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  1. That would never happen. If the book is about to be released, either the show would be pushed back a few weeks/months, or the editors would hurry up to release the book by April.
  2. Kit Harrington spotted!

    20th july, if i'm not mistaken.
  3. Kit Harrington spotted!

    Season 6 is not being filmed yet!!!
  4. It's a very different situation. We never saw Cat swinging to sword towards Jaime, therefore we didn't really know what she was going to do (and killing Jaime would've been just stupid, since he was about to be killed by the Karstarks anyway). More importantly, that wasn't a season finale. Very wisely, the show avoided the artificial cliffhanger from the books, and showed Jaime alive in the very next episode. Regarding Stannis, we actually saw Brienne swinging the sword; therefore, if Stannis lived, I will consider that moment to be a forced way to create a stupid cliffhanger (if Brienne was going to spare Stannis, she just wouldn't swing the sword towards him and hit the tree for whatever reason). And it was a season finale. And what's left for Stannis? His storyline ended in a very tragic but satisfactory way. Stannis was never a protagonist, he was never going to be important in the endgame, and he was always going to die. We are 20 fucking episodes from finishing this story! It's high time important characters start to die! (George, do the same with the books, you have more characters than the show and you're killing far less of them).
  5. I agree. And regardless of some cliffhangers (the book had many more), the season ending was much more satisfying than the book counterpart, as we did get to the climax of the stories: we see the conclussion to the Stannis vs. Bolton clash, we aren't waiting for a Battle of Meereen that didn't happen, Dany and Tyrion have met and Jon has faced the White Walkers.
  6. For the first time ever, the producers/actors/HBO can keep the fate of a character in the dark for everyone, since there are no more books available. It's obvious they had to think carefully about what they should say about Jon's future (Kit does a lot of interviews after all, he's one of the big 3), and saying "I don't know if I'm back, just wait and see" would lead to never ending questions about his future. Saying that he's done they will leave him alone, he won't be part of season 6 (except for a couple of quick shots done in secret at the very end of the season) and they can fool the audience. The show has done a much better job than the books creating the impression that Jon might be gone forever. In the books, thanks to all the fake-deaths, apparent deaths and resurrections, nobody believed for a second Jon was gone forever. The show has everybody freaking out about the very real possibility.
  7. Ranking the seasons

    That's exactly right.
  8. why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    Yes, and Martin has said that Garlan and Wyllan Tyrell have an important role in the future books, and that Mago being alive is important.... But considering the number of characters he already has and that he wants to finish the story in two more books, I think he is exaggerating. In any case, LSH's role isn't going to be crucial to resolve the stories of the main characters of the series. I doubt that's the reason. First of all, if they wanted to include LSH, the finale of season 3 was a good place to show the BWB finding her body (as most fans assumed back then). Second, the scripts for season 4 were written before the Red Wedding episode even aired, so the decission was already made, most probably. They included the BWB because it was part of Arya's story and plot. And the "coming-back-from-death" thing is setting up another much more important resurrection that will happen soon. I think the showrunners were really clever to include Melissandre in that plot... Personally, I'm so glad they cut LSH. Regardless of my feelings about the character, I think the constant resurrections/fake deaths are incredibly cheap and LSH would totally diminish the impact of the RW. If they have to resurrect someone, it should be someone who's really crucial to the endgame. Someone who can lead the living againts the death and oppose the White Walkers. I wounder who that person might be...
  9. [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    the reception of this season has been really weird. When the first four episodes leaked, everyone was claiming that they were great (episode 1 was good, episode 2 was even better, episode 3 was awesome and episode 4 was pure gold, according to those who watched them), the strongest first bunch of episodes of all season. Then, as they started airing officially, all sorts of complaints appeared (and two shorts scenes of Ellaria and the Sand Snakes seemed to be the end of the show), until the season was considered slow, boring, disappointing... Again episode 5 was considered a strong episode at first... then episode 6 aired, and a certain controversial scene (and another short Dorne scene) grew into a disproportionate amount of hating. And again, suddenly season 5 as a whole was considered boring, slow, poorly written, the worst of all.... Thank goodness episodes 7 and (specially 8) seem to be appretiated again...right now. Hope it lasts. For me, it was absolute gold, the first half of the episode was just great, and the second half left me without words. And without any doubts, it's the best episode 8 to date.
  10. Best and Worst casting choices.

    A good example of someone who was criticised in season 3 for not being the character from the books (too serious, not enough laughs...) and now loved by most because they've grown used to the slightly-different character the show has created.
  11. [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Before the Hardhome sequence began I was thinking the episode was great: interesting Dany/Tyrion development discussing actual future plot development (she's about to be going to Westeros after all), awesome Theon/Sansa scene that hints at a future Stark reunion, great Cersei, perfect Braavosi atmosphere... And then Hardhome began. And wow. It's just perfect. The whole sequence,the lenght, the build-up, the tension, the drama... Absolutely perfect. Again, it sets up the future of the show (Jon Snow vs. White Walkers), and it uses several key moments of book 5 to create something superior to anything we read in that book. I also thought the structure of the episode was perfect. Instead of devoting a whole episode to the battle and missing all the other storylines, the first half developed most of the storylines while the second half worked as a condensed "Blackwater" episode. I think it's safe to say that this episode, overall, was better than the books.
  12. The thing is she's acting differently than in the books. In the books in general (and in Crows in particular) she's more fierce, she shouts more, she's more agressive. Show-Cersei is more restrained, more tragic in a way, and at the same time more dangerous and intelligent. I think we will see a progression and we'll see a more screaming-Cersei now that she's been arrested.
  13. Thank goodness this is Got and not ASOIAF. In the novels, that kind of apparent death at the end of a chapter always means that it's a fake-death -or that the character will be brought back to live in one way or another. :P
  14. Ranking the seasons

    And what would Dany do in seasons 3 and 4? One plotline cannot go much further ahead of the rest. That means some storylines have to be sidelined in certain seasons.
  15. Ranking the seasons

    Book 2 is generally ranked lower than the other two. The ranking of the seasons depends greatly on the ranking of the books.