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  1. I feel like learning to recognise when a particular hero will be useful, and getting accustomed to switching to that hero is going to be a huge part of mastering the game - switching is a big thing that I'm terrible at. By shooting the D.Va suit in the air, do you just mean flying with the booster? You just look upwards when you hit it and that's the direction you go lol, if you fly up to a Pharah and punch her while she's ulting, she'll kill herself on you and your suit will survive haha.
  2. I *love* a good Mercy game, but when the team doesn't play in a way you can move back and forth between them she's utterly useless. I've had some great games (including eventual losses) where we've held right near the final loss point for ages on the back of my healing, flying around constantly moving from ally to ally so you can't get sniped, getting off a 4 person rez to keep it going. Lasted 8 minutes with the payload at 'beeping, 5-10sec away from defeat' on one of the maps like that. Symmetra I find very hard to play, but also seem to pick her in games I'm just getting repeatedly rolled. If your team can't hold a line at all, the teleporter is useless as it just gets blown up. Discovered yesterday that I also really enjoy Zenyatta, for a support/healer with a much different style. I should probably give Lucio a go as well. I'm utterly incapable of shooting Lucio as basically any hero, my old and cold hands just don't move fast enough lol. Zarya can be good, but I have aiming issues with her primary >_> Quite like Pharah as well. Haven't tried Mei yet, but she has been destroying me on the enemy team...just is also very popular and I'm mostly playing the tank or support.
  3. I have no issues with you posting criticism in the thread, and was simply engaging your criticism for the most part - I find your opinions incomprehensible, but that's not a problem. It was specifically the "Kill this show off already and let us keep the memories" that I was objecting to, since it's both calling for the cancellation and (at least as I read it) also claiming to speak for everyone. Maybe the majority of the audience is not enjoying this season and that may well be reflected in the ratings, the majority of people who post in this thread whose opinions register with me (and for the record, you are someone who does register, you just are in the group that doesn't agree with this) seem to be enjoying this season more. That's a self selecting and hugely skewed way of measuring it to be sure, but I simply meant 'most in this conversation, whom I thought you were speaking on behalf of'. Please by all means continue watching the show and critiquing it as you see fit, I don't typically object to that and find the flame wars that erupt around 'just stop watching' tiresome. Just a sore spot because I'm absolutely loving the show and from a certain point of view, it is already cancelled - there is just another season to go Tat is truly amazing though, I thought that 3 seasons ago and it just gets more and more true, the different clones are such distinct and discrete characters that I cannot think of them as all the same actress when I'm thinking of screen time, she just has made them so individually clear. I completely disagree with the finale of BSG btw, perhaps within the context of that one episode it was all about the characters, but it just doesn't fit to me because it wasn't consistent and didn't fit the characters. It was just bad writing full stop.
  4. I normally disagree with you, but that post there is really peak disagreement to the point of confusion. Character development is a thing, emotional fallout is a thing. A ton happened in this episode and you even listed it, you've just (like some other people) arbitrarily declared it to be nothing/filler if its primarily internal to a character rather than extrinsic plot movements. Stories comprised solely of the latter are dramatically inferior works imo, plot works best when driven by the character emotional beats and that's what this was all about. Clone club hits rock bottom and almost shatters under the strain, before ultimately pulling back together - Sarah & Felix are working together again, Sarah & S are finding a way past things as well, Alison & Sarah seem likely to bury the hatchet and start working together with Alison finally putting some attention back on her sisters and needing help saving Donnie, and Cosima has found hope again. This was an amazing episode and exactly what you need after the huge events of the previous week, that much loss has to have an impact and at this point having them all be on the edge of breaking makes perfect sense. The season has also been utterly amazing, I really don't understand how you could say season 1 and 2 were great but not like 3 or this, I feel like 2 was clearly the weakest, with 3 a substantial improvement over that and 4 on the standard of 1. Everyone's tastes vary, but how about you just stop watching instead of calling for a show to be killed off that most people seem to feel has been doing better not worse.
  5. Absolutely loving Overwatch personally, D.Va is my girl for now, although Reinhardt can go jump off a cliff. Which he did in a game last night, with me in front of him. I was on defense, so overall I feel it was a win for me.
