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  1. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    The Northwest rail is worse than doing nothing imo. If they did nothing then there is the ability to do it right later - once you've spent all this money doing it wrong, and not just implementing a metro line for a suburban rail line (completely inappropriate carriage style) its also introducing a private line in the midst of all the public ones AND converting an existing public one to the new carriages and converting that to private without having to sell the privatisation. It gets the foot in the door for yet another firesale on public assets. I have mixed feelings on him, I find his politics utter garbage and I'm very confident his religious beliefs are not flattering of people like me, but in some other ways I accept that he's probably not terrible. Having heard is sister (who I do really really like) is very unwell I actually accept the family health reason for the resignation...which is unusual for such a sudden departure.
  2. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    I strongly suspect the latter, and I'm not going to blame anyone for utilising your philosophy on personal safety Robin. Much love WF.
  3. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    What Fez said. It doesn't work and it doesn't go anywhere, but the reaction to you letting the council die from the other races acts as though this was the option you chose despite it not working out. I'm saying if you side with Anderson in just getting the council back up then only radicals should see your actions as human supremacist, everyone else should just see you as ruthless. If you side with Udina then it should be as bad or even more overt than what we got. It doesn't change anything really other than tone.
  4. Should an unjust law be broken?

    The Indiana one sounds a whole lot threatening when you ignore the "any means necessary" which is helpfully undefined That's the text from the Bill on the Indiana website. All available law enforcement officers using any means necessary to clear the obstruction. That sounds many orders of magnitude more dangerous to lives than the potential for a doctor en route to an ER being delayed by a protest. And just to clarify the definition of a mass traffic obstruction: I particularly like "other assembly" being in there too, according to IC 35-44.1-2-13 (obstruction of traffic) there is still an awful lot of room for non-protest things to squeeze in here. There doesn't seem to be any sort of exception for approved events given that's the entirety of the bill, I assume if the police are the ones obstructing its ok. Seems plenty threatening to me.
  5. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    Well you can't expect them to take care of all the protesters just with the heavy military weapons they've got at the DAPL protests after all, especially when the anti-drone missile battery isn't loaded - its just cheaper to use than binoculars or some other dedicated surveillance unit.
  6. Logan-First R Rated Wolverine Movie?

    From the comments about it being in a different continuity and the X-Men comics existing in the movie it almost seems like they're going with "X-Men is set in an alternate universe, Logan is set in the real world" or at least close to it kinda vibe. Both Jackman and Sir Pat are really really bringing the "worn down by decades of pain and grief and suffering", if that tone is nailed for the whole movie I can see myself being very upset watching it in the way that I enjoy.
  7. Attack on Titan (Anime series)

    Ok addressing each of those
  8. U.S. Politics Inaguration Sensation: Be Prepared

    I can't speak for Mormont but I'd say starting that discussion on its own merits, perhaps in its own thread, is a very different thing to leaping onto that discussion from how it started in the now deleted posts. That context matters. A lot. From a not remotely mod, I'd also suggest sticking to the psychology angle and avoiding criticising those who use it to vent frustrations and fear. Eta: And this post now makes no sense lol. Sorry Mormont, that's twice now.
  9. Attack on Titan (Anime series)

    In what way have you heard later plots have gone off the rails Fez? I thought there have been periods that were pushing it, but the last few issues have really brought it back together for me with a clear bigger picture now.
  10. Hmm I was forgetting that. This was much more recent, in the last year or so right? Proving his actual involvement rather than some other random thats currently running wikileaks might be a challenge for the prosecution, but I'm certainly fine with being nailed on that. I'm not sure how you'd even determine the US is the right jurisdiction, or if not where the right one is, as I'm sure that one would be an issue in more places than just the US and Australia might be the appropriate court to charge him on it. Again this is for an actual crime though, zero issues with getting him on that. Just have issues with "piss us off and we can get you".
  11. I really don't like the precedent of bullying countries because their private citizens do things you don't like without actually breaking any laws either though. Re: the hiding in the embassy - while his claim is that he's hiding from US charges, the legal mess he's currently in is with regards to Sweden where he is accused of actually breaking the law and is a different story. He should move his ass out of that embassy and face the music in Sweden where he'll probably be convicted of a crime that at this point I'm pretty confident he committed given what he's shown us of who he is. I'm specifically talking about the idea of the US scooping him up and serving time there without any conspiracy to cause the leaks.
  12. I see we've circled back around to the "Americans I like express opinions which scare the shit out of me" segment of US Politics thread, not to be confused with the usual program of "Americans I don't like constantly scare the shit out of me". I know you're half joking Winterfox but that stuff is really really offputting. If Assange has broken a proper law, if he was specifically inciting Chelsea to steal the information and pass it on then you could bring a conspiracy charge, but just for being a general fucking asshole, taking information and publishing it? He's an Australian citizen, he has no duty to your country, he has no obligation to your country. Even the latest with publishing the Russian leaks to interfere with the election, his part is free of crime. Fuck him for being a hypocritical piece of shit, but the US should not be able to just imprison anyone they like from anywhere in the world for not serving their interests.
  13. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    I've always been annoyed that that was a Paragon/Renagade choice, at least in the way it plays out. In character at the time if you've played as a "getting the job done comes before everything else" type then letting the council die to ensure you can destroy this ship that is on the verge of sentencing everyone in the galaxy to death isn't even a choice. Its just being pragmatic. But the game treats it like the only reason to have done it is for a human supremacist perspective, and thats not at all what I meant and the human supremacists in the game piss me off. It should include whether you try set up a human only council or just a new council with humans on it to determine whether it takes the choice that way or not.
  14. Attack on Titan (Anime series)

    I got impatient and started reading the manga after seeing the second series wasn't coming any time soon when I finished the anime, looking forward to seeing the animated version though! The 3DMG work in this is some of the most entertaining animation I've seen, and some of the stuff to come should look incredible. I wonder how far they'll get. I can't even remember where the anime left off - I think just after
  15. Should an unjust law be broken?

    I think accepting the consequences of civil disobedience can both serve to further highlight the injustice of the law, and also serves as a testament to your character. It's why I find those so insistent that Manning should be serving the entirety of the unprecedented sentence that would destroy her entire life utterly baffling. I'm in the yes camp fwiw.