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  1. Inigima added a post in a topic I'm an Ass   

    I love the full-service stations when I go through Jersey. I hate pumping gas. I wish we had the same thing in Maryland.
  2. Inigima added a post in a topic US Politics -- Where Candidates Fall like Leaves   

    Nonsense. People keep equating them because it's the only context -- in the U.S. at least -- where it's guaranteed.
  3. Inigima added a post in a topic What's For Dinner v. 6   

    Took my first stab at fresh pretzels this morning. Here's the best one, covered in butter and coarse sea salt (only coarse salt I had at hand):

    I would have liked a little more browning and a more pretzel like shape -- we didn't do the wrap-around because we didn't feel the dough allowed for it. It didn't make all that much dough -- this was the King Arthur recipe out of the Baker's Companion, and the pretzels were rather small when divided into 8 pieces as described. we ended up making 4 that size -- that's one of them -- and two larger ones by recombining two of the remaining ones per. I don't see how I could possibly have rolled this amount of dough into 28" ropes. If I could have it would certainly have been easier to get the proper shape.
    For all that, though, they were very tasty. I'm pleased with the texture and flavor.
  4. Inigima added a post in a topic Jessica Jones (Netflix) (non-spoiler thread)   

    We've watched the first two so far. Loving it. Ms. Ini, who is not much for superhero stuff, thinks it's the best new show of the year.
  5. Inigima added a post in a topic Marvel Netflix - AKA the Second Thread   

    Just caught Ep 1 of JJ. Hell of a first episode. Definitely watching more.
  6. Inigima added a post in a topic Mali Hostage Crisis   

    Awful  Glad most of the hostages were freed at least. CNN says authorities are saying that the attackers are still inside. I imagine they are trying to figure out how to safely take them down without killing them.
  7. Inigima added a post in a topic Mali Hostage Crisis   

    Well, that's a hell of a thing to wake up to. Not much info available yet.
  8. Inigima added a post in a topic GamerGate: restart from last save   

    I am with karaddin, I also don't support doxxing under any circumstances, although I remain somewhat unclear on what actually happened in this case since even now not everyone seems to agree about it. In any case, I don't think supporting all people that Gamergaters have pestered is a necessary condition for thinking Gamergaters are dicks, and specifically I don't think supporting Randi Harper is such a condition. I also don't know if a binary descriptor like that is necessarily helpful; I can think Randi Harper shouldn't have done xyz while also thinking other people shouldn't dox or SWAT her or whatever.
  9. Inigima added a post in a topic What's For Dinner v. 6   

    Thank you! This is very helpful.
  10. Inigima added a post in a topic What's For Dinner v. 6   

    I just finished reading Ruhlman's Twenty while in a deathly boring meeting that has nothing to do with me. What a fantastic book. Can't recommend it enough (to people of roughly similar cooking experience to me -- I don't know that a professional will get out of it, or, say, deedles).
    I think Thanksgiving food is boring, and I'm hosting, so I can make food I like more instead. I'm also hosting my parents, so I have to accommodate a relatively picky eater in my dad. Most of it is nothing unusual, but there are a few things I've never made before, including the main course, so we did a dry run on Ms. Ini's family. Item #1 was a pot roast. Apart from misreading "1 cup" of crushed tomatoes as of "1 can," resulting in 28oz of tomato instead of 8oz, this turned out great, if more of a stew than a roast. But I'm pretty confident for T-day proper.
    Item #2 was a no-egg and no-gelatin chocolate mousse. The resulting recipe is about three ingredients, comes together completely in a few minutes, is basically chocolate whipped cream, and turned out wonderfully. We shaved some dark chocolate on top as a garnish.
  11. Inigima added a post in a topic Rogue's Gallery Re-open For Business!   

    Please read the first post.
  12. Inigima added a post in a topic Paris attacks 13-11-15   

    Only just hearing about this. Utterly insane. Stay safe Parisians.
  13. Inigima added a post in a topic GamerGate: restart from last save   

    What have you done
    Abort, abort 
  14. Inigima added a post in a topic What's For Dinner v. 6   

    I need to make small thank-you gifts for a bunch of (20-25) people. My plan is to make fresh chocolate chip cookies and bundle them up into attractive packages. One of those people is diabetic and has previously declined even a single cookie. I do not want to leave this person out or give them a thoughtless gift that I know they won't enjoy.
    I don't have a clear understanding of what diabetics can and can't eat. I am more than happy to put in the effort to make a one-off of something nice. I would rather not just make the cookies with Splenda or whatever, particularly because I don't think she will feel comfortable trusting me not to accidentally endanger her, so probably I need to make something that is clearly diabetic-friendly rather than an adaptation of something that normally isn't.
    Any suggestions?
  15. Inigima added a post in a topic I Think People Should be Paid not to Work, if That's What They Want   

    The concept of a guaranteed income isn't really new; I actually do think we will have to reckon with the idea sooner or later, as technology continues to advance; I just don't see how full employment remains a reasonable goal as efficiency marches on asymptotically. But I don't know how you do that and still staff all the jobs that really do need doing.