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  1. Pyramid/MLM schemes are the fucking worst. Never go to a party, never buy anything. I don't actively seek out my friends or FB friends in pyramid schemes to chew them out, but I regard being pestered about them as a personal affront and I have no problem expressing my displeasure.
  2. So, is there any chance this fucking turd of a bill isn't law two weeks from today? This bill is incredibly, catastrophically bad.
  3. I don't agree. You're begging the question. You might be right, but what's your evidence? What's your evidence that Pelosi is unique and a replacement won't be painted exactly the same way with exactly the same result? What's your evidence that the anti-Pelosi ads were effective specifically because it's Pelosi?
  4. I would be more sympathetic to the suggestion that Pelosi step down from leadership if she weren't basically unremarkable politically. (That's not a dig, I like Pelosi fine.) It's not like she's some liberal firebrand far to the left of the party or even the country. She's a mainstream Democrat. So it's harder for me to buy the idea that she is a unique liability, and easier to buy the idea that whoever stepped into her place would be quickly cast in an identical role by the opposition. I'm also not convinced that Pelosi is a decisive factor in GA-06. I understand that some Handel ads tried to tie Ossoff to Pelosi, but a. I haven't seen any clear evidence that it moved the needle and those voters wouldn't have just voted Handel anyway, and b. tying Ossoff to Pelosi is just tying Ossoff to current leadership. It's not at all clear to me that it wasn't essentially tying Ossoff to the generic Democratic national agenda.
  5. I keep seeing people talking about how GA-06 shows that running as anti-Trump isn't a winning strategy, but Ossoff specifically didn't make Trump a major part of his campaign. It might or might not be true, but GA-06 doesn't prove that at all. To the extent that it proves the answer to that question at all (it doesn't), it proves the opposite.
  6. Which is not very helpful when you don't have any control over it!
  7. That we haven't won any fucking elections. I'm tired of Democrats claiming "victory" because they lost by less than usual. I'm not saying that what happens here is necessarily a preview of 2018 -- though, let's not kid ourselves, it is absolutely a preview of 2018 -- but to lose by less is functionally identical to losing by the same amount. The Democrats are pathetic. They are batting .000 in the friendliest political climate in a generation. In Republican-held areas, sure, but that's where gains come from by definition. Personally I'm hoping that in 2020 we have free and fair elections and no death camps. That's where my level of optimism is right now.
  8. Tekkenchat: Dragunov is a cool guy. I started playing him on a whim last night and did better than I ever have. I have no idea why but after losing my first match I won six straight, then lost three but won all three rematches.
  9. I don't care really. It is wildly inappropriate and needs to be smacked down. I have no idea how that can be done -- the WH has nothing legal restricting that action, AFAIK, only traditional norms, which we've seen since 2008 aren't worth the paper they're printed on.
  10. Well, yes, my simplification into a two-paragraph pair of examples is -- as you might expect -- a bit light on detail. I think the point I'm making stands.
  11. Re: free markets, I think the optimal setup depends on the industry in question and its attendant incentives. I would much rather buy fancy tech gadgets from a private (non-governmental, that is, not non-traded) firm that has incentive to innovate and improve its products. The incentive is to produce a better product and/or sell it cheaper. Something like health insurance, on the other hand, I think will always produce terrible results when handled by the private sector, because I think it is fundamentally incompatible with a profit motive. The incentive in the private health insurance market will always be to deny claims and not to cover the people who most need coverage. Private insurers will always want to bring the ratio of money taken to claims paid as close to zero as possible. It's not an incentive structure that leads to positive health outcomes. If, for ideological reasons, you believe that doesn't matter, fine, but the line of bull being sold to the American public is that private insurance will produce better public health outcomes, and that's just demonstrably false.
  12. I'm watching CNN talk about Pence hiring outside counsel and I don't understand why everyone keeps credulously repeating the "Flynn misled him" line. Why does everyone assume that's true? Why does everyone assume Pence didn't know?
  13. Obviously this shooting is terrible, I hope and assume we can all agree on that. During the Obama era, a lot of right-wingers used what I would consider violent imagery and even verbalized it, and I blame that for, e.g., the attempted murder of Gabby Giffords (which I would describe as domestic terrorism, as I would this shooting). At that time the Republican Party was using explicitly violent imagery, like the posters with Giffords' head in crosshairs. They received a lot of flak for it, but Who-Me?'d themselves to try to escape culpability. Barack Obama was lynched in effigy more times than I can count. I just read a 2016 story where a Georgia senator essentially prayed for Obama's death, quoting the "let his days be few" psalm(?) -- which doesn't sound so bad if you don't read the rest of it. All this to say that I don't see the same rhetoric from the left. Which I'm glad about, but I've already seen "incitement by left-wing media" blamed for this incident. This is obviously horrible but I just don't see that as a cause. I worry it will be used as an excuse for more attacks on the media, which I worry will continue to fuel more actual physical attacks on journalists. Congressional Dems are responding well. There is no acceptable response to this that isn't a condemnation.
  14. WaPo says he's reportedly a former Sanders volunteer:
  15. Horrifying stuff. All the news shows are covering this, but details are light except for the people shot.