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  1. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    No, definitely not. Initially I didn't think this cookie was it, but now I think the original might have been. I suspect almond flour instead of almond extract but can't swear to it.
  2. News from GosuChat :)

    To be honest, I wish I could just turn it off in my control panel so that it doesn't show up in either. It works well, but chat used to be a consistent community, and having it just automatically include everyone all the time isn't really the same and I don't have much use for it. Don't know that you can do that since IPB is probably completely separate. It would be nice for it to stay closed when I close it, which sometimes it does and sometimes not, and it would be nice to be able to close completely on desktop as well.
  3. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Thanks everyone, I'll have a look. No, no M&S in the US as far as I know. I think they are kind of a sartorial no-man's land between t-shirts and button-downs, but in my current role I spend a lot of time for work in data closets, which are generally gross, and manhandling switches and other rackmount gear, which can tear up clothes. Consequently I spend a lot of time wearing jeans so that I don't mess up nicer pants (because I have already messed up nicer pants), and I don't really like the look of dress shirts with jeans. Plus I don't want to mess up those nice dress shirts.
  4. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I hate polo shirts, but I need a few. Who has a reasonable intersection of quality and price? Bonus points for a more flattering European style cut.
  5. Double Parking

    That's great and all but this is done in city and similar settings where parking "away from other people" doesn't exist.
  6. W-Lan Worries

    If you don't have any specific needs, I usually tell people to buy whatever is $50 from Netgear or Linksys/Cisco. I would avoid Belkin and D-Link.
  7. News from GosuChat :)

  8. W-Lan Worries

    If a factory reset didn't do the trick then my main suggestion is to replace the router. In my experience after a few years consumer grade networking gear gets a bit flaky. That said, you might try connecting to an available wired port for further troubleshooting before buying a replacement.
  9. Double Parking

    Yeah, double-parking has a meaning and it isn't this. I hate double-parking, but the fact that our city planners have accepted insufficient parking and metered parking as design principles means it isn't going away anytime soon. If you are going to double-park, please make it quick, it's meant for you to run in for a second when you really can't do otherwise. As for Scot's example, no, it's awful and no one will defend it. I suggest making up cards with this or a similar image on it and putting them on windshields: Or maybe this one: Scot, you might enjoy this comic as well:
  10. Recipe Manager - Suggestions?

    I use Paprika and I really like it. It kind of sucks that I had to buy it on both PC and mobile, but I use it every time I go to the store, and I like that it syncs between the two. You can easily export from recipes to a grocery list, and in most cases you can import recipes directly from websites if you want. No annual fee and no limitations that I've ever felt constrained by.
  11. News from GosuChat :)

    I hate to say this because I know this is something you've worked hard on, but what I want more than anything is to be able to close the damn thing. Particularly on mobile, screen real estate is at a premium, and minimizing isn't good enough.
  12. Careerchat II

    I was going to say this. No, you aren't being weird. Don't plug in USB drives that you find. It is a standard vector of attack.
  13. Guys, you don't have to countenance harassment. Don't get me wrong, I'm tired of the left being expected to apologize for everything and the right for nothing, but you can just let it go. Yeah, he's an elector and you're welcome to try to persuade him, but don't bombard his house with nonstop phone calls, especially after hours. Also, this guy is a GOP caucus chair, so your efforts to persuade people are probably better spent elsewhere.
  14. Video Games: Fantasy's Final '16

    I'm late with these comments and it might be too late, but I really hated Ni No Kuni, which was a big disappointment as I was expecting to love it. It's gorgeous, no doubt, but it's gratingly twee, obnoxiously grindy, and holy hell is it slow. It takes so long for anything to happen I just gave up. It never did grab me.
  15. Careerchat II

    So my idiot part-timer is becoming a problem again. Punctuality and time management: I got fed up with his constant lateness and laid down the law about being on time to work. He got better. Then he got worse again. That was about a week and a half ago. Work quality: He is fucking things up and I am telling him how to do it properly. When I tell you how to properly do the thing I am teaching you how to do, you fucking do it. The amount of backtalk I will take on this thing you should have learned how to do properly months ago is zero. If you argue with me, I will fucking end you. I am done playing. Professionalism: This is the one that is currently killing me. This fucking kid has the worst attitude. This week we were going to do an equipment cut-over and he needed to ask the site contact for permission to cause a brief localized network outage. Instead, he told (versus asked) the contact that there was going to be an outage, causing them to think they were going to lose power site-wide for an extended period, which is not possible while the site is occupied. In so doing he was rude and the contact was pissed. He complained (to us) that they were "stupid" and called the site contact a bitch. Luckily no one overheard him, but they could have, and the attitude is poor. I pulled him up short on it and we talked to him for a good half an hour trying to impress on him both the importance of not pissing people off and that they aren't stupid, they have a different field of expertise and he wasn't clear. One day this kid is going to burn us badly. I don't know what to do with him. I've asked to have him sent to a professionalism training, which probably will happen, but he's an arrogant 25 year old and thinks his shit doesn't stink. It's hard to course-correct someone who will not accept that they need to change.