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  1. I'm pretty sure if that came out it's because you needed it to, a therapist is there to support and help you so don't be hard on yourself for that. I hope they were good about it? Even if they don't have much specific knowledge. Try and remember to be kind to yourself, you're amazing and you deserve kindness.
  2. I think you are seeing older Trek through rose coloured glasses if you think this is dramatically worse writing, but that's not a discussion that is going to go anywhere productive. It certainly had some good ideas, and some well written episodes, but there was plenty of godawful writing in the episodes of TNG I watched last year and in the first season and a half of DS9 I've watched the last few weeks. The dialogue especially is just painful without nostalgia covering it over. The acting style is as well, and I say style because I know it was a deliberate choice in the style of the times - not a criticism of the acting itself. Your read on the crew dynamics on Discovery is just completely different to mine. I'll grant that they didn't seem to be proactively noticing the distress of the tardigrade until Michael pointed it out, but I can very easily accept that as "not wanting to see it because they need it", but once its pointed out...most of the crew we see accept the problem relatively quickly. Saru was the only one who had a particularly negative reaction, and it was justified within the narrative - he's unprepared to be Captain and thrust into the role when needing to rescue their actual Captain, he's very clearly traumatised by the events of the first 2 episodes and the idea of losing another Captain (much like the probable spies story) is extremely distressing, so he prioritises. He also has a lot of baggage with Michael for good reason. As to the spore scientist...what? Michael brings him the problem, he takes the drive offline and is working on the alternative navigator options, he gets given a direct order by his acting Captain to bring the drive back online and accepts that order. The doctor is his husband/boyfriend (not sure which but they feel long term/married) so all of the interactions between them that are snarky are in that context, and he listens to his husbands arguments about the tardigrade and then risks his life testing the alternative. You're welcome to like what you like, and dislike who you dislike, but I do like and care about all of these characters except Lorca. I also don't feel like it retconned Michaels arrival...at all. That whole conversation played out like he had done exactly what we saw in ep3 - he's grabbed Michael and suspended her sentence to work in his crew. Once she agreed, he processed the paperwork - he does have the right to do it once she's there, but they would have refused to release her from the prison to send her to him, hence the underhanded nature of it all. They now know, they don't like it but they don't feel they can do anything about it. So they told him off, but let it stand. That doesn't retcon anything. Regarding the "respectfully" - I hesitated over using that word, what I meant is that its not a joke, its treated as a serious and awful thing that would be traumatising and damaging, Lorca doesn't laugh at him or dismiss him for it but accepts that its a violation. He is portrayed as carrying the harm from this and has a lot of anger towards and hurt from the Klingon Captain, it wasn't (thus far) without emotional consequences for him. We have such divergent interpretations of the show, if I was seeing it the same as you I'd probably hate it too.
  3. Yeah, they've stacked the Mandalorians with Rome alumni, its a good effort. I enjoyed the episode a lot. The macguffin of the weapon was a little cheesey, and if it weren't a kids show I'd guess that Sabine's mum and brother would be toast, but it still worked for me. Loving having Bo'Katan back, she was fantastic in this and that last scene where she accepted the Dark Sabre was worth the double episode even if it hadn't been good.
  4. Its like reading two completely different worlds seeing the reactions here compared to the ones of most people I follow on twitter. Especially regarding Michael, who is absolutely adored elsewhere and I share those feelings - I like the character and I think the actress is fantastic, so I've got no idea where complaints on that quarter come from. The only thing that does seem universally unpopular is the klingons - even those that can handle the look (like me) find that the scenes with just Klingons drag too much. If your objection is that tonally the series is too dark to be true Trek then I can respect that, even if I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I'm not the core Trek fandom so I get that you could feel betrayed. If you're caught up on the continuity differences I think you should really just try let go of it or give up on enjoying the show, because I don't see how you can enjoy a show if you're raging at stuff that isn't going to change from here. What we have now is the premise of this show and I'm going to enjoy what we get from this premise. @Werthead I'm not so sure on the spy thing. And even less sure that he's going to turn out to be the Albino Klingon, I think it more likely they have the actor pulling double roles than that. Everything about the implied rape by the Captain was played too straight, and too respectfully, for me to think the show that wrote that in (I've seen suggested it was something of a mea culpa for how ST has treated the subject of male rape by Klingon women in the past) is going to undermine that by it having been all an act. She also seemed to genuinely react when Lorca called her out on it in a way I don't think she would have managed if it was all an act. None of which means he isn't a spy, but it goes against the shapeshifted theory. I'm hoping that either him as a spy is a red herring because it seems obvious, or that Lorca is indeed playing him again like in the cell.
