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  1. Yeah, I found it hard to watch because it's one of those times when you can see why people are acting poorly in the way that they are, but they're still being dicks to the people they love and it's not OK. Which makes it good writing, Felix being where he needs that also fits perfectly after everything that has gone on. Cos broke my heart last week when she broke down about Delphine. I really hope there is at least some happiness to be found there, and I find the 'her importance to the story was written in from the start' angle pretty compelling, so I have hope. On Ferdinand, yeah he's the one that hates Neolution, he killed his...bodyguard? Partner? In the finale when he found out they were neolution. I think he showed up because of S, but I'm not so sure I'd phrase it as 'she sent him' as he was there and getting involved regardless.
  2. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    The tweets I've seen from her denying that it was transphobia weren't denying that he was transphobia, but rather that she's denying she said that it was. If there are other tweets I haven't seen where she does, then great! But see: Dr Pepper's comments about there being other possibilities. Still within the umbrella of bigotry but not transphobia or homophobia, he could simply be a massive misogynist which informed his refusal to take character direction from Lana - combining both speculations. Or...maybe he really wanted to go off the show, and she's glad they all managed to sort it out and that's the happiness we see coming through. I think this one is much less likely, but it's still possible. I at least am not trying to claim we know anything definitive, I simply think it's clear that she is happy at the news, it doesn't read like she's just trying to spin it.
  3. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    I'm not saying it can't be, but that's the only thing I can picture myself being comfortable being openly glad about it like she was. Given the issue was with a trans woman, and the actress making these comments is a trans woman, and trans issues have been pretty prominent in the media lately I'm not thinking the primary problem was homophobia either. I don't know why it became an issue now, but the speculation about Lily being forced out may have something to do with it, maybe there were problems in the first season but nothing that rose to the level of them deciding they needed to recast, but escalated this season and resulted in something being said that couldn't be ignored. Or maybe its something else completely, and she just thought he was a shit actor and doesn't mind saying that...I very much doubt this though, the emotion coming through made it feel personal. red snow - I don't think it could be explored in character like that, the characters have all been described as pansexual at least as sensates (clearly they weren't all that prior to their birth, and some of that lingers over) and more importantly the connection they are depicted as having is so profound that any trace of bigotry doesn't seem like it could remain between them.
  4. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    My thoughts when I read Jaime's tweets was that she sounded too happy for it to have been anything but bigotry
  5. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    Really glad to hear it! While I'd never choose to wind back my body to how it was, I'd love to experience that mental high of the first couple of months again Not that everyone gets that
  6. Dating: Hell is Other People

    Potentially it's as much needing expressed interest to want to rub naughty bits on DPs behalf. A feeling of indifference from the other party isn't exactly the sexist feeling even if they're hot. Ark - Dating women comes highly recommended by me
  7. I think soundtrack in general is the most consistently excellent part of Star Wars. The OT is obviously the OT, the PT had some great pieces, I really enjoyed both new and the blend of old with new in TFA...can't remember TCW specifically but Rebels has been fantastic on that front too, both with its use of existing pieces and incorporating some excellent new ones. The blend of The Force Theme and Imperial March at the end of the Rogue One trailer gives me chills.
  8. Always. Other shows may take the crown of favourite in my head, but Farscape will always be the love of my heart
  9. Gotta say I feel like the Nebari are a much better illustration to make me go "holy fuck no" than in Serenity. You can dismiss the problems of the Reavers etc in Serenity as being a problem of execution, but *if* they'd done it right it might have been worth it...the Nebari are doing it kinda right, and they're terrifying for it.
  10. Star Wars Rebels (All Star Wars Spoilers)

    TCW just made the relationship feel so much more real and so much more meaningful than "oh, you're my son. I don't know you, I have no connection to you, but you're my son". Now I do think what Filoni says about Ahsoka representing the failure of Anakin, a tie to his past and a reminder of his pain vs Luke representing a clean slate and a chance for a new future makes sense, and I think that component is more than sufficient to explain why Luke can redeem him where Ahsoka cannot. I just feel like any interpretation where he feels nothing for her is throwing out everything we're shown in TCW. Particularly if you include the conversation with Obi-Wan in the unfinished episodes, I think what that video goes for with Ahsoka saying "I won't leave you, not this time" and the emotion that plays across his face is exactly what they were going for. He remembers what he had with her, and he uses the pain he felt at her walking away to steel himself and stoke his anger so he can kill her. I also don't get the interpretation of Ahsoka as a pure light non-jedi force user. She was Anakin's apprentice and as such always walked closer to the line than most Jedi, because that's how he taught her. Her white sabres represent neutrality, not pure light. She uses her anger at times, she does not have the serene calm of a Jedi and she disavows that approach both here and in TCW really - at least as being not for her when she walks away. She also forms a connect of sorts at the end there with Ventress, accepting value in a wielder of the dark. You even see her using the dark side back in TCW in that video, when she lifts the trandoshan attacking her with a force choke hold before slamming him into the ground - so it's only brief and she doesn't succumb to it's temptation, unlike Bariss and ultimately Anakin. She manages to use it while staying grounded. And my interpretation of her is that the last we see of her she's still alive and entering the Sith temple to learn more of the sith, I only see her becoming more rounded in her greyness if she did indeed survive. What the owl means? That I'm unsure. Filoni said it's not an avatar of the force itself, but gave the impression it is an avatar of something and that something has definitely been shown in the series. The argument that it's the avatar of the daughter from Mortis makes some compelling points, but I feel like the Daughter herself is already an avatar of sorts for the light side of the force as that entire arc is symbolic. It also doesn't fit thematically with the owl appearing at moments when Ahsoka is touching the dark, it's in TCW when she's abducted by the Trandoshan and she gets down and primal in her fighting them if I'm remember it correctly. It appears just before Ahsoka when Ezra is trying to connect to the spider creatures, and The Imperial March plays as the episode closes on it after either Ahsoka or the owl have scared the spiders off (and the spiders are either unconnected to the force or dark side creatures). And it appears at the very end as Vader walks off seemingly somewhat victorious and Ahsoka descends into a Sith temple. That just doesn't fit an avatar for a pure light entity to me. My initial reaction to it was that the owl is an avatar for Ahsoka herself, or even a familiar of sorts.
