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  1. Getting back into SF5 and Tekken 7 as some friends want to try them. I will never be good, but at least I'm good enough to consistently smash new players.
  2. I'm not depressed. I'm pissed. It's not a mental health issue that's leading me to that conclusion, it's that the GOP is taking the entire country to hell and half the electorate is screaming for them to drive faster.
  3. I am baffled by the wide-eyed optimism you are exhibiting. Everything is shit and we are all fucked and there is no reason to be optimistic about anything in the political sphere.
  4. Sorry, I have no sympathy. If you don't want people to talk about his weight, take it up with the guy lying on national television about his weight. The guy is thisclose to a massive heart attack. It matters.
  5. I disagree completely with this. I enjoyed Wii motion controls in zero (0) Wii games, especially Skyward Sword -- a game I liked in terms of design but never got far in specifically because the motion controls absolutely ruined the game for me. I hated Wii Sports, Prime 3 was my least favorite Prime game largely because of the motion controls, and the motion controls turned Okami from a middling game into a bad one. The Wii was a piece of shit and the Wiimote and Nunchuk were the worst parts of it. The vast majority of the time I spent on my Wii was on the Virtual Console, overpaying for games I had bought before. The mobility of the Switch -- the ability to take it out of the dock and pick it up where I left off -- is nice but I use it only very occasionally. Surprisingly, though, the fact that I can just suspend any game and instantly put the system to sleep, then come back hours or days later and pick up where I left off turns out to be absolutely phenomenal.
  6. "Girther" was coined because of Trump's backing of birtherism. It rhymes. That's all.
  7. This is sort of emblematic of a lot of problems with this administration. The bald-faced lying and the complicity of Congressional Republicans. It's the same problem, over and over.
  8. I'm from Maryland. Manning isn't going to get with a light year of a Senate seat. I'm not sure what the point of this stunt is.
  9. Every time I think he's hit bottom. Disgusting. I'm ashamed.
  10. I actually thought the mini-Direct was a bit of a disappointment. Hey, here's some Wii U games that not only weren't good enough to buy a Wii U for, they weren't good enough for you to have heard of most of them. I am actively disinterested in Hyrule Warriors; I played TWEWY and I loved it, but I have a hard time seeing how it's going to translate well to the Switch. And, you know, I played it already. Likewise Dark Souls -- it's a great game, but how many times are we going to buy it? Kirby might be good; a lot of those games are just too easy, even for kids, but it's worth a shot. I have never really liked the Donkey Kong Country series, although I've beaten the first one more than once. I'll be glad to have Ys VIII, though the games are preeeeeeeetty generic, and I'll be interested to see how Fe and Celeste turn out.
  11. It's literally impossible. Republicans won't allow it. Have you already forgotten the Obama years, when Republicans voted in lockstep to block everything Obama proposed, no matter how good an idea it was, simply because Obama proposed it? "Compromise" in the modern era always means Republicans move further to the right and Democrats go along with it. No matter how obstructionist the right is, the left are always expected to play ball. And that obstructionism was rewarded with unified control of government. So.
  12. Fucking amen. I don't know how many more times Lucy has to pull away the football before the idiots who style themselves wise moderates will stop masturbating furiously to the idea that the right is interested in compromise. Obama tried it and the entire right wing made him eat shit for it over and over and over again. The entire Trump era to date has been the right sticking it to liberals for kicks, not even because they disagree. I'm done entertaining the idea that we always need to be the ones to give.
  13. I cannot even find the words to express how fucking angry this would make me.
  14. DX: Human Revolution was infuriating. It is so close to being the perfect successor to the original game and fails in some incredibly frustrating ways. The biggest one, which drew the most complaints, is that you could put all your points into stealthy sneaking... and then be forced into a boss fight where not having any combat augs was a big problem. Another that bothered me is related -- you can't genuinely choose what to do, particularly with boss fights but also with story-related stuff. I remember walking into what was obviously a trap, but I couldn't choose not to, or not to fall for it -- the game forces you on to the rails, even though a child would know better. I wanted to love it and it was all the more disappointing when it tripped over itself getting out of its own way. I picked up Blaster Master Zero on the Switch (it also got a 3DS release, but I didn't play it there) and it's terrific. Captures the gameplay of the original perfectly -- it's an expanded remake, not an all-new game -- but modernizes a number of the systems to take advantage of designs lessons learned since 1988. Dying just sends you back to a checkpoint, rather than making you start over, there's a map, everything. It would have been nice to have updated graphics etc. (preferably with the option for retro ones -- Wonder Boy and the Dragon's Trap did a great job with this), and the top weapon trivializes a lot of encounters, but the game is really top-notch. If you have any nostalgia for Blaster Master, pick it up, especially if -- like me -- the game's difficulty kept you from beating it before. The game is absolutely massive for an NES title, too. Zero is on sale for $7 right now.
  15. A bit shocked no one has said this since this was posted, but this is bad, not good. What they are really after is getting a new AG installed who hasn't recused himself, so that he can immediately fire Mueller.