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  1. Yeah genderflipped mandate works for me a hell of a lot better than Conphas. As already noted, it even meshes with the thematic beats he was aiming for better than what was written.
  2. Making Conphas a woman and leaving in the rape would be one way to actually make it worse imo, but if you made Conphas a woman and dropped that element it could be made to work. I'd probably drop the mum incest too though. If you wanted to get subversive you could make Kellhus a woman though. Its hard to pick dream casting because there aren't that many non white actors even given a chance in hollywood, so the options are less in the spotlight. Skarsgard has the look that I picture for Kellhus, although I'm not sure he could do the right kind of cold. Hemsworth is another tall, good looking and blonde actor who could certainly bring charismatic Kellhus, but I'm not sure he has other modes of AK either. Actually a bit older could work for him, Paul Bettany might be a bit old but I think he could bring some of the more disturbing elements of AK. Or perhaps age him up for Big Moe. Really don't have images for anyone else, other than Nayu needs to be huge and intense and actually a fantastic actor. I think the closest I've got to a mental image for Esme would be Kandyse McClure (Dualla on Battlestar Galactica) who isn't actually remotely the right ethnicity. The Ketyai I think you should try go for all Arabic, both 'our side' and Kian since they're all Ketyai, or mixed Middle Eastern (Turkish/Persian/Arabic etc) for everyone.
  3. Just to be clear, because I don't think I'm coming across well on this. I'm not saying that wouldn't work, I'd watch that and I'd probably enjoy it. I just think that if you change enough to make it work and palatable to a mainstream audience, you are changing things at a sufficiently fundamental and foundational level that it is a different story. Since people have already compared to GoT, the show already treads this line very finely and IMO has crossed that line the last couple of seasons. The changes that have been suggested in here make for a more substantive change to the tone of the show than GoT had for most of its run so far, and also cross this line. That said, I'd be willing to expand on why I think this is true of GoT and it relates to the point of the story, and it may be possible to change PoN more than GoT but somehow manage to retain the point of the story despite the tonal shift, in which case it would end up more faithful.
  4. I thought that was sufficiently obvious at the time I'd never have thought to comment on it, so I'm surprised the two of you read it differently. Just goes to show the different things that are obvious to different people, see me and the nuke.
  5. And none of what is being described here remotely captures the tone of the series, unless you're reading it very differently to me. We're talking about a world where the villains are trying to kill basically everyone and shut out the gods and that's actually a pretty sympathetic viewpoint because the world is so fucking awful for everyone in it and especially after they die. The monsters run into battle sporting giant boners and rape wherever they can find, whether there's a hole there to start or not. You can't clothe this in normal fantasy and remain faithful to the horror of the setting itself. You can absolutely do a series where you cut a lot of that out, you base it in that setting and you use Akka, you use Kellhus etc but it's played to more standard tropes. At least if you do this you might spare us the Esme plotline in the second series. And if you think using 'fear of a Muslim backlash' to court controversy is a good approach we probably aren't going to find much common ground in our opinions.
  6. This is the problem as I see it, and why I made the comment I did. Sure you can do PoN without all that darkness, and you can do it without the navel gazing philosophy...at that point you're just using the skeleton of the story and the setting though, you aren't making PoN into a show. And that's fine, and I'd probably watch it and enjoy it more than a faithful adaptation, but you're kidding yourself if you think all the things that are not palatable to a mainstream audience aren't part of the core experience of these books.
  7. Only Japanese anime could ever even attempt to do it justice, no one else puts anything as fucked up as this series onto film. If its being done in the US its being watered down very significantly, maybe sexed up at the same time depending on who it was.
  8. I *loved* Wynonna Earp, thought it was fantastic and was surprised no one else seemed to be talking about it. It was a bit slow to get going at first, but definitely worth it for the type of show it was - which I saw described as if Buffy and Lost Girl had a Canadian baby set in...whatever Southern State it is? Arizona? Doesn't take itself too seriously, but feels like it has a compelling story under it all. Quirkly humour, acted in the right tone by a decent cast of attractive people, adorable queer girl romance (personal preference on this one), a compelling villain who manages to be monstrous and yet shot through with some traces of sympathy, catchy theme. Just loved it.
  9. I still haven't gone back to reread either, but I'm still not 100% convinced it was indeed a nuke. As I said earlier, a nuclear explosion seems perfectly in line with expansion of gnostic battle cants via metagnosis and apart from the appearance of the device itself, everything else makes more sense if this is true. Kellhus has been conditioning Proyas to lead the ordeal after he leaves, and specifically to turn the ordeal to cannibalism - he both knew he would be leaving, and that he would kill all the Sranc. He knows the effects of radiation poisoning, even with his brilliant intellect I don't see how he could have worked this out from the principles of the explosion, however if he had experimented before on small scale he would have known. Even his approach of hollowing out the mountain doesn't make a huge amount of sense unless he knows something is there that he is searching for - he could have just destroyed the place with earth quakes of his own, I'm sure the metagnostic walking on the echoes of the ground he showed in TWLW would have sealed Viri shut. If instead the whole point of this part of the Ordeal is to get to Dagliash and excavate Viri to find something he believes is buried there, then he a) knows he will be leaving, b.) knows he will be killing all the Sranc before he leaves, c) he always planned to go back to the empire rather than that coming out of nowhere (Yatwer doesn't need to know why he does, she just knows he does so she saw this all along) and d) the current state of the ordeal is entirely according to plan. I think you are misreading the passage, the nameless thug damages the blade in a way that means when WLW attempts to strike AK, the blade breaks and his stroke continues past AK blade and kills him. Its another way of getting around his ability to read the strike that is coming and dodge it, he can't foresee that the blade will break.
  10. Scott Lynch's THORN OF EMBERLAIN