  11. Ok I think I have a better idea of where you are going with it, I think I would parse the idea much better phrased as assertiveness rather than aggressiveness or violence. And I do agree that displaying assertiveness is necessary for maturation, if not for cognitive development, and I do think this is still something that would be hampered by the kind of treatment that curbs aggressive behaviour. I'm a woman that went through a testosterone driven puberty and all the violence imposed by societal on people who are like me, so that's the kind of non-physical violence I was talking about earlier and it most definitely did nothing positive. Testosterone itself isn't as simplistic as aggression, our understanding of the sex hormones is still...very lacking. And even being in the category that's lived with both a testosterone and an estrogen driven system doesn't provide a controlled insight, as the reduction in aggressive feelings and irritability I had with the change can be just as easily explained by no longer dealing with the dissonance of my brain objecting to the hormone it's bathing in. However there is some correlation between testosterone and aggression that is universal across cultures which suggests non-cultural factors at play. Chemical castration of sex offenders may provide some insight into the impact of the reduction in testosterone, but while I understand the impact on sex drive to be pretty reliable I'm not so sure on other behavioural traits. That also poses it's own challenges that they are then simply running in a hormonally deprived state, rather than still having sufficient hormones for healthy energy levels etc like with trans people do and this lack of energy itself would have an effect. It's certainly all extremely complex and I think we'd want to fully address cultural issues, which imo is far and away the primary problem and I feel can be done in a way that doesn't have any ethical question marks over it, prior to looking at biological modifications to systems even if we decided that was an OK thing to do. I'd also want to ensure we fully understand said systems before we go tinkering with them, that whole creating a population of hyper-aggressive humans seems like a pretty relevant side effect even if the rest don't just lay down and die.
  12. Just pulling out this to respond to, because I don't necessarily disagree with your overall point but...to this? No. This presupposes that violence has been necessary for the cognitive development of everyone, and I feel pretty comfortable saying that the ways violence has touched me - which in the traditional definition are very minor - have not resulted in any aid towards my development, either cognitively or as a person. I've never been inclined to, nor participated in, dealing out violence and I've not been the victim of physical violence. A broader definition of violence I have been, and it's perpetuated the exact opposite of development on me. Adversity of some kind may be a catalyst for development in certain circumstances, and I can certainly see and acknowledge when it has been such for me, but adversity from a form of violence? Nope, that's never been helpful. That's not to say it hasn't been for others, but you can't generalise the experience of everyone to have been reliant on violence for growth.
  13. Is this an intentional choice of words on your part referencing some ideas from KOTOR2 (and possibly KOTOR1, it's been years since I played that and losing my save meant I never managed to finish it) or purely coincidental? Because if the latter it's potentially hitting on something quite relevant. Filoni has certainly drawn heavily on the KOTOR era for Rebels, and with the way it's being tied together through the Malachor connection (Kylo's sabre design connecting back to the Scourge and the stuff we saw there in the Rebels finale) it certainly seems that some elements at least were playing into the design of TFA, so the idea of a philosophy from that influencing what they try to do with combat style doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility. The relevant part of KOTOR2 (for any who don't know it, regardless of whether Kal does) is a species called the Echani who had the following philosophy on fighting Reading the list of appearances on there, they did indeed appear in KOTOR1 as well along with some of the novels...all of this is now Legends, but they are in the process of absorbing the parts they liked into canon.
  14. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    Hard to get along if you're being treated like shit
  15. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I think I had her pegged around late 20s/30, although I'm questioning that now...maybe more mid 20s. She's experienced enough to be a veteran marine and an exemplar of that, but young enough that she's still there rather than being promoted or discharged. The innocence absolutely is important, layered over a core of intelligence that Avasarala can sense.