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  1. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    $50k would be ~$42k after tax. I can't say for sure for Melbourne, as it's a bit cheaper than Sydney, but that's not a lot of income after you're taking rent out of it. Again I don't know Melbourne rents, on the whole the property market is pretty bad but better than Sydney and I *think* renting is substantially better and there are places that are livable but still affordable. It's livable and if he does get a share house/flat it's probably pushing comfortable unless he's wanting to live in the city. ETA: The dis-ingenuousness of the SA power argument is simply breathtaking. I'd say its pretty clear when the high voltage power "poles" are getting snapped in half that the weather is simply outside the tolerances for which they have been built, and that the storm doing this is the problem, but no lets claim that nuclear would somehow have made everything better. I mean, natural disasters are the ideal time to be advocating for nuclear amirite? Its not like anything can go wrong with those*! Note: I'm not particularly anti-nuclear when appropriate, but its truly absurd to be using this outage as an argument for it. I find the whole need to assign blame pointless, we'll be facing more and more extreme weather so rather than playing it as a fucking political football how about we get on with adjusting to cope with said weather? If the poles and wires need to withstand storms like this as an uncommon occurrence, rather than once in 50 years, then adjust standards to be able to withstand it AND focus on further decentralisation to improve redundancy.
  2. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    I don't think its "before", I think its between his daughter dying and the events of the show. His marriage flamed out, he became an alcoholic and moved to the country town, and my read was that he and Joyce had had a (probaly brief) relationship. He semed familiar with her relationship issues with the boys father beyond what the town cop would know, but in line with an ex-boyfriend, not to mention the right attitude for that to be why he knew as well.
  3. It was Shae, exactly as HE said. Mek was utterly unable to work out how to break the glamour which I'm pretty sure is the entire reason for bringing Shae on board. Also pretty sure that it is indeed from The False Sun as he said. I find this argument that if Shae could figure that out, then Kell/Serwa would have no problem with this awfully convincing.
  4. On the Cersei and feminism thing, I really think that a large part of confusion there is coming from a conflation of 'feminist character' and 'feminist outcome'. Cersei herself is most definitely not a feminist character, however the outcome of a depiction like hers can definitely be so, and in some cases I suspect will be much more impactful specifically because she is not a feminist character which would cause some people to automatically switch off. I know we've had this conversation before Scot, you know better than this. Privilege in this context is a word that was chosen, and perhaps was not the best choice of word, to describe a series of advantages that someone is bestowed due to a particular characteristic. Many of these advantages, I'd probably say most, are not zero sum and the way to fix them is not to tear down those who already have them, but to lift up those who do not. There are others which are zero sum in some sense, if you currently have an unfair advantage in hiring practices for example, then everyone getting lifted up to that tier will eliminate your advantage, but that's still an oversimplification because the focus is still on giving the opportunities to others, not taking yours away. Having your words respected in a workplace setting based on their merits, rather than dismissed due to your gender, is an element of male privilege and can be eliminated by having everyone's words taken at their merit. This would also reduce increased access to promotion opportunities however, which will be an actual loss where the first component was not. Its complicated and there is an awful lot that goes into this, but to claim that privilege is a dirty word and perhaps imply that its an insult to those who have it? You're better than that. When privilege is pointed out in a conversation its asking you to accept that your experiences are coloured by the privileges that you posses and accept that others may have worse experiences than you do, so maybe try listening to them instead of asserting your experience as universal. You can choose to interpret that as being told to stfu, or you can see that it's asserting a diversity of experience which no single individual can speak to the entirety of. Accepting your privileges doesn't mean you have nothing of value to say, it means you'll analyse what you are saying and your experiences for areas where you might be blind to something that others experience. And that is one of the most insidious things about privilege, it normally functions in a way that blinds you to its presence. On depiction of a social reform movement being led by a noble, I thought this was done very well by Dan Abraham in Dagger and Coin and was a big part of his very subtle subversion that many seemed to miss. We saw this from the point of view of the conservative traditionalist who was opposing the reform, and he was played as a likeable sympathetic character for the most part. On queer interpretations of friendship, that's a hard one because its such a spectrum that bounces around. For example in Frodo/Sam even when the person with that reading is well intentioned, I feel like that entire read of the characters is predicated upon modern somewhat homophobic aversion to genuine but non-romantic intimacy in male-male friendships. At the extremes (which is obviously based on how I see it, as a queer woman desperate for more representation) you have homophobic readings of characters as queer to decry them and at the far end you have dogmatic rejection of queer interpretations of characters that have very clear subtext, and in many cases more than subtext. The former I'd associate more with conservative christian homophobia and the latter with nerd guys online. Yes there are also over zealous queer individuals who draw rather long bows in looking for queer subtext, but that is seeking for things to make them happy in themselves and I find it much less harmful even when the particular case is misguided. And then you've got the queerbaiting which complicates things, both the "we never actually go there" style and the "we'll bury the gay immediately after they have sex" style.
