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  1. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    Summer will kill Jaime for crippling Bran, it is known.
  2. rights and responsibilities of "Warden of X"

    The title of "warden" is more than just honorary title. During the conversation between Ned and Robert in AGOT, Ned warns Robert on the danger of placing half of the realm's armies in the hands of the Lannisters. Robert told Ned how he named Jaime Lannister Warden of the east due to SR's youth and feebleness I always thought that each warden were in charge of an army, which was to fight against a specific threat. For example, the warden of the North encompasses all of the Northern Houses and is charged with defended the realm from any attacks from wildlings, who've managed to bypass the wall, and from any threat from northern Essos. The Warden of the East probably is charged with defending the 7K from any army invading from Essos, the Warden of the East would command Vale, Stormland, and Crowlands armies most likely. The Warden of the West encompasses Lannister, Tully, and Greyjoy armies, and they would guard against any threat against the west coast of Westeros. This would probably include the ever looming threat of ironborn raiders....I seem to remember reading that King Robert summoned his Warden of the West and North to help crush the Greyjoy rebellion. The Warden of the South encompasses Tyrell, Martell, and marcher lord armies against all threats from the south, which during most of the 7K history would include Dornish incursions, attack from pirates of the Stepstones, and any threats from S. Essos.
  3. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Tyrion is one of the smartest characters in the series. His brief time as Hand of the King is a showcase of his intelligence, and if it wasn't for Tyrion, Stannis would have taken KL. Tywin hates Tyrion.....but even so he grudgingly sends him to KL to become acting hand to bring Joffrey and Cersei to heel. This is a great honor, and one not given out for sentimentality. Tywin is well aware of Tyrion's intelligence, and is rewarded by this move when KL is still standing when he rescues the day during the Blackwater battle. My favorite chapter is from ACOK when Tyrion skillfully played Varys, Littlefinger, and Pycelle in an attempt to find out who is leaking information to his sweet sister. The only reason why Tyrion doesn't rise any higher is his status as a dwarf.
  4. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    It seems that Robert was the one who was petty. If it wasn't for Stannis starving at SE, the Tyrells and their bannermen could have taken the Baratheon's castle and joined Rhaegar's army at the trident. If it wasn't for his little brother....the royalist had an excellent chance of winning the war. My brother is weird.....but I love him still, and my brother didn't do half of what Stannis did for Robert. Bobby was best friends with Ned, who was far from charismatic and fun to be around, yet he offers Ned Hand of the King over Stannis? Robert's beef against Stannis is one of the main reasons why Tommen sits upon the Iron Throne. A united Baratheon alliance + Ned + Tullys would have been bad news for the Lannisters. One of my favorite parts of ACOK was when Cersei and Tyrion shared a laugh when they found out Stannis was fighting Renly
  5. Most complex relationship of asoiaf

    Tyrion and Tywin was the first one to come to mind. They are so much alike in personality except that Tyrion isn't as judgmental as Tywin, and Tywin is able to control his baser instincts a little better than his son. And despite the fact that Shae was found in Tywin's bed in ASOS, I cannot imagine Tywin ever falling in love with a low-born whore.....or getting drunk. I loathe Tywin Lannister and was so glad when Tyrion put that bolt through his father's gut. Poetic justice. Another complex relationship is Robert and Stannis. Stannis suffered from middle child syndrome and was secretly jealous of his exceptional older brother. That's obvious....but I have no idea why Robert didn't like Stannis. Stannis almost died holding his brother's castle, and he took Dragonstone from the Targs and smashed the Ironborn in a brilliant trap during the Greyjoy Rebellion. I would think that a warrior like Robert would appreciate the tenacity of his younger brother. Instead we find that Robert was contemptuous and dismissive of Stannis the point of naming his most useless brother as lord of SE just to spite Stannis. So much could have been avoided if only Robert had loved and treated his little brother better.
  6. I hate Joff only a little more than Tywin.....and with that said if Joff ordered his KG to arrest his grandfather, Tywin would be arrested. The KG are sworn to obey, and when it comes down to it, Joffrey would have more power. Tywin would be committing suicide to publicly go against the king.....Joffrey could marshal most of the 7K against Tywin....Tywin would only have the loyal of most of the Westerlands, along with whatever sellswords he could muster.
  7. Your Hero: Top 3

