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  1. I'm going to disagree with some others in that
  2. I'm less concerned that Labor are headed for obscurity than Yukle as I think the coalition are heading for self destruction of truly epic proportions. I think we're fortunate that we already had a deeply unpopular right wing government in charge at the time Trump, Brexit, rise of modern fascism has happened as our electoral pendulum is going to usher in change soon and they've been limited in the damage they can do. I would be *a lot* more scared about the direction of our country if we had an unpopular Labor government and an opposition headed by Dictator-in-waiting Peter Dutton. As it is I get to hope he loses his seat next election and saves us from that. I still get to be deeply ashamed and contemptuous of what we're willing to do to people we don't like though.
  3. Hardly the perspective you're asking for, given I'm Australian, but the jarring accent was so perfect - I absolutely loved his contribution. I loved the movie as a whole for that matter, and I've loved all 3 Thor movies now which seems to put me in a small group.
  4. Oh I also much prefer triad to throuple, feel like it makes the multiway nature of it quite explicit
  5. Haha you've preemptively answered my next question, because I was wondering about that. I guess each person just fixated on their own quarter so knew where it was, and there was a general respect for the sanctity of the queue.
  6. I mean, most deniers that I see seem to be pretty much making the argument that it should have happened, and are very much eager to make it happen, so their denial rings somewhat disingenuous. They just know it doesn't play well to the general public so dress their evil up. I see no reason for them to get even a shred of moral cover, their ideology resulted in genocide in the past and it will cause more if they're allowed to enact it again. It's a mistake to ever think they're arguing in good faith, it's always an act of propaganda.
  7. The wonderful thing about politics is that it's invisible when it aligns with your beliefs if you don't stop and examine it. Thinking art is getting more political just means your beliefs are getting less dominant and of course you'd be upset about that. This whole thing started because I praised the show runners for choosing to show a small piece of the racism that existed in the 80s, I could easily think this isn't political - that it was simply injecting a greater level of realism into the show. Ditto with showing the government experiments, which are based in things the US government actually did and is one of the central plot points of the show, left traumatised people that survived the experiments and these people never had justice. More realism for the story. I don't see it that way, and its not, but neither is the opposite in the many pieces of art that chose not to show these things. And I'm not telling artists what to do, I'm expressing my appreciation for what they did do. @Gertrude were the quarters on the screen the queue for the machine? Reminds me of pool tables in bars, but I was too young for that in arcades in the 80s/didn't have local access to one.
  8. And the zone is an excellent setting for creepy supernatural stuff. A Russian version of ST set there would have me convinced it's ending in tragedy and now I want a spin off. Someone I follow on Twitter complained that this didn't actually become a thing until the 90s so it's a bit inaccurate/they joked that Mike lit the spark that burned into gamergate (their idea of starting it, my word choice to riff on the last Jedi trailer). If Will is actually queer, as was often suggested by others in season 1, it would help since Billy then wouldn't be the only one. Still a shit character at this point though.
  9. I'm so glad! I would have felt awful if I'd talked you into a mistake lol
  10. Dropping the comment I was going to make in response to this to respect mormonts request, but I can't let this slide when no one else has commented on it You are literally discussing the ideology of naziism, I think it can quite reasonably be attributed a fuck of a lot more than just a single murder. People who get baffled at how certain terms get used need to step outside their relationship with a person and think how the statement looks without 10 layers of "but I know that guy, he wouldn't mean that" because even if you're right - other people can't and won't know that and will draw their conclusions based on the arguments made. And you know, you could be wrong about the person you thought you knew - whether it's true in this case or not, it will be at times in your life, think people abusing their spouse etc.
  11. "We could just be a throuple" is the kind of joke that I don't see most people making when its truly just a joke - I would read that as some desire for it there that they're not confident expressing openly. I could be wrong of course :\
  12. It came up because they seem to want to put it in their art, and did? There was no pressure to put it in, at least that I saw, I simply applauded artists who wanted to tackle this issue and somehow you translate that into me telling artists what to do. I guess that tortured logic would make sense if I wasn't a stupid leftist.
  13. Yes, art has never been political It matters because depicting past era and eliminating things like racism leads to people thinking it doesn't/didn't exist. I didn't criticise season 1 for not tackling that subject, but I do laud season 2 for attempting to recognise that. And if you can look at America in 2017 and think this isn't very much a huge deal that artists might feel they should be trying to have a positive influence on.... That says a whole lot about you.
  14. I think it's that as well, it's serving both purposes - one a thematic one, the other a plot one. ETA: Don't disagree on Bobby/parents, although they weren't really involved enough to see that. I assumed we will see his Dad at least is just as racist next season.
  15. I'm not defending the execution as it feels hamfisted, but I think the show runners have felt the need to respond to real life developments from the last year by including certain things in the show. Season 1 showed essentially no racism despite having a black kid as one of the central 5 characters set in the 80s because it wasn't really set in the 80s, it was set in 80s movies which didn't focus on that. This season we get casual racism around the Ghostbusters character selection and we get explicit white supremacy from Billy. We also dwell a lot on the trauma inflicted by the Government on American individuals through experimentation, particularly important to keep in mind as the government agents this season were genuinely good. That's what I think was meant to be the point of 008 and the Chicago scenes as well but it fell flat for most. While the execution wasn't there, I'm not going to criticise them much because I think people creating art recognising the importance of this stuff is good and to be encouraged.