  5. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    That was actually the scene that made me rage so much. Even at the time I watched that, when I was a much younger and less discerning viewer, I could see that scene would have worked so much better if he'd fucking let Ewan McGregor act and show it all on his face in silence instead of spitting out terrible dialogue. "Oh I can't watch!"
  6. Lol. I'm not a prude, I prefer witty rather than crude. I doubt a prude is still reading these books
  7. On one hand Serwa likely knows absolutely nothing about that though, so it doesnt make sense as a cutting remark to her. On the other, sense isnt necessarily the strength of Cunoroi.
  8. I'm with solo on obscene carrying more weight than mere immorality. The examples of it being used in a mostly visual fashion are fair, but I'm less convinced that this can actually be applies to the Dunyain specifically, unless the Cunoroi posses vision of another metaphysical aspect like the mark or the judging eye that we haven't seen anywhere else, and in this vision the Dunyain themselves are obscene. I'm also less convinced that it fits contextually, as they are discussing her techniques at the time. Alternatively if it was the Anasurimbor lineage rather than the Dunyain that is being referred to as solo suggests, in which case their very beauty and strength could be something obscene to the Cunoroi, who have fallen to decay and corruption over their millenia of life. Or in this vein, that it is what would typically be perceived as a positive quality that is obscene to the Cunoroi, it is the very life that the Dunyain exude, their single minded energy and purpose which is so antithetical to the current state of the Cunoroi. To something which is dead, and we are pounded over the head with Serwa/Sorweel referring to them as ghouls, the living are obscene. I'm also with H.E on the thread title, it puts me off the thread tbh. It seems we're in the minority but I thought I'd throw that in regardless.
  9. But Shakespeare *is* lowbrow, it just is also more. I'd phrase it as low brow doesn't have to mean that there isn't anything more there, and there frequently is when its still character based stuff - its only when it turns to flashy explosions that it normally loses the ability to make compelling commentary on society. It just depends on the skill of the person telling the tale and whether they even have aspirations of making art or simply money. On SJW let me be clear, I am 100% absolutely what will be called a SJW by a hell of a lot of people online. I'm passionate about social justice issues, about equality for minority groups and I'm vocal about that. I have different standards of free speech and support hate speech provisions, but I'm also now from America which changes my background mindset in the first place. I do not, and never have, support calling mobs down on people. At times I would support calls for someone to be denied a platform, see: my stance on speech/hate speech. I do not ever approve of doxxing, SWATing or any of the other horrid tools of harassment that get employed on the internet. That term is absurdly over applied, its nonsensical in its application and in the way it was appropriated it actually lost its association to the meaning that you claim it still has, a usage that was initially coined by members of social justice movements to describe abhorrent behaviour within their own community. C4JS - Part of my point with Machiavelli is that decadence has an entirely different definition within his framework, but so many people now hear 'decadent' and think that it means Romans were having too much booze and orgies etc, when in that particular analytical style it would actually mean that Rome got too comfortable, it was not facing external challenges and did not have to fight to survive. Now in this thread there were some posts that actually seemed to be using this lens, but generally speaking this argument has over time been misunderstood and now it's a common idea that too much sex and gladiators decadence lead to the end of Rome. For example.
  10. Star Wars Rebels (All Star Wars Spoilers)

    Ok so 3 weeks until the start of season mini movie thing. Excitement!
  11. I just don't see why he'd dig that up rather than collapsing the walls of the well (or whatever they're called), it would take a lot less effort and time. Unless he could sense something. I also have trouble accepting Aurang arming the bomb, it certainly seems to be what happened but he's incompetent and really seems like he would have used it earlier if possible.
  12. RRL - Yes absolutely, I think he saw Yatwer moving against him but did not see the nature of the WLW in a way that could prevent it. Without Kelmomas and Ajokli I think he does genuinely die there. Previously I thought it was the resurrection of MP that meant the WLW vision wouldn't come true, but clearly that wasn't the case so it was outside his planning. My one uncertainty here is that he clearly somehow programmed Kelmomas in his whelming, to the point that I wonder if he wasn't actually the human kid that Esme loved prior to that point - we only see him afterwards. It's possible that AK knew Yatwer would strike in a way he couldn't foresee and deliberately sent his son the way of Ajokli to run intereference...this would be a gamble with very little control over it and no idea of the details, but his design in the big picture. As to the nuke? I've got no problems accepting that it *could* be something along those lines apart from the consequences of it. To my interpretation of the book it just fits his plans too well, it either was part of them or was incorporated into them to accomplish exactly what he wanted to do anyway. I still haven't gone back to reread and I really need to do that, but if he does slip into the probability trance after finding it that is one strike against this reading of it, but I don't see it as a fatal one. Perhaps he had theorised in the probability trance that something like it would be there, but the uncertainty around what it would be was a block for the probability trance; it wasn't until he dug it up and knew what it was that he could run the calculations from that point. I absolutely think he knew he was going to find *something* though, because emptying Viri is just not the most efficient way to shut down that ambush and a Dunyain takes the shortest path.
