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  1. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    Kal has my answer. I was fearing it before the election if Trump won, I thought it was very likely by the time he was inaugurated. After just over a month of him as President I'm pretty convinced the US electoral system is done. The structural damage to it by the "block everything, break government" strategy being rewarded was already lethal in the medium to long term, but you've got an amoral narcissist in charge who has decided direct personal power is the real game to win since he couldn't beat his fellow billionaires at the game scored with money.
  2. Bolded - I definitely think he knew it had been changed, I'm not sure if he knows which planet was deleted though. Manipulating Fulcrum could be to facilitate setting up the attack if he does know, or it could be to find out the planet if he didn't memorise it. Either way I'm glad he saw straight through the patsy thing and knows its Kallas, even though I'm worried for him as well now.
  3. Thanks, I had missed the title change so didn't realise. I hope it wasn't me that spoiled you...the previous thread had been full book spoilers and I'd just plowed ahead thinking it was the same. Either Dan or Ty specifically addressed this on twitter at one point and admitted they're not actually practical but they look really good on screen. One of those things that works visually and if the audience just accepts it as a conceit of visual media its not a problem, but unfortunately does break immersion for others (*looks at HE*). I think a fair bit of the stuff that seems stupid comes down to this sort of thing, the average audience needs the show to be speaking the language they understand even if outliers find some of those things take them out of the show.
  4. Yeah, I listened to it on the way home after work before I saw your post and heard it there lol. Was the latest one after 'Home'. ETA - The Churn that is
  5. Where was this confirmed? I thought I'd seen most comments around it, but I've clearly missed this one and I need to rectify it!
  6. Yeah, this was the true season 1 finale which is why it had the pacing of a climax. I get what Kalbear is saying about the lack of body horror with the protomolecule, but I'm just honestly not as down for that in visual media as I am in a book. What we got was something that was incredibly alien in its beauty rather than its horror. Brook pointed out to me as we were watching that the visuals were using recurring natural motifs, but just that little bit off and then with the colours changed to luminous rather than reflective. When Miller first gets deeper into it, he's moving through structures that look very web like, but while the structures are similar the pattern is wrong to be a spider web. As he moves deeper in we got honeycomb, only the pattern wasn't a perfect hexagon - but it had the grid and solidity of honeycomb. As he's passing into Julie's inner sanctum, the entrance looks almost like the opening to a cave formed out of light...it actually bears a similarity to the doorway at the end of The Matrix when Neo is seeing everything in its code. Fantasic design whoever came up with it. I cried deeply at Avasarala's call with Arjun. I know in that case that its building on the books and every conversation of theirs gets me in the books but it doesn't matter. Separate from that I'm impressed with the way the show continues to foreshadow later events in a way that makes it seem like 'they won't do that' only to do that. I saw a few comments after the previous week that they were thinking 'Miller is this shows Ned Stark' only for the Nauvoo to miss, and I'm sure they were then convinced any further close calls would miss as well. Then this week he gets the ending he chooses. Of course the only similarity is the death and that some people thought he was the star, Miller's character arc was complete, his life was ready to end...Ned was nothing of the sort. And I'm *in love* with Drummer. I loved Sam in the books, and with her not introduced this far into the show plus Drummer becoming friends with Naomi, I'm pretty sure they've amalgamated the characters. Changed the name, made her Fred's XO instead of his chief Engineer. Hopefully this changes some others things too! I guess it's not actually confirmed Drummer is queer yet, if she's not then I'd say they haven't done this...but she feels very much that to me.
  7. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Not even finger wagging, you keep offering to take the asylum seekers currently in detention and our government keeps refusing to continue trying to get Trump to honour Obama's deal. Which wasn't even for all of them.
  8. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Well if my disgusting country (Australia) is anything to go by...yeah? They'll criminalise any form of whistleblowing and media reporting, deny basic health care to the people in the camps and the majority of people will...shrug. And as many will be demanding harsher treatment as objecting to the whole thing. I still don't understand it, and I'm utterly ashamed of my country, but I don't do any good to those we're locking up by pretending my country isn't completely on board with it all. Obviously the numbers involved are several orders of magnitude greater, but I'm pretty cynical on this. Maybe that scale would save them though.
  9. LBGTQ - 4 out of 5 cats prefer lesbians

    I think you're getting far too bogged down in the word and missing the argument then. I'm not sure if creepy is the right word for the majority, but the ideas behind what she's saying certainly ring true for a lot of what I know. Do you disagree that men feel ashamed for dating/fucking/being attracted to someone 'unattractive'? Or that at the very least society attempts to shame them for this, even if they don't feel it? I mean the only reason larger women are a 'fetish' in porn etc is because society has declared them conventionally unattractive, thus being attracted to their bodies is transgressive. Its one of the things I love in queer feminist porn, that it actively pushes back on all that shit and is just people of diverse bodies fucking.
  10. If you want it done then it seems awfully optimistic to think its over
  11. I agree with you overall, but I also get that they were directly referencing Anakin and Dooku and wanted to showcase a very different choice to his. Not sure how to read where her plot is going in regards to wielding it herself vs finding someone worthy. If Mandalore winds up joining the assault at the end of the season they might get wiped out to the point of playing no further role in the Rebellion? Do we actually have canon on how involved they were?
  12. Yeah it is. Even without tampering I could hear that it's there in the pacing of some distorted noise, even if I wouldn't make out the words without a heads up.
  13. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    I think its reasonably safe to assume they will be revisiting exactly what happened there, or at least confirming the mechanism of her powers. I really enjoyed it, I like that its threading the line between 'actually lost contact with reality' and 'normal is just how society defines it' with a more nuanced portrayal of the way you can convince someone they are crazy. It helps when they're having experiences that are not possible with our current understanding of reality, but the underlying thing there is that sustained gaslighting will undermine everyone. I'm also not so sure that even linked up with the not-Xmen that it would devolve into a super hero group. Is there any indication they're using their powers to help people generally? It could just as easily be something more like magneto where they are defending themselves or even at the far extreme something more like Sato in the anime Ajin - toying with humans is entertainment when you've got godlike powers. The tone of this just doesn't seem set up for it to head that way, they certainly didn't seem to have any compunctions about killing a bunch of soldiers.
  14. Yeah, I think the first season was a little hamstrung by all the set up, if they can get the audience to watch to this point they're set.

    HE - I was interpreting your desire for almost a manifesto of sorts was indicating that you would not take Brietbart as indicative of his views, a position I have seen from other sources, rather than an unwillingness to do all that druge work. Fair enough then, I'm sure as hell not willing to either.