    My sentiments exactly. I was about to reply, but decided not to become ensnared by troll bait. in regards to OP, Ser Duncan the Tall-- what more can I say....he defends the weak from the strong. He's my definition of a true knight. Brienne the Beauty-- she's cut from the same cloth as Ser Duncan. Lord Commander Snow--what more can I say...defended Sam from his brothers, saved Mance's child, turned down his father's seat and sexy a** Val for honor and the watch, refused to let King Stannis use the wildlings as arrow fodder, etc etc Queen Danaerys-- Freed ever slave that she's encountered since leaving Qarth. She is the fantasy equivalent of John Brown and doesn't get nearly enough praise for this act. Is she perfect? No.....but I can't hate on her for freeing slaves. Lord Davos-- defends children and has the balls to tell Stannis the truth, a grave act considering that risks a horrible death by burning everytime he defies his liege.
  8. Euron or Ramsay-- It would be interesting to hear a POV from someone truly evil. We never got a Joffrey POV. Cersei is the closest to an evil POV so far in the series, and her chapters are fascinating. Patchface--It would be funny if it was later revealed that Patchface is a sinister agent of the Great Other. I find him to be the most creepy character in the series. Varys-- How do we even know that he is even a eunuch? I think that the whole bit about him having no manly parts is a ruse....part of one of his many guises. It would be hilarious if it was later revealed that Aegon 6 is the son of the Spider. Val-- I just love everything about her, and would love to know if she's as in love with Lord Crow as it appears. Mace Tyrell-- I refuse to believe that he is as dumb as he appears. Perhaps he too is playing the game of thrones by purposely coming off as slow in order to screen the actions of his so-called more competent kin. Randall Tarly-- This would be so metal. He's the closest thing to Tywin in the series....and the only man in the 7K to best King Bobby. Qyburn-- He reminds me of that Nazi Doctor from the holocaust, (Mengle?) While he is an academic and looks normal......he is capable of committing monstrous acts on the orders of his superiors. He is the second creepiest character after Patchface and the type of person to torture a child slowly, all while taking notes for research.
  9. Truly good characters

    Lord Snow-- He defended and befriended the self professed coward Sam Tarly He infiltrated the free folk on the order of a man he was forced to kill, and kept his vows to the watch by refusing to kill the old man. He turned down his father's seat and one of the most beautiful women in the world for honor and a black cloak. He is compassionate toward the wildlings....sheltering them behind the wall and refusing to let Stannis use them for arrow fodder. He treats an Oldtown boy whore as a brother, elevating him to serve as his steward, while others of high birth heaps nothing but scorn on the boy. Besides Ser Davis Seaworth and Brienne the Beauty, Lord Snow is one of the few good characters left in the realm.
  10. Areo Hotah and Ser Arys Oakheart

    Good point about Jaime. We never really see him do anything martial (outside of defeating Bran at the battle of the abandoned tower)...he got unhorsed by Sandor, he lost to a girl in single combat, lost a battle to a green boy fighting his first battle, lost sparring matches to ser Addam and Ser Payne....etc. His highlights off screen is Only a little better....Crossing swords with the Smiling Knight and cutting through Robb's personal guard seems impressive......too bad we never get to see that.
  11. What 'needed to be done'?

    I didn't say Jon was forced by Stannis to aid him.....I said that Jon didn't have the men to oppose Stannis. Stannis saved the watch, so Jon sheltered him for a time. Stannis most certainly would have forced Jon's hand with his superior army if the LC would have ordered Stannis to leave the wall after the battle. That would have been foolish on Jon's part. A threat is only as good if one has the ability to enforce it. The Lords Glover, Wull, Norrey, Liddell, half of the Umbers, and the Manderlys most certainly don't hate Stannis. If it wasn't for Stannis, there would be thousands of wildlings roaming around the north along with hordes of WW if the wall had fallen. And it is no coincidence that Stannis is the last of the original five standing. The man is Iron to the bone, and is still winning battles. your logic baffles me. The only battle Stannis lost was when he got caught between wildfire and basically three armies.....and he still almost won. Stannis has outlasted four kings, defeated the King beyond the wall, and is about to kick Roose's behind. I'm betting my money on Stannis. You still fail to acknowledge that without Jon, the watch would have fallen. When did I say that Jon didn't make any mistakes? I acknowledged earlier sending his most loyal men away was a mistake. Also, not keeping Ghost close to him was a mistake. Whats baffling to me, is that you don't seem to acknowledge Jon and Stannis's crucial role in holding the wall. You call the former a snowflake and the latter a loser, while praising Marsh, a treasonous fool who doomed the wall. Marsh is no different than the fools who murdered the Old Bear.
  12. Areo Hotah and Ser Arys Oakheart

