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  1. They should have at least waited an episode or two before having Jon just pop up at the wall. I don't remember the show having this problem when they still had the books as source material. I know that this is a fantasy show with dragons and the walking dead.....but having Jon sail from DS to Eastwatch all within the same episode is ridiculous.
  2. So Lord Tarly betrays his liege lord for the Lannisters but refuses to bend the knee to Dany because she is a foreign invader? Dany is of House Targaryen who ruled the 7K for over 300 years, until the Baratheons usurped the Iron Throne. In fact, House Targaryen raised the Tyrells to the position of Warden of the South and gave them Highgarden. If given the choice between serving Cersei, who murdered the Tyrells and destroyed the Faith of the Seven at the Sept of Baelor, or serving Dany, I would choose Dany. His liege lord was Olenna and she declared for the Targaryens. Lord Tarly reminded me of Tywin, when he was addressing Tyrion. I think that Tywin would have bent the knee to save his own hide.
  3. Stannis and craven cannot exist in the same sentence.
  4. I forgot about Jorah the Explorah. He would be an excellent LC. There is no precedent for anyone from Essos, serving in the KG. In fact, besides Sandor Clegane, every member of KG have been a knight. That rules out dothraki, unsullied, and Daario. If Dany hooks up with Jon, I'm sure that he could round up a few northern knights who would serve. I know that the north typically do not have a tradition of knighthood, but there are some knights north of the neck. House Manderly, House Condon, House Mormont, and I believe House Ryswell have all produced knights. Dany's ancestor, Visenya is the one who introduced the concept of KG to Westeros. It would be foolish of her not to continue the tradition, or to change precedent in order to place Dothraki or Eunuchs in the order.
  5. What happened to Cersei's Queensguard. Historically, they have served for life. Is Ser Gregor considered a member of the order? And what of the Lord Commander, Ser Kingslayer? He doesn't wear his white cloak anymore. I understand why Jon left the NW. His "death" and resurrection allowed him an out on a technicality. It seems to me that the show runners are just making it up as they go along. The KG paid a pivotal role in the first few seasons. It doesn't appear that Cersei has replaced Ser Merwyn after Arya etched him off of her list and what about Ser Loras? Forgive me if I'm missing something, but how was he to marry Cersei? Did the king absolve him of his vows? Even so, after he was murdered at the Sept of Baelor with the rest of his family, who replaced him on the KG? Is the only known member of the KG, Ser Gregor? I guess he's big enough to count for seven men. I think Dany needs her own Queensguard. For obvious reasons, she shouldn't use any Dothraki or Unsullied for that role. Tyrion should advise her to elevate knights from prominent houses to serve her in the capacity of QG.
  6. I see that you attended the Stannis Baratheon school of grammar. I, Ser Snowflake of the Social Justice Warriors nominate you for post of the day.
  7. Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island is one of the few northern knights. The only major northern house with a strong tradition of knighthood is House Manderly of White Harbor. Jon should have sent an emissary to DS or showed up with a retinue of knights and supporters. I see House Stark is still making idiotic decisions. There is no way, I would have went to DS to meet with a Targaryen with dragons......especially after what happened Ned and Robb.
  8. They shouldn't have condensed the last two seasons in 13 episodes. As a writer of fiction, one must have a plausible, timeline to chronicle a series of events. The show did this competently when they were based off of the source material. From seasons 5-6, this is has dissolved. If I never read the book I would be confused.....or think that Westeros was the size of New Jersey.
  9. So are we to believe that Ser Jaime caught a ship with his future brother Euron to CR ahead of Dany's fleet carrying the Unsullied, and that Ser Jaime raised an army of Westerman (I guess they could have sent a raven from KL) and marched all of the way to Highgarden unopposed? House Rowan, Crane, Roxton, Oakheart, and the other lords of the Northern Marches of the Reach should have at least made an attempt to hinder the Lannister invasion. Are we to believe that all of the other houses of the Reach joined House Tarly in breaking their oaths to House Tyrell?The Reach can raise an army double the size of the Westerlands, and should have had proper motivation to face them in the field. The lengths the show goes to prop up Cersei and the Lannisters irks me. The Faith should be at war with Cersei alongside the Tyrells and most of the smallfolk who died in that blast. There comes a time when a ruler becomes so cruel that the people all rise up to get rid of the cancer that is Tyranny. That is exactly what happened to the Mad King. Cersei has less support than he did. D&D had to give her the Greyjoys as an ally, and as improbable as that alliance is, it still shouldn't give her an edge over her enemies, which include the North, Vale, Riverlands, Stormlands, Dorne, and the Reach, and the Mother of Dragons. They had to make Dany's crew complete idiots in order for Cersei to be winning. Cersei took the IT without the love of the people and she is doing fine. In fact, she climbed to power by drowning the realm in blood. But Tyrion tells Dany she must win the people over. Varys all of the sudden is an idiot, Tyrion is useless, and her Khalasar is nonexistent. In the first few seasons, Varys knew all. He was on top of everything. What happen to him? Why isn't Dany shadowing her fleet with her dragons. Are they charging her per flight? If D&D wants to go for shock value, they should have Euron betray Cersei for Dany. Cersei should not be winning. I've noticed a decline in the quality of the writing ever since they ran out of source material.
