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  1. MDF: Return of the BATTLE HAT

    Plan for Saturday is 2:45 or a little earlier at Max's, right?
  2. We should be running decentleft wing candidates whether the Donald is a serious contender or not. The Democrats' frequent failure to run someone the left would actually like in office is sad and makes us dislike the party. Really pulling for Feingold. I like the guy quite a lot and IIRC he was one of the few who understood How To Computer, but I would also love to see Wisconsinthrow that know-nothing shitstain Ron Johnson out on the same ear that no accurateinformation ever penetrates.
  3. I am a Sanders fan, though it seems pretty clear that Clinton will be the nominee. I'm not totally comfortable with Clinton's centrist politics, and I live in a safely Democratic state (Maryland) and should be able to write in a protest vote for Sanders. I'm not a believer these days in voting for the least bad option; I believe that's how you ensure a continuous parade of shitty middle of the road candidates. I have heard, and despise,the self-servingargument from Clinton supporters that it's my privilege that allows me to take that position. I regard it as my right, as it is that of others, to advocate for and support policies I actually believe in, and I think to claim otherwise is acynical argument from self-interest. And yet, I think I might vote for Clinton in the general if (when) she clinches the nomination. A President Trump might actually destroy the world. I don't trust Trumpnot to kick off nuclear war. I don't trust Trump not to utterly destroy the global economy, even inadvertently, as with his recent comments about reducing the national debt. I think he might bring about a return of something akin to the Japanese internment camps under FDR, and asmuch as I hate it when goyim politicians invoke the Holocaust, I think it's important to reject incitements to anti-religiousviolence and I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that Trump could bring about even state-sponsored anti-Muslim violence in some way, if not the same as WWII Germany. In many ways I don't care for Clinton's politics, but keeping the presumptive Republican nomineeout of office this year might genuinely be the single most important thing, as opposed to every other year when partyflaks claimit but it isn't true.
  4. Happy B-Day to Theda!!

    Happy birthday!
  5. I am baffled by the idea of an external laptop fan. I've never even heard of that. I guess that might need its own box? Your Kindle and laptop charger don't need to come out of the bag. I don't think liquid bag needs to either but I could be wrong. I'm male, so I've never had the handbag to worry about, but you can probably put that in the same bag with some of the other stuff, which also don't need separate containers.
  6. Ordos, you sound like a generally disorganized mess when traveling, and I think most of your problems will go away if you knock it off. Get to the airport early, as you're supposed to, so you're not in danger of missing your flight. Wear pants that actually fit, so your pants aren't in danger of falling down when you aren't wearing your belt. Stop putting your passport down on the X-ray machine and relying on the TSA officer to remind you, because what the fuck. Isk: TSA offers Global Entry now in addition to Pre-Checkso that international stuff is easy-breezy too. Worth looking into.
  7. MDF: Return of the BATTLE HAT

    Max's sounds good to me.
  8. MDF: Return of the BATTLE HAT

    Saturday sounds lovely. I'm glad that tradition is restored this year. Let's have soccer and alcohol and pain. Let me know if any local assistance is required to select a venue.
  9. MDF: Return of the BATTLE HAT

    Can you put the date in the OP? Will the BwB shenanigans be on the weekend, or do I need to take a Friday off?
  10. Mazel tov Inigima!

    Thank you everyone!
  11. Drink-o-philes...Rum!

    I actually looked into this in some detail recently. There is a pretty big variety of rums, categorizable very loosely by the spoken language of the region where it's produced: Spanish, English, and French speaking regions tend to be stylistically similar. I'm cribbing pretty much directly from what I referenced when I was researching, here. Spanish-speaking: molasses-based, short ferment, crisper flavor. English-speaking: molasses-based, longer ferment, darker. French-speaking: cane juice-based, woodier flavor. There is a good chance if your recipient is going to mix it that she doesn't care about any of that shit, but: Appleton Estate is a generally-fine reference point, no one is going to think badly of you if you just buy that. Some examples by style, this list again stolen wholesale: Light Cuban-style: Flor de Cana Extra Dry, Cruzan Dark Jamaican rum: Coruba Barbados rum: Plantation Demerara rum: El Dorado 5 year EDIT: My serious, not-joking advice: buy something in the price range you want to spend that has a cool bottle. If they are not serious about their booze they will ooh and ahh and mix it in a glass with ice and Coke and that will be that.
  12. MLB, Spring has sprung.

    O's win streak ends to the Red Sox Great start to the season though.
  13. Pot roast is great. I can't imagine eating 2 1/2 pounds of meat plus the veggies though. Last night I made a recipe I found on a handout slip in the supermarket for chicken thighs braised with rice in chicken stock with cinnamon sticks and cloves. Quite good.
  14. MLB, Spring has sprung.

    Took my niece to the O's game, along with her mom, my mother, my fiancee, and her dad. She is two years old and she was terrified whenthe Oriole Birdcame over to her seat. But she had a great time and we got to watch Manny Machado hit a homer.
  15. Soccer Talk: Now With More!

    That disallowed goal should have stood. You cannot possibly watch that and disagree.