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  1. The vale and the north fight over the riverlands

    Try taking over the Iron Islands and putting a decent tradeport on Cape Kraken. Trade is shipping. Up and down the Trident, from Maidenpool to the Twins (and the other two forks), but that's it. The Neck will still be impassable, but an established and secured route Barrowtown-Cape Kraken-Pyke or Harlaw-Cape of Eagles and then the rather short stint towards the upper Trident cross-country may even have a chance to forge something like unity. Otherwise, no chance in hell. Crossing the Neck is simply too onerous to work medium- to longtime
  2. Military strengths of the Houses of Westeros

    That's been soundly disproven even before t was actually published in the first place, much less three primary books and a bunch of secondary ones later.
  3. Question about the Causeway at Queenscrown.

    "Not far up the Kingsroad" actually being about 500 miles as the raven flies. For a commoner, that's about two to three months on the road. Even for a noble, with access to good horses and everythig, at least a month. Why would any parent with two neurons to rub against each other hire a wetnurse, who couldn't start feeding the babe for three to four months, instead of one of the thousands upon thousands of nursing mothers inside a sinle day's ride?
  4. Riverlands & Stepstones

    So what? There isn't a single attempt upon Moat Cailin mentioned by name. There isn't a single attempt upon the Bloody Gate mentioned by name. There are barely any attempts anywhere explicitly mentioned.
  5. How is Littlefinger able to hide his plans from Varys?

    Varys does know how the bets at Joffrey's nameday tourney ended up. It was the talk of the entire table. Literally anybody in the Red Keep knew about it. Furthermore, at the Hand's Tourney Robert makes a joke about wishing Tyrion was here, so he could win another bet against him when Jaime would loose his joust. Ned didn't pick up on it - but Robert proved Littlefinger a liar right in fron of Ned's face. It was an incredible risk for LF to take. An insane one, to tell the truth. The only reason he wasn't found out and executed for treason was the Big Lie theory, that Varys backs him up and a bunch of luck.
  6. Did GRRM make the Lannisters too strong?

    They aren't, weren't and never have been. The Lannisters were incredibly lucky. That's it. Call it plot armor if you like. And Tywin's focus on propaganda over actual accomplishment made it seem more than it was.
  7. How is Littlefinger able to hide his plans from Varys?

    The dagger lie. He was lying to Catelyn (and second-hand) to Ned about something easily checked (or coming up in conversation) and he did it with Varys standing straight beside him. And this lie set the wheels of the Wot5K in motion. Gigantic risk, gigantic reward. But that's the only one.
  8. Stark family immunity

    As I said: Heresy threads.
  9. How is Littlefinger able to hide his plans from Varys?

    First of all: LF does not cause the IT to be in debt. He did not cause the expenses, actually he vastly improved the ratio between incomes and expenses. The root of the debts predates LF (hint: Tywin's stint as Aerys' Hand). 0. Because Cersei didn't keep up with the payments.She outright refuses to pay anything. The assets were there, she just prefers to spend them otherwise, without negotiating about it with the IB. 1. Nope. Renly at least definitely did not know. 2. That's straight in the text, nothing "likely" about it. A Braavosi invasion of Westeros is just plain suicide. A Braavosi invasion of any single region of Westeros would be just plain suicide. Each and every single region of Westeros has the (lasting) power to kick any Essosi city state's rear thrice over. Perhaps not to invade and keep territory on Essos because of the difficulty of projecting power far away from their homes, but on a flat plain. And this war would be fought with home advantage. LF's motivations are linked to Riverrun and Catelyn Tully. The girl he was too lowborn to marry, too lowborn for her or her father to even consider him. Sansa (among the other Stark children) is the daughter he never had with Cat, as well as Cat 2.0 he may indeed bone one day. Big emotional clusterfuck there. Nothing about prophecy at all. That only applies to Sansa. See: emotional clusterfuck. He never, ever bragged to anybody else.
  10. Military strengths of the Houses of Westeros

    The problem is simple: Those are minimum numbers, explicitly mentioned somewhere on page. And as such utterly useless. Because it's never mentioned whether that would be one or one hundred percent of a house's given strength.
  11. Riverlands & Stepstones

    The Arryns have tried to conquer the Riverlands. Repeatedly. It's right in the text, with names and everything. Roland II Arryn for example. No King of the Rock or of Winter is explicitly named, but presumably they also did.
  12. How is Littlefinger able to hide his plans from Varys?

    Don't know what you are arguing for or about. Could you please clarify?
  13. Question about the Causeway at Queenscrown.

    The frozen lake wouldn't be a problem - if it's frozen solid. The months while the temperature is low enough to kill, but not low enough for the lake to be completely frozen, those are the problem.
  14. How is Littlefinger able to hide his plans from Varys?

    "Closed" doors. In that very chapter, Varys talks about the archmaesters considering the cordwainer's and hedgekneght's sons, to promote their merit over birth propaganda. Doesn't work if no rumours of it slip out of these doors. The Citadel is the second-most important place of Westeros anyway, and with far, far, far more holes than any castle. Not disputing that LF profited of his job in less than savory ways*. But he neither created nor worsened the fnancial situation: he actually honest-to-god improved it. The situation and it's causes predate his rise. * Outright embezzlement is unlikely though. Lousy profit, severe repercussions and way too easy to detect. Insider trading is way more profitable and not even illegal in Westeros. The non-existant guards are more about Ilyn Payne not keeping up with the paperwork and adjusting his budget to the employment situation. Embezzlement as well-known as that wouldn't work. Keeping tabs on stuff like that isn't LF's job. Not his problem, no blame will be flung his way ever.
  15. Stark family immunity

    You should probably check the Heresy threads. Less about any immunity, more about being the warmblooded relation of the Others themselves.