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  1. I had said in my previous posts on the subject why I choose to believe the Governor, and he is speaking on the podcast linked in that Twitter thread, over the police that are very clearly riddled with Nazis and had just suffered a massive organisational failure even if they were not. I'm not American, there's nothing I can do here either way other than appeal to people I know to be fucking vigilant so that's what I'm doing. These people just had a large scale march in public, showing their faces, and they advocate genocide. The POTUS has defunded law enforcement that deals with domestic terror groups and they know this. Why on earth is it a stretch to think they would be trying to practice the techniques/achieve infrastructure they need to achieve their stated goal of genocide? These are literal fucking Nazis, they will do what Hitler did if they can and yet they just keep being underestimated. I understand thinking them incompetent, because thankfully so far that has been the saving grace, but attempting to do shit like that is a question of desire, of motive, of premeditation as much as of competence. Be sceptical sure, but disbelieving? Just dismiss the Governor of the state?
  2. Well given the context I saw the weapons caches compared to was the Rwandan genocide, only it was machetes in those cases not guns, I don't think its a specifically American thing. I took it to be stockpile of weapons, ammunition and body armour that were generally accessible to these nazis to gear up rather than having to have their own personal armoury on hand. Have a communication channel broadcasting these locations, near instant militia. Added link to twitter thread
  3. SoD - McAuliffe is the Governor yeah, that's what I was meaning to imply. When the Governor of the state is saying they found weapon caches, and the police try to contradict him...I'm going to believe the Governor over the organisation that's riddled with Nazi's that just stood aside and let them take over the city that they're now commenting on. Fez - you say he used to be a Paulite and came to Nazism via Bernie, but he's been a MRA for some time, he was a contributor at A Voice for Men, and that's been the fucking breeding ground for so much of this shit, so I'm...not so convinced that this is an 11th hour conversion. He may be genuinely inept at dealing with law enforcement sure, but while there has been a lot of poor execution if there is one thing that the far right has been dedicated to over the last decade its commitment to psychological war. They're the ones that are constantly gaming out false flag attacks, making sock puppets to use, smothering social media and comment sections in propaganda, editing wikipedia to suit their narrative. A lot of this does nothing, but over time this shit adds up, and it speaks to what they are trying to do. Don't underestimate their motivation. I'm not talking up their skill though.
  4. Some more accounts from residents of the actions of antifa etc at Charlottesville, I don't think I've seen this one posted: http://amp.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2017/08/what_the_alt_left_was_actually_doing_in_charlottesville.html I saw a Twitter thread going round that McAuliffe had been on a podcast (Save the People or something?) and said they'd found weapon caches around Charlottesville, which if so reframes the whole thing as a test run take over of the city. They don't have to all personally have that level of equipment, they're collecting the gear from the cache and hitting the street. This was being disputed by some of the police, but they're the same police that abandoned the city to the Nazis so... I've also seen some cautioning that the Nazi crying is an attempt at propaganda, the crying isn't genuine and there's no reason he'd release a video of him actually crying. It may be bad propaganda or we may be the mark, not the audience.
  5. No, I'm referring to the fact that Labor have a very thorough process in place of checking the citizenship of all prospective candidates and ensuring they meet the requirements of s44 before nominating. There is one member from Tasmania who does indeed need to be resolved by the High Court - she had taken what I'd describe as all reasonable steps a significant period of time prior to nominating - but did not receive confirmation until after that point, and that High Court will make judgement on that, but aside from her I think they will be fine. They seem to be refusing to release in the public sphere to bait the Coalition into going nuclear on it, a tactic which is working. If they do have a significant number of members that are at risk, it would be an incredibly foolish move to slap away the hand Mal offered to go to the High Court together last week and I don't believe they are giving any indications of being that inept at the moment. I reserve that for the panic driven side slinging allegations about collusion with foreign powers.
  6. I'm appalled at the way they're willing to risk damage to the countries international relations to try cling to power. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am all the same. The fucking ego of thinking their own political fortunes are the fate of the whole country. What they're doing is demonstrating to everyone else that they don't deserve to be there, which is a rather poor idea when they may be trying to relying on a cross bench to remain in Government in a very short period of time. Given the citizenship is hitting the High Court before the postal survey, we may not even need to worry about the latter issue I really don't see how there is any wiggle room on actual citizenship. Barnaby has it, he's fucked, they're fucked. We'll see how many total MPs actually wind up being invalid, and at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if we wind up needing parliament dissolved and an early election just to sort the mess out, although Labor seem to have their shit together so maybe not.
  7. I honestly can't even guess at it. All I know is there seem to be a lot more enrollments than they would have expected, which I hope means youth getting on to vote yes that will have knock on consequences for forces this shit on us.
  8. Unsurprisingly I think my favourite moment is from the penultimate episode. Cosima and Delphine hitting send on the data to expose Neolution to the world. A tiny act, a huge amount of catharsis. Only made better by the fact that Cosima wasn't scripted to cry, Tatiana legitimately broke down on her own and √Čvelyne's concern for her reflected genuine connection between the two.
