
  15. thanks. i've already read through a dance with dragons and came to this forum because i was looking for winds of winter spoilers. i love spoilers they always make me more curious about a book/show/movie.