  6. Dating: Hell is Other People

    It's taken situating myself outside the ideal of monogamy, even if the reality is that I'm yet to have more than a couple of dates with anyone other than Brook, to realise how deeply the mindset frames the way we judge everything about relationships. The way I've seen it talked about in at least one poly book is of the 'relationship escalator', you meet someone, fall in love, move in, everything goes great, your lives intertwine and you are together forever and always after that. Any deviation from that means the relationship was a failure. Even after I stopped accepting this paradigm, this framing was still very potent and continued to dominate my thinking, specifically how I thought about my marriage until I caught myself recently. There are two ways to look at it, one is the failure lens: I went over there, the relationship didn't work out long term, we hurt each other a lot in the break up and I came back home with a lot of financial loss. Certainly a failure if that's how I want to see it. From another perspective though, I learnt more about relationships from my ex in a year than I had in the 15 years before that. I learnt who I was, to the point of realising I was a woman and that I needed to transition. I learnt that when I'm confident and truly want a relationship with a woman, I can go after it and still be respectful about it. I learnt that my father loved me far more than I thought, enough to stand by me through everything that followed and this knowledge was central to me having the confidence to face that. After the initial conflict, I also gained a friend I will love for the rest of my life, who knows me better than almost anyone else, has seen the ugliest side of me and although we aren't right romantically, when I was in a terrible situation last year she was there for me emotionally without me having to ask. All of that is worth far far more than the superficial failures. I'm not saying that every relationship works out that way, and plenty *are* failures, I'm just saying that sometimes a relationship ending isn't a terrible thing - you were together for a time and helped each other through that, then moved on. And maybe there were fuck ups made during the break up, because you're both human and that shit is hard, but when it's right you can forgive each other and find real intimate friendship on the other side of that, and the relationship was an immense success. Not a failure. No idea if it's possible to look back at yours like that Philip, or if it's possible to have any kind of relationship with her now - I will concede the whole "we didn't work out because I'm a woman and you're straight" thing really eases any lingering tension. I also feel that the idea of rationality when it comes to relationships is really quite misused. How can rationality be divorced from emotion in the context of something that's entirely emotion driven? I strive for a form of rationality that's entirely integrated with, and even driven by my emotions rather than independent to, but I know that's weird to a lot of people on here. It seems more fitting for dating than any other topic though!
  7. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    I looked around for someone else ranting about it to piggy back off and didn't find any, so had to do my own here but yeah. It really really fucked me off. And it being emotional pain in the style of grief alone doesn't work because ALIE took away physical pain. Is Raven's leg going to stop hurting next season now because she's 'overcome' her pain? Put me in the camp that would have felt more ok with all the commander's rather than just Lexa. Sure it showed some of what was important to her as a character, but it didn't show any of what made ADC shine in the role, it just felt cold and artificial.
  8. The 100 - someone had to start this thread

    Goes to show how much your mindset can skew how you receive a piece of media as the finale just fell flat for me. The plot this season managed to feel simultaneously too rushed and not enough happening, with the latter i think being a result of not having the time to dwell in events because of the rush. In particular the City of Light show down just didn't do it for me, it felt like there should have been an entire episodes worth of stuff to do in finding the kill switch but instead it's just a couple of small skirmishes with an ultimately unsatisfying Lexa cameo. Wasn't sufficient pay off to justify how the first half season left me, so I won't be back to season 4. And that attempt at profound speech from Clarke might have worked if restricted just to emotional pain from loss, but it just comes across trite and ignorant when you put it in the context of chronic pain. You endure that shit, and you sure as fuck welcome things that ease it.
  9. That was a brutal last quarter to that episode. They've managed to make a character who died at the start of the first episode one of the most tragic things I've seen on TV and it fits pretty perfectly with what was previously shown, that it was ultimately not just falling apart and despair but to protect her sisters as well. Telling Cos about Delphine while the fire still blazes was so clearly taking revenge on her for what Beth did. Poor Cos
  10. Feminism - Distractingly Sexy Edition

    I think as soon as you're trying to get into telling other people what is, or isn't, 'real' or 'acceptable' forms of the activity you're really being a bit of a douche at the very least. Getting rid of the practice of using swimsuit models as wallpaper at geek events is absolutely a good move, but there is a world of difference between cosplay and that. Yes, you can most certainly take your 'no paid cosplay' stand, and none of the cosplayers that I know, and to be fair I don't know them very well but I've started getting to know a few here really good ones here after GX Australia, seem like they'd object to that stand if it's consistent. But to appoint yourself as some outsider the arbitrary judge of who is and isn't putting sufficient effort into their cosplay to qualify as real cosplay? Fuck off, you don't know them, you don't know their abilities, their health, their time, or anything else. You don't know what cosplaying in general, or that particular cosplay may mean to them. You may want to judge them for getting their boobs out and feeling sexy, but you don't know what importance feeling sexually empowered may have to them at that time, or what importance that sexual character may have to them. How they may have processed sexual trauma after years of suppression through such a character. Or they could be queer, and they think the character is hot and it makes them feel good. Or they could be straight and think the character is hot and *that* makes them feel good. And all of those things are fine. The problems come into it with the behaviour that is then imposed from other people, and knee jerk opposition to embodying sexuality can be bad for this as well, perhaps not as bad as the fuckwad nerd objectification of women, but patronising condescension can still be telling women they are too childish and stupid to make their own choices about their body.