  5. I don't even think it would have had a large impact on Bernie if he'd been the candidate, but it's surged back into conscious hatred just in the last year. It's incorrect to conflate support for Israel with the person not being an antisemite, I've seen more than a few open Nazis who still hold to that position because they want to force Jewish Americans to emigrate there. And the dog whistles on that front are a lot more widespread than they were and not just from the far right. Also not just in the US. The marriage equality fight in Aus has a ton of "pro Israel" right wing pundits trotting out the Soros dog whistles and "globalist".
  6. You mean they expect to exchange their labor for a wage and get the agreed upon sum after doing their work? That's the agreement ffs, all the extra shit you pile on top is the employer being entitled, the employee nopeing out of that is not. And some of you are dangerously underestimating the amount of open antisemitism that has reared its head in the last year. Polling from 2015 is not what you need to be looking at on this.
  7. I have no idea, most of us are pretty big fans of it I've argued for it several times, but most people that don't have it seem to hate the idea. I like how it changes the focus from GOTV to win over the undecided voters. It's not perfect, but when it works it moderates some of the more extreme voices.
  8. Yup, my bad on being unclear - I just meant in terms of "we can't show up and vote" so talking about this stuff isn't a sign of not showing up. My country has compulsory voting which I am a huge supporter of so I'll always be turning out to vote. My country also has its own fight against the new wave of fascism and I know that needs to be given it's all here too.
  9. Pretty hard for non Americans to do anything though, we just get to watch (and get dragged into any future wars if an ally) while Trump implodes the world we grew up in. So talking about the structural issues that are a major problem in the next election is something that might at least sway some people. Mass protests are one thing I could see actually having an impact, but the last few decades have slowly eroded belief in protest and not enough people are getting out in them.
  10. I'm treating everything that seemed revelatory in the trailer as potential misdirection. Anything spoilers is the setting/premise for the film, not any of the resolution. I think with how much they had in there that at least one of them may actually be played straight given most will assume it's all misdirection anyway.
  11. The numbers have been covered already in other responses. I've been shocked at how little Dem supporters acknowledge this - you complain about the number of voters that didn't show up, there were a bunch of voters suppressed... Maybe they're the same people?! Until now I've been assuming it was a desire to avoid looking like sore losers, the last time a GOP president was elected it was also under dubious circumstances and that was talked about for a very long time and republicans loved pointing this out. I'm starting to wonder if it's just inability to confront how fucked you are though? This is the primary reason I don't think there's any hope for 2018 midterms, most states are already gerrymandered to shit before you add mass voter suppression on top, and a failure in 2018 midterms leads into a second Trump term in 2020. When I say I worry there won't be another free and fair election this is what I'm talking about, not that there won't be an election at all. I honestly have no idea what can be done, but one of the things that needs to happen is stop thinking of the GOP as a rational rival that can be worked with, they're a damaging opponent that must be defeated at every turn. Purge concern about hypocrisy because they sure as fuck don't care, stop thinking that pointing it out will work as a gotcha. You can worry about that again if you get out the other side of this.
  12. Well it certainly gives the impression that the complaints about Rey's power will at least be addressed by way of explanation of her power, hopefully whatever it is turns out to be sufficient to satisfy people. Reading reactions elsewhere and
  13. They did actually try to suspend her. Her colleagues refused to fill in and they backed down. I'm going to keep saying that because its a very different scenario to simply "didn't suspend her".
  14. You don't think "told to be silent after POTUS calls for her to be fired" then suspended 2 weeks later when she refuses to stay silent has any kind of connection? I'm not denying that what you said is part of it as well, but you can't just take that out of the equation. Nor can you remove what the criticism was about, which was specifically the Dallas owner and his shit that was just being discussed in here.
  15. And after failing to punish her when Trump called for her to be fired due to her colleagues refusing to fill in for her, ESPN have let two weeks pass and given Jemele Hill a 2 week suspension due to "social media" speech. I'm sure this is completely unrelated to pressure from POTUS though.