  13. Yes, Kellhus has been conditioning Proyas for this since TJE, and seeing the shock on Kayutas is a big deal to Proyas to destroy what remained of his belief. Basically I come to this conclusion because I believe in Kellhus to a point - all of this is following his plan. I don't understand why everything he does is treated as suspect, then suddenly a bunch of people seem to be reading his response to the nuke, that "fleee" as genuine rather than part of the plan. Hell, even if you are right and he doesnt know about the nuke he could still have planned for some kind of similar 'disaster' that had him seeming to be caught off guard, its all part of controlling everyone. Its the only way his actions make sense to me, everything that as unfolded thus far is part of his plan. In prior threads there has been talk about how reading the books literally is the correct way to do it, and if that's 100% true then I could be off base here. Alternatively however reading the books up until this point has been telling us that everything is following his plan, and I don't see any reason to question that yet - everything in Ish goes according to his broad plan after all. If our speculation is right, and AK is ultimately wrong, then his error is not and never has been in his reasoning - it's in the input that he gets in the first place. He only makes the one mistake and it blinds him completely and utterly, yet aside from that he completely masters everything he comes into contact with and everything goes according to his plan right up until the outcome that he has brought about is not what he thought it was going to be - because his input conditions were wrong. Koringhus had the judging eye, Kellhus lacks that one critical piece of information. On Moe and Serwa - yeah, I had the impression they had been banging. Yes they're technically not related, so its not "incest", but the human disgust response to incest is based in your social family not actual blood - blood siblings raised apart don't have it, unrelated people raised as siblings do. But Moe and Serwa barely qualify as human, and weren't raised as such, so theyre a special case and they do know they're not related.
  14. Cherry picking this out, because it's much of the modern world in a nutshell. There are plenty of works of media and art that are deep and valuable, with interesting things to say about elements of society or society as a whole. They may not be the massive blockbusters, but they exist if you want to consume them, and claiming otherwise simply says you either aren't looking at all or are failing to find them. This is a view of decadence that goes back to Machiavelli at least, who had what I'd term a rather Darwinian view of societies (long before that was a term) - that societies grow and improve via having to fight for their survival, and a society that sunk into comfort and safety would cease to grow, become decadent and ultimately fall. Machiavelli was of course subject to the same human biases that shape us all, and as a resident of an Italian city state his view was very much standing in the shadow of Rome, so this whole discussion around decadence and fall of Rome is very much on topic for where he was coming from. Two of his ideal Princes were August and Julius Caesar after all. On the whole I actually think the view of him by history is rather unfair, he didn't have any affection for ruthless measures he simply was trying to argue for what he saw as the most effective mechanism for achieving the desired outcome of a strong and stable state. At least that's true of The Prince, I haven't read anything else of his, and I'd say it is worth reading if you never have. I don't actually agree with him mostly btw, just relaying that I think Machiavelli is the underpinning for so much of the sentiment expressed in this thread. It seems to have slowed a little again in the last couple of years, but an example of this that was really glaring to me a few years ago was the increasing influence and consumption of Jpop and Kpop in Australia especially, but the explosion of Gagnam Style globally was an example of this everywhere. Personally I view it as a good thing. Sidenote: I'm in awe at the term SJW, how something that was virtually meaningless when it first started being used has so completely lost what little meaning it had in such a short time. Anyone that thinks its a reasonable term to just throw around is clearly used to conversing in a similar bubble of like minded individuals that they'd accuse me of living in as they deride me as a SJW, who is apparently self absorbed and self righteous but not at all socially moral.

    I'd say its more a case of misunderstood leading to some elements being overused/diagnosed and others overlooked/unnoticed. There is far too much focus on the hyperactive component and poor mainstream understanding of the other components such as executive functioning difficulties, which can be far more problematic and disruptive to long term life and career plans. Not to mention the gender gap in how its diagnosed in kids, potentially pathologising energetic boys and failing girls with ADHD that don't present hyperactivity.