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  1. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    I wouldn't be surprised if Rubio is done now, although he won't be dropping out yet.  Defying belief Jeb! might actually end up the establishment candidate, since it looks down to him and Kasich if Rubio is out and Christie just doesn't get traction.
  2. U.S. Election - Onward to New Hampshire

    Looking good for Trump, also good for Kasich and bad for Rubio.  Christie seems to have succeeded at hurting Rubio and should probably just give up now, as should Fiorina.  I assume Carson will hang in for another Evangelical dominated state at least and see if he makes any inroads into Cruz, who also seems to be struggling without that. Sanders looks solid for the win, but the margin is looking a lot closer than expected.   ETA: Obviously very early in the count still   ETA2: And Jeb! seems to have picked up enough to force him to stay in the race, he's really lost the momentum he needed to drop out
  3. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    The attention to detail in the show is really quite incredible.  Apparently all the dating profiles Julie had looked at were vegan according to one of the things I saw (which was retweeted by Dan so I'm trusting it).  Given the limited diet options I feel like almost all Belters could be considered vegan, so I assume for it to be on a dating profile it still has to be meaningful.  Perhaps a signifier of Belt pride, rather than trying to pretend they have Earth food, vegans on Ceres aren't hiding what they are eating and are belters with pride? Then as Julie's gone native, she's only looking for those with belter pride.  Or it could be something else again, the point being that its the kind of minor details fleshing out the world that I really wanted in Game of Thrones, that you can miss and still get the story but that really flesh it out.
  4. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    Wethers - That's some great analysis of Miller, and I can't believe that penny hadn't dropped for me.  Given the names are well crafted to give a sense of what happens in each book, and the literary references such as the Rocinante etc, I really don't think you can dismiss the mythology aspect and it's not something I'd thought of before.  Obviously the asteroids are already named, they don't have any influence on that, but they choose what is set where and why the events that take place on those asteroids take the shape they do.  Through that frame Ceres is the mother of Julie as she is at the time she goes to Hades.  I need to bear this in mind as I reread the books, I wonder what else there is. Back to the title of the next one All in all, I feel like the book titles have done an exceptional job of masquerading as cool sounding sci fi titles while being perfect and meaningful.
  5. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    I couldn't finish that. At best it's an article coming from a frame of reference that treats our potential as research subjects as more important than our happiness. I've seen a lot of comments about that doctor and that place and I believe the allegations a lot more than I believe the guy trying to coerce kids out of being trans. There's a piece of information about trans kids that is frequently twisted to fit an anti trans narrative, which is that over 90% of kids displaying gender non confirming behavior turn out cis. This stat reveals the sexist underpinnings of the metric, because it's talking about boys playing with Barbie's, girls playing with soldiers etc not expressions of gender dysphoria. Kids that express that are a very different story and overwhelmingly turn out trans. As for coercion... You know how much pressure there is in society to fit in, the pressure to follow any particular path once you are identifying as trans can be an issue if you don't fit that path but it's not going to pressure very many people you think there are trans when they aren't in the face of the torrent of coercion from society. And these conservative doctors are the ones that pushed a "this is the one path" approach in the first place. Although I'm sure someone in this thread disagrees with me on it being a bad thing.   I'd also just like to note that although she's not on the board anymore Em is in a state currently pushing a bathroom bill and will be severely harmed by it. 
  6. Masculinity

    Think you are confusing TKS with Prince Alexander, TKS has waxed poetic about how he can't get published due to feminists, not bragged about picking up women (at least as far as I've seen).
  7. It's quiet around here... too quiet.

    This topic gets merged into the election thread because you didn't include any non-election options
  8. Are you telling me Luke's never flirted with you? Not once?
  9. So, Resting Bitch Face is a real thing, according to scientists

    Pretty much 100% with Ormond on this one.  I'd more than a little sceptical that it's more common in women, I think it's just that it's seen as acceptable or not noteworthy in men so it doesn't get noticed, and using that particular name is absolutely sexist. Personally I like to have hostile in the name there somewhere, I've got an aura of hostility that mostly deters people from talking to me and I love it - I assume my resting facial expression has something to do with it.
  10. I'm fairly sure you do too! Hmm, my take on this conversation is that if we've met Theda and didn't think she was flirting with us, then she actually wanted to? I've got a drinks date this afternoon immediately after work, I'll be freaking out big time in a few hours but I had to get up early and I'm too tired ATM! 
  11. Hell, let's go with something that there is an alternative to and he's dead set against the alternative. Paper books! Those ereaders are an abomination that excludes Scot from novellas he wants to read!  
  12. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    Hmm I'm not actually sure on that front, I just meant basing the CW space monsters on the appearance of the spy would be a dramatic change removing some of the horror. I thought you were right until I stopped to think, I don't think they actually abducted that many kids and there were several hundred of the monsters that got shot at Mars etc? Maybe the kids are more biomaterials to kick start the growth and less the frame for the monsters? I need to read again.
  13. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    Kal - I still read it as leaving the shuttle alive on purpose in the book, Holden beams the crew photos at them and they respond with a targeting lock then leave the shuttle alive. The survivors are part of starting the war. My confusion in the show was whether the original plan was just to pop the Cant or if they were always going to use bait of some kind to do it, and maybe even knew the scopuli was coming. There were shown as reacting awfully fast so maybe did know. On Dawes leaving Julie hanging, it could just be as simple as everything had gone to shit and he couldn't get there, or the messages weren't getting through. Or he did leave her hanging and that will be explained more.
  14. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I think this first season is an investment, they have more episodes to do future seasons and less that needs to be set up in them because of back story that's been established here. I'm scared about the audience, but I think if it's made available to the streaming platforms it will find them. I get that some of the plot details would be confusing to a show only watcher, but I thought it made sense as a book reader at least, and they were attempting to clear it up with the Julie flashbacks. We have Miller working out that the scopuli was an OPA ship looking to take a ship carrying research material from Phoebe. This already makes sense, but then we see Julie using insider info from her dad to know a weapon was being transported too so there's an extra layer there. They went to the Anubis first because that's where Fred got a message from rather than checking into the flophouse under the name, which given the timeline in the show I'm assuming happened after they left.  In the book is unclear if the Anubis is the one that kills the Cant, Julie doesn't hear combat sounds iirc. In the show it's explicit that it is, and the way ep9 played out I got the impression she died only a very short time before they arrived.  What I'm unclear on is whether they were always targeting the Cant. The flashback suggests they were, but that using the scopuli as bait was improvisation so I wonder what the initial plan was.
  15. Masculinity

    There's external critique and then there's spewing ignorant thoughts without the contextual underpinning necessary to know wtf you are talking about.