  11. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    Different people are alert to different things in shows, there are a huge number of things that people miss in other shows that leave me scratching my head at how they could have missed it but I bought into the simulation because there was enough redirection going on. I knew *something* was up, I just hadn't picked what it was. Probably helps that my brain is in as bad a state as Shaw's right now though haha. Regardless, for me the episode was amazing and as statements of 'I'm in love' go, blowing your brains out 6742 times over after telling them that they were your safe place, but it's not working any more so you have to make them safe has to be right up there. I'd like to see how homophobes handwave that episode away to say she's really in love with Reese haha.
  12. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    So another part of Australian politics is the ongoing disenfranchisement of NSW residents at the local level. Last year (or was it the year before now?) it started with the dramatic watering down of the votes of Sydney City residents (of which I am one) by not just granted businesses which have a premises in the city twice the votes of a resident, but imposing actual punitive fines against them if they don't vote (rather then the slap on the wrist imposed on individuals) to try force them to kick out Clover. If I'm remembering the figures right this means actual residents are now substantially under 1/2 of the total votes in the city. Now Baird has pushed ahead with redistributing a bunch of councils regardless of the wishes of the residents of these regions, he's disbanded the duly elected local governments and imposed unelected administrators on the merged regions that will be in charge for over a year. The new councils make little sense from a governance point of view, but viewed from a different angle you can make some sense out of them - when one area seems to accumulate all the high income districts, while the other gets all the low income ones it looks just a tad suspicious. So this comes on top of a number of other decisions that personally I think are monumentally bad, and I really don't understand how NSW continues to be more scared by the spectre of a regularly corrupt Labor government rather than a Liberal government that isn't even hiding the ways its disenfranchising the public. How the public continues to accept that Labor are the nanny state while the Liberals impose lock out laws, closing down the cities night life and lining the overfilling pockets of developers even further. How certain parts of the right can accept a government that prattles small government as it attempts to extend extreme anti-terror laws to regular criminal investigations that will allow incarceration with no judicial appeal simply for suspicion of association - and this isn't even justified by actual increasing crime problems. What the fuck is wrong with the apathetic attitude? This government is fucking legitimately scary. Sniffer dogs have a 80% false positive rate, but we'll continue to expand their usage but only at Redfern and Newtown etc so it's OK. When people post on a website that sniffer dogs are at a location, we'll have on duty police lying and say they aren't. When Greens members of state parliament object to our use of such an unreliable mechanism, we'll have police officers racially villify her and organise an online bullying campaign against her. But we should trust these same police with being able to just arrest people on their say so, with no ability to even have a judge review the case to have that person released...ever.
  13. Aussies LXV - what choices have we?!

    Unsurprisingly I am the polar opposite of the Trump fanboy. I'll be voting Green as the only choice I have, because I cannot vote for a party that endorses the torture of asylum seekers. Doesn't matter how aligned I might be with them on other issues, or how much I like my local member on other issues, that single thing overrides everything else. I'm in Sydney, so Plibs is probably still safe, although the sudden freakout in Grayndler says polling indicates that Albo at least looks in genuine danger - the two state seats that comprise his electorate are both Greens now after all. It's a complicated election, and it's going to personally hurt me a lot if the LNP are reelected, but this is too important to me to vote self interest.
  14. That was exactly my thought when they said it was delivering a DNA modification, they'd said last week or the week before that the difficulty in the gene therapy they were deriving from S's mum was in coming up with a way to deliver it. The one thing this season has been lacking is much Cosima, I really hope she gets more screen time in the episodes ahead, perhaps as we get Dephine back (a girl can hope right?)
  15. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    The overwhelming weight of evidence is that I'm the outlier on the PS3 thing, not you