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  1. Who is the Harpy: Hizdahr zo Loreq or Reznak mo Reznak

    Not enough. Not nearly enough.   Who will inherit the leadership from Dany? At least cloak&dagger, probably open civil war. Will the Freedmen stick around? Nope, they'll quietly slip away.   Currently (and for the next couple decades), Dany is the only person who can keep the party together.
  2. Why are Jon and Robb so similar?

    Here you go:   1. Bran - Game Ser Jaime throws him of a tower. Dead by impact. 2.  Arya - Game Yoren goes for her face with a blade, she fights him unsuccessfully. A cut throat, dead. Her last chapter in the book. 3. Bran - Clash Theon knows where Bran and company are hiding. He will show no mercy. 200 pages before Bran is confirmed alive. 4. Jaime - Clash Insults Cat repeatedly. Cat demands a sword. Last chapter in the book. 5. Davos - Clash Drifts into the burning chain. Last chapter in the book. 6. Theon - Clash Is on the losing end of the Battle of Winterfell turning into wholesale slaughter. Won't be seen for two books. 7. Jaime - Storm Vargo Hoat sends a message to Lord Tywin. An arakh descends. 8. Cat - Storm Red Wedding.. Well, she actually dies. Not the end of her story though. 9. Arya - Storm The Hound's axe took her in the back of the head. 10. Davos - Storm Stannis is ready to take his head off. 10a. Arya - Feast Not dead, but blinded. Last chapter in the book. 11. Brienne - Feast Hanged. Last chapter in the book. 12. Tyrion - Dance Drowns in the Rhoyne. 13. Davos - Dance Lord Manderly orders him executed. Was backed up in Feast. 14. Asha - Dance Finishing blow with an axe. 15. Theon - Dance Rowan promised to kill him after visiting "Abel". 16. Theon - Dance Jumps down a 40-foot wall. 17. Jon - Dance Gets caesared. Last chapter of the book. So, 17 cases of a PoV character dying at the end of their chapter. Five of them at the end of the book. All presently alive and back in action, except Jon. Yet.
  3. Who is the Harpy: Hizdahr zo Loreq or Reznak mo Reznak

    ...and could come back anytime. The freedmen are waiting for her.   But nobody will wait for dead Dany. The Shavepate and his entire family would hope they'll "only" be crucified in that instance.
  4. Why Doesn't Westeros Have a Central Bank?

  5. Why Doesn't Westeros Have a Central Bank?

    ... missing moons and groats. At least.   No, the three mints are far more likely to be distributed over the continent.
  6. Doran's folly

    Are The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring already published? Were can I get my copy to read upon all these fascinating storylines not being connected to Quentyn's PoV in the slightest?
  7. Battle of the Vale ?

    In that case, the problem would be Dany.   And all three regions would have the same problems with her.
  8. Battle of the Vale ?

    The Eyrie, RL and the North don't have any problems with each other. Anybody else would require a negotiator.
  9. Plot hole for siege of Kingslanding

    It's impossible to ship foodstuffs by land anyway. Not beyond fifty miles and even that is stretching it. The damn draw animals consume more than they can pull over these distances. An oxen would go through its cargo in about ten days - and makes about eight miles per day.   Prior to the railway, the only way to ship bulk products was literally shipping it.
  10. Battle of the Vale ?

    Their primary ports are fortified. Indeed, they are below their castles.   Any invader would have fun besieging those. Nothing like surviving frost in thin tents or trying to place a ladder upon icy surfaces while the defenders enjoy their warm fires and sufficient winter storages.   The Vale exports food anyway. They don't need the ports.
  11. Why Doesn't Westeros Have a Central Bank?

    Three mints under LF's control. Probably in KL, Oldtown and Lannisport.   An old mint in White Harbour, currently not in use.
  12. Battle of the Vale ?

    They very much can - nobody cares about a couple dead fishermen and a couple raped fishwives.   All while the winter storms wreck any fleets, scatter supplies and the damn (wet) cold costs fingers, toes and ultimately lives.
  13. How did Jon Snow know about Lady and Nymeria?

    But it isn't reasonable. You write like people would actually be equal in Westeros. They aren't. Some people are worth more than others and they get all the benefits of their high station. And a Stark bastard is pretty much at the top of the list of these people. There may be two hundred people more privileged than Jon in entire Westeros. In the NW, only Benjen himself.   Ned Stark cares about his daughters and their wolves. Cat Stark did. Robb Stark did. Bran Stark did. Sansa Stark did. Arya Stark did. And at least four of them would write Jon and have the means to have it delivered.
  14. How did Jon Snow know about Lady and Nymeria?

    Why? He's Robb's brother/Ned's son. He of all people will get his letters.
  15. How could the Greyjoys hold Moat Cailin?

    Please, count them. I did. Sixteen. Nine for Grimtongue, seven for Asha, Quarl, Quellon and the unnamed girl. That's it.