    I take that to be talking about planning the wedding, not his relationship don't project on Scott!
  11. Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    Saw some theorising on twitter that I don't know that I completely buy, but it has convinced me there is more going on than I'd realised. The timing of Will being saved and Eleven disappearing is a little too close together, we never see them both in the real world at the same time (other than in El's flashbacks), and there is a fair bit going on with Eleven that could map across to projections of Wills desires/fears. I feel like she is a literal person that did exist on her own, but I think there is also a connection here. After the time jump at the end everyone seems to be playing the 'act like everything is normal' act a bit too well other than Hopper, I wrote it off as just maintaining appearances at the time and while there are nods to things that happened, like Nancy having more affection for Jonathan, I'm not ruling out the possibility of some memory alteration having gone on. Most compelling to me though is that there is a line there which can really read as 4th wall breaking meta commentary - after Will kills the demogorgon with a fireball in their closing campaign, Lucas (I think?) raises the objection that "The campaign was too short, it doesn't make sense". Objections about plot holes may well be intended and part of where they are going forward with it. Also on the Lucas front, one thing I didnt consciously notice and appreciate was that the character he is concerned about being a 'Lando' does in fact Lando them for pretty much precisely the Lando reasons, really quite excellent.
  12. Nemesis Games by James SA Corey [SPOILERS]

    I find it an interesting juggling act that they're doing with the books, because I feel the scope of the threat jumps around a lot. In LW the scope is solar system wide warfare, followed by the thread of Earth being wiped out by the protomolecule. This is pretty big time, "save the world" kind of scope. In CW the scope narrows, there is still the threat of war but the threat of the protomolecule is much more confined in the body of the warrior/monsters rather than the all consuming ooze of Eros, and with much of the details out in the open the overall threat of war has changed in nature - its not that 'everything is spinning out of control, no one knows what is going on' style of book 1 even if its just as imminent. In AG it narrows a ton more again, the direct threat of the slow zone is mostly just threatening all the ships trapped there, Clarice is trying to get revenge on the Roci crew and so on. Much more personal. The big consequences are the human politics stuff of control of the gates and so on. In CB it's the tightest that we've had yet, yes the destruction is on a planetary scale, but its a tiny population on the planet. There is some risk of wider threat posed by the alien stuff, but the focus is on the fate of the crew, the people on the ground and the ships in the decaying orbit. The true repercussions of the events are on a much more meta level and we don't see them till the end - Mars is functionally dead. In NG the book starts out like its narrowed even more than in CB, we are getting the personal stories of the crew chasing down what they need to get done. Then the scope explodes back to comparable to the first book, Earth is mortally wounded, millions dead with billions to follow, Avasarala leading the remnants of the government from the moon and then finally the protomolecule killing alien influence stirring in the gates and taking ships. I feel like this has a lot to do with why NG felt like a real peak after CB for a lot of people, including me. I enjoyed CB but think NG is the best so far.
  13. You've been on the internet in the last few years, right? Its an assumption I'm making here, but I find it very hard to believe there isn't a portion of certain groups that wouldn't be all over his novels. Perhaps not, and they would simply approve of that shit without being fans, or hearing about it would inspire them to read the books...my point is those people are clearly there and would approve of this shit if they read it.
  14. Suicide Squad: Real Life or Just a Fantasy?

    This stuff can get quite complicated, and given societal pressures there are a lot of things which women will be kinder than men without it being even close to a conscious thing. You'd need to look at gendered gap in movie reviews overall, gendered gap in comic book movies and contrast those two with this - if the gap is smaller than it is normal it would actually mean the opposite of how it appears superficially. Of course there might not be such a trend in either of those wider groups in which case it would have to be something about this movie...personally I'd say HQ is a very popular character amongst comics inclined women I know, and even not so comic inclined women.
  15. I'm curious as to whether even Quya pose a threat to Kellhus (or even Serwa) regardless of their numbers. I feel like the greater part of sending Serwa to Ish was to undermine the place with Dunyain skills, but I also have the impression that Kellhus was confident she could fight and do all that was needed just by herself. She's clearly (from what we've had prior to this) by far the most powerful sorceror aside from Kellhus, and while the teleportation metagnostic cant takes it out of her, she can still do multiple per day and perhaps others come easier. Kellhus knew that Ish had fallen, so this conflict was entirely the point of sending her there - not the stated goal of sending emissaries, so he had already countered whatever threat they would pose to the ordeal. I guess even if they can't touch AK or AS, if they killed a large number of the rest of the schools of the Ordeal then thats likely a problem. Its not like the Anagogic schools would even put up a fight against Quya. All I'll say about the conversation on the last few pages is that if the promised pay off to the obscenely misogynistic setting is 'uppity whore gets put in her place' I will trash this series whenever it comes up and view Bakker as having been incredibly dishonest with his fans/potential fans. The only way that thematic arc would be rewarding is if you are asserting that women are just inferior IRL as well, and you want to see them put in their place...and I assume a fair portion of his fans would actually be on board with this. Would make him a hero of a certain voting section too.