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  1. Are you on any other medication? I've found the beta-blocker I take for migraine has a pretty significant impact on my libido at the dose I'm currently on (which also has a bunch of other problems) but much less so at half the dose, so it may be a less known side effect from medication if you are. Aside from that there are a whole bunch of psychological and physiological things that can result in variation, including natural fluctuation, however you're too young for it to simply be "getting older", so even if it is a natural down swing it may tick back up on its own at some point. ETA: Also I'm surprised at the idea its unlikely to be birth control, this stuff is absolutely influenced by hormones and BC can have huge psychological impact. I wouldn't write off that possibility. Is there anything that changes in the 6-12months prior to it starting to drop off?
  2. Use of the term "Triggered"

    You know, calling you an asshole isn't performative when you just think that person is an asshole. I wasn't even calling anyone specifically an asshole, but "don't give a fuck about others feelings" is very much in that group for me so if you're proudly asserting you have no reason to care about others feelings...I really don't see how its even controversial or something to be upset about. Crazydog - the sexist implication of the post Dr Pepper responded to was pretty fucking clear, even if they didn't say "PMS" outright.
  3. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    @Lord Sidious while we've got you here, I've been bothered by something recently and wondered if you could clear it up for me. Please imagine how the lines below were actually said, rather than the dry delivery of the script: How did a prestigious Sith Lord such as yourself, one who has come so far and defeated the entire Jedi order of the Republic days, allow a jumped up kid from the back end of nowhere to get under your skin like this? Although he didn't let it show, the line I've indicated is the point you lost Lord Vader. Prior to this point you had projected nothing but confidence, no reason for your apprentice to falter, but after this? You've granted a certain respect to Luke by snapping at him. Then he beats Lord Vader, and suddenly you're rushing the process of converting him - another sign of weakness. You should know any good forced conversion takes more time than you were expending on Luke! What went wrong?
  4. Use of the term "Triggered"

    Actually I wouldn't say "virtue signalling" other than in pointing out the bullshit hypocrisy of certain groups, because like many things its a phrase that was already meaningless when it started being used and hasn't improved from there. Speaking generally from my own understanding of language, I'd read "trigger warning" as a warning specifically for people with PTSD but "content warning" sounds like its for everyone as a warning there will be content you may not to engage with right now. You could argue for replacing the word "trigger" if there are actual sufferers of PTSD asking for it, but I think something other than content should be that replacement to preserve the distinction. I personally think the dilution of "triggered" by using it in a non-mocking fashion, but for something that isn't a PTSD response, to still be insensitive albeit not as insensitive as the mocking version. However I do not appoint myself as the judge of who does or doesn't have this severity of reaction, and there are issues short of actual PTSD that can be still extremely bad - I'd probably give these something of a pass. As the thread drifted into the usual "free speech" cry earlier, you don't have a duty to be concerned for the feelings of others - at least in the general sense of the conversation there isn't a push to make laws here. But "not being an asshole" is a separate thing, and I think complete lack of concern for triggering a PTSD response in someone most definitely puts you in the asshole category. Forgot to add to @larrytheimp SJW was actually used within progressive activist circles for a short time to self police against militant, aggressive and over the top behaviour within the movement. It was hijacked after said short time and used to smear...basically everyone thats not alt right as being the same as those worst behaviours within the movement.
  5. Use of the term "Triggered"

