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  1. Tyrion begins by telling her to follow the original plan and go to besiege Kings Landing. Dany joining the attack, and the fact that it was with the Dothraki, not Dorne/the Reach attacking are the changes to the plan. Overall, the strategy is the same.
  2. What secret information does Vary's still hold? I'm interested in getting a sense of where his character stands now. He knew lots of secrets at the beginning of the series but many of them have been revealed. Was he in a position to know if R+L=J? if not, then only Howland can confirm it. Also Is he the only character who could verify the identities of Aerys's bastards?
  3. I don't think it needs to have anything to do with GRRMs politics or orientation. LGTBQ characters are way under represented in this genre and the fact that they exist in ASOIAF makes the world more believable to me. GRRM has a lot of great characters and sexual orientation/gender has nothing to do with machoness or fighting ability either in his world or in the real one. On a side note, this is a story where there are hundreds of characters with similar traits (fighting ability, nobility etc...). Sexual orientation, gender, or other traits can help readers keep track of them all.
  4. IIRC Jon was sleeping under a weirwood at the time of the dream. I always have though that at this point they are both connected to the Weir-net but unaware of it.
  5. Hey, I have been occasionally lurking for some time. I dont post often though because most of my questions get answered just by reading. "Cornchowder" is because I like the talking birds.