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  1. Dutch baby for breakfast, saw a sponsored NYT cooking link for the recipe on Facebook and decided to give it a go. Turns out Dutch babies are the most delicious babies!
  2. I don't think this picture does it justice, but we made a delicious dinner this week. Garden salad Fresh swordfish steaks with garlic compound butter, lemon peel, and parsley Yellow squash with ginger and poppy seed
  3. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    So, I mean, Trump is probably fucking around. It probably was a joke. The thing is it doesn't matter. This is how nutjobs get spurred to murder. Particularly after the shooting of Gabby Giffords, this shit is way out of bounds. I have zero tolerance for it and I don't think anyone else should either.
  4. Password Manager

    I will cite Schneier on this, but suffice to say it is generally accepted that you are wrong.
  5. Password Manager

    This is actually extremely bad advice now. Do not do what the comic suggests. It is no longer a good idea and is very vulnerable to automated attacks.
  6. What to look for in a new bank

    - Not being Wells Fargo - Not being Bank of America - No fee for having the account (if the fee is waived for having direct deposit or a minimum balance, that's fine as long as you're 100% sure you'll meet the requirement) - Decent web banking with bill pay Those are the main ones for me. I'm not joking about WF or BoA. EDIT: Some credit unions will pay ATM fees for other organizations' ATMs.
  7. Password Manager

    I am very jumpy about cloud-based password storage. I understand the mechanics and I appreciate the responsive track record of LastPass, but I have trouble getting past the exposure conceptually. I use KeePass. It does not meet your syncing requirement out of the box, but there are plugins to support that. I haven't tried them myself. AFAIK LastPass is the current favorite.
  8. US Elections -- The Wrath of Khan

    That's one question, but there are a lot of other reasons to be seriously concerned. See, for example, this Bruce Schneier column from last year: (edit: note that this particular machine has been decertified and is no longer in use -- but note also that serious security concerns have been raised about others as well.)
  9. Board Issues 4

    Getting the sevmob redirects too, with extreme frequency -- like, on most page loads. It's rendering the site nearly unusable on mobile sometimes.
  10. US Elections -- The Wrath of Khan

    I would actually welcome increased scrutiny of elections, not because I think Donald Trump isn't an idiot, but because there have been serious questions since at least 2000 about the fidelity of electronic voting machines. Not enough people are taking it seriously. I'm not just talking about the Diebold scandal -- they are painfully unverifiable and potentially open to outside manipulation.
  11. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Got a chuckle out of this WSJ article about cargo shorts: Please do not reignite this debate if you hold the (wrong and bad) that cargo shorts are acceptable clothing for literally anyone. This article is presented for entertainment only. Missed this somehow. Not sure where to recommend offhand but have a look at Banana Republic and Land's End. (Yes, I know that last recommendation sounds weird, but check.) Does Express still exist and do they sell t-shirts?
  12. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    A Republican president and a Trump-type president aren't necessarily the same thing. I saw someone say that they think a slicker candidate will repackage Trump's basic themes into a more palatable candidate and potentially clean up, and I think that's a real concern if the Dems don't start appealing more to that audience in terms of policy.
  13. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    I am very interested to learn what lessons, if any, the Democrats will learn as a party from this election. Sometimes it seems like they get it, other times they seem stunningly out of touch. If the Republicans' disarray makes the Democrats complacent it is going to cost them. I'm pretty concerned that even if we don't have a Trump presidency this time, we will have one or something like it very soon, unless the Dems understand the very real frustrations people have, particularly with neoliberal trade policies.
  14. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    That's true but it's not even news. Same story as always: conservatism can never fail, it can only be failed.
  15. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Sorry, what?