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  1. I'm also playing Pyre and mostly enjoying it. I do think the game is far too talky so far -- I'm only a few matches in -- particularly because the writing is not especially good. Oh, I "sensed" that Jodariel isn't upset! That's a good way for the game to decide I know things, sure. I wonder if I am supposed to find the crazy Savage girl as annoying as I do, or if she is supposed to be charmingly quirky. Because boy howdy is she annoying. EDIT: The art direction in the game is gorgeous. Such vibrant colors.
  2. I do read him occasionally. I think he is well-meaning, like I said. And I don't think people are usually simply good/bad. But I also don't think you get to just nullify your previous bad decisions and I think that If you are frequently wrong it should hurt your credibility, particularly if you are a professional opinion-giver. (See also: Bill Kristol.)
  3. I was not aware that there was a statute of limitations on horror. How long before my terrible decisions don't count, specifically?
  4. I think the best you can say for David Frum is that he means well. He has consistently bad opinions -- by bad I mean incorrect, inaccurate, unwarranted -- which he occasionally admits are wrong once the results are in. I certainly prefer Frum to, say, Corey Lewandowski, but he's just Less Bad.
  5. I'll be damned. I really thought McCain would vote for this. Thanks, McCain, and Murkowski and Collins. Bit shocked Capito and Heller caved. Edit: this while process has been insane.
  6. I really think you are still acting as though the rules of 90s/00s politics still apply, and they clearly do not. I'm not saying there's a 0% chance you're right, but I'm saying your optimism is unwarranted. Say Trump fires Mueller (via surrogate). There are a few possible negative outcomes for Republicans, none of which are guaranteed. Trump has literally been committing impeachable offenses since day 1 of his presidency. Republicans have publicly shown zero inclination to do so. This reason might be sexy enough to do it... or it might not. Democrats can't do it without Republicans. If Trump fires Mueller, his approval rating might drop. Or it might not! The core lunatic base has shrugged off everything so far. Why not this? Let's say it does. Who cares? The president can have 0% approval ratings, yet still be president and sign laws and issue executive orders and nuke a foreign power for the lulz. Maybe poor presidential approval ratings will make Republicans impeach him! Or maybe they won't. Presidential approval ratings mean jack shit for Republican electoral prospects unless voters decide they do, and Republicans still like Trump. If Republicans don't impeach, they face 2018 elections. For that to mean negative outcomes for them, their constituents have to vote for either a primary challenger or a Democrat. The first is plausible, but it remains rare to successfully primary your own party's candidate. The only group to do it successfully in recent memory is the same deranged base that loves Trump. The second is unlikely; when push comes to shove, most people choose tribalism, which is the same reason Trump is in office now. Additionally, when people register distaste for their party nationally, they usually still like their own representatives, which is why those representatives keep getting elected. Also, voting districts are gerrymandered to hell and back, and it's 2017 and the average voter has the attention span of a gerbil. And midterms traditionally turn out the right more than the left. Voter distaste for Trump specifically only matters in 2020, or if they specifically toss out GOP congresscritters because of it AND it's clear that's the reason why. Single issues are notoriously poorly communicated electorally, there are too many confounding factors. Maybe they voted out Bill Cassidy because of Trump! Or maybe they didn't like his position on healthcare. Or farm subsidies. Or the state bird. But they might not toss them out anyway. Crucially, they don't have to like their representative. They just have to hate the alternative more. That's why Trump is in office: a lot of people fucking hated Hillary Clinton. This was a very long post and I wrote it on a phone. I apologize if I repeated myself or was otherwise incoherent. The upshot: you just cannot assume a. public opinion will be what a sane person would expect, b. it will matter in time to not ruin the country a good bit more, or c. it will have any actual electoral consequences for Republicans anyway. Edit: That said, prominent Republicans are consistently making noise about this. Perhaps they will rediscover a shred of decency after all. But I wouldn't put money on it.
  7. Your answer to why this will be different is "because I think it will be different." I hope you're right, but for now I will remain pessimistic. Trump has survived far too many scandals that should have destroyed him.
  8. No, I read that stuff. You have not made a case for why this time would be different. It's not at all clear that Republican politicans would think that continuing to support Trump would be political suicide -- and it's not at all clear that it would. Trump supporters can be fanatical. Why do you think this particular case would cause them to jump ship, and why do you think that failing to do so would hurt them electorally? The GOP has drawn all sorts of lines in the sand before only to change their tune once Trump absolutely catapults himself past those lines.
  9. 1. If you are in a monogamous relationship, you should stay monogomous. 1a. I understand that this is hard for some people and I understand that mistakes happen. I do not consider those facts to relieve one of responsibility for violating one's marriage vows. 2. If you are explicitly in an open relation or some kind kind of polyamorous relationship, then I don't think there is an ethical problem there, pursuant to the "rules" of that relationship. 2a. I have known few if any people in such a relationship that I thought had a healthy and solid relationship. I vaguely recall reading a story about some guy who pressured his girlfriend into an open relationship; she reluctantly agreed. Fast forward a few months and he was getting super mad that he had utterly failed to get laid by anyone else while she was having the time of her life. You made your bed, dude.
  10. What I don't see in your posts on this subject is any reason to believe Republicans will do anything about it. Why would this be the straw that broke the camel's back when nothing so far is? Nothing I've seen makes me believe that if Trump literally pulled off a mask and revealed himself to be Putin the GOP wowould o anything about it except to tut tut and maybe tell us that being Vladimir Putin isn't a crime. I understand the idea that they would have to or face electoral destruction, but it's not clear to me that that's true. What are the voters going to do, vote for a Democrat? They've been told for the last 30 years that Democrats are Satan incarnate by the right-wing noise machine.
  11. They should have realized. "Norms don't actually matter" was the defining characteristic of the Obama era.
  12. Speak for yourself. Some of us have been sounding the alarm bell for months.
  13. It barely matters. McCain votes are basically indistinguishable from Death Eater votes. Basically, McCain is a Death Eater who has successfully convinced you, and the rest of the country, that he isn't one.
  14. I disagree. I read the list. It includes supporting nominations for Gorsuch, Pruitt, DeVos, and Sessions. (Also others, but those are the ones I consider most clearly objectionable.) He voted to do away with EPA, FCC, Department of Labor, and Department of Education regulations. He voted to do away with the 60-vote cloture requirement. Any of those would have been good opportunities to actually earn the reputation he claims. And it's not just Trump-era votes. McCain has years and years of a voting record that puts party before country. I hope he beats cancer, but other than that he can go fuck himself.
  15. Spare me. He endorsed Trump (albeit revoking it after the Access Hollywood tape came out a month before the election) and has voted with Trump upwards of 90% of the time. McCain talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk. McCain has never been solid, McCain has always been a hard right piece of shit who goes on cable TV and pretends to not be evil for five minutes. I don't wish brain cancer on the man, but his "maverick" image is bullshit and always has been.