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  1. That sounds like an utterly insane post hoc rationalization. The very fact that it was made out to the charity and not Trump personally is what makes it not his money. That's what makes it a fucking charity.
  2. Millions of fake accounts at Wells Fargo

    I agree. It seems to me that regulators are loath to apply fines that could seriously disrupt the business, but that's exactly the incentive needed. The consequences for serious malfeasance need to be severe enough that the company truly feels the impact. Either hold leadership personally accountable, or make the fines big enough that the company is genuinely concerned about going under as a result.
  3. I am really surprised that people seem to agree that Clinton privately doesn't support gay marriage and her pro position is a political calculation. I have always assumed the opposite -- that she always privately supported gay marriage, and her former position was the calculation, that she thought Americans wouldn't have accepted it at the time. Consequently I have also always assumed that gay marriage just wasn't a priority issue for her, hence her willingness to base her position on political expediency rather than her values.
  4. No Apples please: allergies and the (almost) adult

    I don't want to seem insensitive to a health concern, and it may seem like a small thing to accommodate someone, but what happens when everyone needs to be accommodated and they all have different allergies? I am not sure it is practical to place the burden on everyone else.
  5. I can't speak for everyone else, but as a would-be third-party voter, yeah. In this particular election the opposition candidate is too unhinged for me to allow the slightest chance that I might contribute to his victory.
  6. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Unfortunately they are not shortbread. I found a recipe for butter cookies of the type typically found in Italian bakeries and might give that a go. I've seen the Sun article but I don't know if that's the right cookie or not. Without pictures it's hard to tell. Might be worth trying to see... I just wish I knew whether I was starting in the right place.
  7. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Behold the Chocolate Top: This is the best cookie in the entire world. I grew up eating them and I still love them. I've been trying to figure out how to make them at home and it's like looking for Bigfoot. Some research suggests they may be specifically a Baltimore thing, or at least regional. They are not the same as Berger cookies, though those are delicious too. Pretty much every kosher bakery sells them around here. The cookie seems to be a basic butter cookie, although every home recipe I've ever seen labeled "butter cookie" produces light, thin wafers. No idea how to make those. Other bakeries produce the same kind of cookie, chocolate topped or not. The icing is what really confuses me, though. It seems both too firm and too shelf-stable to be buttercream; it does look piped, and it always looks like that. Anyone know how I can replicate these at home?
  8. Late Night Comedy

    Samantha Bee is the best thing going in political satire shows right now. John Oliver is good, but formulaic, and Trevor Noah is watchable but unfortunately even more formulaic. Larry Wilmore was painfully unfunny and with few exceptions his panels were terrible. Give Mike Yard his own show and get rid of everyone else.
  9. Careerchat II

    Did they take a while to get back to you? Can you feasibly say you've accepted another offer?
  10. Millions of fake accounts at Wells Fargo

    Estate lawyer I know has told me that WF are one of two banks -- the other is BoA -- that he always recommends against doing business with. Those are the two banks who have tried to hold on to the assets of the deceased in the face of proper documentation and procedure. Never going to do business with WF as long as I live.
  11. Wearing a suit to a black tie wedding?

    If a shop can get it done in time, and the invitation actually did specify black tie -- that's pretty uncommon these days -- I would try to do a rush rental. If not, the suit will do.
  12. Why do smart TVs suck?

    Smart TVs are flawed conceptually. Having all your streaming stuff tied to the TV is a pain in the ass, because if there's anything you don't like about it, you can't change it without buying a new TV. A separate sub-$100 streaming box is the ideal because it's modular. I really like the Roku, and you really don't need more than a Roku 2 ($70).
  13. Demise of ITT Tech

    Read about this as well. Shocking to hear just because they've been around so long, but good riddance
  14. Dutch baby for breakfast, saw a sponsored NYT cooking link for the recipe on Facebook and decided to give it a go. Turns out Dutch babies are the most delicious babies!
  15. I don't think this picture does it justice, but we made a delicious dinner this week. Garden salad Fresh swordfish steaks with garlic compound butter, lemon peel, and parsley Yellow squash with ginger and poppy seed