  10. 1.The whole Lannister abandoning Casterly Rock is stupid. If Euron's fleet was prowling the sunset sea, the Lannister army could have trapped the unsllied between the sea and the castle. Jaime's awful line, "nobody cares about Casterly Rock" is truly baffling. Tywin is rolling in his grave. 2. The Reach has way more men than the Lannisters and they should not have been defeated so easily. Cersei murdered the Reach's liege lord, the queen, and Loras. Even if Tarly defected to Lannisters.....the Reach should still be able to put more men in the field than the Lannisters and their allies. 3. Why wouldn't Dany and Drogon provide air cover for the unsullied attack on Casterly Rock. She could have burned Euron's fleet and planted her standard on CR and burned whatever army Cersei sends against her. Who is writing these episodes? 4. Jon should have offered a marriage to Dany with a quid pro quo......he helps her defeat Cersei while she helps him defeat the Night King. The realm will never rally to face the enemy in the north until Cersei is defeated. This is super obvious.....yet Tyrion or Ser Davos never once suggested it to Dany or Jon 5. Where is Ghost? Why is Jon never with his Direwolf? They show Dany and her dragons every episode now. Can't the Wolves get any love? 6. The Iron Bank is a pinnacle of Braavos, and in the book they do not support slavery. They are the most anti-slavery faction in the books besides Dany and Co. D&D are keeping with their tradition of butchering book characters for the heck of it. See Stannis and Ellaria. I rolled my eyes so hard at the IB scene that I'm still seeing double. 7. Emillia and Kit's acting has seemed off this whole season. I'm in love with Emilia Clark.....I think that she is beautiful......but with that said, she is not a very good actress. Her lines seems wooden and forced. The same goes for Kit. I don't remember them being this bad in Season 6. Lena Headley is bringing it this season. I literally want to punch her in the face whenever she's on the screen. That is good acting.
  11. Separating book Euron from show Euron is a little difficult for me. It seems to me that HBO is combining aspects of both Euron and Victarian (his brother from the books). As to what is his purpose on the Game of Thrones......after the death of Ramsay there is a shortage of real villains left beside Cersei. Joffrey played the main villain role for 3 seasons, and Ramsay did the same for roughly the same period. After Ramsay became puppy chow, it was only natural for Euron to show up to become the main villain. Cersei needed allies and Euron is playing that role perfectly. Book Euron would have never allied with Cersei though. The ironborn and Westermen are natural enemies and Cersei would never treat with Euron as long as he called himself a king. Book Euron is one of the scariest characters in the whole story IMO. He is seriously messed up and his vision seems a lot bigger than fighting for the Iron Throne. In the book, it is a mystery as to what Euron actually wants to accomplish. He collects wizards, septons, red priests, and warlocks and he is captain of a ship named Silence that is manned by mutes. He is Dany's biggest threat.....not Cersei. To be honest, I was not that impressed with HBO's version of him. He is slowly growing on me though......he should be wearing an eye patch and his lips are supposed to be blue from drinking Shade of the Evening, which is like a magic potion that makes you see visions. His chapters in AFOC and his sample chapter in TWOW is pretty terrifying. I'm curious as to why you stopped reading the books. They are actually better than the show and they provide a lot more context for GOT's more complex characters.
  12. Alys Karstark and Sigorn the Thenn Lollys Stokeworth and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater Tyrion and Tysha Doran and his lady from Norvos (Doran needed allies in the 7K Lynesse Hightower and Jorah the Andal
  13. Brienne of Tarth?. Show Brienne is top 5 alive.
  14. Why haven't Cersei demanded Euron bend the kneww? She even referred to him as King of Iron Island in the Dragonstone episode. Dany makes a lot of mistakes, but even she is demanding that Jon bend the knee. Cersei just accepts that Euron is claiming one of her kingdoms. Joffrey or Tywin would have never allowed Euron to prance out of the throne room without bending the knee. The show went downhill when they killed off Barry the Bold and butchered Stannis' character. With that said, I'll be watching the show Sunday and patiently awaiting GRRM to release TWOW.
  15. You want to know why Euron would fight Cersei and vice versa? 1. Well for one thing Cersei is queen of the 7 kingdoms and Euron just crowned himself king of the Iron Islands. Cersei went to war with Both Stannis and Robb Stark for presuming to call themselves king. Why should Euron be any different? I cringed during the dragonstone episode when Cersei introduced Euron to Jaime as King of Iron Islands. She never even addressed the fact that he claims to king of one of her kingdoms (queendoms?) when they met face to face in the throne room. Tywin is rolling in his grave. 2. Euron has a fleet of 1000 ships. He could take KL if he wanted to. Why would he need to marry Cersei for a crown when he already has one? Cersei and the Lannisters are not as strong as they were when they had the Tyrells backing them . They have no allies and apparently no ships. 3. The Ironborn and the Westerlands are historical enemies. Just 15 years ago, Euron burned Tywin's fleet in Lannisport. The Lannisters always boast that they pay their debts, but apparently that doesn't apply to Euron. Cersei has had people killed for less than that. Maybe I'm a little bit biased due to the characterization of Euron in the book. Euron from the book is the most dangerous person in the game of thrones. He aspires to be more than a almost seems like he aspires to become a god. Euron from the book would have sacked KL, kidnapped Cersei, ripped out her tongue, and made her his salt wife. Yet in the show he acts as if he is Cersei's lackey. Maybe Euron is trying to pull a long con on Cersei......and will eventually betray Cersei and try to flip sides to the dragon queen. He said that he wanted to marry the most beautiful woman in the world and Cersei thinks that he's talking about her. I think that he's talking about Dany. In the book, Euron refers to Dany as the most beautiful woman in the world. Euron is more untrustworthy than Littlefinger. He's as malicious as Joffrey, as cruel as Ramsay, and as cunning as LF. If Westeros was Gotham City.....Euron would be the Joker.