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  1. But there wasn't an episode that comes close to Move Along Home for awfulness. The acting was mostly good, the production values are phenomenal. I can understand peoples objections to some of the plot decisions, but overall it was well put together. DS9 season 1 had a few good episodes but they were not the norm. Most of the first season was a boring slog I only got through because I knew I'd enjoy the story later on.
  2. I think that comparing it at this point to DS9 is unfair - you need to compare just the first season. Tastes will vary and I think its reasonable to prefer DS9 first season (or pick your preferred show) I would argue that it was far more consistent in quality than the first season of DS9. If the show runners have more stability and get the full season plotted out the way they want, I think we'll have a better indication of how we can expect the show to be after this.
  3. I think Kalbear's claim is pretty reasonably backed up at this point. Partisan Republicans show up to vote no matter what. Sure the polling may be strongly against getting rid of DACA, but that's not going to translate into them voting against Republicans, nor even staying home for most of them. It's more of an open question as to whether it would motivate non-voters into turning out to vote Democrat, but if they need that impetus to get out to vote I'm not confident this is going to be that last straw to get them moving. And you have to worry about other actions which alienate the people who care at the same time.
  4. I'm pretty sure its this. Mikkel hangs himself because he remembers from his childhood that Michael had hung himself at that exact time.
  5. Yeah, exactly this. I'm not sure why my post got responded to by listing off the importance of the statistical information when that was precisely what I was making allowances for. But the idea that people getting deported by ICE after a mandatory reporting of a shooting is just tough luck that they can suck up? That's an awfully fucking callous view.
  6. I was impressed that someone managed to get under 0.1 Scaramuccis, I didn't actually think that barrier would fall so soon. I didn't see the details on McArdle (and know nothing about her) so it didn't make as much impression on me as Norton. Yesterday just seemed to be them trying to one up each other with awful starting with WaPo, then NYT culminating in the politico pining for indentured servants. You can get one for your kids too!
  7. I'll never understand the US rating system haha. A couple of f bombs are nothing here these days. The violence isn't graphic for the most part, but its conceptually challenging at times.
  8. I'd again put it in the basket of adult, but maybe not R rated. The biggest issue with it would be the violence, and that tends to be taken as less of an issue. I'm also not sure it counts as a Space Opera? Farscape remains my favourite show of all time. I don't try to claim its the best show, but I love it and it did a lot of things that were ahead of the trend for TV. Was probably also the first thing that actually got me engaged in a romance and it was more than one!
  9. Yeah I was thinking the same thing when I read that. I get that some people still have a lot more faith in the police than I do at this point, but unless a victim wants their involvement I'd rather they stay out of it. Appropriately anonymized data (and I mean it on the 'appropriately' - there have been far too many cases of data being reidentified in the last couple of years, see the fitbit data for example) being reported back for research and statistics purposes is all I'd want to see there. But I'm assuming the CDC isn't allowed to research gun violence again anyway? Or don't have the resources regardless with the way they're getting slashed.
  10. On top of that utterly abhorrent politico piece, the NYT yesterday appointed a new member to the editors board (iirc - might have been a differnet role) only to walk it back within a few hours as they got hammered over her being friends with neo nazis and had liberally used homophobic (and presumably other) slurs on her twitter in the past. It's a great look for one of the supposed bastions of investigate journalism when they don't even do basic research into their new hires.
  11. Yeah, particularly in that last episode. Him interacting with humans has him crushed by guilt, then he gets to go clown around with Klingons and he gets to forget it for a moment and comes alive again. It was really well acted. @red snow fair point on her maybe wanting to try turn him back, I guess I just meant the sleeper agent plot should be dead now.
  12. 1) It's a platform for people who are normally silenced to find an 'audience' for their views. This allows for connections you would never make elsewhere. 2) It provides you an insight into current affairs that is filtered through myriad viewpoints, including those directly involved, rather than relying on what the media decides to report. I joined when the coverage of Wendy Davis's filibuster in the Texas Senate showed the strength of the medium. Since then I've watched the evolution of the Gators, some of the prominent figures of black lives matter, and so on. Of course everyone has their own agenda, you have to read with that in mind and that's no different to the media - there's just many more voices and perspectives.
  13. Yeah there's no ambiguity on where Tyler went - the Mokai ship beamed him out with L'Rell. I think that choice suggests she did legitimately kill Voq as the purely Klingon entity - if he was still buried and going to come back then she would have wanted him as a sleeper agent still. And I don't think they were being stupid per se in letting MU Georgiou go free. It was atoning for almost breaking Star Fleet principles and setting her off on the mission in the first place, combined with an affirmation of those values. She has not committed a crime in the universe, by their principles they can't just lock her up. They know she's going to be a problem, but they will deal with that when it happens.
  14. For the first - Event Horizon is the only movie I've seen that still bothers me almost 20 years later. I did not know that was a horror movie when I borrowed it from the video store. For the second - Don't forget the (heavily influenced by Blake's 7) Farscape which had one of the most inappropriate marketing campaigns in history. Muppets and spaceships don't make it a kids show, it may not be R rated but its very much an adult story.
  15. And from a relatively new watcher of Trek who doesn't have the nostalgia and memories from childhood, or attachment to the look of previous series, I'd say it has been better than fine. I've really enjoyed it and I love their commitment to showing a wider range of people - both in terms of demographics and personalities. Tilly is amazing, the complete opposite of what Stamets could appear to be. She's smart, she's possibly on the spectrum and a bit weird in her socialisation, she tells the truth when most people would obfuscate....but it's entirely rooted in compassion and being a good person. I know others haven't felt Michael the way that I did, but I don't even see much discussion of Tilly.