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  1. Stannis Baratheon first of his name, after defeating the Boltons at the battle of Winterfell will turn his gaze north of the wall where he will defeat the Night's King in single combat before making the Great Other bend the knee.
  2. I don't have a problem with Emilia Clarke's portrayal of Dany. I think that she does an excellent job. I do admit that I may be a little biased due to the fact that I find Emilia Clark to be one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever seen. What I love about Emilia is how she can convey so much emotion through her eyes. During the scene at the fighting pits of Mereen when Jorah is fighting to the death, Dany never says anything, but you can see the pain in her eyes when the Bravoosi water dancer is about to skewer her bear knight. She is conflicted and wants to stop it, but she can't show weakness or she would lose her standing as Queen. You can see all of this conflict play it in her eyes. This is my favorite Dany scene in AGOT.
  3. Who said that Tywin had the command during the battle of the blackwater? He joined up the Tyrell host and marched on KL. The fact that the Tyrells led the Van makes me think that Mace had the command. And how did Tywin pay back the Greyjoys when Balon kept his seat, life, and his line. The Lannisters destroyed the Tarbecks and Reynes for less than that? Robb was definitely winning vs Tywin. It was due to Ser Edmure's incompetence that Tywin was allowed to join up with the Tyrells to march on KL. Robb wanted Tywin to come west, and if he would have, Tywin would have fallen into a trap set by a superior commander. Of course Stannis was in command at the Battle of Fair Isle....he was the Master of Ships. Robb's host numbered arouind 30,000 augmented by the Freys and Mallisters when he began his war against Tywin. Remember that most of the Rivermen were allowed to send their men home to defend their own lands. Tywin + Jaime + Stafford= at least 70,000 men. Robb's hosts were vastly outnumbered during his campaign against the Lannisters and still he beat them in every encounter. The only reason why Tywin won was because of text. Tywin overextended himself when he started the war against the Tullys. He didn't have the strength to beat the Tullys, Starks, Tyrells, and Baratheons simutaneously, if all sides were united. Renly vs Stannis helped him in that regards. Lysa staying out of the war helped him. And Edmure not allowing Tywin to retreat to the West helped. All three of these events were the only reason Tywin won at the Blackwater. When Ned lost his head and Stannis sent his letter out questioning the legitimacy of the Robert's children, Tywin was in the most precarious position of anyone. The only thing that Tywin did military during the WOFK was raid and pillage smallfolk in the Riverlands. I find it funny that the only victory that Ser Edmure wins in his whole life is against Tywin. Tully could have never defeated someone like Stannis, Robb, or even Dany. I would have loved for Tywin to have been alive when Dany makes it over to the 7K. IMO the best commanders in the series goes something like Dany>Robb>Stannis>Ned>Tywin=Edmure
  4. Robb had 6000 men at the battle of the camps to 17000 Lannister men spread out in three camps. Ser Stafford had 10,000 untested men to 6000 of Robbs at the battle of Oxcross. In the books, Robb was winning vs Tywin. He defeated every Lannister army sent against him. The only reason, why he couldn't finish Tywin is the fact that he needed a navy to assault KL or Casterly Rock. Tywin sat out most of the war helpless as Robb pillaged the Westerlands. Lord Tywin couldn't even defeat Ser Edmure, who was not well regarded by anyone. The Kingslayer shattered Ser Edmure host and took the Tully heir hostage with little effort......Tywin retreated with his tail between his legs when he tried to cross the Red Fork. My point regarding the Battle of the Blackwater, is that it was more of a joint effort that enabled the Lannisters to win the battle. It took Tyrion's cunning, Littlefinger's scheming, and Tyrell men to win the battle more than anything Tywin did. Tywin didn't even broker the alliance....that was Littlefinger. Stannis defeated the Ironborn at Fair Island at sea, while Tywin allowed them to burn his little fleet in it's home port. I thought the Lannisters paid their debts. They never paid back the Greyjoys for humiliating them during the Greyjoy Rebellion. Euron is King and the Lannisters are a spent force.
  5. So what if people think Tywin was in command at Blackwater. The Tyrells was the power that broke Stannis, not Tywin. Robb was in command during the battle of the camps and Oxcross. Tywin was losing the war with was Littlefinger's brokering the alliance with the Tyrells that granted Tywin victory over Stannis. KL was about to fall when Lord Tywin and the Tyrells fell upon Stannis' rear.
