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  1. Video Games: Thread Simulator 2016

    This message currently plays for city states as well as other civs btw. After seeing so much griping elsewhere about Civ6 its gratifying to see people having broadly the same opinion as me. I'm loving it, think its a great update and feels very significantly different to Civ5. Loving that the move back to local based stats has moved it back to city numbers being production and land constrained instead of the artificial constraint of happiness. It feels a lot more a part of the game instead of an arbitrary limit. The variation in optimum route introduced by the importance of the map etc makes the tech tree feel a whole lot less linear, which was one of the things I loved about Beyond Earth (and not many seemed to share my love of that). One issue with Civ6 is that the camera doesn't zoom out far enough for Brook, this combined with the busy graphics is giving her a headache sometimes.
  2. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Watch the first episode again and tell me we aren't meant to think he raped Delores. I've conceded that it might be an act, but to me there was a very strong implication that whether he did that night or not he had previously. One other possibility is that they decided to change the direction of his character after the pilot (it was shot earlier right?) and that explains the disconnect between how he seems in that episode and the rest since.
  3. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Because that is roleplay with another consenting person, and while you're submerging that awareness in the moment of the roleplay its still layered across the experience. You know there is another person gaining pleasure from this activity as well. By moving the fantasy from engaging with another person in that fashion to a host like this you are negating that entirely, its no longer about a shared experience and entirely about living that dark fantasy to the fullest extent possible. And there are degrees within BDSM, I'm sure there are plenty of dominants that I'd feel very uncomfortable with. Please note I'm making no claims around legality, it's a personal moral judgement. And I'm happy to judge those that cross lines, ignore boundaries and exploit their submissives within BDSM which is not unknown and I'd say is much more likely to happen when they are unconcerned with the submissives enjoyment of the experience.
  4. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Firstly there is this ^^ which is going beyond simply playing a role and acting in a manner very consistent with someone who is fine with raping hosts, and has done so in the past. Combine that with another of his conversations with Delores where he apologised that 'he wouldn't be able to make it tonight' there is very strong indications that he has done it, and a lot more than once, even if he didn't on the night shown in the show. Perhaps we will have subsequent revelations to show this isn't the case and I will change my assessment of him if so, but at this point the show wants us to believe he did and the comments I was responding to seemed to be changing their mind on him with this behaviour still taken as given. Perhaps they were actually saying "I don't believe he did that, given these other indications of him being a good person" in which case....I'd still say the good in one place doesn't preclude the bad in another. Re: Being our best selves in the park - probably not, but there is a limit to how bad I can play even in current games so I doubt I could be too terrible with convincingly human characters. None of the female characters that appeal to me are villains like Hector though, so I'm not sure I've got a decent comparison to that point Armistice is pretty sure, but the others all do it for me more. ERW is very different to how she looks as herself, but the crush on her is not exactly small. Speaking of - wonder what happened to the girl who was with Teddy last week that we weren't sure if she was a guest or a host. The one that got a discount in the brothel. Her disappearing suggests host surely? But everything else seemed to suggest guest, so I'm confused. Re: AndrewJ's question above regarding rape and murder - when it comes to depicting it in a game it comes down to the nature of the crime itself, not the abstract morality of it. Shooting people in heated moments etc is brutal and nasty, and we've seen some horrid violence against hosts already on this front (Logen stabbing the guys hand) but its generally not a particularly personal experience. Raping someone is. Someone playing a game which was actually doing serial killer style murder? Stalking the person, causing them terror and snuffing their life out while savouring the kill? That person is creeping me the fuck out just as much as someone who wants to play a rape simulator. I'm sure there have been guests that do this in Westworld, but it hasn't been depicted so far and the violence/murder has been solidly rooted in dehumanisation of the hosts which is another point of difference. To want to rape you need to be buying into seeing them as human, at least to the extent that vile misogynists in the real world still see women as human - just not on the same tier as men, because you're getting off on the power and the violation. That doesn't work without some level of buying into the illusion, which is the complete opposite of Logen's violence. The hand stabbing was essentially "this pixel is annoying me, shut it up".
  5. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Yeah, the idea that just because he does good works elsewhere then his desire to act out savagery is washed away bothers me quite a bit. And yes, even if the hosts were just the glorified dolls that the guests think they are I consider the desire to act out that kind of sexual violence on robots that are convincingly human in appearance and reaction to be utterly repulsive. I'd be extremely put off by anyone who wanted to exercise in those kinds of rape fantasy even in current games, but with that? I'd be afraid to know you. I guess one element that some may be missing through their lack of experience is that frequently the people who do monstrous things to women *are* those that do good works elsewhere and are liked by others. This isn't just a hypothetical kind of thing, a rapist doesn't become a good person just because they've dedicated their life to charity work elsewhere.
  6. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    Precisely this. You don't need more than this to determine that this judge has no fucking business making a ruling on a kids gender identity
  7. Nap Rooms for University Students - Good Idea?