  9. This is absolutely fine
  10. I didn't say the entire book was bad, but it was a marked decline in quality compared to PoN - I think the high points of CA and the coffers were high enough I wouldn't say the same of them, bearing in mind that I think PoN was really good. Callan - I don't think it's making that statement because the counter to it is simply "but he just wasn't good enough". We didn't find out if the ends justified the means, because we didn't get the ends anyway so his problem can be dismissed as failing not his methods. The criticism is getting the ends and finding that they do not justify the means. Alternatively you could make the argument that in the end, in the face of the Apocalypse, the cost of the souls of TGO and the unification of The Three Seas was an acceptable price to pay in order to defeat the Consult. Both of those are at least making an argument. But just "Kellhus, like his Dad before him, was ultimately a punk loser whose loss doesn't tell us anything" about this. I guess I could have completely misunderstood the story and its actually a 7 book modern treatise on hubris, that no matter how far we rise, how good we are, there will always be someone or something else out there to fuck us up and tear us down. That's not the story that the books signalled themselves as telling though, so they leave me feeling as though the whole thing was meaningless, and his commentary doesn't help change that. Bakker is a major troll though, and he was certainly drawing on the Homeric tradition in the PoN so perhaps hubris was the point. If so I again think it was poorly executed though, denying us the Kellhus POV detracts too much from that particular aspect of the story and I think Akka's POV in particular also works against it.
  11. I definitely think it was a fitting ending too. I want more though. I need a spin off that's just all of them finding nice, mundane lives in the aftermath of all of this shit, healing their wounds and moving on. Cosima and Delphine living their life of live and geekdom, making scientific breakthroughs. Helena...doing whatever she decides she wants to do. Allie and Donnie moving on with Donnie continuing to surprise me as a male character I like precisely because he doesn't have to live up to bullshit masculinity OR be profoundly transgressive, he's just Donnie, and Allison finding whoever it is she is becoming as well. Sarah eventually taking that test, or deciding she doesn't need to lie to Kira about doing it, forgiving herself, forgiving S. Felix becoming a fabulously famous artist. I don't need more Neolution, I just need more of these characters. And god Tat is magical, Cosima listening to another clone hitting on her gf in another language was fantastic - played out across her face just right.
  12. I genuinely think he was meant to read as a utilitarian, saving the world justifies all sorts of fuckery, something does indeed have to be eaten kinda point of view. And then the bit at the end with Ajokli taking over reads as entirely out of character, which is OK because that IS out of character - that's an evil god taking over that he was completely blind to, its all OK up to that point... But that it wasn't going anywhere/its pointless/he lost, thats the end of it, theres no plan from here? That would be pointless and shit writing. You don't make a statement on utilitarianism by having it fail...that simply means it wasn't utilitarian enough, it doesn't actually settle the argument. If Kell had actually been playing a long con to burn the Outside and free humanity from damnation? You're making a solid argument for utilitarianism there. If he'd been truly doing it just to oppose the consult etc? I'm joining Kalbear on team consult. This steaming turd that Bakker revealed with the AMA? Fucking hell, I'm not going to read the next series to find out. Especially if its some rambling disjointed series of shorter stories rather than a proper narrative. And while we're on the subject of characters not doing anything...So we have Kellhus fail, Mimara and Esme seem pointless and Akka's does nothing too. Can we have our characters actually achieve *something*? PoN was a really enjoyable trilogy, and TJE and WLW had some of the best set pieces I've read in Cil Aujas and the coffers, but the series crashed hard with TGO and TUC.
  13. Now I ain't saying she a gold digger, But I'm curious where she keeps getting all these gold nuggets. What on earth is one meant to do if the rule of law is utterly failing, but you're meant to wait until imminent personal violence? If you don't fight it before people start getting thrown in camps, it's too late. You need to be fighting this shit now ffs.
  14. Nazism is a rather special case. We had a rather large war on it, and most of the world would really rather prefer not to have that argument again. And there is only one way you have that argument, because Nazism *is* violence, it is genocide. You don't fucking give it interviews on TV and politely debate it. That gives people the idea that while maybe there are problems with the message as a whole, there is still merit. You treat it with zero tolerance. These are the people who have been our short hand for evil for 70 years, the ones we put as the bad guys in movies because everyone is OK with punching and killing Nazis because they're evil scum. The fuck America, wake the fuck up before you drag the rest of the world down with you.
  15. I really feel we should have seen the failure of Kellhus coming from all the way back in TJE or even TTT given the kind of tone of manhood surrounding the whole thing. We have the supposed ubermensch raising another man's son? Being an actual, literal, aware cuck? Of course he was going to fail And given Akkas whole hang up is having his wife stolen, he's not going to fare any better in the next series either, three trilogies of witnessing at best for him. For those that don't know me, this is very much not reflective of my personal views, but tongue in cheek cynical view of the authors.