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  1. US Elections - The white power-suit vs the white-power suit

    Disciplinary action is in order if that's true, but right now it's at the level of "mom claims," so let's wait and see if that's the real, full story.
  2. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    LOL Trump keeps bragging about winning meaningless online post-debate polls in the fever swamp but Breitbart's actually has him losing
  3. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    I can't remember if we've talked about this here, but we should bear in mind that, contrary to popular perception, Trump's base isn't low-income white people. See:
  4. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Best debate of the three, most substantive. Clinton: Crushed it. Great performance. Forceful defense of Roe, and I am so glad she didn't run from it. Knowledgeable and prepared. Trump: Best of the three debates for him, still terrible. Nearly nonstop lying. Bizarre interruptions and insults. Moderator: Did a surprisingly good job. Definitely threw some pointed questions, but he did it to both candidates. Helped by Trump keeping it in his pants at least for a little while.
  5. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    I think Hillary is crushing it. I think also Chris Wallace is doing a pretty good job?
  6. US Elections - furniture shopping with disaster

    Isn't McMillin a local and a Mormon? I'm skeptical that Utah would support a third party to this extent under other circumstances.
  7. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    Literally haven't heard about this at all, got a link? To somewhere outside the Drudge-o-sphere?
  8. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    Well, here's the funniest thing I've seen this morning
  9. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    Remember that AZ paper that endorsed Clinton and got all kinds of nasty death threats? The publisher is currently on MSNBC talking about how some of the kids going door to door selling subscriptions are getting guns waved at them because of the endorsement.
  10. Special request

    Best wishes Scot.
  11. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    Remember when the Republicans claimed they couldn't confirm Obama's SCOTUS nominee because it was his last term? Remember how anyone who wasn't a fucking idiot knew it was bullshit? Well, here's some more proof: And lest we forget, all you morons who buy his bullshit where he briefly pretends to be a decent person, that's John McCain explaining how the Republicans will, having never heard then named, refuse to confirm any hypothetical Clinton nominees. Mavericky!
  12. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    I want more left representation than the Democrats typically offer, but Stein is a know-nothing. Her plans are the stuff of fantasy and she has no policy prescriptions to accomplish them. She's a lightweight, politically and policy-wise.
  13. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    I mean, it's not a sure thing, but the odds are pretty good that it's a disgruntled Clinton supporter. No one's support base is totally free of nutters.
  14. US Healthcare insurance

    I agree with Iskaral that healthcare is fundamentally incompatible with a market-based system, and have agreed since the ACA was a twinkle in Obama's eye. I appreciate that the ACA has allowed access to healthcare for those previously shut out of the system, but I really think single-payer is the only practical way forward.
  15. U.S. Elections: Orange is the New Wack

    It's entirely ideological. ACORN did jack shit wrong too, and the Republicans dragged their name through the mud so badly that the organization was forced to shut down anyway. Once the right wing hate machine has decided a person or group is guilty of misconduct there's no convincing them otherwise, no matter how much evidence they're shown. See also: Benghazi hearings.