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  1. Lyanna already named dropped it, but I would be shocked if gamer gate hasn't had a drastically chilling effect on the rate of women going into CS. I'm really struggling to see how "push uphill against sexism from your peers, from your teachers only to enter a work force where your achievements are belittled, you are not taken seriously and you'll face significant amount of gender based harassment that your peers will gaslight you by insisting doesn't happen" is hard to understand as a huge deterrent. As more women are open about having these issues, it puts even more women off wasting their time trying to push into this in the first place. It permeates every single level of CS and for most women the small amount of additional money they can make relative to a different career just doesn't justify the depressing impact it will have on their emotional well being.
  2. I would suggest your wife is probably wanting her husband in bed with her in mind as much, if not more than, as in body This is a mistake I am also guilty of.
  3. Hmm interesting. I'd not gone looking for anything yet so wasn't sure. Did they address concerns of false reporting due to lack of trust in the census, or just the screw ups in the actual taking of the census?
  4. Where did you get 'apparently still credible' from? Has there been third party statisticians saying that or just the ABS?
  5. I'm not down for the fasting, but I'd so be down for the feasting at the end.
  6. And double posting to link this piece to another Sarah Kendzior piece on Trump's progress in autocracy. https://thecorrespondent.com/6946/trump-is-the-best-autocrat-the-best-nobody-has-a-better-autocrat-than-we-do/1964676912682-537486ce I'm sure some will continue to insist nothing is alarming, its all fine no matter what changes.
  7. The "white men are a dying demographic" comment was only made in response to the idea that everyone else should take a back seat and get out of the way so that the white men can get to winning, because we need the votes of white men to leave. Yet somehow y'all are here arguing about whether or not it's aggressive to note the demographic change, but have nothing to say against that. If turning white men off voting in this way is such a legitimate concern, why the isn't turning everyone else off voting with that an equal concern? And Fez I wasn't saying any one candidate will make that huge difference, I'm saying having your entire field resemble the general population will. If your party is entirely composed of old white men, it will be perceived as being for old white men. Bear in mind I'm not even criticising the current state of the party, I don't think it's all the way there yet but it's definitely not just all white men - I'm pushing back on the idea that there is any merit whatsoever to pandering to old white men who only want to vote for other old white men.
  8. Surely having a party to vote for with a truly representative slate of candidates, at all levels of the party, could be seen as a relatively important part of this? Good luck convincing people they should turn out to vote the other party of old white straight men into power. Also to rebut the first half - white men are the people who vote republican the most, so yeah if you want to get things done then find other voters to rely on because they're not interested in politics of equality.
  9. I know people with lip rings, I would have smooch faces with them, but that doesn't mean a giant needle through one cheek, through the middle of the tongue and out the other cheek into a table doesn't gross me the fuck out. Its a completely different part of the cheek being pierced and a long hole to go through the tongue laterally like that! Also I wouldn't watch it being done.
  10. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that's not correct sniffer. A lot of it is info gleaned from other sources, and the baseline "is a registered voter" bit of info would still be in national databases. We're all in this sort of thing now, its just a matter of whether your profile fits what their algorithm decides is the profile of someone vulnerable to targeted advertising.
  11. Well just remember that while 14 is just a kid in terms of life experience, its not a kid in terms of finding yourself. Its in fact precisely the age for that. Just show her you appreciate her sharing another piece of herself with you, and that you cherish her.
  12. I wasn't suggesting you'd care about the meta reasons, just that I do. I'm a queer woman, I saw a lot of queer women killed in shows I watch last year and it really upset me. At the same time I had OB showing me just how much Cosima loved Delphine and then Delphine got brought back. As to the Helena/Hospital thing - I don't mean I struggled with why she left, I'm being deliberately vague because it was fucking gross but I mean what she did really triggers my "ewwww no no no" response.
  13. Yeah, I don't like Ferdinand anymore. He was always an evil fuck but when he's strangling neolution goons I could roll with it. That really savage murder of MK? No. Not even an actor I like is saving you, set Helena loose on him. Helena's departure from the hospital was another thing I *really* struggled with. And Westmoreland was indeed great, excellent casting there.
  14. I saw today that those who now refuse to be relocated to outside London are going to be declared 'intentionally homeless' so they can just be denied basically any assistance at all. Can't see how that could possible inflame things at all.
  15. I wasn't referring to the BBC piece, but to several others I have seen on twitter which I consider to be more egregious examples of what I'm talking about. Looking back to my post I can see how there may have been confusion about it, although I note the BBC piece as quoted by Kair still initially ran with the language that removes the driver from the equation "a van struck a crowd of pedestrians". That is what I'm objecting to here, its the insidious game of language that downplays or emphasises acts of violence depending on who is committing them, and language used forms the ground of how things are perceived.