    Helena I don't think you should even try and separate them, the rise of "triggered" in a derisive+joking way is the same story as the rise in use of SJW and everyone's favourite ethics movement. Its grown out of the gamer (and adjacent) internet communities as a way of mocking anyone that actually cares and painting them as the enemy. "Triggered" in this context is probably as pure a form of 'virtue signalling' (another term theyre using at times now) I've seen.
  6. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    @Lily Valley are you wanting links to the actual research or is my description sufficient? In my words - Stereotype thread is a phenomenon where a stereotype exists around the competence of a certain group around a specific task or a generalised attribute, eg: girls are bad at maths and the more openly bigoted 'black people are less intelligent' (I only use this as an example because a study I'll reference relates to it). When an individual from such a group is going to be tested on that task or attribute, if they are reminded of the stereotype and/or their membership in that group, their performance will alter to better match the stereotype. The way this would be tested with girls and maths is quite straight forward. The way it was tested for the second example was having the groups take the same test - half were told they were doing a trivia quiz, the other half were told they were doing an intelligence test. When told they were doing an intelligence test there was a large gap in the results between black participants and white participants, however when told it was a trivia test this gap virtually disappeared. Furthermore the performance of white participants actually dropped slightly in the trivia group, although I can't recall if this difference was deemed statistically significant - if so it points to a boost from a positive stereotype threat rather than a penalty from a negative. I'm either not remembering the details quite right or I had seen a different study, but the results I described line up with Steele, Claude M; Aronson, Joshua., 2000, 'Stereotype threat and the intellectual test performance of African Americans' in Stangor, Charles [Ed]. (2000). Stereotypes and prejudice: Essential readings. (pp. 369-389). xii, 490 pp. New York, NY, US: Psychology Press; US. In this study it wasn't trivia, it was described as a tool for studying problem solving. The important feature is that one is presenting as diagnostic of intelligence and the other was not. I have not seen anything really that goes towards addressing stereotype threat, thus far it still seems predominantly stuck on confirming it happens. Haven't read it yet, but also found this that may contain a useful round up https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4713435/ I would note that although I haven't found the study/ies that confirmed this yet, if what I mentioned previously - that awareness of stereotype threat amplifies its effect - then attempts to work around it may wind up being counter productive.
  7. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    In case manky missed the edit answering his question.
  8. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    Actually it's one thing I haven't really looked through the trans lens at all, I'll try ponder that for a while now I've realised. First response is to say it's complicated, and the top level stereotype threat in tests is tied to awareness of your gender rather than subconscious - this is based purely in my own belief I wasn't negatively impacted by it in the past... Not even sure if I would be now. One of the things I find particularly interesting is the finding that awareness of the problem of stereotype threat does not mitigate the problem, rather it exacerbates it. It paints a stark picture where education hampers performance and cannot get you out of that hole. My idea is actually based on memory research I was having to do a report on earlier this year. I came across a study from 5-10 years ago performed in a school in Spain. It found that a) being asked to write a bunch of positive or negative things about a subject (the Mediterranean diet in the case of the study) had a significant impact on subsequent attitudes towards that diet, but also b.) that by "disposing" of the thoughts symbolically by destroying the paper you wrote them on and then throwing them in the bin it not only nullified the change in attitude but actually reversed it in some cases. Ie the group that had written negative things were more positive than control group. What I want to see, if I could replicate stereotype threat in the first place, is whether this disposal approach can eliminate the performance drop from ST. It's a very cheap solution to a difficult problem if it works. Lyanna - Gender performance is a complicated one and I'm not sure I remember Seranos point on it well enough to try represent her - but I certainly do not subscribe to all expression being performative. There are components of it that are, definitely, but you say that's all there is misses the nuances.
  9. So just to continue with my own pet theory, if the guards that came after Maeve and co WERE human, their reluctance to shoot could be explained by their lives not being worth a whole lot while the hosts are extremely valuable. They're using real weapons, not Westworld weapons, so perhaps much more damaging to the hosts and much more likely to destroy them. Hardly definitive, but just another detail that reinforces how I view the world of the story.
  10. Use of the term "Triggered"

    Given the venues mentioned by the OP - reddit, twitch and youtube - I think its pretty safe to assume (especially due to twitch) that the usage of "triggered" being seen here is of the "gamers mocking anything that isnt part of their life experience as precious snowflake SJW" variety.
  11. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    The whole men are worse at parenting (rather than a specific individual) is still a cultural artifact. Father's are treated like the back up parent, the ' weak' one who can't say no or the escalation authority that overrules the mother (in asshole abusive situations). If you're never expected to be 'it', the one it is all on and the one who has to make a decision now, you won't ever believe you can be that, you never will be that. The only father I've ever seen that isn't like this is my brother in Sweden, he's had 6 months at home with each child while my sister-in-law is back at work. He can't second guess himself, so he had to step up and be an equal parent. It took a while to overcome the self doubt, but he's there now. Not saying everything in the house is evenly split, although I'm not saying it's not either, just that they parent as equals because he's had to learn how.
  12. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    TP - stereotype threat is an interesting one. As I understand it there have been some replication issues with the studies on it. Assuming the research hasn't been done by anyone else in the next 4 years, and I am able to replicate it, I'm intending to do my honours research on a mechanism that may nullify or even reverse stereotype threat.
  13. Can't clear first quote on my phone, was going to say similar to this in response to it. I remembered there was something Ford said that made it seem like he viewed becoming a host as transcendence, and while I think there was more than just this line, this was the big one. The musicians became their creation and so too has he. That host in the old lab was very clearly a smoking gun, and no one else makes sense at this point. It wasn't the version that was shot though, his goodbye to Dolores and Bernard was too heartfelt - he wasn't going to be guiding things anymore, he was setting the hosts free to find themselves and their freedom/sentience. A Ford version of Bernard also let's them go back to being true partners, which seemed to be something he was longing for. FB - I'd noticed the bag too, but forgot it as something important left hanging. Expecting this to be yet another smoking gun. I'm just incredibly satisfied at what felt to me like a perfect balance between things being answered and plot left to develop. Also loved Evan Rachel Woods savagery on her face at the end. Perfect.
  14. Water Protectors relatives and friends update

    And hey, the company says it's going to build it regardless of this ruling. So yeah, the protestors are totally the bullies flouting the law.