    You ask how can fictional fighters be overrated? Given what we know about two fighters, one can come to a fair conclusion on who would probably win in a one on one. I'm pretty sure Pod would beat Hot Pie, or Sandor would beat Tommen based on what we know about the characters. In my OP, I was referring to most of the poster's low opinion of Arys' fighting ability and high opinion of Areo Hotah's ability based upon an encounter in AFFC. I don't think there is enough textual evidence to favor one over the other in a single combatbecause the said fight was not a fair fight, and I suspect that Arys wanted to die because he was ashamed of his participation in the Dornish Princess's stupid plot. Gregor went up against the Red Viper, one of the most renown fighters in the world. The man founded his own sellsword Company and was known for dueling. All things considered, the two combatants were evenly matched in a classic match of size vs speed. The Kingslayer didn't lose in a single combat with Robb....he got lured into a trap by a superior commander and lost a battle. Jaime would have destroyed Robb one on one
  13. Matches that Never Were

    Robb would have probably chosen the prettiest Frey... (Roslin), who seemed to be a nice girl. If only he had married his Frey before settling off on his campaign. Cersei and Rhaegar would have been very interesting. So much would have changed if only The Mad King had swallowed his pride and allowed his son to marry his Hand's daughter. Would Cersei had continued her affair with the Kingslayer? Would Rhaegar had looked to Lyana? Cersei was more robust than Elia and had three kids with her brother, so she probably would have given Rhaegar three heads of the dragon. I believe that the Targaryens would still have the throne if Aerys had allowed his son to marry Cersei.
  14. What 'needed to be done'?

    I'm not following your logic. Stannis didn't have the right to force the NW.....he had the army to do what he wanted. Jon didn't have the men to stop him. The difference between Stannis and that King Stannis aided the watch while Ramsay only threatened the Watch. Why would Jon go to war with the only King to fight for the Watch? Stannis was a guest. There is precedent for the NW hosting kings, and to deny Stannis shelter would be counterproductive and stupid. The Watch would really have a hard time receiving aid from the 7K if they started disrespecting Lords and Kings who fight and die for them. That's a textbook example of biting the hands that feed you And Stannis is far from a losing horse....He is the last king from the original five still fighting TWOFK, about to get at least 20000 sellswords, and is currently marching to liberate Winterfell. Sending the free folk to Hardhome was wrong. LC Snow learned from his predecessor, and is following the Old Bear's example. It's easier to get men to follow you if they know that you are willing to do the hard jobs alongside with them. Plus any intel on the WW and conditions beyond the wall would be helpful. It's funny that you seem to have a problem the two people most responsible for the Watch still being around. You call the only king to come to the NW's aid a "losing horse" and seem to have a low opinion of the guy who infiltrated the free folk, escaped with critical information, led the battle that ultimately broke the power of the free folk. secured loan from IB to feed the watch throughout winter, opened up several other castles along the wall, and killed the wight that infiltrated CB. LC Snow is no snowflake.....but a traitor he is not. He is more loyal and useful to the watch than Marsh. The Old Bear chose wisely when he picked LC Snow to be his steward and predecessor.
  15. I'm not doubting the fighting skills of Areo Hotah. He is a huge man with a big sharp Axe, who is singularly devoted to Prince Doran. I get that. With that said, I think that he is overrated when it comes to his martial ability. Sure he took down Ser Arys.....but how impressive is it to take down a man who was twice hit by crossbow bolts and knocked off of his horse? He was rising from the dirt when Hotah's axe took off his head. Similarly people underestimate Ser Arys' martial ability. We have no idea how good of a fighter he is. Sure Areo sizes him up and thinks that Ser Balon would be tougher, but is it true? Syrio Forel doesn't look like he's a tough fighter, but he took down a bunch of guys in armor, armed only with a stick. Looks can be deceiving. At the moment of Ser Arys' death, he had sworn to support Myrcella as Queen of the 7K, a foolish act for sure, but once he made that pledge, he was bound by his oath to die defending her.....and that is just what he did. Once Arianne's foolish plot got discovered, the Kingsguard Knight had no choice but to charge the crossbow men to defend his queen. KG do not surrender and should never let their Sovereigns be taken alive. That is what cowards like Ser Borros Blount do. Ser Arys performed his KG duty with zero hesitation and went out like a boss. Arianne thinks that he was foolish, but what does she know of chivalry and knighthood in general? Ser Balon would have died in the same manner if he was in the same situation. Ser Arys was outnumbered and covered by foes who had ranged weapons. Areo may be tougher....we just don't know. If the two warriors would have fought in single combat, we would know with certainty who is the tougher fighter. What do you think?