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  1. Thanks Isk. There is some history that will make that hard, unfortunately. I'll see what I can do.
  2. Edit: I think most of this is extraneous. My team would like to work constructively with another team rather than having constant conflict, but the leadership of the other team is almost openly hostile and has raised hell when we've tried. Advice? Both teams are a form of support, so it's not like we're building a product.
  3. I beat Samus Returns. Really liked it. Best Metroid in a long, long time. Biggest complaint is that you spend an awful lot of time holding L to free aim and it's not super comfortable. Other than that, though, it's really good.
  4. Uh, obviously I disagree with your premise. I thought it was dogshit bad. I played it in co-op, and I thought it was incredibly tedious and the combat literally broke its own rules to punish the player. I put about ten and a half hours into it before quitting and I regret wasting that much of my life on it.
  5. I absolutely hated D:OS. Not didn't like, hated. I picked up Metroid: Samus Returns and it's really good, amazingly. Really ticks all the boxes you'd want it to, as an old school 2D Metroid fan.
  6. I will be busy with family later, so I thought I would jump a little early. Happy new year to you all.
  7. You know he did it before, right?
  8. Antifascists generally pop up in response to overt fascism and go back to normal life afterward. The Mitt Romneys of the world need not worry.
  9. Yes, but I was really just looking for "not Voltaire." Most people do not know that. In general I think people like to throw out cute quotes that they think make their arguments for them and don't really understand the context. See also: white people (not a slam, I'm white) quoting MLK. It's not an effective argument and I would rather see them actually articulate their position. It's hard to debate a quote from a dead person who's not involved in the discussion.
  10. Tell me who said this without Googling it.
  11. An article for the let's - ignore - the - Nazis - and - maybe - they'll - go - away crowd:
  12. What is the point of this post? Why is it so bad? By "freaking out," I mean raising the alarm, as some of us are doing in this thread. But if you want to talk about doing the work, I volunteer in local and federal elections. I co-founded a local political group. I go door-knocking, I help local offices keep their equipment working, I'm certified by the Board of Elections so I can register people to vote. I haven't punched any Nazis, but I live in Baltimore and there are none of their marches scheduled here as far as I know. What the fuck have you done that you're so comfortable shitting on everyone else? No, don't bother answering, I'm putting you on ignore before your posts destroy any more of my brain cells.
  13. If it doesn't happen -- and if you don't believe it already has -- then it will be because of people like us who freaked out and people who put in the work to prevent it.
  14. A ray of sunshine for you all: Berkeley rally drew half a dozen or so white supremacists. They were run out of the park by the counterprotest, which dwarfed them. You kind of expect Berkeley not to stand for this shit, but it's nice to see nonetheless.
  15. You have made an impressive career out of missing the point.