  6. Stannis is the best commander of all three. His victories at Fair Isle, Storms End, Deepwood Motte, and the Wall trumps anything Tywin or Ned has done. The only other commander that comes close to his record is Dany and Robb. If it wasn't for an amazing string of luck for Tywin and bad decisions of his opponents, Tywin would have been defeated. If the Baratheon brothers had not fought each other and if Ser Edmure had allowed Tywin to cross the Red Fork to return to the west, KL would have fallen to Stannis. If Lady Arryn had authorized her levies to join the war on Robb's side, Tywin would have been facing the combined might of the Riverlands, Stormlands, North, Vale, and the Reach. Dorne and the Iron Islands would have probably either joined the coalition against Tywin or sat out the war. The Tyrells won the battle of the Blackwater, not Tywin. I will give Tywin credit for being able to leverage his wealth into buying victories (Red Wedding), but his record as a battle commander is shoddy. It took him paying lords to turn their cloaks for him to defeat an untested boy who repeatedly bested him despite being outnumbered in almost every engagement.
  7. If I were any Stark I would be looking to separate Ser Kingslayer's head from his body. The Kingslayer crippled the son of the Warden on the North in his own castle in violation of guest right. \My opinion of LSH is fairly neutral. I don't get the hate she receives and I don't see the "love" for LSH. I can't recall one positive thread regarding LSH.....most people on this message board seem to despise her. I am not a fan of Cat, so I find LSH a slight improvement. My dislike for the Kingslayer have ebbed a little, but I cannot forgive him for Brandon Stark.
  8. My favorite house is Hightower. I think they have one of the coolest seats and they are very powerful. They are almost as rich as the Lannisters and infinitely more likeable. With the exception of the Dance of the Dragons, the Hightowers typically stay out of the realm's conflicts and they have a sizable army and fleet. Both the Citadel and the Faith are based in Oldtown, which the Hightowers rule and they own the Valyrian steel blade, Vigilance. The Daynes of Starfall are a close second. I love the concept of sword of the morning and Dawn is my favorite sword. I can't wait for the next sword of the morning to reveal himself. Hopefully it happens in TWOW. I have a suspicion that Dawn may also be Lightbringer, and when all is lost, the SOTM will reveal himself and save the realm. I love their colors and sigi, and Starfall is my favorite castle.
  9. Little Robert is a lot of things, but smart isn't one of them. The only semi-smart thing he did was mistrusting Littlefinger, but even that was out of fear. SweetRobin was afraid of everyone not Lysa and Alayne. I find it interested that you think Jon started the rebellion. So Jon was supposed to give up his wards to a mad king who just burned his nephew? Aerys 2 wasn't called the Mad King for nothing. He wouldn't have agreed to send Ned and Bob to the wall....he would have burned them like he burned Rickard. Even if the Mad King would have agreed to send them to the wall, why would Jon condemn his two wards to a life of misery at the wall? House Arryn's words are As High As Honor......Jon comes off as an honorable man and calling his banners in response to sending his wards to certain death was the prudent thing to do.
  10. Euron was never afraid of the Lion. It was by his design that Victorian burned the Lannister fleet at Lannisport. I thought a Lannister always pays his debt. Euron and Victarian never paid for the deed. The Reynes, Tarbecks, and Starks suffered far more for lesser slights. Balon only lost two sons for his family burning the Lannister fleet. He kept his seat, his head, and his power.
  11. Tywin is hated because he is a war criminal and a sadist. You use the phrase "for the honor of his house" as an excuse to overlook some of Tywin's baser qualities. Tywin overlooked the rape of his good daughter for the honor of his house. he ordered the murder of Aegon and Rhanys for the honor of his house. he orchestrated the rape and murder of thousands in the riverlands for the honour of his house. When I first started posting to this board I was amused and slightly annoyed at how many people would overlook Tywin's brutality while simultaneously downplaying other characters such as Dany or Jon, who would never order the deaths of children for the honor of their house.
  12. I'm not sure if the OP is a troll or not. Tywin was a monster who deserve worse than what the imp gave him. I wish that he could have lived to see the downfall of his house.
  13. Most: Dany freeing the slaves of SB Least: The sack of Saltpans
  14. The Queen of Thorns and Lord Walder Frey The Greatjon Umber and The Mountain That Rides-- I imagine a lot of growling. Danaerys Stormborn and Cersei Lannister. Damphair and The Red Priestess
  15. I was actually being facetious in my post. House Hoare is my favorite extinct house and I find the phrase Hoare bastard incredibly funny. Tysha has as much of a chance of being a Hoare bastard than Daario has of being Euron. I've always loved the Tysha story and I cross my fingers with the hope that she turns up in the novels. Perhaps Tyrion will find her in Slavers Bay.