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  1. I agree and always have that generations aren't a thing, or I guess more accurately, aren't meaningful labels. They are an incredibly crude way to categorize age groups that don't create anything meaningful out of that data.
  2. I've always thought the same. I couldn't believe that name didn't set alarm bells at the time. I think the people involved were probably well-meaning at the time, but it's about one step removed from WWII-era German propaganda.
  3. SF isn't exactly known for its thrilling plots. Live or animated will both be terrible.
  4. That's the thing. It doesn't matter. None of it matters. The President is basically immune from conventional criminal prosecution and civil suits. The only thing that matters is if Republicans in Congress want to hold him accountable, and so far they do not. They have already twisted themselves into unbelievable knots to justify everything to date; he was impeachable long, long ago. I honestly don't think Republicans would turn on him if he brought back concentration camps and gas chambers.
  5. Welp Mueller gathers evidence that 2016 Seychelles meeting was effort to establish back channel to Kremlin
  6. It's almost impossible to keep up with the firehose of news this week if you are doing anything else at all. What an insane week.
  7. Thought about posting it this year and decided I couldn't be bothered to maintain it Glad you stepped up. I'll go in with my basic slacker goal of 12 books, one per month. Sometimes I get on a tear and read a lot, other times I get busy with everything else. I'm already a bit ahead of schedule, but we'll see if it lasts. Read so far: 1. The Fifth Season, Jemisin. I should probably have started this earlier but I have not been reading as much spec fic lately. That seems to be changing, since 3 of my 4 books so far are spec fic. This was good and I'd like to read more of it. For some reason I am not going straight through series these days, I'll read one and then come back later for the next. 2. A Wizard of Earthsea, Le Guin. Read in memoriam. I know Le Guin says she doesn't divide her books by audience age and this isn't YA, but... I do and it is. It's fine for YA, nothing novel these days but it's important to remember that this book and others like it set those norms. 3. The Dirty Streets of Heaven, Williams. I think I would have enjoyed this premise more in the hands of a more capable writer. Bad writing, two-dimensional protagonist, bad (and long!) sex scenes. I won't be continuing this series. It's hard to believe this is the same author as the Otherland series. 4. You're Not That Great, Gale. Nonfic, kind of a self-improvement book. Writing was fun, advice is a mixed bag; I agree with a lot of it but I think that living your entire life feeling shitty about yourself is a pretty crummy way to go through it. Goodreads here, please put a note telling me who the request is coming from. I am a thousand times more interested in your book reviews if you write at least a little bit about the book. Star ratings tell me almost nothing and Goodreads reviews are a significant factor for me when deciding whether to read something.
  8. How many US politics threads do we need outside of the US politics thread?
  9. Sessions needs to stay for now because if Sessions goes a more Trump-friendly (i.e., corrupt) AG can be appointed who will summarily fire Mueller. Such a candidate would require confirmation, but does anyone really believe the GOP wouldn't rubber-stamp it?
  10. I think you may be thinking of Virtual On?
  11. Love the thread title, Trisk. I agree with the consensus: Paleo's reasoning is a bunch of bunk, but adhering to a paleo diet makes people much more conscious of what they're eating and causes them to cut out a lot of crap. My main concerns about paleo are that I think it can lead adherents to substitute other unhealthy dietary decisions -- not that everything you eat has to be "healthy" -- for the ones they are stopping, like eating a jillion pounds of bacon a week, and that buying into paleo's poor reasoning seems, in my experience, to make people more susceptible to buying into other hokum. Overall, though, I think paleo adherents are eating far healthier than most of the rest of us. (Including me, I have been eating like crap for months for work-related reasons and it shows ).
  12. So... What if you're a teacher and you don't fucking want to shoot anyone? Beyond the insanity of the idea that arming teachers is a better solution than regulating guns more tightly, it's nuts to me that everyone proposing it is just assuming teachers are fine with this extra burden. Teachers go through an M.Ed. program and some state professional certifications because they want to teach, not because they want to be gunned down in a hail of bullets as a human shield for other people's children, nor to commit homicide. Neither is part of the job description and the idea that they should be added is frankly offensive. An image I saw on Facebook really drove this home for me. After a couple of school shootings, some hero teachers did take a bullet to save students, and somehow the country has now internalized that that's what teachers are "supposed to" do.
  13. I'm Jewish. I would not describe myself as a Holocaust supporter. (Nor do I support segregation or slavery, of course.) That accusation is unhinged from reality. I don't support deporting Dreamers. I think it's bad policy and I agree it's cruel. But I don't think it's a winning issue for Democrats politically and it's strange to me that this is the issue they've chosen to finally take a stand on.
  14. FB, thanks for the indictment summaries, I was definitely not going to read the indictments myself. But... does any of this matter? Presumably most if not all of these people are well outside the reach of US law enforcement, no? And the indictments don't implicate anyone else not named in them.