    Well my eldest brother is 1969 and more of a Boomer than X, then I have 4 siblings that are clear X, and in 83 I used to be Y except people wanted to keep shitting on us for longer so Y got folded into Millenial (which I recall starting off as being referred to Generation ME - like Windows ME). So yes its normal. For all I hate generational groupings, folding Y into Millenial was just absurd and not because I actually object to being grouped with Millenials (I don't). Those who had a substantial part of their childhood and education without the internet vs those who have had the internet their entire lives is such a clear and massive line to draw between how people will see the world. I got the internet in high school, and I was an early adopter on the grand scheme of things, but that was still more than enough time to get a grasp of how education worked without the internet and I still remain in awe of just how huge an impact it has on everything. I'll never take it for granted. None of this is related to nap rooms, which I think are a fantastic idea. The more research we get on humans and sleep, the more we find we are doing it utterly wrong. I'd love to see set 9-5 hours disappear as well, they only suit a minority of people and hamper most. Some need earlier, most need later, and some are perfect as they are. Almost all teenagers would benefit from school schedule being offset later into the day as well, but school schedule is primarily set up around what can work for parents rather than what is actually optimal for kids learning and development - which is in some ways more than reasonable, it has to be something that can be made to work. Humans are a diverse group, yet we keep trying to hammer one size fits all to so many different things.
  8. One of the big problems that was highlighted by this attack is the danger of using short TTL (Time To Live) in DNS settings. It allows for greater flexibility if your servers are being shunted around frequently, but it means your service is entirely dependent on the DNS services which have become far too centralised. Shut down a major DNS provider and you shut down all the sites using them as an authority which have a short TTL. With a longer TTL, such as 8 hours, you'll have a less agile but it would take a very extended DDoS on the DNS to cause this kind of problem as most DNS caches would have a significant amount of time left on the entries for major sites.
  9. HBO's Westworld- Enter the maze [spoilers]

    Elsie's not for that, she's for the ladies! Also only The Right Hemsworth™ should be allowed to have romantic relationships.
  10. That foreign feel surely makes a lot of sense. I haven't watched this yet, but I imagine even as a white Australian its going to capture that feel and it would be by design, to non-Australians I can't imagine how it could avoid having a foreign feel.
  11. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    Season 1 was an uterly unique experience for me in terms of a TV show (or movie for that matter). It was the way I connected to it on such a raw emotional level, it was doing something very different to anything else I've seen and I really hope it can keep that up and keep getting renewed. I possibly already said this in the thread last year, but they managed to make me long for the sensate connection in a way I can't understand it like someone who has never experienced love could long for experiencing it when witnessing it from the outside. Its global production is expensive, but it also sets it apart from anything else critically in that sense as well so that has to be worth something to Netflix. I really do see it as the first of a new style of TV, even if its not a completely new medium.
  12. Also just want to say I've still got 'Long Life the Chief' in my head, that ep5 opening sequence was phenomenal.
  13. Farscape was a variant on it as well, more so in the later seasons than the first which was almost purely episodic until the end. There is a show that absolutely needed the space to have certain ideas utterly flop without dragging the whole season down, since its lows were almost as bad as its highs were good. I think the biggest thing is that regardless of how you're telling the story, each episode still needs to have a self contained narrative arc. I realise its less of a focus for Netflix shows where they all drop in one hit, but its superior story telling when its done this way. The other thing that works better *for me* with this is when the serialisation is primarily focused on character development which drives the plot instead of the other way around (which loops back around to Farscape, which I think did this marvellously well). And I'm a fan of serialised TV, I think it allows for a much richer story to be told than can be done through the constraint of purely episodic, but there is definitely some middle ground even if it skewed towards the serialised end for me. I'd add that I think the pacing for both JJ and LC could have been resolved by a 10ep season - those couple of episodes can just make or break the pacing (in either direction, I think GoT suffered greatly in early seasons from being 2-3 episodes too short - no idea now, since I stopped watching).
  14. Star Wars Rogue One: Now With Less Rouge

    I don't think the trailer revealed much you couldn't have reasonably assumed from what we already knew. And it was a fantastic trailer, I'm even more excited now!
  15. Star Wars Rebels (All Star Wars Spoilers)

    The impression I had is that its a cell thing - the Yavin cell are the ones with X and Y wings, the cells using A and B wings are elsewhere in Ep4 before uniting the fleet in ROTJ. I guess Wedge will get cycled out at some point.